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How QC’s Pro Makeup Workshop Accelerated My Makeup Career

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Nadia Calabro is a QC Makeup Academy Student Ambassador, as well as a QC alumnus. She has graduated from the Master Makeup Artistry Course, the Pro Makeup Workshop, and the Skincare Course. She is also the proud founder of her very own makeup business, Beauty Beyond the Mirror. Today, Nadia reveals all the reasons why taking QC’s Pro Makeup Workshop has benefited her professional makeup career!

A little over a year ago, I decided I wanted to accomplish my dream of becoming a successful MUA and starting my very own makeup business! Prior to this, I was already a hair stylist. This means that I’m fully aware of how competitive the beauty industry is. (This is especially the case in my area.) So, I knew without a doubt that the first step to accomplishing my overall goal would be to get the best education I possibly could.

qc ambassador, nadia calabro, makeup career

I did my research, and lots of it. I looked into different makeup schools; trying to find the one that would best suit my needs. Once I discovered QC Makeup Academy, it quickly climbed to the top of my list!

The first thing that grabbed my attention was that all of their makeup courses are done completely online! For me, being able to do my studies from home was essential. As a busy mom of two young boys, sitting in a physical classroom all day and being away from them wasn’t an option for me.

As I continued my research into QC Makeup Academy, everything I found had me even more convinced that by enrolling in this school, I’d be taking the first step towards launching a great makeup career! I noticed that QC always had some sort of promotion running each month, so when I was ready to get started, I took advantage of the promo being offered to me at the time.

As such, after enrolling in the Master Makeup Artistry Course, I was also given the opportunity to enroll in a free Advanced Makeup Course as well. After careful deliberation, and reviewing the wide variety of courses QC had to offer, I decided that I would also enroll in the Pro Makeup Workshop.

Why I Chose the Pro Makeup Workshop

All of the Advanced Courses appealed to me. In fact, it was hard for me to choose which one I really wanted to enroll in at first! But I knew that my decision had to be based on whichever course would take my skills to the next level.

After all, you have to remember that my ultimate goal was to start a makeup career. I wanted to work professionally within this industry and find success. The beauty industry can be a pretty cut-throat world, so I knew that in order for me to prosper, I’d need to continue strengthening and refining my craft as much as possible.

qc ambassador, nadia calabro, showing her skills in makeup career have improved

The only way for me to make my decision was to research into each class. To do this, I used the school’s website to read up the different course descriptions and outlines. After that, I then went onto their Facebook and Instagram pages. I wanted to find past and present students’ work, as well as read reviews from real people who had taken QC courses.

Of everything I saw, though, I have to say that reading the course breakdown of the Pro Makeup Workshop was actually the thing that convinced me on my decision. it ticked off each one of my boxes, in terms of what I needed to accelerate and succeed in my makeup career!

What I Learned from My Training

This course gave me so many amazing challenges and lessons! I got to build on the foundational skills I learned in the Master Makeup Course, in a way I didn’t think was possible. For instance, I learned advanced makeup techniques, such as:

  • Makeup for the limelight
  • Editorial, runway, and avant garde looks
  • Intricate eyeliner and cat-eye applications
  • The reverse smoky eye
  • Pin-up looks
  • And much more!

As part of the Pro Makeup Workshop, I also got to take classic looks and put modern spins to them. Most importantly, I got to take the techniques I learned about bridal makeup from the Master Makeup Artistry Course, and elevate them to the next level!

qc ambassador nadia calabro showing natural bridal makeup on face
qc ambassador nadia calabro displaying makeup from QC assignment

A Look into My Assignments

The Pro Makeup Workshop gave a more focused look into both the classic and the most in-demand makeup techniques. I worked on creating makeup looks for:

On top of all this, I got to work with glitter for the first time, too. With the help of my instructor, I learned how to incorporate it into all my other looks. I practiced perfecting the brows and eyeliner – most specifically the cat eye.

Lastly, and most important for me, I got to take a very in-depth look at bridal makeup.

qc ambassador nadia calabro - smoky eye with glitter look

My favorite parts of this course were the smoky eye lessons and the additional bridal makeup training. In my opinion, as a makeup artist, you can never know too much about the smoky eye! Literally everyone is always requesting this look, whether it be for a night out on the town, for a wedding, etc.

This course taught me the various stages to creating:

  • A flawless smoky eye, ranging from softer to more dramatic designs (i.e. starting with grays and moving to black shadows)
  • The different types of smoky eyes (i.e.e classic, reverse, and glitter smokey eye)
  • The ability to know which type of smoky eye is appropriate for any given occasion

The bridal component of the Pro Makeup Workshop was the most important piece for me. You see, my dream is to run a successful bridal makeup business! So, having the chance to learn how to create timeless, elegant, and picture-perfect bridal looks was EXACTLY what I needed!

Through my additional training in this course, I learned how to quickly and effortlessly take a clean, dewy, and simple morning bride – and transform her into a more dramatic, evening bride.

qc nadia calabro - demonstrating smoky eye makeup look

Each assignment reinforced everything I’d originally learned in the Master Makeup Artistry Course, and then built upon it even further. The Pro Makeup Workshop gave me the chance to practice more and get better at my craft.

At the same time, it also took me to new levels as well. Getting extra training helped boost my confidence. It made me feel like I really could pursue a successful makeup career, and that I’d be properly prepared to do any look in the real world!

How the Pro Makeup Workshop Accelerated My Makeup Career

Taking this course allowed me to push myself to the absolute limits! When I completed the Pro Makeup Workshop, I truly felt like I would be able to tackle any task that I was presented with.

From me to you: when it comes to having a fruitful makeup career, there’s NOTHING more important than getting a high-quality education. The more you know, the more you can do! The truth of it is, when you’re working as a makeup artist in the real world, your clients will always be looking to see what you know and how you perform.

qc ambassador nadia calabro - demonstrating a bold smoky eye makeup look

While I knew that I could still make something of myself by completing only the Master Makeup Artistry Course, I also knew that I’d be increasing my chances of success by leveling up with the Pro Makeup Workshop. As the old saying goes: knowledge is power!

By learning how to create more advanced looks, thanks to the Pro Makeup Workshop, I’ve been able to improve my makeup portfolio and make it that much more impressive to clients. I’ve gotten noticed much more – and with this recognition has come even more people reaching out to me with booking requests.

By completing this course, I gained the tools, the power, and the confidence needed to take on ANY client that comes my way. I’ll never have to say no to a potential job ever again! For this reason alone, I could not be more grateful.

Ready to start your very own makeup career? Until September 18th, enroll in QC’s internationally-leading Master Makeup Artistry Course, and we’ll give you the Pro Makeup Workshop absolutely FREE!

QC Fam Friday: My Career BEFORE QC Makeup Academy

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Welcome to QC Makeup Fam Friday! This new monthly series will explore the thoughts, stories, and opinions of real QC students and grads. Each month, they’ll weigh in on topics surrounding makeup training, finding work in the professional world, and being an MUA in the beauty industry!

Today, they’re here to answer one very insightful question:

What was your career path or career goals BEFORE enrolling in QC’s makeup courses?

Let’s see what the QC makeup fam has to say!

Ashley Martinez

Master Makeup Artistry / Pro Makeup Workshop

“Outside of my makeup courses with QC, my career is as a Professional Luxury Photography, designed to empower women. I decided to join the QC family so I can add makeup to my client's photography experiences. Helping women feel good while with me, and helping them learn how to apply their own makeup, is the best career ever! xoxo"

Izzy Burfeind

Master Makeup Artistry / Pro Makeup Workshop

"My professional goal before enrolling in QC's makeup courses was to start working as a makeup artist for a local photographer. I wanted to perfect my makeup artistry and become certified. I want to provide the client with the best service possible. I love helping women feel beautiful!"

Brittany Bauhaus

Master Makeup Artistry / Special FX Makeup

"Before pursuing makeup artistry, I was working at a personal support worker, taking care of the elderly. As rewarding as it was, my heart wasn’t in it anymore. So thankful I found QC's makeup courses!"

Corinea KiKi Fowler

Master Makeup Artistry / Pro Makeup Workshop / Special FX Makeup / Skincare

"My career path has been 8 years with the Military as an All Wheeled Vehicle Mechanic and retail. I also owned my own vape shop until I fell ill last year with a cancer called Hodgkin's Lymphoma. Losing my hair was the worst thing for me, besides the sickness. I no longer felt beautiful or like myself, so that's when I really started experimenting with makeup. The feeling I felt when I applied my makeup is what I want my clients to feel: pure amazement, and so beautiful that they can take on the world!"

Bronwen Pilgrim

Master Makeup Artistry

"I have worked in hospitality for the last 11 years. But after my daughter was born 2 years ago, I decided that I wanted to turn my passion for makeup into a career, with the goal of eventually gaining certification in other areas of beauty. I'd love to have my own salon where I can offer a range of services!"

Tasha Allen

Master Makeup Artistry / Skincare

"Before joining QC, I didn't really have a career. I am a stay-at-home mum with 4 wonderful babies (3 boys and a girl). Of course, they love the fact I am now doing makeup. I love it!!! Taking makeup courses was the best decision I have ever made, and I can't wait to show the world what I can do!"

Debbie Traugh

Master Makeup Artistry / Skincare

"Hi everyone! I have been a nurse for the past 34 years. I have always loved the world of makeup, but never thought of it as a career. I found QC's makeup courses a few years ago and thought I was too old. But I decided to take the plunge a few months ago. We will see where it takes me!"

Elly Antonia Nunns

Master Makeup Artistry / Skincare

"Before I began my amazing time at QC Makeup Academy, I was a youth group leader and youth worker. I loved engaging with my young people and pushing them to succeed in life, and to say it warmed my heart everyday is an understatement. After 5 years, I decided that it was time to push MYSELF to succeed as a makeup artist!"

Danielle Merrick

Master Makeup Artistry / Pro Makeup Workshop / Skincare / Airbrush Workshop / Hair Styling Essentials / Special FX Makeup

"Hello, QC family! I was a family counselor and worked with a lot of women who lost their partners, self esteem, or were lost. I was always overwhelmed with the fact that they let themselves go. I stopped practicing counseling and decided to work from a different angle, and help those women feel pretty again. So I fell in love with makeup artistry, and here I am, fulfilling my dreams!"

Aimee Balcarcel

Master Makeup Artistry / Skincare

"My [current] career path is working for a bank. But that doesn’t always fulfill me, so I chose to enroll in QC's makeup courses to follow my dreams!"

Manpreet Kaur Rai

Master Makeup Artistry

"Bizarrely, my career has been in IT - first In financial services, and now in retail. [But] I’ve always had a passion for makeup!"

Sandra Gabriela

Master Makeup Artistry / Pro Makeup Workshop

"I have been working in the childcare field for over 16 years, but I’ve been passionate for makeup since I was young. Unfortunately, in the town that I live in, there are no schools to study this field. But when I found QC and their makeup courses, I automatically enrolled - and my passion for makeup came back even stronger!"

Veronika Kelle

Master Makeup Artistry / Pro Makeup Workshop / Special FX Makeup

QC Makeup Academy Student Ambassador

"For 15 years, I managed my own model agency, for which I organized fashion shows and beauty contests. I enjoyed working with models, designers, and photographers. During that time, I fell in love with makeup artistry and decided to become a makeup artist. Luckily, I found the QC Makeup Academy, whose makeup courses have helped me to change career paths and make my dreams come true!"

Daniela Kolehouse

Master Makeup Artistry

"After 8 years of working as a Regulatory Affairs Specialist in the pharmaceutical industry, I changed my life and work path. I moved to a different country and decided to follow my passion: to start a career in makeup!"

Joy Gonzalez

Master Makeup Artistry

"Before QC, I was working as an Account Manager, doing inside sales and accounting. For the last 9 years, I have been a stay-at-home mom, but I have always wanted to work as a makeup artist!"

Ready to join QC’s awesome makeup family? Until September 18th, enroll and get TWO online makeup classes for the price of one!

QC Makeup Fam Friday: The #1 Reason You LOVE Online Makeup Classes with QC!

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Welcome to QC Makeup Fam Friday! This new monthly series will explore the thoughts, stories, and opinions of real QC students and grads. Each month, they’ll weigh in on topics surrounding makeup training, finding work in the professional world, and being an MUA in the beauty industry!

Today, they’re here to answer one very insightful question: What is the #1 thing they love MOST about their online makeup classes with QC Makeup Academy?

Let’s see what the QC makeup fam has to say!

Nicole Rutle

Master Makeup Artistry

“I love QC’s online makeup classes because you can take your time, it’s flexible, and the tutors are super helpful!"

Harleen Kaur Talwar

Master Makeup Artistry / Pro Makeup Workshop / Hair Styling Essentials

"I love the online makeup classes with QC because we go through our study material and videos again and again, so we can practice them. Also, our tutors and the QC staff are ready to help us at any moment! I also love how we, as students, can get together in the Virtual Classroom and share our work and experiences together."

Bek Kapfer

Master Makeup Artistry

"I joined QC 5 years into my career as a makeup artist. I was self-taught and didn't learn much about makeup in esthetics school. Much of my knowledge came from YouTube and Instagram. I knew I was lacking the techniques to be a true artist. The feedback I have had gotten from Nathan has been a tremendous help in improving my work. He also helped me to believe in myself, my work, and my WORTH."

Brittany Bauhaus

Master Makeup Artistry / Special FX Makeup

"The #1 reason I love QC's online makeup classes is my kids. I get to start a career AT HOME! The learning process is done at my own pace, so I can still be there for my children at all times."

Carly Lister

Makeup Artistry

"I love my online makeup classes because I can study at my own pace! It fits perfectly into my busy schedule of being a mum. Also, the fact that we can connect with other students and alumni is fantastic! The beauty community definitely needs more support and encouragement from one another. I really feel that the QC staff, tutors, and students are spot on with it! The tips and tricks just keep flowing, so there's always something new to learn."

Makayla Noelle Andrews

Master Makeup Artistry

"I love that you can always refer back to any of your course materials. I love that I can spend HOURS practicing on my own time, perfecting looks for my assignments. I always look forward to my feedback at the end of each unit from my incredible tutor, Nathan Johnson. It's always straight to the point! I've never been more motivated and disciplined towards ANYTHING until I found QC Makeup Academy!"

Marnie Johansen

Master Makeup Artistry / Special FX Makeup

"I started my online makeup classes with QC a couple of years ago. I love how convenient it is to be able to work in my own time, but still have support any time from the QC community. I went from knowing only the basics to now having my own makeup business!"

Samantha Thomas

Master Makeup Artistry / Skincare

"I love the convenience and flexibility of QC Makeup Academy! I'm a single mom of 2. When I first enrolled in my online makeup classes, I was working 2 jobs and trying to start my own business. So, the flexibility of working at my own pace was really necessary for my lifestyle. There are no deadlines - just give it your best!"

Caity Francess

Master Makeup Artistry / Pro Makeup Workshop

"I love doing my online makeup classes because they can work around my full-time job, being a mum, and sports commitments. Flexible online learning was the only way I was going to ever be able to move forward as a makeup artist."

Donna Holder

Master Makeup Artistry / Skincare

"I love the online makeup classes with QC Makeup Academy because I am a stay-at-home mom of 2. I needed something that would fit in my crazy schedule, because I also home-school both of them while my husband works. Having the videos and tutorials ready and available whenever I need them is amazing, too. I’m so thankful I found this!"

Rorie McLaughlin

Master Makeup Artistry / Airbrush Makeup Workshop / Skincare / Special FX Makeup

"I love QC because I have many health issues that keep me from going to a physical school. When I found QC's online makeup classes, I got so excited that I almost cried! I've been so limited; I thought my dream of being an SFX makeup artist was too far-fetched. But it's not now, and I am SO happy!"

Katie Stegeman

Master Makeup Artistry / Skincare / Global Beauty Workshop / Airbrush Makeup Workshop / Hair Styling Essentials / Portfolio Development Workshop

"QC has changed everything for me! I signed up after about a year of searching for different online makeup classes. I’m a stay-at-home mom with 5 kids under 10, so I needed an online school! I'm forever grateful for the QC family, the Virtual Classroom, and the connections I have made. The instructors have given amazing feedback, and are so thoughtful and caring. They truly want us to succeed."

Charlee Carey

Master Makeup Artistry / Pro Makeup Workshop / Skincare

"The #1 reason I love my online makeup classes with QC Makeup Academy is that they have made me realize the true extent of my passion for makeup! This is the career path that I was always meant to pursue. The flexibility of the classes has allowed me to study whilst being a full-time mum. They've brought a whole new positive light to my life. It's been a life-changing experience."

Erika Bendfeldt

Master Makeup Artistry / Skincare

"The best thing about learning online makeup classes through QC has been the flexibility to go at your own pace. The knowledge you'll receive is invaluable. Lastly, I love the connection we're able to have with other students/graduates. It truly does feel like a family. We're all invested in each other's success!"

Ready to join QC’s awesome makeup family? Until August 10th, enroll and get TWO online makeup classes for the price of one!

How QC’s Skincare Course Helped Me Become a Better Makeup Artist!

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Nadia Calabro is a QC Makeup Academy Student Ambassador, as well as a QC alumnus. She has graduated from the Master Makeup Artistry Course, the Pro Makeup Workshop, and the Skincare Course. She is also the proud founder of her very own makeup business, Beauty Beyond the Mirror. Today, Nadia draws on her experience with QC’s Skincare Course to tell YOU why it’ll take your makeup career to the next level!

Following your dreams can seem like a daunting task, especially if you’ve been in a job you don’t love, or at home raising kids for a while. I know it was a nerve-wracking decision for me! I knew I wanted so much more; that being a professional makeup artist was what I needed in my life. But I didn’t know how I could make this happen.

My sons were still young and needed me, so going back to a physical classroom was impossible. I had to find a way to be home and complete my makeup courses at the same time. The only option was to find an online makeup school.

I had been told that makeup school online would never teach me everything I needed to know in order to start a successful career. I’ll be honest, it discouraged me… That is, until I found QC Makeup Academy.

QC’s makeup course was so detailed and thoughtfully put together that within four months, I was a confident, certified makeup artist! I studied at home online, all on my own time, and at my own convenience. The best part was that all the while, I was still able to be with my kids.

Furthering My Education into Skincare

After my Master Makeup Artistry Course, I pushed my education by doing the Pro Makeup Workshop. My instructor, Nathan Johnson, suggested a few times that I look into doing the Skincare Course as well. He assured me that it would really enhance my talents.

I sat on this for a while; not sure if it would really be for me, or if I could work with the information I already had. So, I decided to do some research, to get a better idea of what a Skincare Course could do for my career.

I started by looking up general information on different skin types, different products, proper skincare regimens, and the impact of taking care of your skin. From there, I went to the QC Virtual Classroom and looked up posts by current students in the program.

What I found astounded me!

No one had anything negative to say. In fact, the consensus was all the same: skincare was a MUST! From there, I went onto the QC website and read what would be covered in the Course, and I was sold!

My online makeup courses through QC were excellent, so I had no doubt that the Skincare Course would be the same. I already knew that if I was going to pursue skincare, it would be with QC. To top it all off, I was going to be adding more certifications to my name, while still be home with my kids.

It was a win-win all around!

How the Skincare Course Has Changed my Career as MUA

If I’m being honest, even with all I knew about makeup, there were times when I would apply a full face and not be able to shake the feeling that something just didn’t look right. No matter what I tried, the foundation wasn’t setting right. My skin was dull instead of dewy, and the whole look felt wrong.

I would beat myself up over it, wondering what I was doing wrong in those moments. Turns out, the Skincare Course answered that question! It had NOTHING to do with my makeup knowledge. It was the skin itself that was lacking, and ultimately setting my look up for failure.

By doing the Skincare Course, I am now better able to see, know, and understand different skin types and concerns. Then I can take it a step further by being able to properly address them.

For instance, I know how to properly moisturize and prep the skin, even before laying down the makeup primer. I learned how to work with my makeup on a whole different level! Before getting any skincare training, when I thought of working with a person’s skin, I’d always put the emphasis on the primer. I thought that so long as the primer was right, the rest would all fall into place.

I was so wrong!

By understanding the skin, I’m able to use my powders and creams in appropriate ways and areas. Furthermore, I can set my makeup accordingly. If I need my clients’ looks to last all day, I know exactly how to make that happen. This is critical knowledge!

The most amazing thing was that by doing the Skincare Course, I added a whole new, marketable service to my list. Most importantly, it added to the types of services I can offer brides (who are my target market). I’m now able to speak to them about what to use on their skin. I can help them ensure that it looks absolutely flawless on their big day, as well as in their pictures that will last a lifetime.

Doing the skincare course has added to my credentials and my income!

Skincare Course Assignments

From the moment I started the Skincare Course, I was captivated. I never knew how much there was to learn about skin, or how important it really is!

It isn’t only about perfecting makeup and appearances; it’s about a person’s overall health. The course textbooks are filled with so much detailed information, that I actually found them hard to put down! I loved every lesson, as each brought something different to the table, and opened my eyes to the types of services I could offer my clients.

Below are some of the amazing topics that are covered in the Course:

My Favorite Assignment

It’s hard to pick my favorite assignment! But I have to say that the final assignment – where I needed to complete a full skincare consultation – was the best part for me.

It brought everything I had learned together, and really tested what I had retained. I got the chance to work with a real client, and get comfortable with asking questions and taking notes. I got to practice my researching skills and build a proper report.

This hands-on assignment also gave me a chance to get feedback from my instructor on where I could improve. Even more importantly, it gave me the opportunity to get feedback from a client, in terms of what they thought of this both service and me. The client was able to tell me what areas really made sense to them, versus which areas I needed to add more detail

They also told me which parts of my report worked, as well as the parts I should fix. This assignment was able to really show me that my own clients would be satisfied with such a service, and even be something they’d gladly pay for.

I truly believe that this assignment really prepared me for all that was to come in my future!

Ready to start YOUR skincare training? Enroll in QC’s leading online Skincare Course today, and get certified in as little as 3-6 months!

How to Pass Your Online Makeup Artist Classes with Flying Colors

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Taking online makeup artist classes provides unique benefits and advantages to anyone with a dream of becoming a professional MUA. We’ve put together a helpful list of 5 useful tips (in no particular order) for you to ace your classes.

Follow them faithfully, and you’ll not only successfully complete your online makeup artist classes, you’ll pass them with flying colors!

woman opening tube of makeup, behind table with laptop and other cosmetic products

1. Set Your Priorities

I know we said that this list was in no particular order, but this really should be your first step. Let’s just say that you’ve already done a ton of research into different accredited online makeup schools, you’ve decided which one you want to attend, and you’ve now already enrolled. The next thing you need to do is be honest with yourself, and figure out how and when you’ll be devoting your time to your schooling.

You may already be working a full or part-time job, in addition to whatever other commitments you have on the go. Or perhaps you’ve got all the time in the world. Either way, we recommend sitting down and writing out your current schedule. Figure out what days and times you’re typically unavailable.

Once you’ve established that, then review your course materials and decide which areas of the class are the most important to you. See how much time you can realistically devote to each task, and from there, outline a routine for yourself. We can’t stress enough how important sticking to this routine will be for your success! Plus, it’ll be good for your mental health: the organization and structure will help you feel less overwhelmed.

Note: the average QC makeup course will require many hours of practice to ensure you submit your best work to your tutor. Reading books, watching videos and submitting assignments will take time, yes, but you should also plan on spending a majority of your time practicing your skills and honing your craft.

2. Set Deadlines and Exercise Good Time-Management Skills

Unlike in physical schools (or even other types of online courses), online makeup artist classes don’t have strict deadlines. While this sounds good on paper, the flip side is that it poses the risk of procrastination. Without anyone guiding you by the hand, it can be way too easy to push everything off until the last minute.

If you hope to succeed in your classes, you’re going to need certain personality traits:

  • Motivation
  • Independence
  • Persistence
  • Discipline
  • The ability to properly pace yourself

Be honest with yourself: do you have these traits already? If so, wonderful! If you don’t, though, you’re going to need to quickly figure out how to get them. Being an online makeup students – and being an MUA in general – absolutely require these skills.

When it comes to your schoolwork, take it upon yourself to set deadlines for your assignments. Even better, you can set allotted amounts of time per unit. To keep things organized (and your brain from being too cluttered with info), we strongly recommend writing these schedules, deadlines, and outlines on a calendar, in a planner, etc.

Similarly, even though most online makeup schools provide an abundant amount of time to complete your program, try to set yourself a goal date by which you want to complete the class and graduate. Having your own schedule and sticking to it will not only keep you accountable and exercise self-discipline (a trait that will take you a long way in the makeup industry!), it’ll help you reach your goals faster.

For example, depending on how much time you can devote to your schooling, and how diligent of a student you are, you can complete your Master Makeup Artistry class and receive your certification in as little as 3 months!

That’s the beauty of online makeup school: your destiny is entirely up to you!

3. Invest In Your Makeup Products

We totally understand that when first starting out, you may not have all the money in the world to spend on all sorts of makeup products. That being said, you’re going to need the basics, at the very least. Whether you take online makeup artist classes online or do them in-person, you’re going to need to put money into your makeup products so you can get started.

These are, after all, the tools of your craft! If you don’t use the right products, how can you tap into your full potential and showcase all the talent you have to offer?

QC Makeup Academy offers a complete list of all of the makeup products needed to complete each and every course available. A lot are provided when as part of your makeup kit when you enroll, but there are others that you need to purchase yourself. That being said, don’t look at this list and freak yourself out! In the beginning, and even throughout your professional career, you’re not always going to need to buy the fanciest and most expensive products.

Yes, some of these products will be worth dropping those few extra dollars on. But for many other cosmetic items, you can simply find their drugstore counterparts for a much more affordable price.

4. Stay On Top of Your Health

With your plate as full as it is, it might be easy to wear yourself too thin without even realizing it! Though it may seem like you’re working extra hard, never giving yourself a break will result in you losing steam. So in reality, there won’t be a whole lot of actual energy being put into all that time and work.

Your mind and body will become drained, which might make you crash. If you crash, your motivation plummets, your drive will dwindle, and the idea of giving up altogether will suddenly seem like an appealing notion. Don’t let yourself get to that point!

Yes, your education is important. Work is important. Seeing your friend and family and keeping them happy is important. But what’s most important is YOU. Life is not all work, work, work – you need to make sure you’re able to find the right balance between all of these obligations, and you time.

Aside from ensuring that you schedule regular time to enjoy the things that alleviate stress, try to also follow the basic of self-care. Try to get at least 7 hours of sleep per night, drink lots of water, and if you can catch some sunlight during the day, don’t pass it up!

The less overworked you are, the more effort you’ll actually be putting into your classes!

happy woman wrapped in blanket, sitting on bed, and smiling with content

5. Don’t Give up!

Sometimes, even if you do everything right, the finish line still might feel impossible to cross. You’re not alone; it happens to everyone! The important thing is not to get discouraged. Don’t let that little negative voice in your head convince you to give up.

Eventually, you will see the light on the horizon, and you will complete your classes, and you will knock your grades out of the park! But hey, if there are times where you struggle and maybe slack a day or two here and there? We won’t tell anyone! Seriously, don’t beat yourself up over it. Just get back on track the next day, and keep trying your best. That’s all anyone can ever ask of you!

With good habits, the right drive and focus, and a passion for the craft, we know you’ll have nothing to worry about. Just take it one day at a time, do your best, and your tutors will all see how talented and devoted of a makeup artist you are!

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QC Makeup Academy’s Top 10 Makeup Articles of the Last Decade

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Happy New Year, beauties! Though it may be the start of a brand new decade, we thought we’d do the ultimate 10 Year Challenge by paying our respects to the 10 most popular blog articles over the last decade.

So strap in, get comfy, and put your coziest socks on, because these blogs are well worth the read!

Fake eyelashes are fun and fabulous, but they can also be the literal worst to put on. Getting glue all over the place (such as around your eyes) can make for a real nightmare. Especially when you finally secure them on, only to realize they don’t even fit! Luckily, this article breaks down the basic steps to finding – and applying – the perfect falsies.

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It’s completely understandable to want to take the extra time to ensure your client is 100% happy with what you give them. You’re a professional, after all! That being said, you may actually be taking too much time in certain places that simply do not need it.

These extra minutes can instead be focused on the aspects of the appointment that matter most. QC executive tutor and professional MUA, Nathan Johnson, provides everything you need to know here, so you best know how to prioritize.

Believe it or not, not every cosmetic product pandered to you is actually required. In fact, many items – even those marketed as top-notch, quality products – either don’t deliver what they promise to, or can be easily replaced by something cheaper. This article is a must-read for anyone who’s looking to free up some unnecessary space in their professional makeup kit, while still keeping the essentials.

One of the greatest ways to get motivated is by seeing others just like you making a successful name for themselves in the makeup industry. This is why we love to showcase our QC students and graduates, and why they’re always such a big hit with our readers!

Special FX Makeup course graduate, Tyler Russell, is without a doubt a talented and valuable asset to the MUA world, so it’s no surprise that his feature made the Top 10! Keep reading to see his portfolio, learn about his personal makeup style, and hear how Tyler feels that QC Makeup Academy prepared him for working in the field!

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Let’s get real here: you may like makeup, but it takes a lot more than that to become a successful, working MUA. Unfortunately, an interest in cosmetics isn’t enough these days to make you stand out from the crowd. There are other crucial factors that are key to being able to turn makeup from a hobby into a career. If you read these 5 reasons why you shouldn’t be a makeup artist and find yourself agreeing with them, it may be time to revisit the chalkboard!

When it comes to the makeup industry, there’s a false notion that in order to be the best, you must always have the best. So basically, if you’re on a tight budget, you’re out of luck. But wait, don’t put your palettes away just yet! The fact is, this isn’t true at all. Many cheaper brands have been known to work just as efficiently as their pricier counterparts.

We highly recommend this article for any aspiring (or even working) makeup artist who’re looking for a few ways to save some cash, without sacrificing quality.

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Millennials are known for their innovation and ability to create new, amazing things. Credit where credit’s due: they’ve paved the way in terms of both makeup and fashion. But admittedly, there have been a few blunders along the way, and not all trendsetting attempts have hit their mark.

Written by QC Fashion Styling tutor and personal stylist, Mallory Sills, his article explores 4 millennial fashion trends that are definitely more cringey than cute.

Another SFX makeup enthusiast, Kirsten Hart is a Master Makeup Artistry graduate at QC Makeup Academy. She’s also paved quite the way as a professional MUA, known for her striking, colorful looks, and her epic Instagram branding.

Check out this article if you’re looking for some serious inspiration for your own portfolio, and are curious to see how online makeup schooling has helped Kirsten along the way!

Think you’re a hairstyling guru? A fountain of follicle knowledge? A sensei of the strands? (Okay, we’ll stop.) Take this popular quiz and find out if you really know as much as you think! Maybe we’ll stump you – and if not, feel free to brag in the comments!

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As a newbie makeup artist breaking free into the professional world, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. But never fear! As The Beauty Buzz’s most popular blog article of the decade (WOW!), we’ll help arm you with 6 ironclad tips to not only get the ball rolling, but set you up for long-term success doing what you love most!

If the past 10 years were able to bring us this much amazing information, imagine what the next ten will hold! Is there anything you’re hoping to see and read about? If so, let us know in the comments!

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