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With each passing year, there are more and more aspiring MUAs in the industry. Perhaps you’re brand new to this world and just starting your makeup artist training. Or maybe you’ve been a professional in the field for quite some time. Either way, competition is fierce, so standing out to potential clients is key. It never hurts to have that extra edge over all the other makeup artists in your area!

Offering additional services as part of your makeup business is a guaranteed way to expand your business and gain that competitive edge. Fashion styling is a perfect example, and we’re here to tell you why!

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It Opens You Up to a Wider Clientele

In terms of a business strategy, being able to appeal to an even larger audience in the beauty community is absolutely going to benefit you. The more services you can offer, the more clients you can attract. No matter how you look at it, more clients equal more business – and more business means more revenue.

On top of this, cornering the various areas of the beauty market and offering them all from one business is going to make you look good. Let’s say that a client needed her makeup done, was looking for consulting advice about what to wear to a big event, and maybe even needed her hair styled. She’s more likely to book with a talented professional who can give that ALL to her than to book with multiple different vendors. It’s simply more convenient for her to deal with one business!

You Can Earn More Money

As we mentioned above, it’s a logical conclusion that by offering additional services to your makeup business, you’re going to make more money. These different services can then be charged individually, or in bundles.

Providing different kinds of payment options to customers is another way to further entice them to work with you, since you’re flexible to many different budgets.

Furthermore, if you were to add Fashion Styling services, you could do more than simply add those additional service charges in and of themselves… You could update and increase ALL of your prices, makeup services included!

Why? Because you have even more schooling and training under your belt! You’ve invested into your education in order to get that extra certification, so your work does deserve to be valued accordingly.

If you’re worried about scaring off potential clients by charging a bit more than your competition, don’t worry! You can always raise your rates slowly, in smaller increments. This way, it’s fair to both you AND your clients.

Trust us: the right customers will see and understand the worth of what you’re providing them. Not only will they be willing to pay the few extra bucks, but they’ll also likely be loyal repeat clients!

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You’ll Have Even Better Chances with Employers

This is another thing that’s common sense: the more education you have and the more skills you’ve acquired (especially ones related to the industry you’re in), the more impressive you and your resume are going to be to those thinking of hiring you.

Even if they’re not necessarily interested in utilizing all of your skills for the given role, just the fact that you’ve acquired them all in the first place is going to signify you’re drive and ambition.

It also opens more doors to different areas of the beauty world that you can work in. For instance, let’s say that you have no interest in being a freelancer. But at that given time, the market isn’t really in need of makeup artists in your area.

You may be out of luck until the need for MUAs changes in your city! But with more certifications and training in your arsenal, you could apply to other types of jobs within the industry.

The more skills you have, and the more types of labor you’re qualified to do, the more opportunities that’ll come your way. Your chances of getting hired will only go up!

You’ll Become a More Well-Rounded Beauty Professional

We’re willing to bet that you’re a professional makeup artist for 2 main reasons:

  • You LOVE makeup and doing makeup.
  • You love making others feel beautiful in their own skin.

It takes a truly awesome person to devote their lives to a career based on helping another feel the absolute best way about themselves. Doing so improves her confidence and may even help give her a new, positive perspective about herself. You have a big heart, and the world is better for it.

So it makes sense that if you acquired other beauty-related skills that you could provide, in addition to makeup, you’d only be strengthening your ability to help another human being feel and look their best.

Fashion designer trying new designer clothes on a model. Woman entrepreneur in her cloth shop designing new clothes.

From a business standpoint, we’ve already discussed why and how adding fashion styling services is a smart career choice. But in this industry, it goes a lot deeper than that: it’s just as much about how it would help YOU improve. Not just as a beauty expert, but in knowing that you’re even more equipped and capable of positively influencing your client’s life.

It’ll Feed Your Hunger For More Knowledge

Professional MUAs are some of the most eager and pioneering people I’ve personally ever encountered. You genuinely enjoy what you’re doing, you love to discover all sorts of new products and techniques, and there’s NEVER too much information you’re not ready and willing to learn.

So in terms of broadening your own horizons and slating that need to learn more, and more, and more, why not branch out and discover the other areas of your industry? There’s quite literally no downside to doing so!

All this being said, we want to make one thing clear: in no way are we trying to say that you’re any less of a great makeup artist if you choose to focus solely on makeup. You could very well have no interest in offering additional services like fashion styling, or hair styling, or what-have-you. This doesn’t mean you’re not still an exceptional makeup artist, or that you don’t deserve many clients or as much success… And we wholeheartedly agree!

All we’re trying to say is that if you ARE looking for ways to grow your makeup business, shine just a tiny bit brighter than a lot of your competition, and add to your overall repertoire of skills, then adding fashion styling services is something worth considering. It has many incredible benefits, both professionally AND personally. So go for it!

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