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Just because you’re still earning your high school diploma doesn’t mean you can’t look forward into the future!

If you know for certain that you want to become a professional makeup artist when you graduate, you don’t need to wait! You can start your makeup training while you’re still in school—whether it be high school, college, or university.

Many online makeup courses are flexible, so you don’t have to put your lifestyle on hold just to get a head start on your makeup career. When graduate, you’ll also receive your makeup certification. How many other kids can say that?

So how can you go about taking makeup training courses while you’re still in high school without it spiraling out of control? Keep reading to find out!

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Be Self-Disciplined

Juggling additional education on top of everything else is definitely possible. But you’ll need ample self-discipline to make it work. When it comes to online makeup courses, you can complete your course at your own pace. This means that you can hand in your makeup assignments whenever you have the time. You won’t need to compromise your other homework to meet a deadline. If your advanced calculus class needs to be your top priority for a bit, you won’t be penalized!

However, this also means that no one is going to hold your hand. If you don’t learn when to prioritize your makeup training, no one is going to get on your case and tell you that you need to get to work. You won’t have a teacher hounding you about an assignment or ask you why you haven’t read your course books. You need to keep yourself in check. Ask yourself if you’re putting the right amount of time and effort into your course, and recognize if you’re letting it slip and motivate yourself to get back into it.

Not everyone can create structure for themselves. It simply isn’t a part of everyone’s personality. If you’re someone who needs a rigid external structure, it’s going to be extremely difficult for you to attend both high school and professional makeup school. Be honest with yourself and find the self-discipline and the internal motivation to carry you through!

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Be Organized

Be honest with yourself. Take a hard look at your studying and scheduling habits—is anything getting away from you? Can you prioritize tasks and create schedules and goals? Creating a physical agenda isn’t for everyone. But you need to set aside time to work on your makeup training.

But remember, you also need to set realistic goals. You’re not a superhuman! You might want to do everything at once in a span of 12 hours, but you’re setting yourself up for failure. Schedule in breaks and social time, that way you won’t give yourself more than you can handle.

You can be your biggest enemy when it comes to staying organized. If you need to take more time to perfect a certain makeup technique, take it! Don’t submit an assignment just to meet a self-imposed deadline. Practice until your makeup skills are where you want them to be. The last thing you want is to waste your tutor’s time giving you feedback on mistakes you already know about but don’t want to fix.

If you need to take some time away from your makeup course, that’s okay. Come back when you have time to spare. Forgive yourself if you fall off track. Life can get in the way—that’s exactly why online makeup courses are self-paced. At the same time, make sure that you aren’t creating excuses not to work. Finding that balance is tricky, but you’ll need it to stay afloat.

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Have Passion for What You Do

Let’s face it—school is a lot of work! Yes, even school for makeup artists. Sometimes, you’ll find it hard to stay motivated. But if you stay focused on your end goal, you’ll find it’s easier to stay focused. Find out what makes you passionate and motivated. Is it the thrill of creating your own makeup looks? It is being able to make your makeup models feel beautiful in their own skin? Whatever it is, take it and use it as motivation.

It’s always easier to quit, but if you have a real passion for a career in makeup artistry, you won’t want to! It’s about moving forward even if it’s tricky at times. And it’s about going through your studies with purpose and drive so that you come out the other end prepared to start your career in makeup!

Get Support When You Need It

Passion is extremely important but it isn’t the only thing you need to keep moving forward. You also need to find support. And we’re not just talking about financial support (although that is always nice). Having supportive friends and/or family will help you succeed. They can offer you motivation and emotional support.

For example, if you need help taking good makeup photos or you’re in need of a model to practice on, you’ll know who to turn to. And if you just need someone to listen about how frustrated you are with eyeliner, they can lend you an ear. Your makeup training might be a breeze, but it might equally as well be demanding and frustrating. Those are the times when your support network is going to help get you to that finish line!

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Don’t wait to start! You can absolutely take a makeup training course while you’re still in school. And if you want to start your makeup career as soon as possible, online makeup training is a great option!

Do you have any tips to help struggling students? Let us know in a comment!

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