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We’re sure that you’re familiar with the practice of putting everything in writing. It creates a paper trail that can be referred back to in the case of misunderstandings, unexpected events, and let’s face it – total disasters. It also helps to protect the creator of the contract, and in the case of makeup artists, this protection is key.

Not only do you save yourself from potential hassles and heartaches while working on freelance jobs and wedding makeup applications, you also have a document to refer to if any misunderstandings arise. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that you’re organized and that both you and your makeup client are on the same page (literally!) when it comes to your services.

Read on as we delve into the reasons why a makeup contract is so important, and how it can seriously benefit you, your clients, and your reputation as a makeup artist!

Start with the consultation

During your career as a makeup artist, you’re going to meet and get to know new people on a daily basis. Besides your outgoing and friendly personality, you’ll need to arm yourself with tools that ensure you provide the best service to your clients and that your time and talents are being rewarded!

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Makeup artistry contracts top the list of those tools. During the initial consultation with a new client, you’ll get a sense of the makeup application they’re looking for and what their vision is, and they’ll learn about your makeup services and rates. Based on the success of this meeting, you’ll then discuss the contract and start drawing it up for them to sign. The contract itself won’t even be made until you’re sure that working together feels right, and once drawn up, the contract needs to be completed before the first brush touches your client’s face.

No room for confusion

With the completed makeup contract in hand, both you and your client can review it and feel confident in the agreement you’ve made. They’ll know exactly which services they’re paying for and how much they’re spending, as well as what their responsibilities are if they need to cancel or reschedule.

As the makeup artist, you can sleep better at night knowing that the terms of your upcoming makeup appointment are all laid out in the completed contract – you can simply refer to it if any problems arise. Makeup artistry contracts are win-win for both parties involved, as they protect you as a makeup artist and also allow your client to feel secure.

Prevent liability

Here’s where it becomes truly essential to have a makeup artistry contract. You’re working with a variety of different skin types, tones, and of course, personalities in your role as a makeup artist. This means that every client you meet is different, and some will inevitably have skin conditions, allergies, or other illnesses that you won’t know about. So when it comes to learning about your clients, a makeup artistry contract is your ticket!

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Requiring clients to fill out fields that pertain to any current c illnesses, allergies, or other ailments will not only allow you to provide them with the best experience, it will also cover your butt. We don’t need to tell you how important hygiene is for certified makeup artists, and while you should always keep your makeup products and brushes sanitary, you also need to be fully aware of your client’s current health condition. The last thing you want to do is cause a nasty allergic reaction on their wedding day, or aggravate a pre-existing skin condition. After all, they’re depending on you to help them look and feel their best!

By including these items in your makeup artistry contract, you’re protecting yourself from both complications and liability, which is incredibly important.

Your time is respected

Certified makeup artists know that time is money. When writing your job contracts, make sure to include the start time of each appointment, and manage your client’s expectations by noting how long the appointment will likely be (one hour is a common time frame). You don’t want there to be any surprises, on either end!

Makeup artistry contracts also bind your client to your payment rates and schedule, so by signing the contract and returning it to you with a deposit, they’re solidifying their commitment to the appointment and to you. You can be confident in the fact that you’ll be properly compensated, and clients will take comfort in the fact that they know how much they’ll be spending and how much time is allotted for their appointment. It’s win-win!

Room for “just-in-case”

Things happen, and often the best laid plans are disrupted by unexpected events, emergencies, and other last-minute disasters. Your makeup artistry contract should contain a cancellation clause, but it should not be completely one-sided. While your clients need to know what will happen if they don’t show up for their makeup appointment, you also are responsible for letting them know what their rights are in case something happens to you (after all, you’re not immune to life’s twists and turns!).

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If you need to cancel for whatever reason, the contract will indicate exactly what will happen as a result – this could be a full refund to the client or another plan, but this needs to be outlined clearly in writing. Not only will this give your clients peace of mind, it’ll also boost your reputation as a professional makeup artist. Your word is a strong weapon, so following through on what’s laid out in this contract will build trust – and your career – very quickly.

Prepare to meet these clients as a freelance makeup artist, and know how to work with them!

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