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We’re not going to sugar coat it: things have been rough lately. The world over is stressed and anxious about the COVID-19 crisis, and rightly so. The majority of us have been advised to stay home and help ‘flatten the curve’ by practicing social distancing. At the current moment, it’s up in the air how long this new way of life is going to last.

But I’m going to let you in on a little secret: while this situation does suck, it also presents you with a very unique and special opportunity.

We’re willing to bet that you’re crazy about makeup. (Why else would you be reading this?) Chances are, it’s your passion. You probably entertain dreams of turning it into a career. But regular life can sometimes have a way of postponing our dreams – especially when we allow it to.

If you’re spending your day at home, you probably finally have the time, the privacy, and the freedom to take this leap. You can start the path towards a bright, exciting future. You can devote your life to makeup artistry, and when this is all over, get paid to do what you love!

How can you do this? Simple: use your time at home right now to earn your makeup artist certification!

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Online makeup school is the best (and safest) option!

To earn any sort of professional qualifications as an MUA, you’re going to need to get your education. However, in-person makeup classes aren’t exactly an option right now. For starters, most brick-and-mortar schools are closed. But secondly, even if they were open, it’s not exactly a safe environment with adequate social distancing.

You’d need to travel to and from the school, be in a room full of other people, and (worst of all) touch your models’ faces. These are all things that will increase your chances of getting exposed to the virus, or other unwanted germs. It poses too much of a threat! There’s no way you could guarantee your safety, or the safety of others.

Online makeup school, however, eliminates ALL of these risks! Even before the COVID-19 crisis, more and more makeup artistry schooling has been moving to an online platform. It provides aspiring MUAs with the exact same quality of education (in some ways, even better). The main difference is, online schooling can be done without ever leaving your home.

Over the years, it’s become an increasingly popular option for students wishing to learn the craft at a professional level (and we’ll touch on the reasons why in a moment). But right now, it’s the only option. For the time being, online makeup school is the only way you can receive expert, reputable training – WITHOUT putting your health in danger!

It’s good for your mental health!

Not only can you utilize online makeup school to make your future career goals come true, it can also benefit you during the present pandemic. The combination of stress, fear, limited social interaction, and home isolation can make for a pretty negative cocktail of emotions. For many of us, the quality of our mental health has been (or will be) impacted.

It’s easier to spiral downward when you don’t have anything positive to keep your brain occupied. If you don’t something good to look forward to or focus on, it’s going to be all too easy to fall into a depression.

Finding ways to decrease your stress will help improve your mental health. From ‘you’ time, to establishing a routine, to limited screen time – it will require a conscious effort, but the rewards will be well worth it. Education is another excellent coping strategy! It keeps your mind sharp, maximizes your time at home, AND betters your mood!

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Online makeup school is convenient!

If you were attending in-person makeup classes, you’d currently be SOL until the pandemic is over. You might even lose a semester of tuition and have to delay your training until next year! But online makeup school allows you to pursue your schooling, uninterrupted, all from the comfort of your own home! Whether you feel like chilling in the living room, lounging in bed, or setting up a home office, you can do your schoolwork wherever you please!

(You can even do it in the bathroom. Hey, we won’t judge!)

Another great benefit of online makeup school is that there many provide no deadlines or timelines to adhere to. You never need to worry about your education conflicting with your personal schedule.

Pro tip: Just keep in mind that this level of freedom can make it easy to procrastinate. Try not to leave everything to the last minute! Create a realistic schedule for yourself that will allow you to regularly focus on your studies. This way, you can stay on track.

Many of QC’s students and grads found that by simply devoting 1-2 hours per week on their course work, they were able to graduate in as little as 3-6 months. This is more than doable for most lifestyles!

If you’re curious about more ways to maximize your makeup education and practice while at home, check out these 4 incredible tips by QC’s executive tutor, Nathan Johnson!

It’s easily affordable, even during a pandemic!

We get it: a lot of people are unfortunately unable to work right now. For some, money might be tight. Don’t let this scare you away from following your dreams, though! With proper research, you’ll find that many accredited online makeup schools are more than affordable.

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In general, online school will almost always be cheaper than brick-and-mortar schools. This is because things are done electronically. There’s no physical campus incurring fees or maintenance costs. If you want to get your makeup artist certification, but don’t want to worry about going broke in the process, online schooling offers the same quality level of education at a fraction of the price!

For the amount of course materials, makeup products, expert training, and ongoing perks received, students find that they get a LOT for such a reasonable price!

Online makeup school will prepare you for a life-long career in the industry!

Is it really possible to get the same level of training from an online makeup school as you would at an in-person institution? This is a common question, and the answer is a resounding YES!

Not only are you taught by professional makeup experts (who work in the field themselves), you’re also provided with high-quality products to aid in your learning experience.

In addition, this learning experience is a lot more individually focused. Because each lesson is geared specifically towards YOU, without other students to focus on as well, you’ll find that you’ll absorb way more info than you would in a physical setting.

For a deeper breakdown of how online makeup schooling compares to in-person classes, feel free to keep reading here!

In general, makeup schooling is a necessity for anyone wishing to turn it into a career. Not only does it make you a better artist in general, it will help you stand out from the competition, too!

If you have little to no experience, makeup foundation courses will teach you from the ground up. Once you’re at a more advanced level, specialty programs help broaden your skill-set, and strengthen your resume with further certifications.

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For instance, once you earn your makeup artist certification, you can always build on your qualifications by adding additional training in any of the following areas:

If you one day want to run your own company, a makeup business course would do you wonders. Or say you already have your own business and wish to expand your services. Certifications in Hair Styling, Fashion Styling, and/or Skincare Consulting would take your career to the next level!

(The best part? A LOT of these services can be done remotely, so you can still work, pandemic or no pandemic!)

Pursuing your goals of becoming a professional MUA is one of the single greatest things you can do for yourself, especially now. In a time when it feels like everything’s so crazy and chaotic, it’s important that you take charge of the things that are still in your control. Part of the challenge right now is perspective; focusing, wherever possible, on the positive.

It’s still there, even if it may feel difficult to see. You may just need to push yourself a bit harder than normal, that’s all. The thing is, you’re stronger than you realize. We believe in you. You can totally do this!

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Keeping reading to find out why QC Makeup Academy is the perfect online makeup school to help you earn your makeup artist certification!

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