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When you enroll in the Makeup Artistry course or the Master Makeup Artistry course, you’ll receive a free makeup starter kit. This makeup artist kit contains professional-grade makeup tools and products to help you complete your assignments.

While your bonus makeup kit comes with plenty of palettes, you’ll still need a few extra products to create beautiful looks for your assignments. So what kind of products do you need for each unit of the course?

Read on to find out!

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Makeup Artistry & Master Makeup Artistry

There are a few things to note before we get started.

1. The Makeup Artistry course AND the Master Makeup Artistry course both share the same three initial units. This means that Units A to C are identical between the two courses. As such, the products you’ll need to complete the assignments will be identical, too.

2. Your free makeup kit from QC includes the following products:

  • 20-Shade Correct & Conceal Palette
  • 88-Shade Neutral Eye Shadow Palette
  • 32-Shade Lip Palette with Glosses
  • 16-Piece Professional Brush Set
  • 28-Shade Powder Blush Palette

3. QC students are eligible to receive steep discounts from top beauty brands including Urban Decay and Kevyn Aucoin! Check out the full list of makeup discounts here.

4. Unit G is the final unit of the Master Makeup Artistry course. This unit is an optional business unit you can complete if you want to start your own makeup business. You won’t be needing your makeup kit for this!

Unit A: Makeup Essentials

Unit A is your introductory unit. The unit focuses on makeup theory with the majority of assignments being written assignments. However, there is one practical assignment where you’ll create and submit your everyday makeup look. For this look, you’re required to include foundation and eye makeup application. Beyond that, it’s up to you which products you want to include.

You’ll need the follow makeup tools and products:

  • Your QC Makeup Academy eyeshadow palette
  • Other products are 100% optional to include.
false eye lashes and lash curler

Unit B: Makeup Application Essentials

Unit B draws on the theory you’ve learned in the first unit. You’ll learn all about color theory, blending, and a variety of simple makeup techniques. Then it’s time to get your hands dirty! For your assignments, you’ll practice basic makeup techniques, including brow shaping, eyeliner application, lip product application, and corrective makeup.

You’ll need the follow makeup tools and products:

  • Your QC Makeup Academy brush set
  • Your QC Makeup Academy eyeshadow palette
    • 2 brightly colored eyeshadows, ideally blue and yellow (but not required) for the blending assignment
    • Neutral base and mid-tone eyeshadow shades
  • Eyeliners
    • Eyeliner in taupe or brown of your choice (powder, pencil, gel, etc.) appropriate for applying drop shadow
    • Black eyeliner of your choice (powder, pencil, gel, etc. However, not liquid as it’s not hygienic unless it’s the model’s own personal product)
  • Your QC Makeup Academy lip palette
    • Bright lipstick color
    • Sheer gloss
  • Your QC Makeup Academy blush palette
    • You can also use a liquid, gel, powder, cream, etc. blush of your choice
  • Your QC Makeup Academy correct & conceal palette
  • Highlighter of your choice (liquid, gel, powder, cream, etc.)
  • Contour product of your choice (liquid, gel, powder, cream, etc.)
  • Eyebrow product of your choice (powder, tinted gel, pencil, etc.)
  • Lip liner that matches your lipstick color
  • Primer (for primer, concealer, and foundation, the color and formula should be appropriate for the model’s skin tone and type)
  • Foundation
  • Setting powder
  • Eye primer
  • Black mascara
  • Eye makeup remover
  • Disposable spoolies
  • Eyelash curler
makeup palette for professional makeup artistry

Unit C: Basic Makeup Applications

Unit C will teach you how to build basic looks by combining those classic techniques learned in the previous unit. You’ll learn basic applications of daytime and evening looks. You’ll then learn how to do makeup on a variety of clients from different backgrounds, including teenage, mature, and male clients. This is the final unit of the Makeup Artistry course before graduation!

You’ll need the follow makeup tools and products:

  • All the products listed in Unit B
  • Eyeshadow colors to create a full, four-step eye look.
    • Neutral base shade, highlighter shade, mid-toned shade, and crease shade
  • False eyelashes
  • Lash glue

Unit D: Bridal Makeup and Makeup Trends

The Master Makeup Artistry course continues with an additional four units starting with Unit D. This unit goes over bridal makeup application. You’ll learn all about the business of bridal makeup artistry, from consultations to the big day. You’ll learn how to adapt your makeup look to match the bride’s dress, wedding theme, and event logistics. You’ll also learn about popular wedding makeup trends and celebrity makeup trends.

You’ll need the follow makeup tools and products:

  • All the products listed in Unit B and C
  • Any specialty products required for the trends you choose to create for…
    • Assignment D4: Trendy Makeup Application
    • Assignment D5: A Celebrity-Inspired Makeup Application
bridal makeup artistry

Unit E: Fantasy, Runway, and Editorial Makeup

Unit E allows you to expand on your creativity. You’ll learn how to design makeup concepts for fashion designer shows and learn about the role of a makeup artist behind-the-scenes. You’ll build unique one-of-a-kind looks using all the theory and techniques learned in previous units.

You’ll need the follow makeup tools and products:

  • All the products listed in Unit B and C
  • Any specialty products you wish to use in your makeup applications for…
  • Optional: Basic hair styling products for styling your editorial look

Unit F: Makeup for TV, Film, and Theater

Unit F is the final makeup application unit. You’ll learn about the role of makeup artists in the entertainment production industry. You’ll practice creating stage characters and applying makeup for TV, film, and other live performances. You’ll also get an introduction to special FX makeup!

creative fantasy avant garde makeup colorful makeup school

You’ll need the follow makeup tools and products:

  • All the products listed in Unit B and C
  • A bruise wheel or cream-based makeup in bruise colors (red, maroon, purple, green, yellow, etc.)
  • A glue stick (for brow blocking)
  • Any special products you want to use in your theater character design
  • Optional: Industry-standard professional theater makeup products such as pancake makeup, greasepaints, etc.

Upon completion of this unit, you’ve met the practical requirements to become a makeup artist. You can choose to skip the optional Unit G and graduate! Otherwise, you can continue on to the final unit and learn all about starting your own makeup business, freelancing, marketing, and promotion.

Are there any other product or tool suggestions that’d be useful for a makeup student? Let us know!

What does a makeup assignment look like? Check out this Master Makeup Artistry course sample for fantasy makeup!

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