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Makeup artistry is one of the most creative and rewarding professions out there. It’s no wonder that many of us become addicted to the high of a successful makeup job. Everyone remembers the first time they were tapped to do a friend’s makeup. After that first taste, you can’t tell us you weren’t immediately hooked!

Becoming a makeup artist seems pretty easy on paper. After all, those YouTube tutorials definitely make it seem that way! But when you’re actually trying to make a name for yourself in your local industry, you need to know more than just how to bake.

Getting quality education is the best first step you can take. You’ll learn advanced techniques and safety/sanitation practices to service every client. But what if you don’t want to do 4 years of schooling? Don’t worry! You still have options!

Keep reading to find out what your fast-track options are for professional makeup training!

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What is Fast-tracking?

You probably have a sense of what it is if you’re reading this article. Essentially, it means reaching your career goals faster by taking a program that matches the swift-pace you want to go.

In many regions, you don’t even need to have a makeup certificate to work professionally! But gaining an industry-recognized certification means upping your qualifications in the eyes of a client or employer. Taking the time to get professional training and fine-tune your skills already puts you ahead of many self-taught artists. Not to mention the fact that you’ll be able to command a higher salary with an official certification.

With regular brick-and-mortar makeup schools, you’ll likely have to follow a set curriculum. That means attending your makeup classes at their scheduled time and going at a pre-determined pace. Sure, you’ll achieve a quality education, but it’s a long stretch of time between the day you enroll and the day you graduate. And since many regions don’t regulate makeup artistry at all, why put yourself through four grueling years of schooling when you don’t have to?

Online Makeup Training

So, where can you go for your education, then? Have you considered online makeup courses? Reputable online makeup academies offer the same curriculum as brick-and-mortar ones. The difference lies in the pacing and amount of independence you have in a self-study program.

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Most online makeup courses are self-paced. This means that you can work on your course whenever you have the time. With zero deadlines, you can build your own schedule. This is a flexible option for those who work a full-time job or have a family to take care of.

But this option equally advantageous for those who have more than just a few hours a week to dedicate to their studies. If you envision yourself having more than 4 hours a week to work on your course, you can complete a comprehensive makeup course in as little as 2 months!

How QC’s Fast-Track Option Works

When you enroll and select the Fast-Track Option, QC’s Student Support Team will ensure your enrollment gets processed quickly and assign you a tutor so that you can get started right away. QC’s Fast Track Option also affects how your tuition payments break down. For whichever course you choose, you will pay half the tuition upfront when you enroll. The second half (remaining tuition balance) will be billed to you the following month.

As you complete and submit your assignments for evaluation, your tutor will have them marked and evaluated within 48 hours (this two day turnaround is guaranteed!). This means you can start on your following units’ lessons right away. Once you receive your feedback, you can use it to improve your work when completing your next assignments.

When you’re ready to graduate, you won’t have to worry about completing your tuition payments first—they’re all taken care of! As soon as you get your passing grades returned to you for the final unit, you’re ready for graduation. It’s that easy!

Want to pay your full tuition upfront? You can still take advantage of the Fast-Track option! Call our Student Support Representatives to customize your makeup education!

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What’s the Catch?

So far we haven’t discussed any cons to this option. That’s because there aren’t any—zip, nada, zilch! Some people believe there is a tradeoff between quality of education and speed in graduation. This simply isn’t true! You’ll be just as qualified as your fellow students who take longer to complete their makeup certification.

Just because you’re working through a course quickly doesn’t mean that parts of your curriculum are axed. You will still do the same amount of readings and complete the same amount (and types) of assignments. In return, you’ll receive the same careful attention of your tutor as any other student– just at a faster rate. Plus, your tutor will have your previous work fresh in their mind as they evaluate the following unit, giving you ultra-relevant feedback with your evaluations!

All in all, if starting your career as a makeup artist as soon as you can is a priority, QC’s Fast-Track Option is the way to go. If you have any questions at all regarding this Fast-Track option, leave us a comment below and we promise to answer!

Ready to enroll in your first makeup course? Check out QC’s Makeup courses (they’re all fast-track eligible)!

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