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UncategorizedYour Makeup Career
January 17, 2020

Are Your Makeup Products Bathing in Bacteria?

We apologize in advance, but you’re about to learn some pretty disturbing information about your…
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Your Makeup Career
January 16, 2020

Paid in Exposure: How to Scam a Makeup Artist into Working for Free

In this day and age, everyone wants something for a price. Nobody does anything out…
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Your Makeup Career
January 15, 2020

The Pros and Cons of Being a Freelance Makeup Artist

Nothing worth doing is going to come easy – but as a hard-working makeup artist…
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woman looking in mirror and doing makeup, while friends films on iPad
EducationYour Makeup Career
January 8, 2020

Online Makeup Schools: Expectation vs. Reality

What better way to welcome 2020 and the new decade than by finally pursuing your…
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Your Makeup Career
January 3, 2020

Which Makeup Jobs Have the Highest Salary?

When planning out your career, it’s normal to think long-term and have an endgame goal…
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EducationYour Makeup Career
December 12, 2019

Can You Truly Learn How to Do Makeup from an Online School?

From shopping, to banking, to grocery shopping, we live in an age where more and…
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special fx makeup
From the Experts
December 11, 2019

4 Questions I Always Ask My Special Effect Clients

Gabrielle Rivera is a QC Makeup Academy graduate and professional makeup artist. To see more of…
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Graduate Feature - Sophie Kraynak
Graduate Feature
December 4, 2019

Graduate Feature: Sophie Kraynak

QC's Makeup Academy graduate, Sophie Kraynak talks about her passion for fantasy makeup and SFX…
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down sides to being a makeup artist
From the ExpertsYour Makeup Career
November 29, 2019

4 Unexpected Downsides to Being a Makeup Artist, and How You Can Minimize Them

Celebrity makeup artist Nathan Johnson shares his perspective on unexpected downsides to being a makeup…
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