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There’s a common misconception that if you’re an introvert, a career as a makeup artist wouldn’t be the right fit for you. Well, we’re here to squash that myth and tell you that this is NOT true!

In reality, anyone can be a successful makeup artist, so long as they have:

  • Passion for makeup
  • Drive
  • Dedication
  • A hard work ethic
  • And proper training

So, if you happen to be introverted and are also considering a career as an MUA, our advice is: GO FOR IT! And if you happen to be wondering how you can adapt your makeup profession to your personality type, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered there, too.

Let’s take a look at why introverts make awesome makeup artists, as well as the ways you can tackle the industry in a way that works best for YOU!

What is an Introvert?

By nature, an introvert is someone who has a tendency to be reserved and thoughtful. They tend to prefer spending their time in smaller groups, or alone. If a person’s energy level were like an iPhone battery, then an introvert’s would be most optimally charged when in the comfort of their own solitude.

Does this sound like you?

Let’s be very clear, though: being introverted doesn’t automatically mean you’re antisocial. It also doesn’t necessary equate to being shy, soft-spoken, or reticent. There can sometimes be a negative association to the word “introvert”, but there’s nothing bad about being an introvert at all!

The truth is, the terms “introvert” and “extrovert” aren’t black and white. I’ve known plenty of extroverts who are also on the quiet side, just as I’ve known a fair number of introverts who are loud and charismatic.

The main difference between the two is that extroverts recharge their internal batteries through socialization and being around others. On the flip-side, even if an introvert loves hanging around people, their internal battery gets charged and re-energized by spending quality time alone.

Why Introverts Make for Great Makeup Artists

To be a makeup artist means that you’re going to have to frequently work with people. While it’s true that this is definitely more in the extrovert’s comfort zone, an introvert can still thrive under this circumstance.

The thing about introverts is that they have a tendency to carefully think their decisions through. If you’re pursuing something, we’re willing to bet that you’ve considered every possible outcome first. You never go into any situation unprepared!

Furthermore, you’re mindful to only choose experiences that you know will fulfill you. Choosing a career path that isn’t gratifying to you will tend to burn you out really fast. Instead, you blossom when in an environment that motivates you and your passions.

So, if you’re choosing to pursue a career as a makeup artist, we know that this is because this is something you feel very strongly about!

Your clients have a lot to benefit from having you as their makeup artist, too! With an introverted MUA, you know that nothing has been – or will be – done without maximum effort. This means, you’ve researched your craft and your products. You’ll have put in the time and work into your training, and will always take each job very seriously.

It won’t be enough for you to give your clients just an okay result. You’ll always do everything you can to make sure they feel and look their best!

Becoming a Makeup Artist: The Introvert’s Way

If you’re introverted, you still have lots of options in terms of approaching this career path in a way that won’t deplete your internal battery. Here are just a few examples…

Get Your Certification Through an Online Makeup School

Everything’s gradually moving to the internet these days, and makeup training is of no exception. Some people are concerned that online makeup schooling couldn’t possibly replace the quality education you’d get from in-person classes, but this a false fear.

In reality, so long as the online makeup school is legit, of high quality, and properly accredited, you’ll get the exact same level of training as you would from a brick-and-mortar school. In fact, many online makeup instructors have experience teaching for both mediums, and can attest that online makeup schools are just as beneficial for the aspiring MUA… In some cases, even more so!

Plus, with so many of us still adhering to social distancing rules, online makeup school is the only practical (and safe) option at the moment.

As an introvert, online makeup school grants you the opportunity to receive quality training from the comfort and privacy of your own home. Because many schools, such as QC Makeup Academy, allow you to work at your own pace, you can also work it entirely around your own schedule.

You’ll have full control over when and where you study, so you can build your skill-set and receive your certification on your own terms!

Leverage Your Online Marketing Game

Because introverts are at their very best when in the comfort of their own environment, you’ll have plenty of time and energy to devote to building (and then managing) your online presence.

If you’re not quite as tech-savvy in the beginning, we know you won’t cut corners when it comes to soaking in as much information as you can, and learning the ropes of online marketing.

Whether it’s launching your MUA business website, starting social media channels, writing a blog, or what-have-you – as an introvert, you have the unique opportunity to make the most of your solo downtime to build an online presence that’ll be unparalleled!

Knowing you, you won’t shy away from the challenge.

Build Your Portfolio

When the time comes that you’re ready to start putting together your professional makeup portfolio, there will be ways for you to do this without burning you out.

For starters, you can work with people you already know and feel comfortable with! If you have a friend who’s good with a camera, and another who’s willing to be a model, then boom! That’s one golden opportunity right there!

Another possible option is to take part in a stylized photoshoot. Regularly, stylized shoots are unpaid. Instead, you’ll often swap services as the method of payment. So, for providing your makeup artist skills pro bono, you could get a free copy of the high-quality photos that come from the shoot!

Many stylized photoshoots can be done with relatively small groups of people, too. This means you wouldn’t have to worry about being stuck in a frenzy of strangers for an extended portion of the day.

Plus, there’d be times (such as when the set is being put together, taken down, etc.) where you could afford to break away from the crowd and have a breather to yourself, if needed.

Take Advantage of the Flexibility

One of the coolest things about being a makeup artist is that there’s an ample amount of freedom involved. Especially if you’re a freelancer, you have the room to dictate your schedule, the types of jobs you take, etc.

Of course, the more jobs you accept and the more hours you work (especially during prime times) will directly affect your success in this industry. This is important to keep in mind.

In the beginning, you may need to make some sacrifices, and loosen your personal criteria just a tad. There may be times where you have to work in larger groups, in unfamiliar places, at unideal times, in order to build your credibility and make a name for yourself.

But as your reputation grows and you build up your clientele, you’ll eventually have more autonomy to be able to control your working conditions and environment more!

Take Time for Yourself

As an introvert, making time to prioritize yourself is just as important as any business tip we could give you. We know how critical it is for you to recharge and center yourself, especially if you have been socializing.

As a makeup artist, you’ll need to anticipate that there’ll be times where (as we touched on above) you won’t always be able to control your surroundings. Sometimes, you’ll need to be “on” and work alongside larger numbers of people, for extended amounts of time. This just comes with the territory of this profession.

This can be a bit taxing on your internal battery, and we get it. So, make sure that you regularly make time to just do you. Let yourself be alone, and do whatever it is that helps you unwind and relax.

Keeping a healthy balance between your work life and your personal needs is the key to not spreading yourself out too thin. It may take some time, and some practice, but once you’ve mastered this balance, you’ll be guaranteed a long and fruitful career as a professional makeup artist!

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