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Build Your Online Profile as a Makeup Artist

You’ll need to find clients to grow your business as a professional makeup artist. QC Makeup Academy’s Internet builder allows you to create and customize your own online makeup profile. List your makeup services, photos of your work, contact details, client testimonials, and more!


Create Your Online Makeup Artist Profile in 3 Easy Steps:

Step 1

Choose your profile look, list your makeup services, prices, makeup portfolio photos, and include your makeup school badge.

Step 2

“Enable” your profile on QC’s database of professional makeup artists so your profile will pop up on Google when anyone looks for a makeup artist in your area.

Step 3

Link to your online makeup profile from your own website to show clients that you graduated from the industry’s top online makeup school.


Want to connect with professionals who have been through the QC experience? Find professionals in your area.

Create a professional makeup artist profile after you graduate

Access QC’s Online Makeup School Forum

QC Makeup Academy is an international makeup school that fosters an active student community. QC’s student forum lets you connect with other makeup artistry students and to a network of professional makeup artists! Discuss makeup assignments, get help and advice, and discuss the latest makeup artistry trends.

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View The Forum

QC’s Virtual Makeup Boutique

QC’s Virtual Makeup Boutique is an online tool that allows you to create makeup looks on models of varying skin tones, ages, and face shapes. Practice your makeup selection skills on virtual clients—no need to find a variety of models to complete your classes!


Use the Virtual Makeup Boutique to:

Refine your professional makeup artistry skills
Practice makeup color selection
Create unique makeup looks
Work with a variety of face shapes and skin tones

QC Makeup Artist School  Virtual Makeup Boutique
professional profile
professional profile
professional profile

Makeup Discounts for QC Students

QC Makeup Academy supplies many makeup products and tools you’ll need to complete your makeup assignments. Once your career takes off, however, you’ll want to build your makeup kit. QC has worked hard to secure exclusive discounts for our online makeup students. We’ve partnered with some of the world’s leading makeup brands.

Find out what these vendors offer to QC students and grads, including discounts, promotions, and more!

Learn More about QC’s Makeup Discounts

Here are just a few of QC’s preferred partners:

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics
Inglot Makeup
Face Atelier Makeup
Friends Beauty
Lipstick Republic
The Makeup Foundation
Screen Face Makeup
Stage Makeup—Theatrical Makeup Brand

Get Your FREE Professional Makeup Kit

When you enroll in any of QC’s online makeup courses, you’ll receive a course-specific makeup kit packed with many of the items you’ll need to complete your course. With your free makeup kit and a few other makeup products like foundation and mascara, you’ll be all set to begin your online makeup class.


QC Makeup Academy free makeup artist kit

Makeup Associations

QC Makeup Academy is a proud member of the Professional Beauty Association (PBA). The PBA provides members with professional business and networking tools, government advocacy, education, events, and more.

As the largest organization of beauty professionals, including salons, schools, and distributors, the PBA promotes business success within the makeup industry.

QC Makeup Academy students and graduates can join the PBA at a discounted rate and are eligible to access the professional resources. With discounts up to 61%, you’ll get the first twelve months for $75 (or $45 when you sign up with a group of five or more).

Learn More

Professional Beauty Association (PBA) Member

Get Social with QC Makeup Academy

QC connects with students and promotes networking through social media. Find QC Makeup Academy on your favorite social platforms and get in touch with us!

Find updates on industry news, makeup trends, school events, career advice, and much more. Join the conversation today:

Facebook: QC Makeup Academy
Instagram: qcmakeupacademy
Twitter: @QCMakeupAcademy

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We are so proud of our talented students! We understand the level of effort and determination that goes into completing challenging applications. That's why we decided to give our students the chance to show off their hard work to the world! Students have the opportunity to submit their best work to the school for consideration and we if think their work is truly outstanding, they'll be featured in our Student Showcase.

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