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I Never Thought I’d Have a Makeup Artist Certification. Here’s My Story!

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For some, earning a professional makeup artist certification is life-changing. Such is the case for QC Makeup Academy Student Ambassador, Jessica Lee. Today, Jessica is here to discuss her difficult past. Plus, she also reveals why pursuing her dream career has turned her life around for the better!

A Little About Makeup Artist Student, Jessica Lee

Hi! My name is Jessica Lee and I’m honored to be a Student Ambassador for QC Makeup Academy. I’m currently enrolled in the Master Makeup Artistry Course, Pro Makeup Workshop, and Skincare Course. However, I hope to enroll in even more QC programs in the future!

Today, I want to get a little raw and personal with you. I’ll be discussing what I went through in my life and how I’ve gotten to where I am now. Furthermore, I’ll highlight why obtaining my makeup artist certification has been so important to me.

Ultimately, my goal is to show you that if can do it, you most certainly can, too! 💕

Life Before My Training

In order for you to understand why pursuing a makeup artist certification has been so fundamental for me, I need to start at the beginning…

Growing up, I had a close-knit family. My family consisted of my father, mother, older brother, older sister, and me. We lived in one of the poorest areas of Toronto, but my parents never let that stop them.

Eventually, we moved out of that neighborhood. It was at this time that my love of makeup artistry started. I’d often watch my big sister get ready to go out for the night with her friends. All her shimmery pastel eyeshadows grabbed my attention and never let go!

However, there was one problem: I never liked the skin I was in when I was younger. This was perpetuated by the fact that I always had people telling me how different or wrong my skin was.

Racism is a hard thing for anyone to handle – especially someone so young. You see, I’m a product of a biracial relationship. My father is Jamaican and Chinese, while my mother is Caucasian. As such, I dealt with more than my fair share of bigotry growing up. Over the years, I learned to push through all the ignorance, though.

That said, as I got older, life didn’t go exactly how I expected it to.

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Overcoming Addiction

At 13, I was diagnosed with Endometriosis. By 17 years old, my doctor decided to put me on pain medication to help me cope with it. Unfortunately, that’s how I developed an opiate addiction.

This addiction would last the next 10 years. As a result, in those 10 years, I dropped out of high school. Additionally, I almost overdosed more than 5 times. My addiction almost bankrupted my parents, and caused me to gain weight and live an extremely unhealthy lifestyle.

October 13th, 2014, was the day everything finally changed. I decided I was sick and tired of being sick and tired! With the help of my family, I checked myself into detox.

I can happily say that I’m now almost 7 years clean and sober! Fighting for my life showed me a strength I never knew I had. It opened my eyes to the fact that life was short. Thus, we don’t always have the time to achieve our dreams and goals… and I wanted to make that time for myself!

Pursuing My Makeup Artist Certification

After I got my mind back on track, my love of makeup also came roaring back with a vengeance. At first, I’ll admit it: I thought I knew it ALL.

Boy, how wrong I was!

Just over a year ago, I signed up with QC Makeup Academy. It wasn’t long into my makeup artist certification course that Nathan Johnson showed me the error of my ways. Basically, I’ve never looked back since!

My love of makeup started when I was around 12 years old. Now, I’m 33 and living my dream! All I needed was to realize that even though I can claim to be a makeup artist, having the proper credentials to back it up holds a weight of its own in the professional beauty industry.

In a nutshell: if you truly want to succeed as an MUA, you absolutely must get a reputable makeup artist certification!

makeup artist appling a primer on an eyelid of a young beautiful woman using a brush before dabbing eyeshadows. concept of professional make up training

Finding QC Makeup Academy’s Online Certification Training

I discovered QC Makeup Academy after seeing an ad for the school on Facebook. To me, it felt like fate! As a busy mom of 4 children, brick-and-mortar schooling was out of the question.

Online training, however, would fit with my lifestyle perfectly. After doing my research on the school, I also found out that I could complete my studies at my own pace. Although I’d be given 2 full years to finish, this meant I could actually earn my makeup artist certification in as little or as much time as I needed.

As soon as I saw this, I was sold. Subsequently, I signed up that same day!

My Journey Since Then

Every moment since the day I signed up with QC Makeup Academy has been a blessing. Don’t get me wrong – it hasn’t always been easy. During my schooling, I actually suffered the biggest loss of my life when I had a miscarriage.

My classmates, tutor, and the school itself were ALL there for me in my greatest time of need. But even the hard times taught me invaluable lessons. For example, understanding that “less is more” was hard for me at first. However, it ultimately made my makeup application improve by leaps and bounds!

When I started my makeup artist certification training, I was at maybe a 3 (on a scale from 1 to 10). Now, I can humbly say I’m at an 8. I fully intend to continue working hard each and every day, so I can eventually be at a 10.

I know exactly how I plan to do this, too. When I’m done earning my Master Makeup Artistry certification, I then plan to add Skincare services to my repertoire (and resume) as well. After all, mastering skin is the single greatest way to truly master makeup!

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3 Reasons to Enroll with QC Makeup Academy

Thinking of getting your makeup artist certification with QC Makeup Academy? Here are the 3 things that sold me on this school:

  • All of QC’s certification courses are self-paced. For instance, by devoting just 1-2 hours per week on your training, you can graduate in as little as 2-6 months!
  • Their makeup artist courses have the widest variety I’ve ever seen!
  • QC’s tutors are all legitimate, real-world MUAs. As such, the knowledge and experience they bring to the table is unparalleled!

Why Earning My Makeup Artist Certification Has Changed My Life

Being able to finally achieve my dreams has meant more to me than words could ever say. Pursuing a makeup artist certification has made me a happier person.

It’s also helped me show my kids that achieving your dreams doesn’t have a deadline. In fact, I’d even say that it’s been a bonding experience for me and my two daughters. They absolutely love to help me with my schooling. So much so, that they now refer to my tutor, Nathan, as “Uncle Nathan”!

Thanks to my current training – and all the future training I plan to get with QC – my career in the beauty industry will be limitless!

Thank you so much for reading this article about my past, present, and future. Please leave a comment below and tell me about YOUR journey into professional makeup. And as always, feel free to connect with me directly in QC Makeup Academy’s Virtual Classroom on Facebook!

Inspired by Jessica’s story? Start writing your own! Enroll with QC Makeup Academy today and earn your makeup artist certification in just a few short months!

Building Your Makeup Artist Kit: Anisa Beauty and aDesign Brushes

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Are you ready for the best, most exciting news ever!? 😍

QC Makeup Academy has partnered with beauty industry revolutionaries, ANISA Beauty and aDesign Brushes! It’s true… and this means all sorts of incredible products waiting to be added to your makeup artist kit!

Keep reading to learn more about these wildly popular brands – and the jaw-dropping discounts YOU’RE eligible to receive on their products as a QC student or grad!

About ANISA Beauty

Makeup artist kit article, ANISA brushes, photo 1

Here’s what Rishma Walia, ANISA’s Senior Manager of Business Development and Sales, has to say about ANISA Beauty:

Their Belief

“ANISA Beauty was created on the belief that the cosmetic brush is the ultimate beauty tool to transform your makeup and skincare experience. At ANISA Beauty, we are beauty activists; redefining 21st Century standards by creating innovative and inclusive products that take care of our consumers, our communities, and our environment. We believe beauty belongs to everyone. All of us have the right to be seen and feel beautiful. What touches your face matters … We take seriously our role in leading the way to positive change in the beauty industry and beyond.”

An Ethically Sound Brand for Your Makeup Artist Kit: How ANISA Runs Its Business

“We own our manufacturing facility and have full control over our supply chain and process – from conception to your hand. We believe that how we do business can make a difference. As we proudly pave the way for more responsible beauty tool manufacturing, we continue to find ways to do so without harming the environment and by providing fair wages to the artisans who make them.

Creating better products means less waste, cleaner production, and safe and supportive working conditions. This translates to you knowing where and how your brushes were made. Every brush is PETA Certified Cruelty-Free and sustainably made by the global ANISA team.

ANISA Beauty is led by beauty pioneer, Anisa Telwar Kaicker, Founder and CEO of Anisa International. She has been designing and manufacturing brushes for the biggest brands in beauty for almost 30 years. This
specialized focus has positioned her as the thought-leader in brush design and innovation.

Anisa’s passion for brushes is surpassed only by her commitment to giving back and leaving a meaningful mark on the world. She is an active and outspoken advocate for social justice … [Moreover,] her ANISA Advocacy
program is a proud supporter of organizations on the front lines of addressing racial inequality.”

ANISA skincare brushes
ANISA skincare brush photo 2

About aDesign Brushes

Makeup artist kit article, aDesign portfolio image 1

Rishma also had the following to say about aDesign, also created by the visionaries of ANISA Beauty…

Their Belief

“Why are makeup brushes so confusing? The truth is, they don’t have to be[!] … [T]hat’s why we created aDesign[:] to put the power back in your hands. Power Duos that make applying makeup easy and foolproof.”

An Ethically Sound Brand for Your Makeup Artist Kit: How aDesign Runs Its Business

“At aDesign, we believe that what touches your face matters. Our PETA Certified, vegan makeup brushes are thoughtfully designed and responsibly manufactured in our fully-owned, end-to-end supply chain.

What does that mean to you? It means that we can stand behind our promise that aDesign brushes are made using the highest quality materials[;] hand-crafted by skilled artisans, and manufactured using only clean and socially responsible methods.

Artistically designed. Responsibly made. Cruelty-free.”

aDesign portfolio image 2
aDesign portfolio image 3
aDesign portfolio image 4
aDesign portfolio image 5

Add ANISA Beauty and aDesign Brushes to YOUR Makeup Artist Kit Today!

We simply cannot stress enough how valuable these top-quality brushes are! Used by practically EVERYONE in the beauty industry, they’re guaranteed to make the perfect addition to your QC Makeup Academy brushes – and become a fast favorite in your professional makeup artist kit!

How to Redeem This Discount for Your Makeup Artist Kit

ANISA Beauty

  1. Go to ANISA’S Pro Program and fill out their application form.
  2. Under the question, “How did you hear about us?” simply answer, “QC Makeup Academy“.
  3. Once approved, enjoy your 40% discount on ALL of ANISA’s wide range of products!

The beat part? ANISA Beauty ships internationally – so you can order their brushes from practically anywhere! 💕

*Please note that this discount is only applicable for students or graduate of QC Makeup Academy.


All you need to do to redeem your 60% discount off all aDesign products is to use the code AD60 at the checkout when you shop on their official business website. That’s it!

*Please note that, as mentioned above, this discount is only redeemable for QC Makeup Academy students or alumni.

Makeup artist kit

Even MORE Discounts for Your Makeup Artist Kit

The savings don’t stop here, though! Amazingly, as a student or grad of QC Makeup Academy, you’re eligible for discounts from a TON of other big-name beauty brands!

Depending on the country you reside in, you can take advantage of our preferred partnerships and get discounts on products from:

  • Urban Decay
  • Smashbox Cosmetics
  • Sigma Beauty
  • Kevyn Aucoin
  • Temptu
  • Three Custom Color Specialists
  • Marc Harvey Beauty Cosmetics
  • Mehron Makeup
  • Embryolisse Laboratoires
  • Cozzette
  • Frends Beauty
  • Stage Makeup Online
  • Michele Mulkey FX Studio
  • EBA Performance Makeup
  • Williamspro Makeup & Hair
  • The Makeup Foundation
  • Screenface
  • Face Atelier
  • Kind of Magic

Furthermore, QC Makeup Academy is a MAC Pro Eligible School! Students in our Makeup ArtistryMaster Makeup Artistry, and Special FX Makeup courses are eligible to apply for the MAC Pro Student Membership. Once approved, they’ll receive a discount on MAC products, both in-store and online!

Want to learn more about all of these amazing discounts, so you can take advantage of them today and continue stocking up your makeup artist kit?

Here’s everything you need to know!

Ready to train with QC Makeup Academy? Enroll today and earn your internationally-recognized certification in as little as 2-6 months!

Industry Spotlight: Charlotte Ravet

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After completing a diploma of history of arts at La Sorbonne University in Paris, Charlotte Ravet decided to follow her true passion. After signing up for makeup artist classes, she began studying the craft. The techniques learned from celebrity makeup artists, combined with her passion for drawing and painting, led her to develop a unique method of application for corrective and artistic makeup.

Her natural gifts didn’t go unnoticed. Charlotte’s talents were in high demand as she worked for major European television stations, as well as on celebrities. Robbie Williams, the cast of the hit TV show Glee, and presenters of major events (such as Paris fashion week) are just a few of her many notable clients over the years. She also began presenting live seminars at L’Oréal Paris!

In 2014, Charlotte decided to open her career internationally, and moved to Australia. It was here that she began collaborating with top Australian photographers. Her innovative versatility was shared with the world through:

  • Advertising campaigns
  • Fashion events
  • Editorial prints
  • Music videos
  • Working with some of Australia’s most prominent faces (i.e. Simon Baker, Stephanie Claire Smith, etc.)
  • And so much more!

She has developed educational programs as a leading brand consultant, and has even created her own masterclasses for professional makeup artists! In 2018, Charlotte was awarded Best Makeup Educator for the Australian Makeup Industry Awards. Throughout her career, Charlotte has been nominated for and won countless other awards. Truly, they are all a testament to her skills.

After becoming the international makeup artist and retail education representative for the brand, By Terry, Charlotte now shares her MUA career between France and Australia. Professionalism, vibrancy, and outstanding skill have made Charlotte Ravet a sought-out industry expert by professionals and students alike!

Let’s learn more about Charlotte!

1. Where did your love of makeup come from? When (and why) did you decide to become a professional makeup artist?

I’ve always had a passion for art and drawing. My dream was originally to become a costume designer, or an archaeologist. After completing my Bachelor of History of Art, I realized that what I actually needed to do was be able to create with my hands. I was looking to learn a skill; something that would allow me to travel and live different experiences every day.

The idea of becoming a makeup artist came naturally. I didn’t know much about the industry before I started looking into it. Makeup artists weren’t as popular then as they are now. I visited a few academies, signed up for makeup artist classes, worked as dishwasher to pay for my studies, and never looked back!

I quickly became passionate about makeup as I was learning it. I had the feeling that what I was seeing or drawing on paper was something I could actually create on faces. I had an amazing makeup trainer. They offered exceptional techniques that were based on measuring face proportions, and creating a full face makeup look using only primary colors. Once you master these techniques, you can pretty much do anything!

2. Tell us about your makeup business, and the kinds of services you offer!

Well… I feel like I’ve done a 100 different jobs centering around being a makeup artist. This what is fantastic about having a skill – it opens up so many more doors for you than just job opportunities!

I started by doing makeup in the TV industry, as well as location shoots in Paris and across Europe. Then I had the opportunity to work with major fashion designers – such as Prada and MiuMiu – as the head of makeup for their private events in Paris. From there, I decided to learn English in order to elevate my career to an international level.

Once I’d moved to Australia, I started working for private clients. I worked hard to develop my professional network by getting involved in various productions and fashion projects. I also started teaching for academies. I’ve imported and developed a professional makeup brand through masterclasses, which quickly became popular. In fact, I was granted the title of ‘Makeup Educator of the Year’ back in 2018!

I know also work for the brand, By Terry, and am responsible for developing the educational content, delivering training for the brand, and illustrating/creating different looks.

These days, I’ve also developed a love for creative makeup, and want to focus on this type of work for now. I feel I have still so much to learn and explore!

3. You’ve done a lot of editorial work over the years. Got any tips for aspiring makeup artists who are interested in specializing in this field?

My main recommendation would be to plan ahead! It might take time to earn money as an editorial makeup artist. Take part in stylized photoshoots. The most creative projects are rarely the ones we’re paid for – but they show off our skills to potential clients!

Magazine companies often don’t pay much for a creative series, but getting yourself published in a renowned fashion magazine is one of the best ways to advertise your work. It also helps to keep up with current trends. Explore new challenges and never stop searching for new inspiration!

When I do an editorial shoot, it’s not work – it’s a passion. I’m pretty sure a lot of makeup artists would tell you the same thing.

4. Why do you feel that makeup artist classes are critical to becoming a successful MUA?

Professional training is the single most effective way to learn how to apply makeup properly – and for ALL types of work!

Without the right makeup education, you can be an amazing artist in one area, sure. But if you lack the skills in every other area of makeup artistry and don’t understand basic makeup theory and techniques, you’ll have a much smaller opportunity for real success.

Don’t limit yourself!

5. What are 3 secrets to your personal success as a makeup artist?

First, always be professional! I want all of my clients to be extremely satisfied with my work. It’s important that I never fail to leave a good impression.

Second: find the right balance between relying on proper techniques vs. your creativity. Personally, I love breaking down a makeup plan and  searching for what’s working (or not working) in an image. Being creative is about discovering this fine line between what’s technically impressive, but also visually beautiful.

It’s sometimes hard to explain. As an educator, I can teach techniques, but I can’t teach taste. Creativity can only come from within the individual themselves.

And third: never convince yourself that you don’t still have room to keep learning. This is what keeps me going. Despite how awful COVID-19 has been, this year has also helped to me pause, think about where I was, and figure out what I want to do going forward.

I’ve looked at all my work, identified where I want to improve, and planned out which new skills I want to learn. Part of being an artist is being humble. You are never going to master your craft 100% – and that’s okay! Think of it as a never-ending opportunity to expand your skills and gain new knowledge.

There will ALWAYS be something we can learn. As a makeup artist, I feel it’s really important to know this.

6. For all the aspiring MUAs out there, what are your top 5 tips for getting started?

  1. Be careful with hygiene! Especially now more than ever, following rules to keep both your client and yourself safe is a must.
  2. Being a makeup artist requires hard work! Yes, you can be passionate about makeup – but if you choose it as a career, it’s a job just like any other. You’ll get what you put into it. So, if you aren’t willing to give it your all, it’s probably not the career for you.
  3. Look after your network and choose your connections wisely! You’ll meet lot of people, especially as a freelancer. Avoid time-wasters. Learn who these people are, the kind of work they do, and their reputation within the industry. Always keep a professional focus and set the desired outcome when building your network.
  4. Don’t freak out if there are sometimes gaps between jobs! This happens to all of us, trust me. Work can sometimes take time to come. Try not to take it personally or be too hard on yourself. That being said, don’t just sit around and wait for work to come to you either. Instead, use this downtime as an opportunity to focus on your marketing strategies, learning new techniques, enrolling in makeup artist classes, etc.
  5. Always keep learning! I know I mentioned this already, but believe me, it really is that crucial! Whether you’re new to the game or a seasoned MUA, you’re never going to know everything. The moment you trick yourself into thinking you do is the moment your success will start to plateau.

7. Finally, tell us 3 surprising things about yourself!

  1. I hate doing makeup on myself! I can spend maybe 5 minutes on myself, but I find it difficult to get creative. I tried doing more makeup on myself during lock-down but I simply have no patience doing something on my own face!
  2. Since I took makeup artist classes and completed my diploma, I’ve ALWAYS done makeup artistry full-time. I’ve never needed a second job on the side. I consider myself very lucky to be able to say this.
  3. I have earned many awards, but the hardest competition I’ve ever had to face was actually for my Visa. There are only 200 Distinguished Talent Visas granted worldwide per year – and this accounts for sport, research, and art categories combined! I had to submit a very long application. In the end, though, I was granted it, which allowed me to have permanent residency in Australia.

Start your makeup artist classes today! Until August 10th, enroll in QC’s leading online Master Makeup Artistry Course and get ANY second, Advanced Course for FREE!