How to Use the 16 Brushes in Your Free Makeup Kit

When you enroll in QC’s Master Makeup Artistry course, you’ll receive a free makeup kit, including this 16-piece brush set, to apply expert makeup looks.

Discover how to use each brush below!

Face Brushes

Face brushes are larger than eyeshadow brushes. Use them to cover a larger surface area. Discover the versatility of these brushes and how to use them for eye makeup application, too.

Foundation Brush

A foundation brush has dense bristles and a flat, tapered, or rounded tip. It is used for applying controlled amounts of foundation to the skin. QC’s flat top kabuki foundation brush is best used with cream or liquid makeup.

Powder Brush

A powder brush has long, fluffy bristles. It is beveled at the edges to provide some precision when targeting the T-zone or setting under-eye makeup. This brush is designed for use with both pressed and loose face powders as well as any other powder that requires a broad but light application.

Kabuki Brush

Rounded at the top, a kabuki brush is used to buff away harsh lines and blend powder and liquid makeup seamlessly into the skin. You may also commonly find this brush with a short handle for more control.

Angled Powder Brush

Larger and less dense than a contour brush, the slanted profile allows you to easily sweep a wash of color over the face. The brush is wide enough to cover the “apple” portion of the cheek for blush application. You can also use the brush to apply bronzer over the nose, forehead, chin, and cheeks. Tap off excess powder before application to avoid harsh color deposit.

"I have used the [eyeshadow] palette and brushes on my professional clients. The color choices of the palette and face brushes are some of my favorite products. They always give off a beautiful finish and are amazing quality."

Stephanie Wyatt, QC Makeup Academy Graduate

Large Blending Concealer Brush

The bristles of a concealer brush should be slightly tapered to a gradual, rounded point. This large brush allows you to blend concealer over a larger surface area without any streaks.

Small Concealer Brush

This brush is smaller than the large concealer brush and tapers to a point. The shape allows you to apply concealer to hard-to-reach areas such as the inner and outer corners of the eyes and around the nose. You will also be able to cover up blemishes and other specific areas of concern. A concealer brush should have firm but soft bristles that won’t irritate the delicate skin under the eyes.

Flat-top Stippling Brush

This brush looks like a smaller version of the flat kabuki foundation brush. Used to stipple and blend concealer on acne, discolored areas, sunspots, and under-eye circles for an airbrush finish.

Rounded Precision Brush

Denser than a standard blending brush. Use the dense bristles to blend out concealer under the eyes with precision and ease. You can also use this brush to pack color into the crease of an eyeshadow look while blending it seamlessly into the rest of the colors.

Fan Brush

The aptly-named fan brush comes in two sizes in QC’s brush set, large and small. These brushes feature loosely-packed bristles allowing you to sweep powders beautifully and lightly across the face.

Large Fan Brush

Use the large fan brush to apply powder or highlight over the body. From the collarbone to the tops of shoulders, the brush allows you to build product without cakiness.

Small Fan Brush

Use the small fan brush for precision highlighting of the highpoints of the face. The fluffy bristles can also be used to sweep away fall out.

Lip Brush

The lip brush is small and has a slightly pointed tip that is designed for precise lip color application.

Eyeshadow Brushes

The skin around the eye is particularly delicate, so all brushes used around this area should have soft, gentle bristles.

Eye Shader Brush

This brush is wide with a flat head. The wide shape is designed to gently sweep eyeshadow over the entire lid, from the lash line right through to the brow bone. It is ideal for applying a base shade.

Eyeshadow Brush

This brush is rounded with beveled edges and should be wide enough to cover about half of the eyelid. This shape allows you to deposit and sweep opaque color across the lower lid without leaving harsh lines.

"I took my [brush] set on the road for a day, and every client I worked on said they loved the feel of these brushes. For brides, celebrities and media personalities who want a pampered experience, the feel of these brushes on the skin is particularly relaxing. Besides the end result, they will also remember the gentle and enjoyable application process.”

Azzi Williams, QC Makeup Academy Tutor

Eye Contour Brush

Like the large contour brush, the eye contour brush also features a slanted profile. The soft bristles allow you to add soft color to the crease of the eye for a contouring effect. You can also use this brush to highlight the brow bone.

Small Angled Eyeliner/Eyebrow Brush

This small brush has short, dense bristles cut on a diagonal. It is used for precise makeup application along the lash line, and to lay fine, hair-like brushstrokes of powder along the brows. It can be used with wet or dry makeup to apply product along the lash line with precision.

Brow & Lash Grooming Brush

This dual-ended brush features two different heads for the multi-tasking makeup artist. The long bristles brush brow hairs into place before applying brow products. Meanwhile, the fine-toothed, plastic comb separates lashes immediately after mascara application to open up the eyes. A common variation of this brush looks similar to a mascara wand.

Synthetic vs. Natural Makeup Brushes

QC’s free makeup starter kit is entirely cruelty-free. The brushes in the 16-piece brush set are also vegan and feature 100% synthetic brush hairs and wooden handles. With advancements in manufacturing synthetic brush hairs, synthetic bristles now rival animal hair in performance.

Synthetic bristles are non-porous and bacteria-resistant, unlike animal hair. Since synthetic fibers lack a cuticle, liquid and cream makeup won’t be absorbed, so you don’t have to worry about wasting product! The soft brush hairs are ultra-soft, allowing makeup to cling to the bristles to ensure smooth-as-butter application. After each deep-clean, the synthetic brushes are as good as new.

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