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Are Your Makeup Products Bathing in Bacteria?

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We apologize in advance, but you’re about to learn some pretty disturbing information about your makeup tools. If you’re an MUA, the contents of this article are crucial to your career. Nothing will tank your makeup business faster than using dirty products, spreading harmful bacteria onto your client, and potentially getting her sick!

That being said, this is directed just as much at all our fellow makeup lovers out there, too. Being aware of the potential health risks posed by dirty cosmetic products can help assure that you take all the necessary precautions for your health. Your health, at the end of the day, is what matters most.

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9 out of 10 makeup products are swimming in superbugs

Yes, you heard us right. It’s horrifying, but it’s true. A recent study at Birmingham’s Aston University took a close look at 497 makeup products, made up of the following:

  • 96 lipsticks
  • 92 eyeliners
  • 107 lip glosses
  • 79 blender sponges
  • 93 mascaras

The results of the study were shocking: of the 497 cosmetics, 70% to 90% were contaminated in some way!

Beauty bacteria

In order for any approved makeup product to be sold to the public, it absolutely CANNOT contain any pathogenic organisms – that is, any organism capable of causing diseases in a person. It’s primarily through how the product is used by people that exposes it to these bad organisms. The most common superbugs known to contaminate makeup tools are:

  • Staphylococci aureus
  • Salmonella and Citrobacter freundii
  • Pseudomonas Aeruginosa
  • Escherichia coli – a.k.a. E. coli

In case you didn’t know, that least one is linked directly to fecal contamination. We’ll give you a moment to wrap your head around that one. (We definitely needed it.)

If not properly used, washed, and taken care of, these are the types of germs we’re coating on our skin, packing into our pores, putting on our eyes, and even getting into our mouths. Gross!

purple-colored bacteria under miscroscope

Which makeup product is the worst for bacteria?

Beauty blenders win this by a landslide, unfortunately. The egg-shaped sponges – known for applying and smoothing out foundations and powders – are by far the dirtiest tool of them all. In the UK study, 26% of them even had traces of fecal matter found on them!

Following behind beauty blenders, the other products with the highest bacteria concentration are eyeliner, lipstick, and mascara.

Why the results are so bad

Obviously the natural question following this study is: Why? What’s the reason behind all of this bacteria making a home on our cosmetics? What are we doing when handling our makeup that’s so problematic?

Never cleaning your products

In the Aston University research study, a whopping 94% of beauty blenders had never been cleaned before. Not once! There were similar results in a 2013 study of 44 students in Brazil. There, 93% of the students had also never washed their blender, but continued to use it regularly.

Using a product after it’s been dropped

If you can believe it, it gets worse. What’s worse than never washing your products is dropping them on the floor, not cleaning it, and then continuing to use it anyway! Of that Brazil study group, over half of the students admitted they were guilty of doing this. The results of the Aston University study were startlingly similar, with approximately 50% of the beauty blenders having been dropped and reused, without being washed.

This is highly unsanitary, and opens you up to an army of germs!

dirty and broken beauty blenders

Ignoring the expiry date

Did you know that the lifespan of a beauty blender is only 3 months? Makeup products have an expiration date for a reason. If you use them past that point, you’re putting you and/or your client’s health at risk. Once it’s reached its shelf life, throw it away!

Bodily fluids

Ever coughed or accidentally sneezed while working on a client? Well, there’s a chance that contaminates just got all over the tool and product you’re using. If you don’t take the time to clean or sanitize your tools/products, you’ve likely just transferred bacteria, viruses, and other contaminates onto your client’s skin, eyes, or mouth.

Lipstick touchups

Whether it’s you or your client re-applying some lipstick, stain, or gloss, make sure nothing’s been eaten right beforehand. Otherwise, food particles can get onto the product. That alone is enough to get the ball rolling for all sorts of nasty superbugs! If you’ve just eaten and need to freshen up your pout, make sure to wash your hands and brush your teeth first.

Not cleaning your products properly

Research shows that the higher the water content on the product, the better the chances are of it becoming contaminated. I know what you’re thinking: “But… don’t I NEED water to be able to clean a lot of my products?”

Yep, water and soap. But the third and final step to the cleaning process is often times drying the product, which a lot of people forget to do. This means bad news bears for beauty blenders especially. If you clean your beauty blender with soap and water, and then leave it on its own to dry, you may as well throw it back on the floor.

When air-drying your beauty products, in order to ensure it’s not at risk of germs, try to let the item dry somewhere well-ventilated, on a clean surface, and where it isn’t exposed to or touching anything else. (So basically, don’t throw a wet or damp beauty blender into your makeup kit!)

Another useful tip is to avoid drying your makeup products in the bathroom, as this area and its surfaces can be easily contaminated in many ways.

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Adding to the problem

A huge part of the issue is that makeup companies aren’t always releasing as much information to us as they could be, especially in terms of how to properly use, maintain, and clean the product. For newer, trendy items such as the beauty blender, there’s even less info for us to rely on.

Dr. Amreen Bashir, who led the study at Aston University, argued that cosmetic brands really need to provide clear instructions; that “more needs to be done to help educate consumers, and the makeup industry as a whole, about the need to wash beauty blenders regularly and dry them thoroughly”. Clearly, there needs to be more effort devoted to regulating the product packaging within the makeup industry.

Tips to keeping things clean

Beyond what makeup companies do, the rest of the responsibility falls on us. So what can we do to try and keep our makeup products germ-free (at least, to the best of our ability)? Here are some helpful tips:

  • Always wash your hands AND face before putting on makeup. If making any touch ups later on, wash your hands again. Basically, never touch makeup if your hands aren’t clean.
  • Never let anyone else use your products. If you’re a makeup artist, always use new, fresh applicators on all clients. Once used, throw it away immediately. Never use the same applicator on two clients, unless it’s been thoroughly cleaned and properly dried first.
  • Don’t double dip with a disposable applicator. Remember, one applicator = one use. If more product is needed, use a fresh/clean applicator.
  • Stop using any product once it reaches its expiration date. Again, remember that the expiry date is there for a reason!
  • Always keep your makeup products themselves clean and properly stored. If you’re unsure the proper method of cleaning each product, QC offers a wonderful, thorough guide here.

If you’re guilty of a few of these sanitation sins, that’s okay. It’s still the first month of the new decade, so there’s plenty of time to turn things around! What matter is that now you know, so you can work on adopting new and better makeup habits in 2020.

If you’re already taking all of these measures? Hey, we’re proud of you! Use your knowledge to go forth and help protect others from the wrath of all those pesky superbugs. Make the world a better place, one squeaky clean beauty blender at a time!

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Want more advice on making sure you always keep your makeup products clean? Here are 8 extra tips!

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Paid in Exposure: How to Scam a Makeup Artist into Working for Free

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In this day and age, everyone wants something for a price. Nobody does anything out of the kindness of their hearts anymore! Sure, you may have a big event coming up, and you absolutely want need a makeup artist to make you look flawless on the big day. But you also have other, more important things that you need to spend your money on.

Some may call you a “choosing beggar”, but you’re not! You’re just savvy when it comes to finances. Don’t worry, we’ve got just what you need. Whether you’re a friend or family member of the makeup artist in question, or just a stranger on the internet, listen up: if you use these tactics, you’ll never need to pay for somebody else’s hard work, time, or effort ever again!

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Tactic #1: Play the victim

When you initially contact your chosen makeup artist, be as sweet as possible. After all, you do love her work and think she’s very talented. She’s the one you’ve set your heart on to make you look beautiful on your big day. You absolutely must have her! So naturally, after you start off by gushing about how talented she is, the best way to maximize your chances of her agreeing to work for you will be to lay on your sob story really thick.

If you’re her friend or family member:

She may already know whatever’s been going on with you, but tell her anyway. Since you actually know her in real life, you’re automatically more special in her eyes that some random stranger she’s never met before. You deserve special treatment.

Note: ‘Friend’ is a relative term. Who cares if you only knew her back in the elementary school, and haven’t spoken since you spread that rumor about her after grade eight graduation? You’ve known each other since forever – that amount of time makes you practically besties!

If you’re an internet stranger:

She doesn’t know your tragic backstory, so spare no details. You get bonus points if your child has a fake terminal illness, a completely alive parent just died, and you’re 100% broke and helpless (after buying the latest iPhone).

If you can work all three of these into your sales pitch, you’ve unlocked the Choosing Beggar trifecta. In your mind, this guarantees that there’s no way she’ll say no – unless she’s a horrible human being who doesn’t care one bit about her makeup business.

woman outraged and confused

Tactic #2: Act shocked when she expects payment

Okay, so your makeup artist has agreed to take the job. But wait, she wants money to do it? Seriously!?

If you’re her friend or family member:

It seems she’s forgotten that she knows you in real life, and you’re not just some unimportant stranger. It’s incredibly insulting that she and you are so close, and yet you still have to pay. At the very least, you should be receiving some sort of hefty discount.

But really, she should be providing you with a complimentary service, simply because she cares. If anything, she should be paying you for allowing her the privilege of using her skills on you!

If you’re an internet stranger:

Does she not understand who you are? Knowing you, you’re one of the following:

  • An ‘influencer’ with a decently sized follower count
  • Someone who’s ‘well on their way’ to becoming an influencer. You likely don’t have enough followers to monetize yourself, but you make up for that in self-confidence!
  • Someone referred by a person the makeup artist actually knows. By association, she should be treating you like her own flesh and blood! Hey, she gave her sister a discounted price – you should be getting one, too!
  • A potentially paying customer, and the customer is ALWAYS right!

Why should you be punished for the fact that she’s put years, and tons of money, into both her education and experience? You’re not paying for her experience! It’s not your responsibility to fund her makeup business! You should only be paying for the amount of time and makeup product the job takes!

Regardless, your best bet is to offer her something that’s even better than real money: internet clout! Sure, you could give her what she’s asking to do the job, but you could also take all sorts of photos of yourself once she’s done your makeup, and then post them online. The exposure it’d give her and her makeup business to the public will get her name out there, bring her more clientele, and thus, more money than what she’s trying to charge you.

If anything, you’d be doing her a favor!

woman freaking out and biting laptop

Tactic #3: Have a complete and total meltdown when she says no

If you’re her friend or family member:

Tell her you CANNOT believe that she’d be so selfish and do this to someone she’s supposed to be friends/family with! Search your memory and pull up any and every instance – no matter insignificant – in which you’d helped her in the past, and rub them all in her face.

Throw in a mean name and an insult here and there. Undermine her career and tell her to “get a real job”. If none of that works, then go for the clincher: threaten to complain about her on your social media, and even tell mutual friends/family members.

If she refuses to do one teensy little favor for you in your desperate time of need, she might as well be dead to you. But not before you make sure everyone knows how awful she truly is!

If you’re an internet stranger:

Go from zero to psycho instantly. Leave no room for rational thinking. Call her every name in the book, and tell her that her makeup skills SUCK. Let her know that you actually have a guy that can do your makeup for way cheaper, but you were just coming to her first to do her the favor of giving her some work.

When all else fails, and it will, it’s time to pull out the big guns. Threaten her makeup business and livelihood – that’ll teach her! Here are some ways you can tell her you’ll do:

  • Leave a bad review
  • Bash her across social media
  • Report her for being a ‘scammer’
  • If you’re feeling especially vengeful, you can even threaten to dox her to others online

As you can see, your options truly are limitless! She needs to remember that you’re the one with the power. Her career lies in your hands. You’re the customer, and the responsibility is on HER to negotiate and ultimately give you what you want.

Then, at the end of the day, regardless of whether you’re a friend, a family member, or an internet stranger, you can sleep peacefully at night… knowing deep inside your heart that you are the absolute worst.

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In all seriousness, though…

Please don’t ever be this type of person. For real.

If you’re a makeup artist – especially one who offers freelance work – don’t let yourself be bullied by someone like this. In the face of one, remember to keep the high ground: stay calm, stay polite, and then block contact. Do not engage, and DEFINITELY never agree to provide them your services. People like this will never be happy, no matter how hard you try.

Choosing beggars will always try to get something for nothing. Contrary to what they may say, no matter how popular they seem on the internet, exposure isn’t going to pay your bills!

The fact is: you are getting paid for your experience. You charge customers not just for the time it’ll take to do their makeup, but for the money and care you put into your products. You’re getting paid for all those years of schooling and practice that’ve made you as good at makeup as you are today.

After all, your skills are why anyone comes to you in the first place, right? The right customer will always be able to see the value in your skills, and will be more than happy to pay for them – with real money.

Unsure what to charge your makeup clients? We can help guide you in the right direction!

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The Pros and Cons of Being a Freelance Makeup Artist

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Nothing worth doing is going to come easy – but as a hard-working makeup artist you probably already know that!

Whether you specialize in weddings, fashion, special FX etc., you’re aware of the different highs and lows that come with your incredible profession. But if you’re just breaking into the industry and have goals to work as an independent MUA in 2020, you may not know what to expect.

The truth is: even though there are a variety of different freelance makeup artist jobs out there, they all have the same benefits and disadvantages in common. Below, we’ll explore 5 of the most common pros and cons of being a freelance makeup artist.

smiling woman holding 3 different makeup brushes

Pro: You are your own boss!

If the typical 9 to 5 grind under someone else’s management doesn’t appeal to you, then being a freelance MUA is perfect! You won’t have a supervisor breathing down your neck, or stifling your creativity. You’ll also never get bored from having to do the same menial tasks day in and day out.

As a freelancer, everything about your business is 100% in your control: when you work, what you charge, the jobs you’ll take, and more! No two jobs will ever be the same, too, so each day will be just as exciting and challenging as the last!

Con: You are your own boss.

Yeah, it’s great to not have to answer to anybody, but that also means that all the responsibility of literally everything falls on you. No one’s going to do the work or promote your business for you, so you’re going to have to work hard in order to get things off the ground and moving. Building your portfolio and reputation takes time and effort; if you aren’t willing to invest in yourself, you can’t be surprised if you aren’t successful.

Running your own business – a successful one, at that – isn’t to be taken lightly. If you aren’t truly up to the challenge, you probably won’t succeed. When you succeed, it’s entirely on you. That sense of pride and accomplishment has been earned, because you made that all happen on your own. But on the flip side: if you fail because you didn’t try hard enough, that’s also on you. In this business, you can only get what you put into it.

mua applying eye makeup to female model

Pro: You work on your own schedule!

Not a fan of mornings? Don’t book clients in the early morning. Simple. You make your own hours, meaning you choose clients that fit your schedule. You don’t have a boss to answer to so no one can deny you vacation time.  Your time is your own!

Con: You work on your own schedule.

Sure, you can choose not to work whenever you want, but that can also mean sacrificing the opportunity to get more employment. In the makeup industry, a lot of your jobs will take place on the weekends.

There may also be times where you’re booked last minute. You may not have the work the standard 9 to 5 job, but if you’re serious about doing makeup professionally as your career, you’re going to have to commit (to the best of your ability) to the times when traffic for business is highest.

So, there may be times when you have to cancel plans to book a job. You’re also likely going to have to kiss most of your weekends goodbye.

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Pro: You’re in charge of your income!

Being able to decide how much you want to charge clients and make per job is, without a doubt, one of the coolest parts of being a freelancer. How many other people get to say that they can pick their own wages? As you develop in the industry, gain experience and clients, and get better, you’ll be able to increase your prices and charge a good price for the services you’re offering.

If you’re working full-time as a freelancer and have been at it for a while, it can definitely be enough for you to pay your bills and live comfortably.

Pro tip: You may not always know how much you should be charging for your services, and that’s okay! Here’s a comprehensive list, based on the type of MUA job, to help you figure out! what prices you can – and should – aim for with your clients!

Con: You’re in charge of your income.

Some people have big dreams, others can have big egos. Either way, if you go into this type of industry with unrealistic expectations, you’re going to be unpleasantly disappointed. Case in point: not knowing what to charge when first starting out, and then charging too much or too little.

Charging too much without the reputation to back it up is an effective way of tanking your business before it even starts. Charging too little is a great way to get an influx of clients… but you won’t make any money off those clients.  You deserve to be paid for your work!

Pro: You meet all sorts of new people!

brunette mua doing blonde model's makeup

Being a freelance makeup artist is a career that will bring you countless experiences and unforgettable memories – especially between you and your client. Helping to transform a person and make her feel beautiful is a special type of bonding experience.

Since the results of your work are instantaneous, too, you both get to benefit from the final product together, right in that moment. Not many people are lucky enough to have that in their job, let alone on a regular basis!

Con: You meet all sorts of new people.

You aren’t going to be able to please everyone. That’s just life. Now and then, a client will be having a bad day and take it out on you. Sometimes, she may really hate what you’ve done to her face, and since you’re the one who did the job, you’re the one who’s going to have to hear all about it. Having a client be unsatisfied with your work can be hard for anybody – especially someone like you, who truly loves what they do, and just wants to make others happy.

Getting yelled at and/or being verbally abused is a whole other level. While it doesn’t happen often, it may happen once in a blue moon. While there may not be any way to prepare yourself, just remember: all that you can do is your best. If you’re ever struggling to deal with a client who insists on berating you and being unreasonable, it’s probably best at that point to politely end the session, pack your things up, and leave.

Pro: The competition is tough!

This keeps you motivated! You thrive on being creative. You want to be one of the best, and how can you become the best? By beating the best!

The makeup industry is competitive, especially for freelancers. You need to be able to stand out from this competition if you ever hope to be successful. You revel in this – and welcome it, even – because it pushes you to always give your 100% and test your own creative boundaries.

blonde girl with leather coat wearing crown on head

Pro tip: Looking for some insider advice on how to stand out from the competition? Here are 3 of our top recommendations!

Pro: The competition is tough.

Unfortunately, the downside is that if you’re not as self-disciplined and motivated as the person described above, you may be in for a nasty surprise.

You need to fight to prove to potential clientele why you’re special, and worth giving their time and money to. You have to be willing to put in the hours required to build your online presence, create your business’s brand, and establish a rapport with customers, as well as others in the industry.

We’ll be honest: if this sounds like too much work for you, bow out now. If you think you can find a way to bypass these steps, and get all the benefits without first earning your stripes, you’re wrong. As we mentioned before, you get in this industry what you put into it. Put the bare minimum, and your business will get the bare minimum.

But put in your heart and soul, and your business will eventually soar!

When all is said and done, you’re doing this because this is what you LOVE. That’s the dream we all wish could come true – and you’re actually doing it! Do you realize how special that is? How admirable that makes you? When you love something, you give it your all. We know that’s what you’ll do in your career, so regardless of whatever challenges you face, the positives will always outweigh the negatives.

That’s the mindset you have to go into this with, because it’s true. At the end of the day, getting to do what you love will always be worth it!

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Want to leverage your online makeup schooling to help you find the best jobs? Read more and find out how!

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My New Year Resolutions for My Professional Makeup Career in 2020 [video]

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Devyn Gregorio is a QC Makeup Academy Student Ambassador. You can find her on her YouTube Channel, Gregorio Girls Makeup, where she makes beauty videos with her sister, Seanna. Today, Devyn breaks down her top 3 goals for her professional MUA career in 2020!

Let’s Recap:

Devyn foresees the upcoming year as being one of growth – not just personally, but for her professional makeup career as well. Being an ambitious woman, she has many goals that she’s always striving for. But in 2020, Devyn wishes to specifically focus her efforts on the following 3 resolutions:

  1. Furthering her makeup education
  2. Continue to improve her makeup techniques
  3. Growing her beauty channel on YouTube

Let’s look a little deeper into each goal!

Resolution #1: “Further My Makeup Education”

Devyn understands that, with any craft, you have to be a student just as much as a master. This is why she’s always pushing herself to see what else she can discover and how she can improve when it comes to makeup. 2019 was a very exploratory year for Devyn, wherein she took the time needed to figure out where she wanted to go with her makeup career.

In 2020, she’s now ready to get back to the basics of makeup and her cosmetic understanding. Having previously graduated from QC’s Master Makeup Artistry course – which Devyn states laid the foundation of her makeup knowledge – she still owns all of her textbooks and course materials. Going back over and re-studying this content will help refresh both her general and advanced makeup knowledge. So that’s what she plans to do!

She’s also a current student in QC’s Advanced Skincare Course. Ideally, Devyn is aiming to complete this program during the first quarter of the year. In her experience as both a working makeup artist and YouTube beauty vlogger, she finds that questions about skincare are asked just as frequently as cosmetic-related ones.

girl making kissy face, with hair up in towel, a face mask on, and cucumber slices in hand

As a professional makeup artist, you need to be able to provide the correct information to your clients and subscribers. Devyn credits QC’s Skincare Course for teaching her the fundamentals of skincare, as well as teaching her which skincare products to use, how to use them in conjunction with makeup products, and much more!

Devyn’s desire to always continue learning ties in with her desire to be as informed as possible for her:

  • Makeup clients
  • Friends and family
  • YouTube subscribers
  • Social media followers

They’re always going to be asking questions, and Devyn knows that in order to give the best services she possibly can, she’ll need to know the best answers. Pushing herself to continue her online makeup education will only result in Devyn becoming an even better MUA.

Resolution #2: “Continue to Improve My Makeup Techniques”

On both her clients and herself, Devyn’s second goal for 2020 is to expand her technical knowledge on makeup application, and continue to hone her skills. No one is going to be 100% perfect at makeup all of the time. It’s important to be able to self-critique, and understand the areas where you can improve. While she credits herself as having a natural flair for makeup, Devyn admits that she’s also very heavy-handed.

Her basic techniques, she feels, can use some work. Some examples of basic techniques include:

  • Holding your brushes properly
  • Blending properly
  • Using the correct amount of pressure during application
  • Noticing the subtle differences in skin colors and textures
  • Mastering color science so you can develop your natural eye for which colors work best on people, etc.

Devyn’s motivation behind this New Year resolution is two-fold. Firstly, like any good MUA, she wants to be able to provide greater services for her clients. Secondly, as a true artist, she simply wants to be better her craft.

One of the ways that Devyn intends to expand her knowledge is by attending classes held by other makeup artists. As an artist, you can become too used to your own technique, routine, and way of doing things. As a result, you can lose sight of the fact that there might be better ways to do things.

Learning from someone else, and understanding why they do what they do, is so helpful to a makeup artist! It’s not even about changing your current style; rather, about helping you hone your skills in order to transform into an even stronger version of yourself.

Resolution #3: “Grow My Makeup Channel on YouTube”

At the heart of it, Devyn loves makeup and creating videos about it! In fact, the whole reason why she ventured into the world of makeup and YouTube beauty vlogging was because she and her sister, Seanna, watched others do it. This eventually motivated them both to do it themselves.

After starting their channel, Gregorio Girls Makeup, Devyn grew motivated in pursuing makeup artistry as a career. This quickly guided her towards online makeup school so that she could study and earn a professional certification in the field.

In 2019, however, both Devyn and her sister took a break from their channel in order to step back, reassess their goals, and rediscover their vision for both themselves and their YouTube presence. This move turned out to be the right one, because now Devyn’s drive is at an all-time high! Now that the New Year has come, she has huge plans for Gregorio Girls Makeup in 2020!

In order to see this goal to fruition, Devyn’s game plan is two-fold:

  1. Put her focus back into regularly posting a wide variety of different makeup content. Devyn feels that she should be able to realistically post one new video each week.
  2. Wants to find and build the ‘Gregorio Girl tribe’/fan-base. Arguably her biggest and boldest goal for 2020, Devyn wants to expand her channel’s subscriber count from approximately 1,500 to somewhere between 50,000 and 100,000 by the end of the year. Wow!

Pro tip: While this is undoubtedly ambitious, and definitely a challenge, it’s NOT impossible. Acquiring such a large social media following is both realistic and attainable if you post frequently, post the right content, and have the right sort of people discover, like, and share your posts. While it doesn’t always pan out, the more effort and quality content you invest, the better your chances will be to be the next breakout MUA.

colorful makeup products

Devyn’s story began with making makeup videos. It only makes sense to her that she come full circle in 2020, and go back to her roots in every way possible. While she admits that it’s been a “bumpy ride”, she’s excited for the New Year. With more insight and direction than ever before, she has her sights set on her final destination, and can’t wait to see what happens along the way.

Ultimately, here is Devyn’s biggest piece of advice to anyone interested in starting a career in makeup, is interested in makeup schooling, or just wants to start a beauty blog/vlog: Just do it! Explore your options, do what you feel in your heart is best for you, and see where life takes you. Go into 2020 with an open mind, and know that whatever it is you want to do, you can do it!

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How to Pass Your Online Makeup Artist Classes with Flying Colors

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How to Pass Your Online Makeup Artist Classes with Flying Colors

Taking online makeup artist classes provides unique benefits and advantages to anyone with a dream of becoming a professional MUA. We’ve put together a helpful list of 5 useful tips (in no particular order) for you to ace your classes. Follow them faithfully, and you’ll not only successfully complete your online makeup artist classes, you’ll pass them with flying colors!

woman opening tube of makeup, behind table with laptop and other cosmetic products

1. Set Your Priorities

I know we said that this list was in no particular order, but this really should be your first step. Let’s just say that you’ve already done a ton of research into different accredited online makeup schools, you’ve decided which one you want to attend, and you’ve now already enrolled. The next thing you need to do is be honest with yourself, and figure out how and when you’ll be devoting your time to your schooling.

You may already be working a full or part-time job, in addition to whatever other commitments you have on the go. Or perhaps you’ve got all the time in the world. Either way, we recommend sitting down and writing out your current schedule. Figure out what days and times you’re typically unavailable.

Once you’ve established that, then review your course materials and decide which areas of the class are the most important to you. See how much time you can realistically devote to each task, and from there, outline a routine for yourself. We can’t stress enough how important sticking to this routine will be for your success! Plus, it’ll be good for your mental health: the organization and structure will help you feel less overwhelmed.

Note: the average QC makeup course will require many hours of practice to ensure you submit your best work to your tutor. Reading books, watching videos and submitting assignments will take time, yes, but you should also plan on spending a majority of your time practicing your skills and honing your craft.

2. Set Deadlines and Exercise Good Time-Management Skills

Unlike in physical schools (or even other types of online courses), online makeup artist classes don’t have strict deadlines. While this sounds good on paper, the flip side is that it poses the risk of procrastination. Without anyone guiding you by the hand, it can be way too easy to push everything off until the last minute.

If you hope to succeed in your classes, you’re going to need certain personality traits:

  • Motivation
  • Independence
  • Persistence
  • Discipline
  • The ability to properly pace yourself

Be honest with yourself: do you have these traits already? If so, wonderful! If you don’t, though, you’re going to need to quickly figure out how to get them. Being an online makeup students – and being an MUA in general – absolutely require these skills.

When it comes to your schoolwork, take it upon yourself to set deadlines for your assignments. Even better, you can set allotted amounts of time per unit. To keep things organized (and your brain from being too cluttered with info), we strongly recommend writing these schedules, deadlines, and outlines on a calendar, in a planner, etc.

Similarly, even though most online makeup schools provide an abundant amount of time to complete your program, try to set yourself a goal date by which you want to complete the class and graduate. Having your own schedule and sticking to it will not only keep you accountable and exercise self-discipline (a trait that will take you a long way in the makeup industry!), it’ll help you reach your goals faster.

For example, depending on how much time you can devote to your schooling, and how diligent of a student you are, you can complete your Master Makeup Artistry class and receive your certification in as little as 3 months!

That’s the beauty of online makeup school: your destiny is entirely up to you!

3. Invest In Your Makeup Products

We totally understand that when first starting out, you may not have all the money in the world to spend on all sorts of makeup products. That being said, you’re going to need the basics, at the very least. Whether you take online makeup artist classes online or do them in-person, you’re going to need to put money into your makeup products so you can get started.

These are, after all, the tools of your craft! If you don’t use the right products, how can you tap into your full potential and showcase all the talent you have to offer?

QC Makeup Academy offers a complete list of all of the makeup products needed to complete each and every course available. A lot are provided when as part of your makeup kit when you enroll, but there are others that you need to purchase yourself. That being said, don’t look at this list and freak yourself out! In the beginning, and even throughout your professional career, you’re not always going to need to buy the fanciest and most expensive products.

Yes, some of these products will be worth dropping those few extra dollars on. But for many other cosmetic items, you can simply find their drugstore counterparts for a much more affordable price.

4. Stay On Top of Your Health

With your plate as full as it is, it might be easy to wear yourself too thin without even realizing it! Though it may seem like you’re working extra hard, never giving yourself a break will result in you losing steam. So in reality, there won’t be a whole lot of actual energy being put into all that time and work.

Your mind and body will become drained, which might make you crash. If you crash, your motivation plummets, your drive will dwindle, and the idea of giving up altogether will suddenly seem like an appealing notion. Don’t let yourself get to that point!

Yes, your education is important. Work is important. Seeing your friend and family and keeping them happy is important. But what’s most important is YOU. Life is not all work, work, work – you need to make sure you’re able to find the right balance between all of these obligations, and you time.

Aside from ensuring that you schedule regular time to enjoy the things that alleviate stress, try to also follow the basic of self-care. Try to get at least 7 hours of sleep per night, drink lots of water, and if you can catch some sunlight during the day, don’t pass it up!

The less overworked you are, the more effort you’ll actually be putting into your classes!

happy woman wrapped in blanket, sitting on bed, and smiling with content

5. Don’t Give up!

Sometimes, even if you do everything right, the finish line still might feel impossible to cross. You’re not alone; it happens to everyone! The important thing is not to get discouraged. Don’t let that little negative voice in your head convince you to give up.

Eventually, you will see the light on the horizon, and you will complete your classes, and you will knock your grades out of the park! But hey, if there are times where you struggle and maybe slack a day or two here and there? We won’t tell anyone! Seriously, don’t beat yourself up over it. Just get back on track the next day, and keep trying your best. That’s all anyone can ever ask of you!

With good habits, the right drive and focus, and a passion for the craft, we know you’ll have nothing to worry about. Just take it one day at a time, do your best, and your tutors will all see how talented and devoted of a makeup artist you are!

Ready to start your online makeup artist classes today? Enroll in QC’s leading Master Makeup Artistry course, and make 2020 the year you achieve your MUA dreams!

woman looking in mirror and doing makeup, while friends films on iPad

Online Makeup Schools: Expectation vs. Reality

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What better way to welcome 2020 and the new decade than by finally pursuing your dream of becoming a professional makeup artist? We’re very proud of you for taking this step! If you’re reading this, it’s because you’ve either decided you want to enroll in online makeup school, or you’re weighing your options and want to get a better idea of what online makeup school is truly like.

We can help! Below, we’ve debunked 5 of the most common (and completely false) expectations about online makeup school. This way, you can make a completely informed decision and be assured that your hard-earned money will get you hard-earned results!

smiling girl sitting on bed with laptop on lap

Expectation #1: Because it’s cheaper than a brick-and-mortar school, the quality of the education will be lower.

This seems like a no-brainer: if something costs less, it’s usually because it’s not as good. Physical brick-and-mortar makeup schools have a higher tuition rate, so they must be more legit than what you can find online. Perhaps there are no real assignments or tests. The feedback you receive from your instructor is probably just going to be the same generic, pre-recorded response for every student.

Reality: The quality of education is exactly the same (maybe even better!).

The real reason why online makeup schools are less expensive has nothing to do with the actual education being offered. It’s simply because there’s no physical school or campus to run and/or maintain. This means way lower overhead costs factored into your tuition! For many physical schools, these overhead fees are what, in fact, eat up a large portion of the overall price.

Rest assured, a legitimate, accredited online makeup school will provide you with the same quality instructors, the same quality courses and assignments, and the same quality certification upon the completion of your program.

For each course, there will be Units. In each Unit, you will have assignments that’ll require you to videotape/photograph and physical demonstrate the makeup practices and theory you’re being taught. Your instructors – professional working makeup artists – will review each assignment you submit and provide you with detailed, personalized feedback.

Many online makeup tutors actually used to teach in brick-and-mortar school settings. They can attest to the fact that there is very little to no difference between the teachings they provide in-person, versus what they do for you online!

makeup artist wearing smock filled with makeup products/tools

Expectation #2: You won’t actually learn anything, and you’ll be asked to purchase your diploma/certification.

Most online schools are scams in some capacity, right? Even if they provide you with some tools, you can’t actually learn enough to become a professional makeup artist. You can only truly learn makeup by being taught in-person! “Learning” by watching videos? You may as well just be watching a YouTube beauty vlogger. Plus, once you’ve already put in all that hard work and time, that’s probably when they throw a curveball and reveal that you need to pay for your diploma/certification.

Reality: You’ll learn the skills required to become a professional MUA, and receive professionally-recognized certification at no extra cost.

For starters, let’s do away with the idea that online schooling is the same as watching YouTube videos. YouTube videos don’t teach you actual skills, and won’t have a professionally working tutor critiquing your work and providing you with detailed feedback to help you learn, correct yourself, and grow.

Furthermore, most beauty vloggers are demonstrating a look on themselves, often skipping through sections or glossing over which techniques they’re using. In online makeup classes, a model is used in all instructional videos, in order to demonstrate how to apply makeup on a client. The entire purpose of the video is to walk you through the whole process, step-by-step, and thoroughly explain methods so that you can not only replicate “looks” but actually understand the fundamentals behind each look.

Lastly, you have no way of knowing if the YouTube vlogger you’re watching is doing things correctly! As QC executive makeup artist and tutor, Nathan Johnson, points out in his Color Correcting webinar: many of these vloggers don’t teach you the right way to do makeup. As a result, you unknowingly pick up bad habits and then provide mediocre results for your client.

Certified online makeup school tutors properly prepare you to receive your certification upon graduation from your program. This certification will not only boost your confidence as an MUA, but it makes you credible to both employers and clients. It proves to them that you’ve been properly trained, and helps you stand out from the competition.

Importantly: an online makeup school’s diploma/certificate should always be included within the overall cost of your tuition, and not a separate or recurring fee! If an online makeup school tries to spring this expense on you unexpectedly, this is a red flag. That school cannot be trusted.

MUA applying eye makeup to model

Expectation #3: You’ll have scheduled classes, and a short amount of time to complete the course.

In college and University, when you sign up for an online class, you’re provided with a set schedule for when the online class takes place. For some classes, it’s a live feed that all students are viewing at the same time.

So you’ll need need to work your schedule around your classes. If things conflict and you can’t make it? Too bad! Then once those classes are done, you’ll have an exam, which you can either pass or fail. The whole experience will probably be condensed to a few months, at best.

Reality: Online makeup school is all about flexibility!

Legitimate online makeup schools recognize that their students have busy lives, and are often pursuing this education in addition to work and other commitments. Because of this, one of the biggest perks of online makeup school is that everything is done entirely at your convenience.

No need to commute or live in a big, expensive city. No matter where you are, you can get the proper training and receive certification – even from the comfort of your own living room!

You’ll be given ample amount of time to complete the course, starting from the day you enroll. There are no set class times, either; you do your required reading and assignments whenever works for you. So long as you submit your final assignment before the end of your 2-year window, you’re good!

That being said, if you have ample time of your hands, or are just really committed to working super diligently, you can complete your program, graduate, and become certified in as little as 3 months!

professional makeup kit full of products

Expectation #4: It’ll be easy enough that you can bluff your way through the course.

Thanks to everything being done online, you don’t need to read all of your course material. No one’s going to double-check that anyways! The material is probably simple enough that you can just wing it.

Also, with no one physically there to see your work, you can fake it on camera and cut corners when you photograph your assignments. You may be missing one or two things, but your tutor shouldn’t notice.

Reality: If it’s easy, then it’s probably a scam school.

The only thing you should be winging is your eyeliner! But also, if you’re not even serious about putting in 100% effort into your education, why enroll at all? It makes no sense to spend your own money on something you don’t plan to utilize.

That being said, online makeup school should not be easy. It should be challenging and help you grow, like you’d expect from any legitimate education. And don’t fool yourself: your tutor is the expert, not you. If you think you’ll be able to pull a fast one over them, you’re wrong. With the level of scrutiny they give each assignment, there’s very little they ever miss.

Straight up: if your online school feels way too easy, it’s probably not because you’re a genius (though hey, you might be) – more likely, it’s because you just got scammed. We hope you can get your money back.

upclose of beautiful woman wearing makeup, brushing powder brush to cheek

Expectation #5: Even with training, you can’t actually make a serious career out of being an MUA.

At the end of the day, no matter how much you love makeup, most people can’t actually make a career off of it. If they can, it’ll be a part-time, second job at best. There’s no point in investing money and time into something you can’t truly pursue.

Reality: You absolutely can – and many QC graduates DO!

Working as a full-time professional makeup artist can actually be a very comfortable living. Sure, there are plenty of people who admittedly only do it as a hobby or second job, but how else can they grow and build their portfolios? If it’s your dream, the time and effort it takes to establish yourself and your business will be worth it.

All that being said, plenty of online makeup school graduates do go on to turn makeup artistry into their full-time living. QC, for instance, has countless students and graduates that have gone on to be successful within the industry! Many even run their own MUA businesses.

The only thing stopping your dreams from becoming a reality is you. Are YOU willing to take the first step towards your future? Make 2020 your year!

Enroll in QC’s leading online makeup school, and start your MUA certification today!

two girls playing with contour

Which Makeup Jobs Have the Highest Salary?

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When planning out your career, it’s normal to think long-term and have an endgame goal to strive towards. Whether you’re only considering a career as an MUA or already a working professional, it’s natural that you may want to know what sort of money this career path can potentially bring you.

Though there are many different avenues you can explore, we’ve put together a list of 4 of the highest paying jobs you can have as a makeup artist, as well as additional factors worth considering.

Note: All salaries described in this article are in US Dollars.

makeup artist touches up model's face on set of photoshoot

1. Movie/Celebrity Makeup Artist

Technically, these are two separate makeup jobs, but since they’re part of the same world, we figured we’d list them together. With the highest average salary, movie MUAs can typically earn approximately $88,200 annually. Coming in as a close second, celebrity makeup artists can find themselves earning an average of $85,930 per year. Wow!

As a movie makeup artist, you’ll responsible for how the actors and actresses appear on camera for each scene. Given that everything is in HD these days, the importance of what you do to make the actors look good (or bad, if the scene calls for it) is a huge responsibility not taken lightly. A celebrity makeup artist, on the other hand, will tend to work with the stars in a more day-to-day settings. Your talents will be used to prepare your client for events like red carpet appearances, concerts, galas, fundraisers, private parties, etc.

2. Special Effects Makeup Artist

Whether it’s for TV, movies, fashion, photography, or theater, there’s no shortage of talent needed when it comes to good SFX makeup. That being said, SFX makeup requires specific skills and training. You can be a master of regular makeup application, but not have a clue what you’re doing the moment prosthetics come into the mix.

girl with smokey eye makeup covered in gold body paint

If you’re interested in pursuing this route, it’s imperative that you study SFX makeup; learn the different types of products, what they do, how to apply them, how to create the look from them, how they react to the human body, etc.

The reward will be worth it, though! On average, a SFX makeup artist can rake in upwards of $66,800 to $75,000 a year!

3. Independent/Freelance MUA

Many makeup artists wish to branch out and start their own, independent business. This can be a great source of income! Though your rates may be a bit lower in the beginning (i.e. could be as low as around $20,000 annually), as you build your resume, portfolio, and clientele, you’ll be able to start charging more for your services. The average freelance MUA can makeup upwards of $64,000 per year. The top 10 percent can even earn six figures!

That’s part of the beauty of being a freelance entrepreneur: you can charge whatever you want! If your services are worth the price, then as you prove yourself, your clients won’t hesitate to invest their money into you and your talents.

MUA working on female client's eye makeup

4. Brand Makeup Artist

What if you don’t really have any interest in the glitz and glamor of the Hollywood industry, or care much for sci-fi and fantasy makeup? What if you don’t want your own business? Does this mean you’re doomed to earn minimum wage for the rest of your life as an MUA?

Not at all! Another option you can look into is becoming a makeup artist for a cosmetic brand. NAS, for example, pays their top makeup artists approximately $24.00 an hour – and you don’t even need a cosmetology license to apply for their company! (Though looking at a past job ad they’d posted on Indeed, their expectations are still mega high.)

Even companies like Sephora offer opportunities for eventual growth. Yes, you may start off at minimum wage in the beginning. But with time, as you work your way up the ranks and prove yourself, you can potentially earn as much as $50,000+ per year as a manager.

Other Factors to Consider

Of course, it’s important to keep in mind that the salary of a makeup artist isn’t an exact science, nor is it concrete. What one person makes in a year doing a job may not be what another makes in that same year, doing the same job. There are tons of external factors that will affect the amount of money you make, such as:


If you want to be a movie and/or celebrity makeup artist, then living where the action is only makes sense. But even beyond that, where you live in the world and how well that economy is doing will play the biggest part in how much you get paid.

While it’s still totally possible to be a successful MUA in a smaller town, it’s statistically proven that bigger cities will often times amount to a bigger paycheck. The flip side, of course, is that larger cities have a higher cost of living. So remember to factor that into your calculations!

happy girl posing on bridge in front of large city


Keep studying at accredited makeup schools, taking foundation and specialty courses, and soaking up as much cosmetic information as you possibly can. Remember: there will always be more you can learn, so be open to learning it! You’ll be expanding your skills and making your resume even more impressive. There’s no downside!

Earning your stripes

Everyone would love to be able to be the best in their field from the get-go. But until you’ve worked for a while, gotten experience under your belt, built your brand, and established a solid reputation, the chances of landing a lucrative job in such a competitive industry are really low. You have to be prepared to put your time and effort in. It may take a while (sometimes years), but if it’s truly the goal you wish to aim for, it’ll be worth the wait.

Networking and Social Media

In the makeup industry, it’s not always what you know, but who you know, too. Attend functions, benefits, movie screenings, etc. Make use of whatever is at your disposal to help you create connections with others in the industry. As you continue to build your portfolio and hone your skills, keep in mind that being both personable and social media savvy plays a huge part in getting your name out there.

Put the time and effort into not just your website, but the social media platforms you have a presence on. Publish regular content, and make sure it’s always your best content. Use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or whatever your preference is, to reach out to those whose work you admire. Maybe there’s a vendor you’re interested in working with! Learn how to best brand yourself on the internet, and be amazed at how far it can take you on the road to success.

MUA showing client her eye makeup

Those who say that money can’t buy happiness are usually the ones who never had to work a day in their lives to get it. Fact is: money matters, and having it is awesome. Of course, in the makeup industry, it does have to be first and foremost a labor of love. The passion for the craft has to be your #1 driving force behind what you do, otherwise you’ll find yourself disappointed when you aren’t immediately rich after your first appointment.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to do what you love and make a good living off of it, too! Go forth knowing that in this industry, such a thing is very much possible!

Want to build your SFX makeup resume? Enroll in QC’s leading online Special FX Makeup course today!

pink theme - girl applying blush

QC Makeup Academy’s Top 10 Makeup Articles of the Last Decade

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Happy New Year, beauties! Though it may be the start of a brand new decade, we thought we’d do the ultimate 10 Year Challenge by paying our respects to the 10 most popular blog articles over the last decade. So strap in, get comfy, and put your coziest socks on, because these blogs are well worth the read!

Fake eyelashes are fun and fabulous, but they can also be the literal worst to put on. Getting glue all over the place (such as around your eyes) can make for a real nightmare. Especially when you finally secure them on, only to realize they don’t even fit! Luckily, this article breaks down the basic steps to finding – and applying – the perfect falsies.

beautiful model wearing false eyelashes

It’s completely understandable to want to take the extra time to ensure your client is 100% happy with what you give them. You’re a professional, after all! That being said, you may actually be taking too much time in certain places that simply do not need it.

These extra minutes can instead be focused on the aspects of the appointment that matter most. QC executive tutor and professional MUA, Nathan Johnson, provides everything you need to know here, so you best know how to prioritize.

Believe it or not, not every cosmetic product pandered to you is actually required. In fact, many items – even those marketed as top-notch, quality products – either don’t deliver what they promise to, or can be easily replaced by something cheaper. This article is a must-read for anyone who’s looking to free up some unnecessary space in their professional makeup kit, while still keeping the essentials.

One of the greatest ways to get motivated is by seeing others just like you making a successful name for themselves in the makeup industry. This is why we love to showcase our QC students and graduates, and why they’re always such a big hit with our readers!

Special FX Makeup course graduate, Tyler Russell, is without a doubt a talented and valuable asset to the MUA world, so it’s no surprise that his feature made the Top 10! Keep reading to see his portfolio, learn about his personal makeup style, and hear how Tyler feels that QC Makeup Academy prepared him for working in the field!

special fx makeup - avatar-looking creature

Let’s get real here: you may like makeup, but it takes a lot more than that to become a successful, working MUA. Unfortunately, an interest in cosmetics isn’t enough these days to make you stand out from the crowd. There are other crucial factors that are key to being able to turn makeup from a hobby into a career. If you read these 5 reasons why you shouldn’t be a makeup artist and find yourself agreeing with them, it may be time to revisit the chalkboard!

When it comes to the makeup industry, there’s a false notion that in order to be the best, you must always have the best. So basically, if you’re on a tight budget, you’re out of luck. But wait, don’t put your palettes away just yet! The fact is, this isn’t true at all. Many cheaper brands have been known to work just as efficiently as their pricier counterparts.

We highly recommend this article for any aspiring (or even working) makeup artist who’re looking for a few ways to save some cash, without sacrificing quality.

woman shopping for cosmetic products

Millennials are known for their innovation and ability to create new, amazing things. Credit where credit’s due: they’ve paved the way in terms of both makeup and fashion. But admittedly, there have been a few blunders along the way, and not all trendsetting attempts have hit their mark.

Written by QC Fashion Styling tutor and personal stylist, Mallory Sills, his article explores 4 millennial fashion trends that are definitely more cringey than cute.

Another SFX makeup enthusiast, Kirsten Hart is a Master Makeup Artistry graduate at QC Makeup Academy. She’s also paved quite the way as a professional MUA, known for her striking, colorful looks, and her epic Instagram branding.

Check out this article if you’re looking for some serious inspiration for your own portfolio, and are curious to see how online makeup schooling has helped Kirsten along the way!

Think you’re a hairstyling guru? A fountain of follicle knowledge? A sensei of the strands? (Okay, we’ll stop.) Take this popular quiz and find out if you really know as much as you think! Maybe we’ll stump you – and if not, feel free to brag in the comments!

woman curling hair

As a newbie makeup artist breaking free into the professional world, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. But never fear! As The Beauty Buzz’s most popular blog article of the decade (WOW!), we’ll help arm you with 6 ironclad tips to not only get the ball rolling, but set you up for long-term success doing what you love most!

If the past 10 years were able to bring us this much amazing information, imagine what the next ten will hold! Is there anything you’re hoping to see and read about? If so, let us know in the comments!

Turn your MUA dreams into a reality by enrolling in QC’s leading Master Makeup Artistry course today!

smiling woman making heart symbol with fingers

Top 10 Most Popular Makeup Blog Posts of 2019

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It’s hard to believe that today is the last day of not just 2019, but the decade! Before we ring in and bring back the roaring 20s, we thought it’d be nice to look back at the top 10 makeup blogs of this past year that were your all-time favorites!

Part of our QC Graduate and Student Feature series, this article focuses on talented SFX graduate, Sophie Kraynak. Taking one look at a sampling of her portfolio shows us all that her success is truly well deserved (and why this article made the Top 10, even though it was only published earlier this month)!

With a unique background in the Marines, Sophie delves into how this experience shaped her makeup skills and personal style, as well as how QC Makeup Academy played a part in growing her professional career. Now a professional MUA, Sophie has earned quite the presence on TikTok, has worked with TTDEYE Contacts, and was even contacted by Rihanna’s cosmetic line, Fenty, to take part in an online challenge!

male makeup artist applying sfx makeup to client

We all know that you can have all the makeup knowledge in the world, but without a good understanding of skincare, makeup alone will never reach its full potential on your client’s face. In this informative article, Nathan breaks down 5 popular misconceptions that will actually make you break out (among other things). Have you fallen prey to any of these myths? Debunk them now for healthier skin in 2020!

Whether it’s shapeless clothing or culturally insensitive attire, there are certain fashion trends that millennials have been known to adorn that, frankly, need to stay in the past. QC Fashion Styling tutor and personal stylist, Mallory Sills, explores a handful of different fashion faux pas: what they are, why they do not work, and how we’ll be doing ourselves a favor by keeping them as far away from the new decade as possible.

Written by QC graduate, Student Ambassador, and professional makeup artist, Gabrielle Rivera, this article piqued our readers’ interest thanks to its focus on teaching which SFX products to outright avoid. We admit, some of these (like not using character kits) came as a surprise, even to us! If you want to make sure your Special Effects work is top-notch, you’ll be doing yourself a favor by ditching these items from your makeup kit, and opting for better alternatives!

makeup artist applying makeup to client

Here, QC executive makeup artist and tutor, Nathan Johnson, discusses 5 common makeup errors you might be making, without even knowing it. Many of these habits stem from a lack of proper makeup knowledge and education – something that online makeup schools can definitely teach you! Are YOU guilty of making any of these mistakes? 2020 can be the year you kick them to the curb!

Speaking of mistakes: is there a better way to enter the New Year, with a brand new set of resolutions, than by first making sure you’re not bringing any bad habits from 2019 with you? We think not! Nathan’s back, this time using his expertise in the field to let you in on 8 more crucial errors you may be making when it comes to makeup technique and etiquette – and how to go about breaking them so you can best succeed as a professional MUA!

Time is precious to any makeup artist, so it’s important to learn where you can afford to shave a few minutes, so that you always have ample room for what really matters. Nathan touches up on 5 key moments during a job where you may find yourself putting too much time into something that doesn’t actually need it.

From the initial greeting to the kind of conversation you make with your client, this article is chalked full of useful info that will help polish up your A-game and keep you on the ball during appointments!

Contrary to popular belief, there are plenty of cosmetic products that you actually don’t need in your repertoire. Whether it’s because they don’t truly work as advertised, or simply because there’s a more cost-effective substitute you can use instead, this article explores 5 makeup products that are surprisingly useless to you. Let us know if any of these come as a shock!!

makeup brushes and neutral eyeshadow palette

Another SFX makeup enthusiast, Tyler Russell is a graduate of QC’s Special FX Makeup specialty course, and now a professional MUA. Known for his painstaking attention to detail, Tyler goes into depth about what’s required in order to excel in the SFX field, as well as how QC helped fine-tune his skills. In addition to his epic goals for 2020, Tyler also reveals the one piece of advice he wishes he’d known before starting his makeup training! (Guess you’ll have to read it to find out what that is!)

Special Effects makeup has definitely shown itself to be a favorable topic for our readers, and the fact that this is our most popular blog of 2019 is proof! Part of our QC Student Feature series, this article focuses on Master Makeup Artistry student, Kirsten Hart, exploring both her background and makeup portfolio.

Displaying a wide array of different SFX (and even glam) looks, Kirsten goes into why she chose QC out of all the makeup schools to further her cosmetic education. She also shares some valuable tips on how to build up a solid Instagram presence!

It’s definitely going to be fun to see what articles will become most popular next year! Is there a specific topic you’d like to read about in 2020? Let us know in the comments!

Ready to make your dreams a reality in 2020? Enroll in QC’s leading Master Makeup Artistry course and start your MUA journey today!

DeShawn Hatcher doing makeup on female model

Industry Spotlight: DeShawn Hatcher

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One of the greatest things any artist can do is continue to learn. Makeup artist classes are essential, but there is also mandatory “real world” learning that everyone interested in working in the beauty world needs. Our “Makeup Artists to Follow” series will introduce you to a new artist who has made an impact on the beauty industry.

Learning about them will give you a free master class in what’s happening with the titans in the industry. You’ll see the birth of trends from the people who actually created them – not the influencers who copied them. You’ll see a diverse array of techniques and styles that will ignite your own creativity, connecting you to the greater makeup community.

The first of these cosmetic pioneers that we’ll take a look at is DeShawn Hatcher.

Meet DeShawn Hatcher

DeShawn Hatcher headshot

As a makeup artist, educator, author, and Guinness World Record holder, DeShawn Hatcher is a true dynamo in the world of beauty. As an artist, she’s worked in every area of makeup, and had many different makeup artist jobs: TV, celebrity, editorial, and runway. She even holds the world record as the Beauty Director for the Cotton Inc. 24 hour fashion show.

With a hefty portfolio of images ranging from crisp and clean, to edgy and editorial, DeShawn’s work is a masterclass in diversity. Her passion is driven by an obsession for people to see the beautiful woman herself, not someone caked in makeup. Anything and everything within DeShawn’s portfolio demonstrates her mastery of creating perfect skin, precise lips, and captivating eyes. With her rich understanding of makeup and diverse use of technique, she’s proven herself to be a force in the world of beauty.

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In her book, Assisting Rules”, DeShawn discusses how critical it is to become an assistant to a professional makeup artist, if you can, because it can be a fundamental move in blossoming your own professional MUA career. The book is a step-by-step guide to helping anyone break into the industry who has an interest in fashion, beauty, and print. It’s a must-have; rich with tips, tricks, and secrets that only someone who did it herself would know.

Not only do you get to see the ins and outs of what it’s like in the actual industry, you also get to learn from a pro in action. Just as importantly, it provides the chances for you to network, make connections, and get your name out there. These are opportunities that may be harder to come by if you weren’t assisting a professional makeup artist in your early days within the biz.

DeShawn has also contributed to nearly every major magazine, such as Elle, Vogue, Harper’s, WWD, etc. Her list of achievements is endless, but some notable contributions include:

  • Campaigns for some of the biggest international companies (e.g. MasterCard, Panasonic, Boost Mobile)
  • Runway looks for celebrated designers like Tory Birch, Tommy Hilfiger, Christian Siriano, etc.
  • Makeup for television, on networks such as E!, HBO, NBC, etc.
  • Makeup for Beyoncé, Tom Cruise, Vanessa Williams, and Anette Bening being just a few examples.
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As if this wasn’t impressive enough, she also teamed up with Graftobian to create the much-needed, and world’s first, Multicultural Foundation Palette for People of Color (Inclusion).

With a focus on education, DeShawn is often a featured speaker at makeup trade shows, makeup schools, and she writes her own blog. Her Instagram, @deshawnhatcher, is a must-follow. But her blog and her YouTube channel in particular are, in my opinion, some of the best resources for people wanting to learn about the beauty business from a true pro.

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