What Brides Look for in a Makeup Artist (Part 1)

Every bride has different tastes and style. When it comes to choosing their makeup artist, however, there are certain qualities most brides will love to see. You might work with two brides who request very different colors and subtle details, but the skills and services they’re looking for are probably very similar!

A bride’s biggest concerns when it comes to wedding makeup are:

  • Looking her absolute best while still looking like herself in the finished product
  • Expressing her personal style
  • Having the rest of the wedding party look their best too
  • Getting a look that lasts all day
  • Getting quality service that is still affordable and within her budget

Check out this list of what brides look for when they’re choosing their makeup artist! Think about how your services compare.

1. A great portfolio

Your portfolio is proof of your experience, skill level, style, and professionalism. Brides want makeup that will help them look and feel their absolute best, so high quality photos are a must. Having a written resume with years of experience is nice, but brides really want to see what you’re capable of. Your portfolio could mean the difference between being politely considered in a group of potential artists and being hired on the spot.

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2. Relevant experience

While they look through your portfolio, brides want to see glamor and bridal makeup specifically. They might be very impressed by your goriest zombie and your craziest avant garde look, but that’s not what they want to look like in their wedding photos! Make sure you can show them the type of classic, glamorous makeup they’d like to see in professional portraits for years to come. If your bride is particularly adventurous you might point out some of your more creative looks, but make sure she can easily see the skills she’ll actually be interested in.

3. Airbrushing skills

Airbrush makeup is perfect for weddings. It gives a flawless finish for photos and it is long wear, so it will last through the ceremony and reception with only minimal touch ups. It’s also very trendy right now! If you can offer your brides airbrush makeup as part of your application package, you’ll be a much more attractive choice than makeup artists who don’t have the option. You can also charge more for your additional services.

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4. Hair styling skills

Not every bride is looking specifically for a makeup artist who can do both makeup and hair. Many are content to hire those professionals separately. Remember, however, that brides are managing large budgets and trying to save money where they can. They’re also trying to manage their time. Hiring a makeup artist who also offers hair styling saves the bride the time it would take to scout out a separate hair stylist and attend another consultation. It also saves her money while profiting you. The more diverse your skills are, the more brides will be interested.

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5. Diverse packages

Brides are most concerned with their own makeup on their wedding day, but they also want to make sure their wedding party looks and feels their best! Consider offering different bridal packages that cover the wedding party as well. You might build packages that include:

  • A regular glamor makeup application for the bride
  • A makeup application with airbrush for the bride
  • Makeup services and hair styling for the bride
  • Regular makeup for the bridal party and airbrush makeup for the bride
  • A combination of regular makeup, airbrush makeup, and hair styling services for the bride and bridal party

The more services the package involves, the more you’ll charge for it. Brides will be intrigued by the idea of having everything done by one artist. She’ll also like being able to take care of all her beauty services in one easy payment, rather than different installments to multiple vendors.

6. Good references & reviews

Maintaining good relationships with past clients can help you get new bridal contracts. Happy brides will recommend you to their friends and family. Brides who come across your online portfolio and like what they see might hear good things from your past clients when they ask about you in local wedding forums. Help yourself get positive references by:

  • Arriving prepared and ready for the day
  • Speaking and acting professionally but still being friendly
  • Taking care of your personal appearance
  • Practicing good safety and hygiene
  • Giving each contract your best effort and attention to detail
  • Listening and communicating effectively
  • Making those clients your sole priority that time

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7. Fresh ideas

Brides are looking for makeup artists who can help them express their personal style but also keep up with the latest fashions trends. Following trends, however, doesn’t mean you have to make your bride look like everyone else! Even brides who are more conservative or feeling nervous about having their makeup done for the first time might be open to fresh new ideas. Keep up with what’s in style and think of new ways to blend trends, classic details, and your own ideas. The more beautifully innovative your bridal makeup is, the more brides will be interested in hiring you.

Market yourself

Catering your brand and services to what brides are looking for helps you attract more bridal clients. Knowing which types of makeup they’re interested in will help you tailor your promotional materials to grab their attention. Keep an eye on what’s popular in weddings in your local area and in big trend-setting cities. Make note of what works for other successful bridal makeup artists around you. Use every tool at your disposal to prove that you really can give that bride her dream look on her special day!

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