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Lots of makeup artists look to take workshops and specialty courses throughout their careers! Taking courses that focus on certain parts of the industry can help you find more niche clients and offer more to your current clients.

Today we’re going to dive into the importance of taking a Global Beauty makeup artist class. So, keep reading to find out how this specialty course can benefit you!

What is Global Beauty?

A global beauty course typically covers how to work with various skin tones as well as cultural ideas of beauty and makeup. For example, the first unit of QC’s Global Beauty Workshop covers color correction on various skin tones and how to create an evening look on dark skin tones. Many courses focus primarily on lighter skin tones, but there are important differences in applying makeup to different complexions. Learning about these differences will open you up to so many more clients instead of only understanding how to work with fair skin.

Beauty standards are different all over the world! So, your course will not only cover how to work with different skin tones, but also how to create different culture-specific looks. This can be anything from a Bollywood glam look to South Asian bridal makeup.

why take a global beauty course

Why is it Important?

Know how to work with different skin tones

First off, learning to work with various skin tones is so important for your career! Imagine landing a gig with Beyoncé and realizing you don’t know how to apply corrective makeup to her dark complexion! That is any MUA’s worst nightmare. This is to say that it’s critical that you know how to work with different skin tones – even if you’re expecting to be only working with the family in the near future!

Learn about undertones

Not only will your ability to work with different skin tones make or break your makeup career, but so will identifying undertones. Being able to recognize whether a client has warm, cool, or neutral undertones will ensure you’re giving them a suitable look. Certain colors suit certain undertones, and understanding skin tones will maximize your use of color in all areas of the face. At first, this skill can be daunting. But, once you understand it in depth – thanks to your Global Beauty Workshop – it will become second nature!

Create masterful and culturally accurate looks

Knowing how to create proper bridal looks for other cultures is definitely an advantage. Though you might not live in regions with strong cultural roots and traditions, in our multi-cultural world, you’re likely to end up with a client who has cultural requirements at some point! Broadcasting on your social media accounts and website that you know how to create an Indian bridal look will tap into a new clientele!

Hone your interpersonal skills

That leads us to the most important reason why you should take a global beauty course. Every MUA needs to be amazing at working with clients, but when you actually understand how to best serve any and all clients you can that ability to the next level. If you know how to work with every type of client then you set yourself up to be the most profitable and best MUA you can be! That’s just how the industry goes. As we said, you not only open the door to more clients with a global beauty certification, but you’ll also give clients a great experience.

Your kit will be diversely stocked with all shades of foundation and concealer. You’ll take one look at a client and know exactly what colors suit their undertone. And you’ll be able to offer them cultural looks for their special occasions.

why take a global beauty course

What will a Global Beauty course cover?

We mentioned this briefly before, but let’s quickly break down what exactly will be covered in most Global Beauty courses. Here’s some of what QC’s Global Beauty Workshop will cover:

  • In-depth training on skin tones and undertones (and corrective makeup for different skin tones!)
  • Applying everyday techniques and creating an evening look for various skin tones
  • A bridal look for golden skin tones
  • Media and editorial makeup for different skin tones
  • Building a great makeup kit
  • South Asian, Indian, and Middle Eastern bridal looks

Global beauty is critically important in our multi-cultural world. No matter where you are in the world, knowing how to work with skin tones of all types will set you apart. Don’t be a one-trick pony!

For more on what’s covered, download the full course preview.

How would you apply the skills from your global beauty course to your work? Let us know!

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