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Graduate Features

Follow along with some of our hardworking and talented graduates as they launch their professional careers!

CIMP™ — Makeup Artistry Graduate

MIMP™ — Master Makeup Artistry Graduate

CIMP™ — Makeup Artistry Graduate

MIMP™ — Master Makeup Artistry Graduate

MIMP™ — Master Makeup Artistry / Hair Styling Essentials /
Pro Makeup Workshop Graduate

ISMP™ — Special FX Makeup Graduate

MIMP™ — Master Makeup Artistry Graduate

MIMP™ — Master Makeup Artistry Graduate

Youtube Reviews

Get a closer look at what you receive with your course and some honest reviews from QC’s students and graduates!

QC Makeup Academy Review
Course, Makeup Kit, Experience!

Makeup Artistry graduate Lilli Noonan gives you her complete review of the course!

I’m Going to Makeup School!
QC Makeup Academy

Lead a busy life and need a flexible course that’s just for you? Master Makeup Artistry student Valerie Skinner goes through all the reasons why she took her makeup education online with QC! Valerie also has a Student Feature on the Beauty Buzz blog!

Facebook Reviews

Get the inside scoop on what our students and graduates are saying about us. Our Facebook page has over 200+ reviews including the following:

Morgan Appleton

Master Makeup Artistry & Pro Makeup Workshop

“Before I enrolled in my course, I had been checking the school out for a few months. I never saw myself as the type of girl to go off to college for 4 years to become a teacher or a doctor or a lawyer. It all just sounded so boring! So when I found out that I could train to be a makeup artist and follow my true passion all from the comfort of my own home and at my own pace, I was thrilled! I absolutely loved the Master Makeup Artistry course, and there’s really nothing I would have changed about it. I loved that I could do everything on my own time and I loved how even though I was doing the work from home, it still felt like I was connected to the school and in an educational environment! I loved the fact that I could get one-on-one feedback from my amazing tutor, Pat, as well. She is so sweet and she encouraged me so much! I loved working with her!”

Annette Silvestre

Master Makeup Artistry, Special FX & Portfolio Development

“I am currently taking the Master Makeup Artistry course & portfolio development with Nathan as well as the special effects makeup course with Michele. I’m extremely happy with this school. This started with the arrival of my starter kit. All my course materials printed in books, as well as online, palettes, brush set/everything else, was way more than I expected! Everything is great quality. I like that I can work at my own pace & have all the information I need to get everything done. I’ll have to admit that the student site can be a little confusing at first but with proper use of the course guides, it’s easy to know your way within each unit. The school is great- I had emailed them to request a specific tutor & they had quickly changed my tutor without question after me signing up for my courses. I’m excited to be doing these courses with QC, these courses have opened me up to a world of makeup for photography/theatre within my small community & I’m fortunate to have these opportunities to practice on all different models. Joining QC Makeup Academy is the best thing I have ever done for myself. I will be continuing education with QC for airbrush & pro makeup courses after I am done the 3 I’m working on now. My dream is to do makeup for TV & Film. I never thought it would be possible being from a small town & a mom of two working part-time already. QC Makeup academy makes this possible!”

Megan Edwards

Master Makeup Artistry & Pro Makeup Workshop

“I’ve learned so much, and it’s so convenient. Love it! I highly recommend it to anyone interested in becoming a makeup artist. I’m currently on Unit C in the Master Makeup course and can’t wait to continue on. The supplies given are very good quality. The videos and text given are so helpful and knowledgeable.”

“I have finally graduated since my review above and my review hasn’t changed. The tutors’ critiques and advice helped so much to push me to become a better makeup artist. They supply you with so much knowledge and break down the business side of it. So, what are you waiting for? Follow your dreams like I did. Sign up today!”

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Student Ambassadors

Meet QC Makeup Academy’s student ambassadors!

Stephanie Wyatt

MIMP™ — Master Makeup Artistry Graduate

The Master Makeup Artistry course is perfect for aspiring artists who want a career in professional makeup. Check out Stephanie’s review of her course!

Want a graduate’s perspective? Stephanie talks about completing her certification course, achieving her career goals, and continuing her education to become a well-rounded makeup artist!

Whitney Conn

MIMP™ — Master Makeup Artistry Graduate

Winner of the QC Goes to NYC sweepstakes in 2017, Whitney had the opportunity to meet celebrity makeup artist and QC’s executive instructor Nathan Johnson. Read about her experience and her private makeup lesson with Nathan himself!

After graduation, the next big step is landing your first client! Here’s what Whitney has to say about earning her certification and her experience working with her first client!

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Student Showcase

QC’s talented students and graduates show off their hard work on the Student Showcase. See what your peers are up to!

Master Makeup Artistry Graduate

“Centered in Metro Denver, I offer professional, unparalleled service and inspiration to all my clients. I have a modern approach to beauty and listen to each soul to make sure they get what they came in for and so much more. I cater to all my clients’ needs. Get in touch to find out more about my work!”

Master Makeup Artistry Graduate

“Prior to taking courses at QC Academy, I didn’t do well with makeup applications. I knew nothing about different skin types, eye shapes, skin tones, etc. Nathan Johnson (my mentor) equipped me with all the tools that I needed to pursue my career in makeup. Since my completion, I’ve serviced over 200 clients in freelancing all within 1 year and have joined Sephora as a Color Consultant.”

Makeup Artistry & Portfolio Development Graduate

“My name is Lydsie Bechard. I live in Mauritius and work full time as a Secretary and part-time as a Freelance Makeup Artist. I’m also a mother of 3 boys. I love makeup. I’m hoping to grow my clientele a bit more the coming year so that one day I can live out my dream of becoming a full-time makeup artist.”

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