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If you have your sights set on a career as a professional hairstylist, you already know what an exciting and rewarding path this is. You’ll create gorgeous styles on a daily basis that complement your client’s makeup and overall look, and you’ll make amazing connections along the way.

One aspect of this career that you may not know is that there are several different types of jobs you can obtain with a hairstyling certification – you’re definitely not limited to working in a salon!

Read on for 5 unique careers to go for with your hairstyling skills and certificate in hand, and get excited about your future!

1. Runway Hair Stylist

If you love the idea of traveling around the world and working in the glittering fashion industry, a career as a runway hair stylist is perfect for you! If you want to find yourself in this role, you’ll need a hair styling certification that will open the door to your career.

While it may seem like a huge undertaking to pursue a hairstyling course (and we’re sure that you live a busy life!), there are some excellent options to learn online. Enrolling in an online hair styling course will teach you the skills and knowledge you need, and provide you with hands-on training. Once you know your theory and practical skills, you’ll be on the path towards a career as a runway hair stylist.

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With a certification, you can hone your skills at a high-end salon that has connections to runway shows and fashion shoots – here, you’ll network and show your employers what you’re made of. Helping out on fashion shoots is a fantastic way to get your foot in the door.

2. Wigmaker

In the hairstyling industry, wig making has seriously taken off. Many certified hair stylists are drawn to the idea of making hairpieces for the theatrical industry (films, plays and television) or for cosmetic purposes. If you want a truly unique hair styling job, this is a great avenue to choose. You can work in a variety of different capacities, as you may decide to cut and style wigs for people who need them (people undergoing chemotherapy or other medical treatments) or for people who want to change their current look from week to week with different styles.

Plus, you have the opportunity to work in the entertainment industry! Wigs are used all the time for film and TV productions, and are a huge part of special effects makeup. If you’re looking for a fast-paced career in hair, wig making can take you there.

3. Cosmetology Instructor

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The great thing about the skills you learned in your course? You can share them with others and help aspiring hair stylists pursue their passion! If standing behind a hairstyling chair for eight hours a day doesn’t appeal to you, perhaps channeling your expertise into an teaching role (often known as a Cosmetology Instructor) would be a dream job for you.

Becoming an instructor is a different journey than becoming a hair stylist. Completing a cosmetology program is generally required, as well as having a cosmetology license and by completing an exam. Many aspiring hair stylists get easily confused when it comes to what is required to start their career, so we recommend this helpful guide that makes helpful distinctions between makeup artists, cosmetologists and estheticians.

Finally, you’ll need a cosmetology instructor license, which is the last step on the path to educating hair stylists. This career is both highly exciting, challenging and rewarding, and worth the time it takes to get there!

4. Platform Stylist

If you have an outgoing, almost theatrical personality, it will translate well to the role of Platform Stylist. In this position, you’ll travel to different locations and perform on a stage to show off new collections, techniques, and products at various beauty and hair shows. You’ll need to be highly confident in your skills and comfortable in front large groups of people, so keep that in mind if this is a job you want to pursue. No two days will be the same as a Platform Stylist, and you’ll get to sharpen your public speaking, hair styling, and drama skills while building your career!

Pro tip: If you’re a certified makeup artist, becoming a Platform Stylist (with a hair styling certification, of course) is an amazing way to build your range of services and expand your skill set. You’re already a people person – why not take it a step further?

5. Cruise Ship Hair Stylist

The hospitality industry is bursting with roles for certified hair stylists, and one of the most exciting is that of a Cruise Ship Hair Stylist. While on vacation, many people love to be pampered and look their best, so they turn to hair stylists on the ship to work their magic! A love of adventure and travel is essential for this role, and the ability to speak another language is a huge bonus.

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Don’t be fooled, though – this role isn’t all adventure and excitement. It often will require even longer hours than a regular hair stylist would work, and may only provide you with a small amount of time off. You’ll need to determine whether it works with your current lifestyle – and if it does, you’re in for a great experience!

Find out how an online hair styling course will prepare you for a thrilling career!

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