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As a certified makeup artist, you’ll run into a lot of competition in the industry – especially if you’re working in a big city! So what’s a prime way to attract more makeup clients over your competitors?

The answer is simple: keep adding more services! Clients are much more likely to hire a makeup artist with a wide range of services to offer over one who only sticks to the basics. In addition to makeup, hair is top dog in the beauty industry.

Read on for a quick guide to adding hair styling to your makeup business, and you’ll be reeling in customers left and right!

Decide on a Price Range

First things first, you’ll need to set your hair styling price just as you set your makeup prices. Depending on how many styles you’re able to offer, and how complicated each is to create, your prices can vary greatly.

For example, simple updos and curls will likely sit at the low end of your hair styling services, whereas time-period styles and bridal hair will sit at a much higher price. For a hair stylist just starting up, your prices will likely look something like this:

  • Wash and blowout $30+
  • Curl, straighten $30+
  • Simple updo $40+
  • Advanced updo $60+
  • Bridal hair (available upon request)

professional braiding techniques from hair styling courses

Keeping your styling prices in line with your makeup prices will give your clients a sense of how much you’re worth – this means you need to stay competitive without devaluing your skills! As you gain experience, you can raise the prices for each service.

Package it

The majority of hair and makeup artists offer their services in package deals to give customers a better option for their needs. If a client chooses your makeup business and a different hair stylist for her event, it will become a lot for her to keep track of!

Customers know they’re better off finding someone who can provide the whole package – hair, makeup, and a positive attitude. When you’re adding hairstyling to your makeup business, you can use a simple formula to find the right price:

Advanced updo ($60) + full makeup application ($30) = $90 – 10% = $81.00 (tax/tip not included)

By offering 10% off when clients bundle your services, they’re more inclined to choose you. Providing a deal on your client’s purchase shows that you value their business and gives them an incentive to stick with your services!

When you’re creating bridal hair packages, you’ll need to include a few key aspects to prepare for the big day:

  • Initial consultation and booking (provide a price quote based on hair style, date, amount of hours needed, additional beauty services)
  • Additional clients (bridesmaids, etc.)
  • Pre-wedding trial
  • Day-of service: half-day or full-day

Each bride will have a different price quote, but your price structure should be the same for every client. Not only does this help with referrals (your prices won’t be way off from what they heard), it will be easier you to develop a quote for each service!

How to become a bridal hair stylist

Offer Perks

Loyalty is king when it comes to business, so treating your clients well is how you keep them coming back. Your customers should want to book your services again – if they don’t, you have a problem to adjust – and your business should invite them back with open arms!

Offering small perks or discounts to returning customers is an easy way to make them happy. You’re thanking them for their business, and building a relationship that’s based on reciprocity. Think about it – when you receive a discount from your own hairdresser, it makes you feel appreciated!

Don’t be afraid to offer 5-10% off to returning customers, but keep your discounts in check. It’s still a business, after all! And if you’re not keen on offering discounts, set up a referral program for your customers. Give them perks for sending new customers to you!

List Your Skills

On your website, social media platforms, in your salon, in brochures – anywhere you can list your services! Showing your certification is one thing, but providing a description of the different styles you can create gives clients a better understanding of your skill level.

It doesn’t need to be a page-long list of every style you can create, but be sure to include popular styles and general descriptions. For example:

  • Classic and historic hair styles
  • Special occasion updos
  • Fashion and editorial hairdos
  • Hair consultations

A quick description of the advanced styles you actually learned makes your certification look even more impressive! This can also help you land high-profile hair styling jobs

Home vs. Away

As a certified makeup artist, you’ll already have a space where you apply makeup to your clients. If you’re a freelance makeup artist, this is likely in your client’s home or hotel. If you run your makeup business from home, you probably have a studio.

When adding hair styling services to your business, it’s important to decide how you want to market them – and more importantly, where you want to market them. If you’re not comfortable creating elaborate hair styles outside of your studio, then you should only advertise your hair services as “in-house”.

However, if you’re able to build a traveling hair and makeup kit (which we know will be quite large!) then you can market yourself as a mobile hair and makeup artist. This is great for bridal parties, since most of the prep work is done in the venue or hotel.

Building up both your hair and makeup kit will take time, and it will be a big investment to account for. As a practicing makeup artist, you can add hair styling services slowly as your business grows. This way, you can keep your hair services in-studio until you’re ready to bring your styling skills on the road!

Need a quick way to add hair styling to your makeup services without losing business? Get your hair styling certificate online as you work!

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