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Working with brides can be stressful enough – you definitely don’t need a makeup emergency coming up on the big day! But even though you’ll plan and plan for everything to work out perfectly, something always comes up. If it happens to be beauty-related, you’ll be right there in the front lines to deal with it.

It’s not a makeup artist’s dream to be scolded by a stressed out bride – luckily, we’ve got you covered with 9 essential products to rescue every bridal makeup artist in a hurry!

Blotting Papers

For every girl, blotting papers are a summer savior. Yet there are still makeup artists who go around without any blotting tissues to save their clients when the temperature starts to heat up!

For brides, walking down the aisle in front of a couple hundred people can be downright petrifying. Be sure to have your client covered if she breaks a sweat during the ceremony. Plus, knowing you have them on hand will allow her to enjoy the dance and reception without worrying about an oily face!

Makeup Remover

The key to every great makeup artist’s kit!

Your best bet is to pick up multiple types of removers and keep them with you when you’re heading to your bridal appointments. From waterproof remover to swabs to wipes, you want to be prepared to quickly fix any mistakes or smudges.

We’ve all learned that piling on more makeup usually ends up in a bigger mess. Nix the problem and fix it up with a little makeup removing magic!

Bridal look for makeup artists


Always, always, ALWAYS have Q-Tips on hand – and extra ones in your kit! You know how fast makeup artists go through Q-Tips. Whether it’s fixing mistakes or smudging liner, these little saviors are the best thing since…well, makeup!

Lip Balm

There’s nothing worse than chapped lips. If you don’t have a great moisturizing lip balm in your kit already, be sure to head out to the drugstore and pick some up. If you can’t find one that keeps your client’s pout looking soft and smooth, test out a small amount of Vaseline on her lips.

The key is to let the product sink in before applying anything on top. Some lipsticks (especially matte and long-wearing ones) can dry out your client’s lips. This is the last thing a bride would want to deal with on her wedding day!

Mini Hairspray

Bridal makeup artist and hair stylist

Technically the hairstylist’s job, but hey – it never hurts to be over prepared! And if you’re providing hair and makeup services, you should already have a few hairsprays to choose from. But let’s face it, even hairstylists don’t want to be lugging around big cans of hairspray all day. Pick up a few different travel-sized sprays to keep your kit light and you hair flawless.

Mattifying Powder

We know you have a million powders in your makeup kit already, but the question is do you have the right powders?

Translucent powder is a must – it’s lightweight and will set your client’s makeup without getting super cakey. On top of that, you’ll want to stock a mattifying powder designed to eliminate that oily sheen. Test out Benefit’s the POREfessional Agent Zero Shine for a product that will save your bride from tragic flashback in her wedding photos.

Lipstick Sealer

A must for every special occasion. No one wants to spend their big day worrying about whether their lipstick has smudged or worn off! Keep it on with a lipstick sealant that will lock it in (almost) all day. Everyone needs to eat, and you don’t want any clients avoiding their food for fear of ruining your hard work.

Let them know they’re safe to enjoy the day, smudge-free! Check out the affordable e.l.f Lip Lock Pencil.

Depuffing Eye Cream

Bridal eyeshadow base

We’ve all tried the cold teabags and spoon remedies for depuffing our eyes in the morning, but truth it, they don’t always work. And you’re definitely NOT going to let puffy eyes stand in your bride’s way of her dream wedding look.

Stock up on a specialized eye treatment or cream that targets puffiness and dark circles. Recommend your client start using it a month ahead of the actual wedding. This way, you’ll avoid any adverse reactions on the big day, and your client’s eyes will look better than ever!

Our recommendation: Bye Bye Under Eye Eye Cream by IT Cosmetics.


Even though her bridesmaids probably have this one covered, you’ll want to pack some perfume or body spray just in case. This isn’t really in your job description, but it can rescue a bride who’s stressing out. Keep a rollerball perfume in your kit – it’s compact and will keep every client smelling their best!

And if you’ve been hired on a hot summer’s day, you might end up needing some too! You’ll be working in close quarters with your clients, so smelling fresh is a priority.

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