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Whether you’re considering a career as a makeup artist, or you’ve already obtained your makeup artist certification, the sky really is the limit. It’s such a dynamic, ever-changing industry that will allow you to keep learning and honing your skills for years to come!

When it comes to expanding your knowledge, have you considered a global beauty certification? It is the perfect complement to the makeup artist courses you’ll complete in order to start your career, and it will open up doors that you’ve never considered before…

Read on as we list 4 things you can do with a global beauty certification!

1. Create Henna art

By nature, makeup artists are creative people – you need to be able to visualize finished looks before your brush hits the palette, and make suggestions to your clients. One way to really tap into your creativity (and add an amazing service to your repertoire) is through henna art. If you’re not familiar with henna, it’s actually a fragrant, flowering shrub from which perfume and dye can be created. The powder that creates the dye is used on clothes, in hair, and can be turned into henna tattoos!

We’re sure that you’ve at least seen henna tattoos, either at a wedding or other celebration, and we hope that they peaked your interest. The art of applying henna tattoos to hands and feet is called Mehndi, and every region of the world uses henna in their own way, making it an extremely useful and profitable skill for makeup artists to master.

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A global beauty certification will provide you with a thorough knowledge of henna art. You’ll begin with the basics, learn how to create your own cone, and then master the technique of applying it to different parts of the body. Once you have this skill under your belt, you can add henna to your list of makeup services, and believe us when we tell you that henna art is not a common service offered by makeup artists. By offering it to clients, you’ll be setting yourself apart from your competition and booking more appointments!

Find out how to best plan your makeup artistry services and packages, and start thinking about how to integrate henna into your list!

2. Expand your range of bridal makeup services

Bridal makeup artists are always in high demand, as brides seek them out to create unforgettable and flawless wedding day looks. Your own reasons for becoming a makeup artist likely included bridal makeup, as brides are incredibly rewarding to work with (and very likely to refer your services if they’re pleased with the final product). If you already offer bridal makeup services, you may be surprised to learn that you can actually expand on what you offer!

When you enroll in a global beauty course, you’ll learn how to create bridal and editorial makeup for East Asian women, which is an extremely valuable skill to possess as a makeup artist. You’ll also learn modern Indian bridal looks, as well as Bollywood glamour makeup. By obtaining a global makeup certification, the services you offer to bridal clients can be significantly expanded to include specific looks from around the world. And when it comes to the skills you acquire in this course, you can work this magic on any type of bride – not just an Indian or East Asian one!

These are makeup application skills that are applicable to any bride who is specific about the look she wants on her big day, and being able to deliver them will be beneficial to your career (and salary) as a makeup artist.

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Imagine how your bridal client will feel when she requests a look that is specific to her own culture, such as double-winged eyeliner, and finds out that you’re well-versed in this technique. Her confidence in you will rise, and you’ll be much more likely to acquire new clients!

3. Travel as a makeup artist

The term “freelance makeup artist” calls to mind a professional who can choose their own clients, set their own hours, and decide how much they want to be paid. With a global beauty certification, however, the “free” in “freelance” takes on a whole new meaning. If you can create henna tattoos, understand medium and golden skin tones, and create East Asian and Indian bridal looks, you can write your own ticket as a makeup artist, and work anywhere in the world!

Of course, makeup artists are free to live and work anywhere, but with global beauty skills as part of your repertoire, you can easily become an international makeup artist. Have you always enjoyed traveling? Having a global beauty certification will allow you to see the world and hone your makeup skills in cultures you may not have been familiar with previously.

A global beauty course will provide you with an understanding of beauty trends and techniques from around the world, and while these are interesting to learn about, this knowledge is also invaluable for makeup artists who want to expand their horizons (and have a versatile career!).

The Global Beauty Workshop allows students to learn from experts who have a wide variety of experience with celebrities, henna art, different skin types, and editorial makeup. Receiving regular feedback from these tutors will allow you to truly understand makeup techniques from different cultures and how to use them in your career.

If makeup artistry on an international scale doesn’t interest you, we have great news –a global beauty certification will help you succeed in an area with a diverse population, such as a large city! We mentioned earlier that these skills will set you apart from your competition, and we weren’t kidding. In big cities such as London, Los Angeles, or Toronto, you’ll need to offer unique services in order to stand out, and global makeup skills are an excellent way to do so.

4. Boost your makeup artist salary

Makeup artists make a pretty good living, but there are several important factors that will make a difference in the actual salary itself.

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Location and experience play huge roles, but they aren’t as important as the professional services you can provide to clients. For the most part, makeup artists have a repertoire of looks that are regularly requested by clients, such as a smoky or winged eye, bold lip, or natural makeup look. These are skills that every makeup artist is expected to know, and will provide them with clients and a decent salary.

But don’t you want to soar higher as a certified makeup artist? The more looks you can create (and the more unique they are), the more you’ll gain clients and boost your makeup artist salary. A certification will teach you makeup artistry essentials and how to start your own business, which are skills you’ll need for a successful career.

Follow this certification with one focused on global beauty, and you’ll gain a greater understanding of color theory, undertones, color correcting, and how to choose products based on skin tones. You’ll also master henna art techniques and know how to create bridal makeup looks for several different cultures.

Good news travels fast, and if you can offer a wide variety of services to clients, you’ll soon find your clientele and salary growing as a result.

Find out all about Merrell Hollis, QC’s new Global Beauty Workshop tutor and celebrity makeup artist, and his amazing career!

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