Once you’ve learned enough about makeup artistry to start taking on real clients, you’ll find that there’s a lot of competition out there. So how do you beat the others to become the best makeup artist in town? Offer more, of course!

Hair styling is a huge industry, and most employers will expect makeup artists to have a working knowledge of how to style hair. And let’s be clear: styling your own hair is a lot different from working with someone else’s! In this sense, hair styling is just like makeup artistry – you need to practice on others for a well-rounded education. If you can apply flawless makeup and style hair, you’ll be hired in no time.

Read on for a quick look at the benefits of hair styling for makeup artists!

You’ll be a bridal favorite

Everyone knows that a bride-to-be is under a tremendous amount of stress – especially on the big day! One of the most important tasks on her list is to find both a hair stylist and makeup artist. If you offer both services, you’re much more likely to be hired by bridal parties. First of all, it’s easier for the bride to deal with just one person, and second, you’ve already established a relationship with her! Why should she choose anyone else?

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Knowing how to create bridal hair styles will put you on top of the list as a makeup artist. Offering a complete bridal package will bring in more clients, higher payments, and more referrals! Market yourself as a Special Occasion Hair and Makeup Artist to draw in clients for every big event – proms, parties, and much more.

You’re more likely to work on sets

If you’re an aspiring TV and film makeup artist, this is one area you can’t skimp on. Hair styling is a major aspect of the entertainment business – actors and performers need to look amazing from head to toe!

Breaking into the entertainment industry as a leading makeup artist will happen much quicker if you can also style hair. Casting companies and crews will be looking for an all-in-one artist – it’s easier to hire and pay them! Be upfront about your hair stylist training, and describe the different time periods and styles you can recreate, as these will be covered in your hair styling course.

The same rule applies to fashion sets and photoshoots. Finding a job in the fashion industry will be easier for makeup artists who are also certified hair stylists. Think of it this way: why would a company hire two people for a job that can be done by one? That is what makes hair styling so important for makeup artists!

You’ll be double-certified

For both clients and employers, being certified is a huge step towards landing you the job. Having two certifications will make you a highly competitive candidate. Your makeup training gives you advanced techniques, but learning hair styling gives you a complete and well-rounded education.

We all know that a professional certification makes you more employable. Going into an interview with no real training under your belt is a huge no-no! Even if you’ve gained a lot of industry experience, there’s still no foundation to your skills or techniques – how are employers to know that you know what you’re doing?

So don’t walk into an interview and say “Yeah I can style hair!” if you aren’t a trained hair stylist. You’ll be asked to create different looks on your models, and if you can’t create a textbook style, you won’t be hired again.

Please, please, please remember: even though you’re good at styling your own hair, this doesn’t mean you are a hair stylist!

Your salary will boom

Like we said before, employers are more likely to hire one person who can fill two roles than two people. They only need to pay one person – and paying you more is still cheaper than paying two employees! Use this to your advantage. You shouldn’t be greedy, but know your worth and ask for a higher pay rate if you’re going to be filling two job descriptions!

Same goes for your regular clients. If you’re a freelance makeup artist, you should list your hair styling services separately. Yes, you can definitely make service packages (most special events require makeup and hair!), but you can also bring in clients who just want their hair professionally styled.

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You’ll be first pick

One last time, we have to mention it…YOU’LL BE FIRST IN LINE FOR ANY JOB!

Got it?

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