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Custom makeup palettes are a staple of a makeup artist’s toolkit. They’re also incredibly cost-effective in the long-run, because they allow you to replenish your most used colors without having to replace the entire palette or waste product!

When building a makeup palette, you have to consider the type of services you’ll use the palette for. In the case of bridal appointments – one where you’re doing the bride’s and bridesmaids’ makeup – you’ll want custom palettes for a variety of skin tones and skin types.

Read on to find out more about creating a makeup palette for bridal appointments

Types of Custom Palettes

A custom makeup palette consists of an empty palette that you purchase, and then custom makeup “pods” that fit into that palette.  The cost of the empty palette itself usually ranges from $5-$20, depending on the size and quality.

Magnetic Custom Palettes

Magnetic palettes are a popular choice among professional makeup artists. These are metallic, magnetic trays that fit a number of metallic makeup pods.  Since these are typically open trays (meaning there aren’t individual “spots” for a specific number or size of makeup pods), they can fit a number of sizes/shapes/brands of makeup.

Popular magnetic palettes (and makeup) are sold by Inglot, Art Deco, Colour Pop, MAC, zPalette, and more.

Paintbox (or “pop-in”) Custom Palettes

Paintbox or Pop-in Palettes are plastic or cardboard palettes with specific spots made for makeup pods of a particular size. These can range from anywhere between 4 pods to 30 pods or more. Although pop-in palettes are usually designed for makeup of the same brand, most custom makeup pods come in a few standards sizes. This makes it easy to mix & match!

These palettes are typically less expensive than magnetic palettes. However they limit your choices since you’re restricted to a single size or shape of makeup pods.

Custom Branded Palettes

Some popular makeup brands like MAC allow you to purchase a regular makeup palette where you can choose the colors to include in each pod.  These are not reusable palettes like the other two, and have the same limitations as one-use makeup palettes. However if you’re committed to using a single brand, this can be a good option, especially if you wait for sales to get your custom palettes.

Choosing your Colors

For a bridal palette, you’ll want to focus mainly on neutral and matte colors. Most brides today will want to go for a natural look or at most a subtle smokey eye. Your palette should try to accommodate for a number of skin tones.

Your custom palettes should contain a mix of nude colors: browns, greys, blacks, taupes, pinks, beiges, white etc. Aim for a mix of matte and shimmer.  You’ll have the odd bridal client who asks for an intense and colorful look, however this client will be quite rare!

Pro tip: When considering your makeup for a custom bridal palette, keep in mind that the bride will want that flawless look for hours, if not most of the day.  Be sure to choose high quality makeup that’s heavily pigmented and that will last with the help of a good finishing spray.

Where to Purchase

You can purchase custom makeup palettes from most makeup retailers or online. However for the best bang for your buck, bring your empty palette to a makeup show and stock up on custom colors from vendors at the show!

What’s your go-to brand for custom makeup palettes? Let us know in the comment below!

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