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Taking a global makeup course is a great way to diversify your makeup artistry portfolio! The course will go over working with different skin tones and culture-based beauty ideals from around the world. But what exactly do you need in your professional makeup kit to be successful in your course?

Your old kit is fine. But if you want to succeed your kit must grow with your skill! Check out our must-have products for the global makeup artist!

Correct & Conceal Palette

Listen, you should already have this. If you don’t… well, we’re glad you’re reading this now! Every successful MUA – in a global beauty course or otherwise – needs a good corrective makeup palette. When you start to work with a wide variety of skin tones, you’ll need to refine your eye and blending technique. There is no “one size fits all” concealer shade.

Luckily, your course will cover all the theory and techniques. But you’ll still need to be prepared with the proper products. Here are some suggestions:

QC’s 20-Shade Correct & Conceal Palette

When you enroll in QC Makeup Academy’s Global Beauty Workshop, you’ll receive this killer palette at no additional cost! The 20 ultra-blendable shades will help you color-correct any skin tone. Created specifically for the course, it will truly work wonders on your models’ complexions.

Kevin James Bennett Complexion Palette by RCMA Makeup

Once you’ve completed all your course assignments and graduated, you’re probably running low on product. Take advantage of makeup discounts for certified MUAs and purchase professional palettes to restock your kit. Our pick? This complexion palette by RCMA Makeup! This exclusive palette will quickly become your best friend—we guarantee it!

applying foundation on dark skin


Every MUA needs a foundation in their kit! Because everyone’s skin is so different, you’ll need foundations of many different finishes, even for the same shade! It may take you some time to stock your kit with a wide range of foundation shades. Even then, you may still need to custom-mix colors to match your clients’ skin properly. As a global makeup artist, you’ll want to invest in some good products. Here are some brands you should watch for:

Fast Finish Foundation Stick(s) by Fashion Fair

Founder, Eunice Johnson, noticed that deep-skinned runway models had to mix their own foundations in the ‘70s. So she sought to provide a wider range of foundation shades to fill this gap in the market. Now, their collection of foundation sticks have grown to provide flawless coverage in a variety of tones!

Color Process Foundations by RCMA Makeup

Of course, we had to feature another RCMA product. These foundation pots have become a staple in many MUAs’ kits for decades. Why? Probably because they’re super easy to work with. Try mixing their pigmented foundations with RCMA’s clear foundation for a sheer finish.

powder for global beauty course


You can have all the best concealers and foundations in the world. But your hard work will go to waste if you don’t set them with powder! Here are a few versatile powders to help you work with any skin tone!

No-Color Powder by RCMA Makeup

This powder’s claim to fame is how it can work on any skin tone. It sets your foundation and concealer without affecting the color! Sounds like magic, right?

Future Solution LX Total Radiance Loose Powder by SHISEIDO

This is another translucent powder. SHISEIDO’s products use Japanese botanical ingredients, which give a luminous and lasting finish. Bust out this powder when working with diverse clients in a single session—use it on literally anyone!

applying henna


In many global makeup courses, you’ll learn how to do Henna design. Henna is used in many traditional and non-traditional contexts. You’ll see intricate Henna designs on Middle-Eastern and South Asian brides as well as festival-goers who love trendy, temporary tattoos. You’ll receive a Henna kit in QC’s Global Beauty Workshop. Alternatively, you can purchase the pre-paste or powder to DIY your own paste from local vendors or online.

Eye Shadow

Bright eyeshadow looks can be tricky to achieve on deeper skin tones if you don’t know what you’re doing. To give your clients and models bold looks without packing on layers of shadow (and dealing with a ridiculous amount of fall-out), here are our recommended products:

Nubian Eyeshadow Palette by Juvia’s Place

Juvia’s Place specializes in makeup for African women. This pigmented palette has 12 neutral shades for deep and bronze skin tones. It’s perfect for creating that bronze smoky eye!

35-Color Nature Glow Eyeshadow Palette by MORPHE

Another incredibly pigmented palette full of earthy and neutral shadows! The warm colors in this palette are to die for! This palette is famous for its high quality and staying power various skin tones.

Supernova 18 Color Baked Eyeshadow Palette by BH Cosmetics

Okay, okay… we know not all your looks are going to use neutrals. Where are those bold blues and pinks?! Look no further! For clients who want a unique look, this is the palette you’ll want to turn to.

professional makeup brush set

Professional Brush Set

If you’re considering a career in makeup artistry, you’ll need a professional brush set. Here are a few we recommend:

18 Piece Professional Brush Set by MORPHE

MORPHE’s set is affordable and comes with a carrying case. From fluffy brushes to eyebrow combs, this brush set provides you with a great backbone to build the rest of your makeup tool collection.

16 Piece Professional Brush Set by QC Makeup Academy

Many of our students who enroll in the Global Beauty Workshop have also taken our comprehensive makeup artist certification course. This 16-piece brush set comes with that course! The brushes feature synthetic bristles and real wood handles. The set comes in a faux-leather roll-up case, making it a must-have for MUAs on-the-go.

Expert Brush Collection Travel Set by Kevyn Aucoin

At $285, this is more than a splurge. But wow… this travel brush set is gorgeous. For the well-established MUA, getting a high-end traveling brush set is a great investment. These brushes are high quality and worth every penny!

Do you have any go-to items in your makeup kit that we missed? Leave a comment!

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