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Not many people actively try to be terrible at their job. However, sometimes being ignorant of best industry practices and standards can make you shockingly bad at what you consider to be a dream job.

Serious about becoming a makeup artist that clients will never recommend again? Read our top 7 ways to sabotage your career in makeup artistry before it even takes off the ground.

(And of course, if you want a successful makeup career, try doing the opposite of what’s listed here!)

1. Don’t obtain any formal education in makeup artistry

Bad makeover career in makeup artistry

Ok, so you’ve watched every makeup tutorial ever. Everyone always calls on you to do their makeup on a night out. Your contouring skills would put every Kardashian to shame! But just because you THINK you’re a pro with a makeup brush, doesn’t mean clients will think so.

But really—why would someone go with a trained makeup artist when they can have an amateur guess at a foundation match? Having to charge clients way below industry standards because of MIA certification is better than nothing at all…

2. Don’t develop your client base

You’ve heard that building up a solid reputation is the secret to booking clients. So, if you want to make sure that your career in makeup artistry grinds to a halt, better stay invisible! Those cute business cards? You don’t need them! Make sure no one knows you’re a trained makeup artist! Eventually people will come to you, right?

3. Create a portfolio that only consists of selfies

Career in Makeup Artistry Don't Selfie

What better way to show off your makeup artistry skills than mediocre bathroom lighting? It’s true that Instragram shots are an amazing way of building up an online presence. But who cares if no one can refer you for a paid job because you don’t have any nice close-up shots of your work? Offering your makeup services free in exchange for a professionally styled shoot sounds like a bad trade off. Portfolios are super important, so make sure that you’re devoting some time to showing off your best work!

4. Give your client a look they don’t want

Career in Makeup Artistry Don't Listen to Clients

Ok, so SHE said she was getting married. But you have other things in mind. I mean an earth-toned eye? Nope. You’ve been saving those Black Velvet Feather false eyelashes from Shu Uemura forever, and this is the moment! She needs them. She just doesn’t it know yet.

5. Be unhygienic and unorganized

Go ahead. Drag that brush across a palette one more time. Don’t bother spritzing your lipsticks with any sanitizer! And eventually traces of last week’s work will smear away onto someone else. Leftover bronzer creates dimension, anyway!

In the meantime, if a client does come down with a case of pink eye, there’s no way anyone can prove it came from your handiwork! News of a makeup artist’s grimy tools doesn’t travel that fast.

6. Don’t stay up-to-date on new techniques

Career in Makeup Artistry Keep updated

Alright, alright, alright. You’ve heard about a pop-art lip. You’ve been meaning to check it out. Ok, chances are five, maybe ten, people will ask you about it this month. But why not just improvise on something else. It’s not like a client is really going to know the difference!

7. Seek out jobs above your experience level

If you can’t become the lead makeup artist on any upcoming shoot then why bother. And don’t even think about internships. Your last unpaid freelance work at your sister’s wedding will still count as relevant work experience five months from now!

Until then keep on applying to employers that specifically indicate they want professional experience. It’s not like anyone learns anything important about client interaction during their first year on the job!

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