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Ah, airbrushing…the perfect complexion is only seconds away! Airbrush makeup is incredibly cool – it’s fast, convenient, and you can create so many different looks. Once you get the training, you’ll be a pro at applying makeup in under 10 minutes.

Save time and money by learning what your airbrush makeup machine can do!

1. Create cool characters

One of the most exciting things you can do with airbrush makeup is create your own characters! Whether it be fantasy or theatre makeup, you can combine different colors to create your own unique looks.

Creating unique glow in the dark airbrush makeup characters

This skill will set you apart from other makeup artists. Yes, lots of artists know how to use an airbrush machine – but do they have the creative skill and vision to make their own fantasy characters? If you’re looking to work as a makeup artist on TV and film sets, this experience gives you a big competitive edge!

Be sure to practice and photograph your work. Use your most unique and inspiring airbrush characters to include in your makeup portfolio!

2. Stencil

Stenciling can be quite easy, but also requires a lot of planning and color combinations. It’s not entirely like using a letter stencil – you can create gradients of colors and even create fake tattoos! It all depends on the purpose of your makeup looks.

Using stencils with your airbrush machine can help you create those characters, too! It will make it a lot easier to detail specific areas, like creating scales on the skin. Try doing this freehand and you’re in for a long night…

3. Contour & Highlight

Creating contoured makeup look with airbrush machine

You probably already knew this one, but it’s a great use for your airbrush skills nonetheless! Contouring and highlighting can be time consuming (especially if you’re going full Kardashian!). Using your airbrush machine to give your client’s face dimension will be easier and quicker.

You need to practice though – it’s easy to go overboard on contour! Practice layering your contour by using small amounts of product, and going over certain areas if you need to. You can always clean up the edges by doing your highlight afterwards!

4. Apply Blush

Another great tip for making your applications go by quickly!

Just like contouring and highlighting, you can use your airbrush machine to apply a flawless layer of blush. You’ll need to match up the correct blush color with your client’s skin tone, so having a selection is important!

5. Bridal looks

It’s no lie that many brides are attracted to airbrush makeup for their big day. The long-wearing effect, flawless finish, and smudge proof quality of airbrush makeup is a huge perk! Especially during the summer months, every bride wants her makeup to stay on her face.

If you don’t have experience with airbrush but you enjoy working with brides, you should probably get some practice with a machine! Brides want an experienced artist and flawless makeup, and an airbrushed look will make their wedding day a lot less stressful.

You’ll be way more likely to book bridal clients if you can offer all types of makeup services!

Using airbrush machines for flawless bridal makeup looks

6. Body makeup

Body makeup isn’t just for models anymore! With airbrush makeup becoming more accessible and common among makeup artists, people are dying to get this flawless skin effect on more than just the face.

With summer on the way, you can give your clients’ skin a gorgeously tanned glow. If your client has a special event and wants to cover up scars or pigmentation, whip out your airbrush machine! Show them what it can do and just how easy it is to give their skin a smooth, even look.

We could go on and on about how your airbrush skills will help your makeup services grow! There’s so much potential in this clever technique, and airbrushing can save both you and your clients a lot of time during appointments.

Inspired to get some airbrush training? See what you can learn in an airbrush makeup course, and check out the free machine!

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