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Will online makeup classes give you the training and certification you need to become a professional makeup artist?

Find out with these frequently asked questions about QC’s makeup courses. Learn how you’ll acquire the skills you need to launch a successful career in makeup.

Your Makeup Training

Can you learn to be a makeup artist online?

Absolutely! As a student of QC Makeup Academy, you’ll receive all the tools you need to improve your makeup artistry skills and start your makeup career. With hands-on makeup training, you’ll work on assignments where you get to practice your skills in real-life scenarios. Find out how it works!

As a student with QC’s makeup school, you’ll enjoy the flexibility of online makeup classes because they’ll fit your own schedule and lifestyle! Remember—just because you’re learning from home doesn’t mean you’re learning alone! You’ll work with a professional makeup artist who will guide you and review all of your work—so you’ll receive the same feedback as you would in a classroom-based makeup school.

QC’s Student Support Specialists are also available to answer your questions before, during, and after your online makeup course! Contact QC Makeup Academy by phone, email, or Live Chat.

How long will it take to complete my online makeup classes?

With QC’s online makeup courses, you work at your own pace. You decide how much time per week you want to spend developing your skills. With QC’s flexible online makeup training, you have no deadlines for completing your course assignments.

Typically, students who work on their makeup assignments for a short period each week will complete their online makeup course within 3-4 months.

Keep in mind that you have a full 3 years to complete your makeup artistry course, so you can schedule your online makeup learning around your lifestyle!

What if I decide the online makeup course isn’t right for me?

Once you receive your makeup course materials, you have 21 days to decide if you’d like to continue with your online makeup training. If, for any reason, you decide that the course isn’t for you, simply contact QC Makeup Academy for a refund of the fees you have paid.

QC will provide shipping instructions for you to return your unused makeup course materials. Please note that return shipping fees are not covered by the school.

For reasons of hygiene, the professional makeup kits provided in the Special FX Makeup course and the Airbrush Makeup Workshop are non-refundable.

Who are the professional makeup artists who will guide you through your course?

QC Makeup Academy has carefully chosen expert makeup artists to work with students. You’ll be paired with an industry professional who will help you become a makeup artist. Your tutor will give you personalized audio feedback on all of your assignments, helping you improve your makeup artistry skills.

Find out about each of QC’s professional makeup artists on the tutor page!

Do I need anything else to complete my online makeup artistry assignments?

Depending on the course you take and the unit you’re completing, you might need some extra makeup essentials that aren’t provided with your course (such as foundation or mascara, for example). In every course, you’ll also need a camera to take pictures of your work. QC recommends using a good quality digital camera, however a cell phone camera can be sufficient as long as the photo is taken clearly and follows the guidelines provided in your makeup course guide.

What level of makeup artistry do I need to enroll? Do I need to have experience?

You don’t need any previous experience in makeup to enroll in the Makeup Artistry, Master Makeup Artistry, and Special FX Makeup courses. These classes start from the ground up, teaching you fundamental techniques and knowledge you need to move onto more advanced skills.

In order to enroll in the Pro Makeup Workshop and Airbrush Makeup Workshop, you’ll need to prove you have previous makeup artistry training.

QC recommends taking one of the fundamental makeup artistry courses offered before attempting to enroll in any advanced makeup class.

How old do I have to be to enroll in QC Makeup Academy?

Students must be at least 18 years old to enroll in one of QC’s online makeup courses. However, QC does accept students who are 16-17 years old with parental consent. You can download the PARENTAL CONSENT FORM.

If you are the parent of a student younger than 16 years old and would like to discuss enrolling your child in QC’s online makeup school, please contact us.

I’m not interested in starting my own makeup business. Do I have to complete the online business training?

No—the makeup business assignments are optional for QC Makeup Academy’s students. You decide if you want to do them based on your personal and professional goals as a makeup artist.

five stars
Hello from Australia!
Love, love, love the master makeup course! Planning to enrol in hair styling and pro course next! Flexible study, lovely colorful booklets, great communication, easy to use student page. Nathan is just the bomb, I love watching his videos, he just sparkles!

Emma Peace
QC Makeup Academy Graduate

Tuition & Makeup Discounts

Does the tuition cover all costs of QC’s online makeup courses?

Whichever program you choose, your online makeup course tuition fee covers the cost of your text books, instructional videos, study guides, multimedia software, and access to the Online Student Center. As part of your online makeup course fees, you’ll also receive personal advice from your tutor—a professional makeup artist.

Our goal is to set you up with most of the professional makeup and tools you’ll need to complete your makeup classes.

With the Makeup Artistry course and Master Makeup Artistry course, you’ll receive a FREE professional makeup starter kit including most of the makeup you’ll need for your course, and a top-of-the-line set of makeup brushes! If you decide to take the Airbrush Makeup workshop you’ll receive a QC Makeup Academy airbrush machine PLUS Dinair airbrush makeup including foundation and several colors you can mix to create special FX looks.

You’ll also receive a course-specific kit when you enroll in the Hair Styling Essentials course or the Special FX Makeup course. You’ll need to buy a few products locally for the Special Effects course that cannot be easily shipped because they contain solvents. Frends Beauty offers a special effects makeup kit for QC students who need to purchase these products.

Are there any discounts available for students and graduates?

Yes! QC’s students and graduates are eligible for 50% off any additional courses of equal or lesser value. If you enroll in multiple makeup courses at one time, the discount will be applied automatically if no other promotions are chosen. If you enroll in more courses in the future, simply call QC to receive your discount!

Are flexible payment plans available for each online makeup course?

Yes! QC Makeup Academy offers the most flexible payment options available at an online makeup school. You can choose from the following payment plans for your makeup training:

  • Full payment up front—get a discount!
  • Accelerated payments—discount on most courses!
  • Monthly installment payments

If you choose to pay your tuition on an installment plan you have the option to choose the date your payments start, adding a level of convenience unique to QC! Visit the Online Makeup Course tuition page for more information, or contact us to speak with a specialist. QC Makeup Academy’s support team will help you find a payment plan that’s right for you!

Are there scholarships or grants available to students?

Since QC is an international online makeup academy, it is not eligible for region-specific funding like financial aid. However, QC offers a variety of payment plans for each course. This makes QC’s makeup classes more affordable and customizable for each student.

Will I receive makeup discounts on products as a student or graduate?

Yes! All of QC’s students AND graduates are eligible for makeup discounts from a variety of cosmetics brands. All you need is proof of enrollment in your online makeup course at QC to receive your makeup discounts!

Visit the Makeup Discounts page for more information.

five stars
Amazing staff, alumni, supportive resources, and they have your back from day one! Highly recommend!

Davia Gorman
QC Makeup Academy Student

Your Makeup Career

How much can you earn as a professional makeup artist?

A professional makeup artist’s salary varies depending on level of experience, skill, and location. A makeup artist can expect to earn between $30,000 and $75,000 per year or £20,000 to £35,000 in the UK.

If you decide to work for a salon you’ll have a regular salary. If you choose a freelance makeup career, your salary will be less steady but you’ll have a lot more flexibility in the way you want to work.

A professional makeup artist working at a beauty counter or for a cosmetics company will typically make a steady hourly wage, with the potential for commission depending on the company.

Find out more about becoming a makeup artist here. Learn about a makeup artist’s salary and job opportunities in the makeup industry.

If I take a QC makeup course will I be able to start my own business?

Yes—QC’s online makeup courses come with complete business training. You’ll learn how to set up and promote your makeup services. You’ll also receive business advice during your course and after you graduate. No other online makeup school offers this!

Do I need a license to become a makeup artist?

Many jurisdictions do not require a working professional makeup artist to be licensed. However, some regions and locations do require that you obtain a makeup artist license or cosmetology license to practice makeup artistry. Before you start work as a makeup artist you should check to see if the profession is regulated in your area.

If your jurisdiction has no licensing requirements, the certificate you’ll receive from QC Makeup Academy is sufficient proof of professional makeup training. QC’s courses are well known internationally and have helped countless graduates secure careers in the makeup industry.

Will I be able to work for makeup brands, like MAC Cosmetics and Sephora?

With your professional makeup certification, you can show potential employers that you successfully completed QC’s makeup artistry courses. Your certification demonstrates that you acquired comprehensive training to be able to work as a makeup artist.

When it comes to applying for makeup jobs, you’ll need to develop your portfolio to show employers your skills. Find out what you’ll learn in QC’s Portfolio Development course that can help you land makeup artist jobs!

five stars

I was in love with my two courses here at QC. I took the master course and the pro workshop with Nathan Johnson who was the best of the teachers…I just recommend you this academy.

Lucia Roccia

About QC Makeup Academy

Is QC Makeup Academy an accredited online makeup school?

Yes—QC Makeup Academy is accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB), holding the highest possible consumer rating (A+) and a positive 100% consumer ranking. The BBB fosters honest and trustworthy relationships between businesses and consumers

As a BBB accredited online makeup school, QC provides the highest quality online makeup classes to help its students become successful makeup artists.

View QC’s Better Business Bureau Profile

Where can I view work from QC Makeup Academy’s current or past students?

You can view the makeup artistry work of QC’s students and graduates at the Student Showcase, and on QC’s Beauty Buzz Blog! The Student Showcase, will give you an idea of the looks you’ll learn and the skills you’ll master in your online makeup classes.

Plus—QC’s graduate features show you the different career paths you can take as a professional makeup artist!

Do I have to pay an annual fee to QC to keep my certification as a makeup artist?

No. Unlike some other online makeup artist programs, QC recognizes your right to use your professional makeup artist’s certificate and designation free of charge, for life.

When you become a makeup artist, your makeup certification demonstrates that you successfully completed QC’s online makeup training.

Is QC Makeup Academy affiliated with any makeup associations?

Yes, QC is affiliated with the Professional Beauty Association (PBA). To learn more about the PBA, visit the Student Resources Page.

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five stars
I am so glad to have found QC Makeup Academy, I love the books, love the palettes, brushes The package comes fairly quickly. I did Master Makeup Artistry and I am enjoying learning about the whole course, I am almost done this course and I am honestly sad to be almost done, I have been enjoying every minute of it. The people I have talked to on Live Chat are very friendly and responds fairly quickly. If anyone is looking to start their training, you have come to the right place!

– Suzanne ER, QC Makeup Academy Student

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