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Special effects makeup products and tools can be some of the trickiest products to use if you are unfamiliar with them—trust me, I speak from experience! I’ve tried my fair share of special FX makeup products that suck before finally finding the products I’m proud to have in my professional makeup kit.

Below, I’ll share my 4 Holy Grail products for my special effects makeup kit!

special effects makeup skin burns

What’s in my Special Effects Makeup Kit?

As a makeup artist, it’s vital to have a little bit of everything in your kit—you never know what you’ll need! The following are my special effects makeup kit essentials:

  1. Liquid latex
  2. Spirit gum and removers
  3. A variety of paints: water-based, alcohol-activated, and cream
  4. Blood, blood, blood (scab blood, spray, blood gels, blood paste, and stage blood to name a few)!
  5. FX transfers and prosthetics
  6. Sponges: latex, stippling, and foam
  7. Modeling compounds: Scar Wax, 3rd Degree, Modeling Wax, Simulated bone wax, and 3-D gels
  8. Setting powders and setting sprays
  9. Miscellaneous items: Glitter (fine to chunky), crepe hair, bald caps, rhinestones, fishnets, washable glue sticks, popsicle sticks, cotton balls, cotton swabs, and tissue paper

The Best Special FX Makeup Kit Products

Although you may feel you need to spend money and invest in high-end products you can often find amazing drugstore makeup dupes to save yourself some cash!

special fx skull face paint

Face and Body Paints

Some of my favorite face and body paints to use have always been mehron Paradise Paints. These paints are water-activated, long-lasting, highly pigmented, and have a wide range of colors. These paints can be sold individually or as palettes. Individual paints range from $13-$16 USD each and the palettes range from $24-$138 USD.

mehron is a respected and high-quality brand. But if their products are a bit outside your price range, don’t worry! There are two great budget dupes for your special effects makeup kit that won’t break the bank!

  1. Snazaroo paints: individual paints start at $7.99 USD and face painting kits start at $17.99 USD
  2. TAG Body Art: individuals starting at $9.50 USD

FX Prosthetics and Transfers

To save time on production sets, premade prosthetics and FX transfers are essential for your professional makeup kit.

My favorite prosthetics and FX transfers are by Tinsley Transfers. This brand provides a large variety of products, from simple scars to large face and body pieces. Not only can the prosthetics look highly realistic, but they are simple to apply and long-lasting!

Ben Nye Final Seal

My go-to, absolutely necessary, Holy Grail product for completing special effects looks is the Ben Nye Final Seal setting spray. Whether you’ve completed a body paint or a gruesome look, this setting spray will lock your makeup in place against sweat, rain, or humidity!

fake wound prosthetic special effects makeup kit

Liquid Latex

Every special effects makeup artist or enthusiast needs this in their kit. The possibilities of what you can create with liquid latex are endless. Liquid latex is fairly easy to work with and acts as an adhesive and molding compound. This product is inexpensive and found at most Halloween supply stores!

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What Special Effects Makeup Products Should I Use?

Before purchasing additional items for a specific makeup job, you need to narrow down the best products to use. Consider these two factors to help you get the best bang for your buck.

Factor #1: The longevity of the desired look

Think about how long you wish your desired look to stay on.

Take the example of Halloween night. Are you creating a simple character for trick-or-treating? Then you may want makeup that can be easily removed, and the quality isn’t of the utmost importance.

What if are you planning to spend the night out, drinking and eating? Then you probably want something long-lasting. If you want to create a look that will last throughout the night, I recommend using water-activated paints as they hold longer. Cream paints can smudge easily, especially when eating or drinking. Don’t forget to set your water-activated paints with a translucent powder to further sustain the look!

cream face paint for children

Factor #2: Time constraints and comfortableness with applying makeup

If you consider yourself a makeup amateur or beginner, you may wish to work with cream paints. They are easier to blend and apply than water-activated paints, which can be time-consuming to properly apply and blend.

I also recommend using premade prosthetics or FX transfers to help achieve your desired look when time or skill is of the essence.

Tell us your favorite product in your special effects makeup kit!

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