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Knowledge is power—and in the case of the QC Makeup Academy’s Skincare Course, those words are especially true. A strong understanding of skin— how it functions, skincare and makeup product ingredients, and how they affect skin – will not only make you a better artist and skin expert. Your knowledge will also open up a whole host of new career opportunities to you.

Here are eight of the many career opportunities that will be available to you with this specialization.

Master Makeup Artist

A great makeup artist should be able to easily identify a client’s skin type and understand exactly what ingredients and formulations will be most effective for them, and why. This knowledge will allow you to control the final finish of your clients’ look and extend the longevity of the application. Without this knowledge, you’ll be dependent on trusting a manufacturer’s promises about their products. Instead, you will know exactly what you can expect by reading the label. This is one of the key elements that separates the professionals from the hobbyists.

Research and Development

If you want to work behind-the-scenes at a makeup or skincare company, you’ll need to be a skin and ingredient master. Your job may include working side-by-side with a chemist, offering your professional input on the formulations, testing the products, and offering feedback. If you don’t know how ingredients affect the skin, you won’t be able to offer much value to the chemists behind the brand.

skincare career working with chemist to design skincare products

Brand Representatives

All skincare and makeup companies have paid representatives. They present their brands at retail locations, on television, and at high-end events. Skin knowledge is essential in these positions as you will encounter every skin type, concern, and condition imaginable. When your knowledge of the brand and its ingredients match your in-depth skin knowledge, you’ll be someone the brand can really count on to provide solid factual information. And you’ll be someone your clients can count on for recommendations for the skincare products that really meet their needs.

Direct-to-Client Sales

If you want to make achieve great sales targets and build a dedicated base of clients, your knowledge of skin will be vital. When you can recognize a client’s skin type, and understand its conditions, and the client’s concerns, you’ll be able to build a routine for them that will really work. And you’ll be able to tell them exactly why everything does what it does. This level of expertise will build a loyal client base who will buy for years to come.

Blogger—Social Media Expert—Reviewer

Too many people set themselves up as social media experts when they have no real level of expertise. A strong training that gives you a solid knowledge of skin, combined with your experience, will set you up to be an educated and informed expert equipped to review products, share trends, and educate others. If you want to be a trusted resource, you must be a real expert in the information you are sharing.

DIY skincare ingredients for your own indie skincare product brand

Develop Your Own Skincare or Makeup Brand

If you aspire to develop your own products, a comprehensive knowledge of skin, and understanding of the ingredients in the products and how they affect your clients’ bodies, is essential. You can private label and sell the same old impotent products that bring little benefit to the skin or you can innovate and create novel products that will improve your clients’ skin and impact the industry.

Personal Skincare Master

We get just one skin in life so we should make the most of it. The skincare course will help you to fully understand the ingredients in the products you use and how they may be helping or hurting you (and your clients).

Preparation and Deeper Study for Estheticians

Esthetician training will cover skin types, skin concerns, skin conditions, and educate on facials and the techniques necessary to pass state exams. But not all esthetic courses truly cover skincare ingredients and how they directly impact the skin. This course will prepare you to be a few steps ahead if you’re planning to be an esthetician or beauty therapist. It will give you the information you might not receive in that training.

esthetician practice giving facial to client

These are just a few of the opportunities available to you with the skincare course. Whether you aspire to create a brand, sell someone else’s brand, be a true master makeup artist, or simply want to make the most of your (and your clients’) skin, this course will be invaluable to you.

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