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Jumping into makeup classes online can seem intimidating. Though you’re pursuing your passion for makeup, it can be scary to figure out how to balance online classes with, well… life. Whether it’s a full-time job, school, or any other number of priorities, you’ll need to find a balance!

Keep reading as we jump into some time management skills that you should master to keep your life in line!

 1. Set your priorities

This one should just be the first step you take. Whether you’re already enrolled in makeup classes online or you’re just considering it, make sure you know where your priorities lie. Decide what is most important to you, and how much time you can spend on different tasks.

If you’re managing a full-time job, it will likely take higher priority than your online makeup class. And that’s totally okay! The great thing about QC Makeup Academy’s courses is that you don’t have any strict deadlines! You can go at your own pace, and fit your studies into your daily life wherever there’s space.

Don’t let your other commitments get in the way of pursuing your passion!

set deadlines

2. Set deadlines

Like I mentioned, QC’s courses don’t have strict deadlines. They’re self-paced. However, setting your own deadlines is the best way to ensure you’re making progress with your online classes.

Decide when you want to graduate from your online makeup class. Then figure out when you need to be done each unit to do so! Have a look at what’s coming up on your calendar. Whether it is work events or family parties, make sure you set deadlines that fit with your life.

3. Focus on one task at a time

This is a critical time management skill! Don’t believe the myth that multitasking is going to help you get more done. That’s totally not true! From now on, focus on one task at a time. Don’t try to do your makeup assignment on your friend while also trying to study for your math test. It’s not going to work!

Setting deadlines will help with this, too. Once you know what needs to get done, you can plan ahead to make time to finish the (one) task at hand.

4. Make habits

If you start doing the above tips (and the next ones), you’re going to start creating habits. It’s said that habits are formed after three weeks of consistency. So, keep it up for three weeks! Then, it will become second nature to manage your time effectively.

getting an early start

5. Get an early start

We all need our beauty sleep. Getting up a little early doesn’t mean you won’t get yours! Try to head to bed at a reasonable time, and wake up early. You should be aiming for 7 to 9 hours of rest.

By waking up a bit earlier, you’ll be making more time in your day to complete tasks. If you don’t have work until noon, don’t sleep until 11:30AM! Wake up at a good time (that works for you), and fit in some course material from your online makeup class.

6. Eliminate distractions

Getting rid of distractions equals more productive work time. Figure out what distracts you, whether it’s Netflix, books, your kids… et cetera. Find time to walk away from distractions during the time you’ve scheduled for your studies. You’ll find that you’re much more productive and will get more done in a shorter amount of time.

The best way to have distraction-free time is to find a designated workspace. It can be anywhere from a desk in your living room to a bench at your local park! But make it only about productivity. That means it should be clutter free and away from electronics. If you find silent spaces unnerving, take your course work to a buzzing café! Otherwise, the library is a reliable space.

7. Take time to breathe

You may be busy, but you’re entire life doesn’t have to be “go, go, go!” Make sure you take some time to manage your stress and breathe. Find some relaxing activities that will fit into your schedule; like yoga or jogging! This way, you aren’t constantly on the go with balancing life and your online makeup class.

If organized activities aren’t really your thing, that’s okay! Still take time to breathe and step back from all your work from time to time. You could take a bath, go on a walk, or read a book – anything really! This could be a great time to reflect on your progress, too.

review your week

8. Review your week

It’s important to review each week – no matter how busy. This means you should take time to look back on your week. Figure out when the most stressful moments were and why. Sorting this out will prepare you for the weeks to come. You should also spend some time reviewing what you’ve learned. The best way ensure you’ve actually absorbed it is to go over it again.

After reviewing your study habits, stick to the things that worked in the past, and get rid of what didn’t. You’ll become much more efficient at getting things done by really focusing on what works!

9. Commit to your plan

Once you’ve mastered all these hacks… stick to them! Commit to the plans you made and deadlines you set. Keep your routines going! You have to commit to succeed. If you use these tips for balancing all aspects of your schedule, you’ll reach your goals in no time!

Whether you want to become a certified MUA to work professionally or you’re just learning some new skills, learning to balance your commitments is a great skill to master. In fact, if you plan on pursuing makeup artistry as a full-time job, it’s critical to know how to manage your time. Running your own makeup business will be busy. So get started on your MUA journey the right way: by mastering these time management hacks!

What helps you manage your stress during a hectic time? Leave a comment!

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