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Today I’m here to talk you about overcoming my initial fears about pursuing a career in makeup artistry. I touched on this slightly in my last post, but I wanted to speak about it more as I think it’s important and it’s probably something a lot of us went through. For many of us, the only thing stopping us from doing what we love is confidence, so let’s push through it together!

Building confidence is the first step to a career as a makeup artist!

Challenge: Choosing the Right Path

One of the biggest struggles for me personally was admitting that university wasn’t the right path for me and then having the courage to take my life in a completely different direction. Whether it’s changing your career or your education plans, the most important thing to remember is that it’s never too late to make that change! I was worried that I was wasting my time, but in hindsight I realize that it’s okay and that you learn from every experience.

Finding the right path takes timeโ€”be patient!

Even though deep down I knew I wanted to study makeup artistry, I still had initial fears that maybe I was making the wrong decision. My advice for this is to research, research and research some more! A lot of the worries I was feeling were simply because I didn’t actually know much about studying makeup artistry and when I looked into the different types of courses available I instantly felt a lot more confident in my decision. Look at your different options and see what fits you best. What suits someone else may not suit you, so don’t make any rushed decisions.

Challenge: Doubting My Abilities

Another struggle I faced is one I think a lot of you will relate to and that was doubting myself and my ability to make a career in makeup artistry. For a while it was something that I really wanted to do, however I didn’t believe I was good enough to actually do it. Remember that you do not need to know everything about makeup to do a makeup course, or else there would be no point in you doing the course in the first place! As long as you have the passion and are eager to learn you will succeed! Surrounding myself with people who encouraged and supported me really helped me gain the confidence I was lacking to finally enroll into QC Makeup Academy!

Gaining confidence in your abilities as a makeup artist takes time, but it will come!

I found that doing makeup as much as I could on myself and on my friends (anyone willing, really!) helped me find my find my feet and made me realize that this is what I love to do and that I want it to be my career. Having fun and experimenting helped me feel more comfortable with doing other people’s makeup, which in turn gave me the final push to start my makeup course. I recently did my first ever prom makeup on a client and despite my nerves it went really well! Sometimes it’s better to just get out there and the confidence will follow!

Amber xo

Did you face struggles on the path to your makeup artistry career? Share your stories in the comments!

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  • Megan says:

    I found this to be EXTREMELY helpful! The only experience I have had has been doing Makeup on Friends, for special events a lot of the time and like
    many others in or getting into this industry I have been blessed with a Natural Artisitic ability in all areas of art. However, never having had any ‘official’ Training yet, my self doubt always crept back in, even with Colleges constantly telling me I need to do something with my talent, So I have finally taken the plunge with QC and feel great about my decision…Watch this space!:}:}:} Exciting!!!

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