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One of the amazing perks of taking a makeup artistry class online is getting to study from the comfort of your own home! No more rolling out of bed early in the morning to commute to a campus. Say goodbye to broken chairs, chipped desks, and no back support! Just being at home makes studying infinitely more comfortable. But, what if I told you that you could upgrade that comfort?

Keep reading to find out how to maximize your comfort and productivity while taking a makeup course from home!

Your Desk

One of the most common places for online students to study at is a desk. It can give you great back support. You’re upright so you won’t fall asleep and you can remain focused. And if you’re tackling some readings, watching a video, or completing an assignment you have lots of space for your laptop, books, makeup and more! But your desk might not be adjusted for you! There are desk calculators that allow you to put in your height and that tell you how high your desk, chair, and monitor should be.

So give it a try! Trust the ergonomics. Your eyes, neck, and back will thank you. And if you hate the adjustments you can always go back to how your old set up was. You don’t need to spend a fortune to make these changes either! Instead of buying a taller desk, add some books under your desk legs and monitor. You can also sit on a pillow to gain a couple of inches in your chair. And if your desk is too tall, you can always add a stool or a box under your feet. This is a basic change but the results can be astonishing!

home study makeup courses

Your Bed

Not everyone wants to sit at a desk to study. You might be saying, “I’m taking an online course specifically so I can avoid rigid desk set-ups.” Well, we have some comfort strategies for you too! There are two great inventions that can add to your bed studying. Get both and you’ll have an extremely comfortable and functional space!

The first is a lap pillow. These aren’t new and I’m sure you’ve come across them before but boy are they a game changer! Resting your laptop or books on your legs all day is not comfortable. It’s almost as bad as holding your books in the air or having them off to the side. With a lap pillow, you get a mini desk right in your bed. Your legs won’t get hot, you have a hard flat work surface, and you don’t have to move out of the warmth of your bed for any of it. If you’re a student that wants to get to things immediately in the morning or in the middle of the night, the lap pillow can be a lifesaver!

The second handy bed invention is a reading pillow. They were invented for people reading in bed (the name gave that one away), but they’re perfect for online schooling as well! These add back support, armrests, and (depending on which one you buy) cup holders! It’s like adding all the benefits of a lounge chair right in your bed.

home study makeup courses

Your Lighting

Backs, arms, and legs are all important things to keep comfortable but there is so much more than that! Don’t neglect your eyes when you’re studying. Without good lighting, your productivity can come to a screeching halt. You can get a headache, have trouble seeing, become tired, and more. Pay attention to your lighting and to how your eyes are adjusting. There is nothing wrong with comfy study time in your bed but you need to make sure that you buy lighting that will support your activities!

So next time you think about popping Advil, check out your surroundings first. Are you in a dimly lit room? Have you been looking at a bright screen in the dark for an hour? Figure out what you need to do to give your eyes a rest from extreme lighting conditions.

home study makeup courses

Your Climate

Nothing is more distracting than being too cold or too hot when you’re studying online… especially when it comes to makeup! Not only will your products be melting or freezing, but you might seriously limit your dexterity.

Take steps to make sure you’re a comfortable temperature before you dive into studying. Grab a sweater, wrap or blanket, and a hot beverage if you’re a little chilly. If you’re too hot, opt for ice water and a quiet desk fan. You’ll be able to focus your attention more easily and work through your course more efficiently!

Your Self-Indulgence

All our above must-haves are really practical and helpful for your home study comfort. But there is so much more you can do at home that you could never do in a brick and mortar school! Here is just one: Getting yourself a personal back massager! Imagine watching your instructor taking you through a look while you’re getting a massage. I mean, does it get any better than that? Combine your passion for makeup with your passion for comfort and be a little extravagant. With all the tuition money that you saved by choosing an online school, you can splurge a tiny bit!

home study makeup courses

Word to the Wise

Make sure you’re comfortable but don’t get too comfortable! It’s important to take your online classes seriously so that you can graduate and turn that knowledge into a career. If you’re falling asleep in bed or working in a messy space, you might need to re-evaluate your self-discipline. A clean environment will focus your mind by removing distractions and help you remain productive.  You should study like you plan to work, so be professional and organized even if no one is around to check on you! After all, if you’re your own boss after you graduate then you won’t have anyone checking on you. The old sports saying applies here: practice like you play.

Did we miss any must-have at home study items? Let us know what you use to stay supremely comfortable while you study at home in a comment below!

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