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Short answer: yes! Having an online portfolio will certainly help you find makeup artist jobs. But I’m sure you came here for more than just a yes or no.

Keep reading as we dive into why portfolios will help you get hired and what should be in it!

Why Will it Help?

There are a number of ways having an online portfolio will help you find makeup artist jobs! Let’s break them down, shall we?


Branding yourself as an MUA seems like a daunting task, but it’s so important for the growth of your career! You want an image that is easily identifiable and draws people in! Having an online portfolio is a great place to brand yourself.

With the help of website-building services like WordPressWix, or Squarespace, building an online portfolio is quick and easy. As you’re building off templates with these sites, it’s super important that you make your website stand out! Consider colors, fonts, and even a logo! Just think about what represents you and what you can offer clients.

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The goal of branding is to create a unified image. That means using the same color scheme, logo, and even font (where applicable) on all your business cards, social media accounts, and other marketing materials!

accessible online makeup portfolio


Looking for makeup artist jobs? Get yourself out there!

Having an online portfolio will help you do that. By having your own website or carefully curated Instagram page, you can share your work on multiple platforms. You may even consider paying for advertising or reaching out to companies for sponsorships.

Having your portfolio online rather than in print form (the old-fashioned way) will allow you to be visible to potential employers and potential clients. Whether you’re looking to be a self-employed freelancer or a professional MUA with a bigger corporation, having an online portfolio is going to take you far!


Take a second to think about what having a print-form portfolio would be like. You’d be dragging it to networking events and job interviews. Not ideal, right? Especially if you have years of experience and dozens of looks to feature.

Having an online portfolio is accessible. This means, it can be accessed from anywhere with an Internet connection and on almost any device. Imagine showing up to a job interview with a tablet and pulling up your portfolio website to show off – sounds pretty classy and professional, doesn’t it?

You can also include a link to your website (or even Instagram account) on your business cards, other social media platforms, and even on your resume. An employer or client will receive your resume and instantly pull up your website or portfolio on their phone or computer. This leads us to…

First Impressions

Yup, classic first impressions. In our digital age, it’s likely a client or employer will come across your work on the Internet before actually meeting you in person. Employers might actually look you up after receiving your resume. And clients may stumble upon your website while searching for an MUA. So your online portfolio is likely going to be your first impression!

Keep this in mind when building your website or social media accounts. Remember to keep it professional and give a good, honest representation of who you are!

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What Should Be in it?

Now that you know how an online portfolio will help you find makeup artist jobs, you might be wondering what exactly should go in it! Here’s a list of some of the looks you should include in your portfolio:

  • Natural daytime look
  • Night-out look
  • Smoky eye
  • Bridal look
  • Trendy look (what’s currently trending?)
  • Bold or unique look (think runway makeup!)
  • Progress shots (think “before and after”!)
  • Focused applications (instead of having full-face looks all the time, consider focusing on just lip, eye, or face makeup application!)

An online portfolio is a great way to find clients and permanent employment. With all the tools available to us now, building your own website is simple! Even having a professional Instagram account is worth it. Just make sure you have both an Instagram page and an actual portfolio. Many budding artists make the mistake of only having an Instagram. While it may work to secure jobs for some artists, it doesn’t ooze professionalism. Especially if a company asks you to go do an interview, you can’t just pull up your Instagram page on your tiny iPhone and expect a job!

Any other tips we missed? Leave us a comment and let us know!

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