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Do These 5 Viral TikTok Makeup Hacks ACTUALLY Work?

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There are countless trending TikTok makeup hacks floating around out there… but do they actually work? QC Makeup Academy’s Student Ambassador, Amanda Ramey, is on the case and aims to find out once and for all!

Testing 5 Viral TikTok Makeup Hacks

Amanda Ramey is a professional makeup artist and a graduate of the following QC Makeup Academy certification programs:

  • Master Makeup Artistry
  • Pro Makeup Workshop
  • Airbrush Makeup Workshop
  • Special FX Makeup

In the following video, Amanda uses her professional knowledge and experience to test 5 popular TikTok makeup hacks. Her goal? To see if they achieve what they say they’ll achieve – or if they fail the test!

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To Recap…

Amanda reviewed and tested out the following makeup hacks (as made popular on TikTok):

  • Face Lift Concealer Hack (1:02 – 3:27). After testing out this hack, keeping in mind the professional training under her belt, Amanda gave it a score of 9/10.
  • Fork Contour Hack (3:29 – 5:25). Scoring the lowest of all 5 viral TikTok makeup hacks, this one earned a painful (but warranted) 0/10 rating from Amanda.
  • Blush Hack (5:27 – 7:18). Thanks to this makeup hack’s accurate techniques and correct application, Amanda gave it a solid 10/10!
  • Eyebrow Tweezer Hack (7:20 – 10:04). There is so much wrong with this hack, we don’t even know where to begin. In fact, it got Amanda go shook that she didn’t even remember to rate it… But based on her reaction after trying it out, we think she probably gave it a -5/10.
  • Eyeliner Hack (10:05 – 12:50). While this hack technically works, it’s going to make symmetry and matching the other eye a major challenge. For these reasons, Amanda gave this hack a rating of 6/10.

Why NO TikTok Makeup Hacks Can Beat Professional Training

Makeup hacks are fun to try, – and definitely cool when they work as promised. However, they can never truly replace professional training! Learning makeup through social media will never be the same as learning proper practice from industry-trained experts.

Remember: when you learn makeup from influencers, you are only learning how to copy a style. Style is not the same as technique. Knowing only style will forever limit you to being a trend-follower.

Techniques, on the other hand, are the foundations you need to learn in order to be able to create different makeup styles. Technique will arm you with all the skills needed to be able to transcend, get creative, and become a trend-setter.

You need one in order to be able to master the other – but ALWAYS in this order. As the saying goes, “You have to learn to walk before you can run.”

Become a professionally certified makeup artist in as little as 3-6 months by enrolling with QC Makeup Academy today!

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QC Makeup Academy Ambassador, Amanda Ramey: My Partner Attempts to Do My Makeup for Valentine’s Day! [Video]

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QC Makeup Academy’s very own Student Ambassador, Amanda Ramey, is here today to show the world just how challenging makeup artistry truly is!

Join Amanda as her partner, Adam, attempts to do a Valentine’s Day-inspired makeup look on her. The thing is, Adam has NO prior makeup training! Without a proper understanding of fundamental theories, principles, and techniques, will Adam rise to the challenge… or realize that being a makeup artist is a LOT harder than it looks?

Find out for yourself by watching the video below!

Want to connect with Amanda directly? Join QC Makeup Academy’s Virtual Classroom on Facebook today!

Why YOU Should Enroll with QC Makeup Academy Today

During a global pandemic, is now really the right time to pursue a new career and gain professional makeup training?


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  • Get a full 2 years to complete your QC Makeup Academy course!
  • Get tutored by a real industry expert and receive thorough audio feedback after every unit!
  • Receive awesome course materials to aid in your training – such as a makeup kit, textbooks, and instructional videos – and refer back to them throughout your career!
  • QC Makeup Academy’s competitive payment plans and tuition are affordable for ANY budget! Plus, take advantage of our monthly promotional offers for even more wicked discounts!
  • Practical assignments will provide you with real-world, hands-on experience!
  • And so much more!
makeup artist doing makeup on client

So, what are you waiting for? Start the career you’ve always wanted today!

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5 Hot Makeup Trends Kicking Off 2021!

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Last year was a total game-changer when it came to popular makeup trends. Now, as we settle into 2021, it’s interesting to see these trends continue to dominate the beauty world. Thanks to COVID-19 still hanging around like a bad guest who can’t take a hint, it comes as no surprise that many of the fads kicking off the New Year are ones that first went viral during 2020’s lockdown.

The thing to remember about makeup trends is that they’re ever-changing. Something can be viral one moment and then fade into obscurity the next. Especially when you throw a pandemic into the mix, it goes without saying that trying to predict this year’s upcoming makeup trends is – in some ways – anyone’s guess. It’ll probably depend on whether things go back to the way they were (pre-COVID) and when.

All that to be said, what we can tell you are 5 of the hottest makeup trends that have helmed the game so far this year!

woman wearing face mask and makeup

5 Makeup Trends 2021 is Seeing So Far…

1. Eyes on the Prize

Eye makeup has been a fundamental trend, in one way or another, since makeup was first invented. But since the pandemic began, it quickly made its way to the top of our priority list! After all, we all still need to wear face masks whenever we leave the house. With our eyes being the only real focal point on our face these days, it only makes sense to use this as an opportunity to make a statement.

Whether it’s a mysterious smoky eye, technicolor lids, or an out-of-the-box liner design – making the eyes POP is already continuing to be a major trend in 2021.

2. Lashes for Days

To build on the above, what would eye makeup be without killer lashes to go with it? Two ways that lashes are already proving to be big in 2021 are through sky-high falsies and colorful mascara. Elevate your glam glow, make that smoky eye even sultrier, or funkify your vibe. Play around and make your lashes stand out from the crowd!

natural makeup look

3. Keep it Simple

While plenty of makeup enthusiasts are not letting COVID-19 get in the way of their full-faced looks, just as many people have embraced the ‘less is more’ approach over the past year. Limited contact with the outside world drastically decreased the need to get as dolled up as we did before. Being cooped up indoors all day reiterated the importance of a proper skincare routine.

As a result, a lot of people took pause, stepped back, and learned to embrace their natural beauty. A minimalistic approach to makeup swept the globe – and this trend hasn’t gone anywhere yet! So far in 2021, we’re still seeing less contouring and more ‘skinimalism’ (as cleverly coined by Pinterest).

Personally, we’re in LOVE with this trend and can only hope it’s here to stay!

4. Long Live the Lips

Just because we have to hide our smiles behind face masks doesn’t meant that lip makeup isn’t still a major trend. Zoom calls and live feeds are more relevant than ever, after all! One trend that already looks to be a huge hit in 2021 is lip makeup – particularly, lip stains.

This definitely makes sense. Long-wear lip products that can hold their own under your mask are in high demand, and lip stains are known to achieve this desired result. Just remember that your lips need hydration, too. If your makeup is matte and drying, simply swipe some lip balm on before application.

1980s makeup trends

5. Nostalgia Galore

We’ve seen throwbacks to previous decades for as long as makeup has been around. But for some reason, ever since the pandemic began, nostalgic makeup of days’ past has become a booming trend. Maybe it’s because, with so much time spent indoors and by ourselves, it’s made us long for simpler times.

Or maybe it’s just because all of these nostalgic looks are totally awesome. (Which, let’s admit it, they are.)

Either way, 2021’s makeup scene has been kicking off with odes to the past. Ariana Grande, for example, has played a major role in bringing 1960s fashion and beauty into the modern day through her music video, “Positions”.

There’s also been a particular love these days for all things 80s and 90s. Maybe it’s because Friends finally got booted from Netflix… who knows? But as a 90s baby with a love of 80s glam, I’m definitely not complaining. In terms of throwback fads, I have to say, I admittedly love this one the most.

Can you think of other makeup trends going viral so far in 2021? Drop a comment below and add to our list! 😘

Become a trend setter by getting professionally trained and certified as a makeup artist! Enroll in QC Makeup Academy’s internationally-leading online makeup courses and transform yourself into an industry expert!

5 Makeup Trends That are Here for Spring (and Coming for the Summer)!

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One of the greatest – and most exciting – things about makeup is that it’s constantly evolving. While there will always be certain classics that’ll never go out of style (such as a simple red lip), makeup trends are forever changing. If you know what’s currently popular, and similarly, what’s on the rise, your makeup looks will always stay fresh and fun!

But where do these new trends come from? You’ll often find that most are inspired by the catwalk, following the collections showcased in Fashion Weeks from all around the globe. Here are 5 makeup trends that celebrity makeup artist, Nathan Johnson, believes are here to stay this upcoming spring and summer!

1. Very blended looks

This look is achieved by taking two similar shades (for example: light pink into darker pink, ivory into light pink, taupe into medium brown, etc.) and then transitioning one into the other.

The lighter color should be applied to the lid of the eye, and the darker pigment will be blended out through the outer corner and crease.  The darker shade should also wrap around the outer corner of the eye and turn into a smoked lower lash line.

This style of eye makeup is blended to perfection! It has no hard lines, with the deeper shade smoothly dissipating below the brow. Gorgeous!

2. The use of vivid colors in unusual ways

This trend-setting makeup look gives a nice nod to the retro 1980’s, Nathan says. Arguably one of the best examples that showcases this is Jeremy Scott’s Spring and Summer 2020 show! As each of the models strutted their stuff down the catwalk, audiences everywhere were stunned at the combination of eccentric, geometrically-inspired outfits, tousled neon wigs, and bold eye makeup.

Notice the way that Scott expertly ties the whole look together through the use of makeup. Specifically, through the bright pops of color on the inner corners of his models’ eyes! This is a great demonstration of how every little detail works in unison to create the final, polished product!

Another example that beautifully demonstrates this trend is Jason Wu’s Spring and Summer 2020 collection. Although these looks fall into the watercolor trend, Nathan notes how the bright hues and overall style “really honor the 80s”!

3. Classic Blue is the Pantone Color of 2020

Every December, Pantone uses trend-forecasting research to announce the upcoming Color of the Year. Based on their findings, 2020’s chosen color is Classic Blue. Pantone states that this pigment instills “calm, confidence, and connection”, while also highlighting “our desire for a dependable and stable foundation on which to build, as we cross the threshold into a new era”.

Given everything currently going on in the world, this definitely rings true!

Whether Classic Blue is incorporated in pops of color, blended looks, or shocks of liner, Nathan notes how it undoubtedly adds vibrancy to the eye. Just check out the amazing effect it has on the makeup and clothing worn by this model! This is just one of the reasons why fashion designer, LaQuan Smith, really stood out during Fashion Week this year!

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A post shared by LaQuan Smith- Designer (@laquan_smith) on

4. Color-blocked lids

Color blocking with vibrant, bold hues is a great trend you can incorporate this spring/summer into your makeup, clothing, and so much more! In terms of eye makeup, color blocking is done by choosing one solid eyeshadow shade to apply to your upper lids, followed by a different color to for your lower lids.

There are lots of different ways you can play with this look and get creative! Since spring and summer are typically warmer seasons, you can always pair bright, complementary colors together. Pink and orange are a stunning combo, as is blue with green. You can also use one color, but create a contrast between two very opposite shades.

An incredible example of color-blocked lids that Nathan saw during Fashion Week was from Oscar de la Renta’s Spring and Summer 2020 collection!

5. Soft complexions

As Nathan points out, the interest in “cake face” has seen a tremendous drop through recent years. Instead, people now want their skin to look as real and natural as possible.

For some time, strobing – essentially, extreme highlighting – was a popular trend. When done right, it would give the appearance of shimmery, dewy skin. Unfortunately, a lot of beauty vloggers (many of whom are not professional, certified makeup artists) created a tendency of applying WAY too much. Often, it wouldn’t be done properly. The result gave off a kind of sweaty appearance, rather than the desired, youthful glow.

But Nathan says the strobe is now out! Cosmetic companies have been seeing a major drop in sales for quite some times, signaling the end to that era. Instead, it’s being replaced with softer, more natural-looking glows.

Bonus: Makeup looks Nathan would LOVE to see take off in 2020!

In addition to the above trends, there are a few more makeup looks that Nathan would love to see gain popularity in the upcoming years. Specifically, the following…

1. Dimensional eyeliner

While we’ll always have room in our hearts for the classic cat-eye or winged liner, there’s so much room to explore and get creative! After all, makeup artistry provides you with the freedom to push boundaries. How else do you think new trends are discovered?

Dimensional eyeliner let you think outside the box, through the use of different shapes and patterns. Not only will it definitely make you stand out from the crowd, it’s also a terrific way to express a little extra personality!

Anna Sui expertly illustrated this makeup look into her Spring and Summer 2020 collection. Just look at how playful and pretty the results are!

2. Non-black eyeliners

Speaking of eyeliner, another cool look that Nathan hopes gains even more popularity is unconventionally-colored liner. Given that ‘conventional’ eyeliner is essentially just black (or even brown), this pretty much means ANY color other than this!

Blues, greens, reds, purples, you name it – there’s so much wiggle room this trend can offer! It can amplify eyeshadow, pair with lip color, or even just be worn on its own. One especially gorgeous color we’ve seen is a crisp, white liquid liner along the upper lids. Pamella Roland’s Spring and Summer 2020 Collection showed this off perfectly!

3. DayGlo and fluorescent creases

DayGlo (and other fluorescent colors) are known to dramatically enhance your makeup look! When used on the upper crease of your lids, the attention will naturally draw towards your eyes. Plus, if you’re feeling particularly fierce, the use of bold, funky colors can be incorporated throughout the rest of your look, too.

On the other hand, fluorescent creases can stand entirely on their own and be the star of the show. In fact, by keeping the rest of your makeup look relatively subtle, your DayGlo eyeshadow will naturally pop even more.

Pair it with some thick, luscious falsies and a dark nude lip, like Versace did in her Spring and Summer 2020 Collection! This look is easily one of our favorites.

4. Black red lipstick

If you want your makeup to be daring and make an impression, there’s very little that can compare to a striking, black red lip! If you want a full glam, night makeup look, you can pair it with a smoky eye and dramatic false lashes. However, if you want a more toned-down final result, black red lipstick is also strong enough to be used independently.

Another perk about this trend is that it can work for quite literally anyone. Regardless of your skin tone, eye color, or what-have-you – black red lipstick can turn anyone and everyone into royalty. Don’t believe us? Just take a look at how jaw-dropping it was on this model, as part of Max Mara’s Spring and Summer 2020 Collection!

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@maxmara chic encounters

A post shared by Joan Smalls (@joansmalls) on

5. Lilac drop shadow/lower eyeliner

Commonly referred to as ‘upside-down makeup’, a drop shadow is when you apply a bold color only (or primarily) to your lower lash line. This is an awesome option for those who want to add a bit of pigment to their eye makeup, without committing to the full color across their upper lids.

A drop-shadow can also be accentuated with lower eyeliner. Alternately, lower liner (in the same desired color) can also be worn on its own.

During Fashion Week, Balmain debuted their 2020 Spring and Summer Collection, with models wearing a gorgeous lilac drop shadow and lower eyeliner. As far as colors go, lilac is as effective as it is delicate. Don’t let its soft, gentle tone fool you! When used along the lower lash line, it creates a result a uniquely bold result that can still be worn as an everyday look!

Want to be able to learn how to do all of these trendy looks – and maybe even create one of your own? Get professional makeup artist training and earn your certification from an accredited makeup school! There’s no better time than now to work towards your goals and dreams! Who knows… maybe some day, one of YOUR trends will make it on this list!

Enroll today in the leading online Master Makeup Artistry Course, and earn your professional certification in as little as 3-6 months!

Makeup Looks to avoid on Valentines - Featured

5 Makeup Looks and Hairdos to Avoid on Your Valentine’s Day Date

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Whether you’ve got plans with your boo, you’re enjoying a girls’ night out, or you’re treating yourself to a fancy night of TLC, we want you to look and feel your best on Valentine’s Day. You’re fierce both inside and out – so the last thing we’d want is for a poor makeup choice or an unflattering hair-do to dull your shine!

We’re sure you know what you’re doing… But just in case, we thought we’d throw a few suggestions out there of things to avoid. Better safe than sorry, right?

Keep reading for 5 makeup looks and hair styles not to do on yourself…

1. Foundation that doesn’t match your skin tone

We’re all guilty of doing this at least once. Unfortunately, some of us are guilty of doing it still. Firstly, when it comes to foundation, you want to make sure that the product you’re using is good for your skin type. For example, if you have oily skin, you don’t want your foundation to clog your pores and make you break out even more.

But the other most important thing about your foundation is that it should match your natural skin color. Otherwise, your whole face is one shade, and then suddenly a different one from the neck down. The result is both comical and unnatural. It’s also 100% obvious when someone looks at you. We know these aren’t the impressions you’re trying to make with your makeup.

A lot of people mistakenly think you should use your inner wrist when trying to color match a foundation for your skin. This is incorrect. To best find your foundation color, test on both your neck and your jawline. When you find a shade that best matches both areas, you’ve found your perfect foundation!

Makeup Looks to avoid on Valentines - Lipstick on Table

2. Too much hairspray and too many bobby pins

Before I chopped off my hair into a pixie cut, I was the total worst when it came to this. I was awful at up-dos, and could only achieve the intended result with about 700 bobby pins and half a can of hairspray to hold everything in place. Even on the off chance that it looked decent enough, it felt disgusting.

Anyone with a sensitive scalp can tell you how bad of a headache bobby pins will give you after a while – especially if you have dozens of them trying to poke you in the brain. Not to mention the fact that your hair will also be as solid as a rock from all that hairspray! Good luck having anyone romantically run their fingers through your locks… They may just break right off in their hand.

Makeup Looks to avoid on Valentines - Woman Fixing Hair

Oh, and remember when I said that at least it might look decent enough? Yeah, that’s only ever from the very front. Eventually, when you use too many bobby pins, they have nowhere to hide. Your up-do turns into something that’s 50% hair and 50% pins. Messy, overcrowded pins. It’s not a good look.

Some people are born with a natural talent to style hair. Others (like myself) are not, and would require a hair styling class in order to properly learn. Once you do learn, however, you gain the ability to learn how to best manipulate hair with hair products, styling tools, and heating tools. What you once had to do with 700 bobby pins, you’d learn to do in 7 – and with only a few spritzes of hairspray!

3. Lashes for days, in all the wrong ways

When properly applied, fake lashes are absolutely gorgeous! They can accentuate the beauty already there, frame the eyes, and draw attention to them. With so many styles, falsies can be as subtle or as bold as you want. But it definitely takes practice to become a fake lash pro!

Until you’ve gained some experience, fake eyelashes can straight up suck. Ever got eyelash glue in your eye? Not fun! It’s messy, it’s uncomfortable, and it can very easily ruin that amazing eye makeup you just spent all that time putting on. Not to mention, if you don’t take the time to properly size and trim the falsies (if need be), they will NOT fit you properly, and it WILL be noticeable.

One other quick thing: when you do manage to apply them, take a moment to go over your upper lash line with some liquid eyeliner. It doesn’t need to be thick my any means; it just needs to be enough to cover up any glue peeking out from beneath the lashes. Again, we’re willing to be that you’re trying to create the appearance of the lashes being as organic as possible.

Otherwise, while you’re having dinner with Prince Charming and think to yourself, Oh my god, he can’t stop staring into my eyes… He must really like me! There’s a chance he may really just be confused by the random goopy stuff on your eyelids.

Makeup Looks to avoid on Valentines - Woman Applying False Lashes

4. Burnt hair everywhere

Another wonderful benefit to hair styling class is that you learn how to properly handle heating tools, such as a straightener and curling iron. There’s a whole section of YouTube full of people who probably would have benefited from such lessons. That’s right! I’m referring to those who have quite literally burnt their actual hair off when trying to style it with a heating tool.

Wrap it around a white hot curling iron too tightly and/or keep it there too long? You may very well lose that chunk right then and there. That’s just one example… Seriously, heating tools are not to be taken lightly. They can really mess up your hair, if not used properly! Sure, hair grows back, but in the meantime, you’re stuck with the damage that’s been done. Some incidents are so bad that a haircut by a trained hair dresser may be the only thing capable of salvaging it!

Not to mention, it really hurts when you accidentally burn yourself! Try having to explain on your Valentine’s Day date that no, that huge red mark is not a hickey – your straightener slipped, and yeah, it still hurts, and yes, you may need to take this date to the hospital. At least that would make for a pretty memorable meet-cute!

5. Raccoon Eyes

Who doesn’t love a good smoky eye! Well, I guess that depends on one question: has it been blended properly If yes, perfect! You’re on fire!

But if not, there’s a chance you may look like a sad raccoon. Let me explain: if the eyeshadow above the eye is not blended, it often times is too dark, too harsh, and too clunky. It definitely isn’t going to look natural, that’s for sure. (If that’s your thing though, then by all means, do you!) Below the eyes, applying too much product and/or not blending it properly can create the illusion that you’ve been crying, and that your makeup has now started to smudge down your face.

Hence, a sad raccoon.

Don’t get me wrong, I personally think raccoons are adorable! I just doubt that’s how you want to feel at a nice, fancy restaurant on Valentine’s Day.

Makeup Looks to avoid on Valentines - Woman Applying Eye Makeup

Of course, the best way to learn how to do your hair and makeup, so that it ALWAYS looks its best, is to study it from real-life experts! Whether you have a Valentine’s Day date this year or not, who cares? You can still treat yourself, and what better way to do that than by turning your passion into a lifelong career?

Use Valentine’s Day this year to love yourself. Enroll in hair styling class and makeup courses, and become the very best at what you do!

Thinking about adding hair styling services to your makeup business? Here are 4 of the top reasons why you should!

Re-Purposing Your Makeup with These 5 Easy DIY Hacks

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As a certified makeup artist, if anyone’s going to be constantly branching out and trying new products on the regular, it’s going to be you. Sometimes, you’ll find brands and products you love, and use them up in the blink of an eye. Other times, you’ll try out things that won’t necessarily be your cup of tea.

Either way, it can result in a lot of leftover and/or unused product that winds up going to waste. We live in an age where reducing our waste and thinking green is crucial. So if provided with options to be able to save and use all those old or unwanted products, it’s in our best interest to jump on them! Besides, repurposing makeup means you get to save money on replacement products. Double win!

Note: The following tips are NOT applicable to any makeup products that have expired. If the product is past its expiration date, throw it away and do NOT use it. Expired makeup is unsanitary makeup.

Here are 5 easy do-it-yourself hacks for repurposing your makeup!

1. 2+ Broken Lipsticks 1 New Lipstick Shade

We all know the heart break of wearing your favorite lipstick down to a nub. There’s still the tiniest bit left, but not enough for a nice, full application. What a tease! Here’s a tip, though: instead of throwing it away, start saving your lipstick tubes when they’ve hit this stage. You can then combine them all to create a brand NEW lip shade!

Simply buy yourself a small container – nothing fancy, anything from your local dollar store will do. Very carefully, use a small knife to scoop out the remaining product from each lipstick tube. You can then melt all of the waxy remnants together in a big spoon. Once fully liquefied, pour the new color into the container, and then let harden in the fridge.

The coolest part is that this brand new lip shade will be 100% unique: you’ll be the only one who has it!

2. Liquid Lipstick Eye Makeup

One time, I purchased a royal blue liquid lipstick and was totally stoked to try it on. It took all of one application for me to realize that unless I was going to a night club, there was no way I could pull that shade off. I stopped using it and eventually lost it altogether. Not only was this a complete waste of money and unnecessary eco-waste, it was a missed opportunity!

Believe it or not, liquid lipstick can also be used as eye makeup – with GREAT results. Two examples we recommend trying out are:

  1. Using liquid lipstick as liquid eyeshadowLike liquid eyeshadow, not only is it simple to apply liquid lipstick to your upper lids, it also tends to be long-lasting and crease-free. If it’s a light enough shade, you can also treat it as a base for a nice, powdered shadow. With most liquid lipsticks, though, it doesn’t take much to apply a LOT of heavily pigmented product. So as QC executive MUA and tutor, Nathan Johnson, always recommends: start light, and build thin layers to increase the strength of the product.
  2. Using liquid lipstick as eyeliner – All you need is a clean eyeliner brush, and you can simply dip it into the liquid lipstick to extract the product, and voila! Draw it along your upper lid to create a stunning matte eyeliner look that’s both fierce and full of personality.

3. Mascara Wand Eyebrow Brush

Save yourself the unnecessary dollars spent on an eyebrow brush by simply making use of any mascara you’re intending to throw out. Even if the mascara itself is no longer good, the wand can still be utilized! All you need to do is clean it thoroughly, ensuring that any old makeup previously on it is removed, and the product is now sanitary. That’s all there is to it! Now you can tame your brows whenever necessary, without having to open your wallet.

If you’re unsure how to properly clean your mascara wand, don’t worry! There are plenty of tutorials you can read or watch online. Here’s one, in case you’re interested.

Mascara wand

4. Crumpled Up Eyeshadow Lip Tint

It’s a sad day when one of our favorite eyeshadows breaks apart. But that doesn’t mean it’s no good to you anymore! One obvious option is to repair it as best you can. But as long as the product hasn’t expired, you can also repurpose it into a really boss lip tint! This is especially the case for lighter colored and/or glittery eyeshadows. Quite literally all you need to do is gather the broken shadow into a small container, and that’s it!

5. Lip Balm Eyebrow Wax

I’ll admit that I’m 100% responsible for buying way more lip balms than necessary, using them a handful of times, and then losing them in my purse, jacket pocket, bedroom, etc. Typically, once I have found it, my natural inclination is to throw it away, regardless of whether it’s still good or not.

Instead, when you find yourself in this situation, there’s another purpose it can fulfill for you: eyebrow wax! When I’m having a bad brow day, they tend to look like startled caterpillars. If I can’t get them threaded anytime soon, I need a miracle to keep them tamed. Lip balm is a wonderful little miracle that can do the trick, for a fraction of the price eyebrow wax would cost!

The best part about these DIY makeup hacks is that not only can you use them for yourself, you can incorporate them into your professional kit and use them as part of your makeup artist business! There are countless ways to repurpose makeup and other beauty products, and find new and creative ways to put them to use. Who knows… Maybe YOU’LL come up with the next biggest trend!

Lip Balms

Looking for more ways to save money on your professional makeup artist kit? Here are 5 items you surprisingly DON’T need!

pink theme - girl applying blush

QC Makeup Academy’s Top 10 Makeup Articles of the Last Decade

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Happy New Year, beauties! Though it may be the start of a brand new decade, we thought we’d do the ultimate 10 Year Challenge by paying our respects to the 10 most popular blog articles over the last decade.

So strap in, get comfy, and put your coziest socks on, because these blogs are well worth the read!

Fake eyelashes are fun and fabulous, but they can also be the literal worst to put on. Getting glue all over the place (such as around your eyes) can make for a real nightmare. Especially when you finally secure them on, only to realize they don’t even fit! Luckily, this article breaks down the basic steps to finding – and applying – the perfect falsies.

beautiful model wearing false eyelashes

It’s completely understandable to want to take the extra time to ensure your client is 100% happy with what you give them. You’re a professional, after all! That being said, you may actually be taking too much time in certain places that simply do not need it.

These extra minutes can instead be focused on the aspects of the appointment that matter most. QC executive tutor and professional MUA, Nathan Johnson, provides everything you need to know here, so you best know how to prioritize.

Believe it or not, not every cosmetic product pandered to you is actually required. In fact, many items – even those marketed as top-notch, quality products – either don’t deliver what they promise to, or can be easily replaced by something cheaper. This article is a must-read for anyone who’s looking to free up some unnecessary space in their professional makeup kit, while still keeping the essentials.

One of the greatest ways to get motivated is by seeing others just like you making a successful name for themselves in the makeup industry. This is why we love to showcase our QC students and graduates, and why they’re always such a big hit with our readers!

Special FX Makeup course graduate, Tyler Russell, is without a doubt a talented and valuable asset to the MUA world, so it’s no surprise that his feature made the Top 10! Keep reading to see his portfolio, learn about his personal makeup style, and hear how Tyler feels that QC Makeup Academy prepared him for working in the field!

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Let’s get real here: you may like makeup, but it takes a lot more than that to become a successful, working MUA. Unfortunately, an interest in cosmetics isn’t enough these days to make you stand out from the crowd. There are other crucial factors that are key to being able to turn makeup from a hobby into a career. If you read these 5 reasons why you shouldn’t be a makeup artist and find yourself agreeing with them, it may be time to revisit the chalkboard!

When it comes to the makeup industry, there’s a false notion that in order to be the best, you must always have the best. So basically, if you’re on a tight budget, you’re out of luck. But wait, don’t put your palettes away just yet! The fact is, this isn’t true at all. Many cheaper brands have been known to work just as efficiently as their pricier counterparts.

We highly recommend this article for any aspiring (or even working) makeup artist who’re looking for a few ways to save some cash, without sacrificing quality.

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Millennials are known for their innovation and ability to create new, amazing things. Credit where credit’s due: they’ve paved the way in terms of both makeup and fashion. But admittedly, there have been a few blunders along the way, and not all trendsetting attempts have hit their mark.

Written by QC Fashion Styling tutor and personal stylist, Mallory Sills, his article explores 4 millennial fashion trends that are definitely more cringey than cute.

Another SFX makeup enthusiast, Kirsten Hart is a Master Makeup Artistry graduate at QC Makeup Academy. She’s also paved quite the way as a professional MUA, known for her striking, colorful looks, and her epic Instagram branding.

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As a newbie makeup artist breaking free into the professional world, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. But never fear! As The Beauty Buzz’s most popular blog article of the decade (WOW!), we’ll help arm you with 6 ironclad tips to not only get the ball rolling, but set you up for long-term success doing what you love most!

If the past 10 years were able to bring us this much amazing information, imagine what the next ten will hold! Is there anything you’re hoping to see and read about? If so, let us know in the comments!

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Our 5 Favorite Makeup Trends from 2019

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With a new year comes the excitement of new and fresh makeup trends. Who knows what 2020 will bring! Maybe you’ll come up with the next hottest look! But the makeup trends of this past year can’t be forgotten that easily. Some may continue to see popularity for years to come; others will likely fade into a distant memory in no time at all.

But one thing’s for certain: they each made their impact. So let’s take a moment of silence, and pay tribute to our list of the 5 best and most memorable makeup looks (in no particular order) from 2019.

1. Bold and beautiful colors

woman wearing neon colored eye makeup

Back in the day, the only people you’d see wearing hot pink eye shadow, neon orange lipstick, or mile-long eyeliner would be a top model on the runway, or if they happened to be a futuristic character in a movie. But 2019 brought ‘bold’ to the forefront of trendiness. It’s now become completely normal to rock crazy, extreme colors that immediately make a statement.

When it comes to makeup, we’ve particularly loved seeing the creativity in showing off this rainbow of colors through different lip shades and eye looks. Such bold colors used to be reserved for the rebels of fashion – but times are changing! As Millennials and Gen Xers are paving the way towards a future of acceptance and tolerance, people are free to express themselves through makeup with far fewer limits or barriers.

2. Full, thick eyebrows

smiling girl brushing her eyebrows

Did you know that this was also a trend back in the 1940s? Unfortunately, the love for full eyebrows started dying out by the 90s. Then came the dreaded early 2000s. Remember when it was ‘in’ to pluck your brows to within an inch of their lives? I’m pretty sure that time in our lives was just a dark and lawless wasteland. I don’t know about you, but my eyebrows are still suffering from the consequences of those actions long, long ago. Celebrities like Lily Collins – who’ve always sported the strong and striking eyebrows – were a dime a dozen. These days, though, natural is what’s in demand.

It’s been a liberating change to see not just the acceptance, but the encouragement of a less tamed, more natural brow. Though this trend didn’t just start this past year, 2019 definitely brought it into full swing. Of course, the perfectly sculpted brows are still undoubtedly works of art, and just as equally popular. But there’s something rather beautiful and freeing about not having to obsess so much over having to always look so perfect – and still be appreciated by the masses for the gorgeous, fierce goddess you (and them thicc brows) are.

3. Get that glow!

happy woman with natural-looking makeup and highlighter

Highlighter has been a makeup trends for the past couple of years, but its popularity never waned throughout 2019. It’s a staple look that works for any time of day, month, season, you name it. The more organic you can make that fresh-faced glow look, the better! This is a perfect example of what is meant whenever you’ve heard someone say, “The key to good makeup is to look like you’re wearing nothing at all.” (Stupid sexy Flanders!)

But the real secret to what makes this look so beloved is not actually in the makeup itself. It’s in your skincare routine. If the perfect glow comes from looking as natural as possible with makeup, then the ideal scenario would be if you could achieve that without it. A solid skincare routine makes for the ultimate foundation to any makeup application afterwards.

If you aren’t 100% confident in what you’ve got set up already, no problem! All you need to do is figure out what type of skin you have, and then you can research into the different skincare products that could work best for you!

4. All that glitters is gold!

smiling girl with glitter on her cheeks

Don’t worry, I’m not about to break out into some Smashmouth. (Though I could, if you want me to.) If pencil-thin eyebrows are the thing we wish to forever bury in the early 2000s, then glitter is the makeup trend we’re geeking out over coming back! Of course, those of us who remember the olden days of the glitter fad are considerably better at its application now. In 2019, we understand the finesse that goes into creating the perfect look – even the care needed when adding glitter.

Whereas the last time glitter was really popular, the process of putting it on and wearing it was basically:

  1. Smash 70 pounds of glitter literally everywhere.
  2. Make sure to pat down an additional 20 pounds on your eyelids. The idea is to blind your opponents any time you blink.
  3. K, you’re good. Go outside.

It’s nice to see that glitter has made a comeback, now capable of being utilized in both glamorous and subtle ways. It’s not just meant for school dances or disco balls anymore, though by all means, it can if you want it to. More importantly, 2019 has helped incorporate glitter into wearable, everyday looks!

5. You do YOU, boo!

There’s been something of a shift in the last handful of years that 2019 seemed to embrace harder than any time before it, and that’s the idea of acceptance. Yes, the world still sucks in a lot of ways, and sure, lots of mean, cold-hearted people still exist to try and bring others down. But on the whole, the generations leading us all into the future are ones fighting for the importance of positive ideals, rather than ones meant to oppress and silence.

Just like every makeup trend that’s gained notoriety in 2019, so too has the trend of spreading love to your fellow person. More and more we’re seeing MUAs and trendsetters of all genders, races, sexualities, etc. going viral. What’s come hand-in-hand with this is the cultivation of self-love. Lots more people are walking out their front door each day with their makeup on fleek (whatever the look may be); head held high, and not giving a damn what anyone thinks about it. That’s pretty spectacular!

When we stop and think about it, that’s our favorite trend of all. Of everything that’s been on the rise in 2019, we want nothing more than for the idea of love – for others, the world around us, and ourselves – to continue to rise to the top of the popularity chain over the next decade, and every decade thereafter.

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