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Kirsten Hart - QC Makeup Academy graduate

Name: Kirsten Hart

Location: Valdez, Alaska, United States

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Tell us a little bit about yourself!

I live in a small town in Valdez, Alaska. I’ve always been drawn to all things beauty, and for the last eight years, I’ve been fusing together my love of art and beauty. I have two kids—but really three, if you count my extra-large dog. In my husband’s off time, we travel, garden, and EAT.

Why did you decide to become a makeup artist?

For the last two years, I’ve been focusing on makeup artistry. I really love colors, textures, designs, and creating art. With makeup’s different formulas and pigments along with all the unique faces you’ll work with as your canvases, it’s never boring.

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Is special effects makeup this your preferred style of makeup artistry? Do you plan on pursuing a career in the special FX industry?

Special FX makeup definitely has a special place in my heart, especially around Halloween time! But I’m more for editorial, expressive makeup. My favorite projects are when I can mix the two.

What’s your favorite look you’ve done so far?

Oh, that’s a hard one. My favorite makeup look is probably my flower child editorial look. I’ll never get over the drama of blown-out blush, and I love it when eyeshadow blends its way into the blush. I did a whole photo shoot for it and loved the way it turned out. Especially since I was only able to take photos with my iPhone at the time.

You’re enrolled in our updated Master Makeup Artistry course—how are you finding the course so far?

I really love it. I can learn how to do makeup on my own time, which is great for me as an already busy mom. The feedback from my tutor is always great, and I feel challenged! It’s refreshing. I really feel like I’ll graduate with a strong foundation in makeup artistry after I’m done.

Why did you enroll in makeup classes online?

I had more faith in QC’s tutors over other makeup schools. I felt like they have tons of professional makeup experience. I could ask a question about anything and they would know the answer.

Your Instagram is to die for! Can you share any tips for new makeup artists online who are just starting with Instagram?

Post what makes you unique and what you love. Following and creating trendy looks are really fun to do every once and a while, especially if it really speaks to you. But don’t forget to do you, too! Also, engage with the community. My favorite thing about my Instagram journey is the friends I’ve made!

What’s something you are currently working to improve on?

I’m always working on something! But right now, I’m trying to add more realism in my face painting and adding more color to my Instagram as a whole. I would really love to transfer more art skills into my makeup artistry.

editorial makeup artistry by Kirsten Hart - special effects makeup looks

Name your Holy Grail product that ALL makeup artists should have!

I’m currently loving the Colourpop Crème Gel Liner collection. I like to have a pop of color in my everyday makeup, in my waterline or inner corner. The formula is so blendable and stays forever. I wish they would make one in every color known to man.

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