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Whether you’ve got plans with your boo, you’re enjoying a girls’ night out, or you’re treating yourself to a fancy night of TLC, we want you to look and feel your best on Valentine’s Day. You’re fierce both inside and out – so the last thing we’d want is for a poor makeup choice or an unflattering hair-do to dull your shine!

We’re sure you know what you’re doing… But just in case, we thought we’d throw a few suggestions out there of things to avoid. Better safe than sorry, right?

Keep reading for 5 makeup looks and hair styles not to do on yourself…

1. Foundation that doesn’t match your skin tone

We’re all guilty of doing this at least once. Unfortunately, some of us are guilty of doing it still. Firstly, when it comes to foundation, you want to make sure that the product you’re using is good for your skin type. For example, if you have oily skin, you don’t want your foundation to clog your pores and make you break out even more.

But the other most important thing about your foundation is that it should match your natural skin color. Otherwise, your whole face is one shade, and then suddenly a different one from the neck down. The result is both comical and unnatural. It’s also 100% obvious when someone looks at you. We know these aren’t the impressions you’re trying to make with your makeup.

A lot of people mistakenly think you should use your inner wrist when trying to color match a foundation for your skin. This is incorrect. To best find your foundation color, test on both your neck and your jawline. When you find a shade that best matches both areas, you’ve found your perfect foundation!

Makeup Looks to avoid on Valentines - Lipstick on Table

2. Too much hairspray and too many bobby pins

Before I chopped off my hair into a pixie cut, I was the total worst when it came to this. I was awful at up-dos, and could only achieve the intended result with about 700 bobby pins and half a can of hairspray to hold everything in place. Even on the off chance that it looked decent enough, it felt disgusting.

Anyone with a sensitive scalp can tell you how bad of a headache bobby pins will give you after a while – especially if you have dozens of them trying to poke you in the brain. Not to mention the fact that your hair will also be as solid as a rock from all that hairspray! Good luck having anyone romantically run their fingers through your locks… They may just break right off in their hand.

Makeup Looks to avoid on Valentines - Woman Fixing Hair

Oh, and remember when I said that at least it might look decent enough? Yeah, that’s only ever from the very front. Eventually, when you use too many bobby pins, they have nowhere to hide. Your up-do turns into something that’s 50% hair and 50% pins. Messy, overcrowded pins. It’s not a good look.

Some people are born with a natural talent to style hair. Others (like myself) are not, and would require a hair styling class in order to properly learn. Once you do learn, however, you gain the ability to learn how to best manipulate hair with hair products, styling tools, and heating tools. What you once had to do with 700 bobby pins, you’d learn to do in 7 – and with only a few spritzes of hairspray!

3. Lashes for days, in all the wrong ways

When properly applied, fake lashes are absolutely gorgeous! They can accentuate the beauty already there, frame the eyes, and draw attention to them. With so many styles, falsies can be as subtle or as bold as you want. But it definitely takes practice to become a fake lash pro!

Until you’ve gained some experience, fake eyelashes can straight up suck. Ever got eyelash glue in your eye? Not fun! It’s messy, it’s uncomfortable, and it can very easily ruin that amazing eye makeup you just spent all that time putting on. Not to mention, if you don’t take the time to properly size and trim the falsies (if need be), they will NOT fit you properly, and it WILL be noticeable.

One other quick thing: when you do manage to apply them, take a moment to go over your upper lash line with some liquid eyeliner. It doesn’t need to be thick my any means; it just needs to be enough to cover up any glue peeking out from beneath the lashes. Again, we’re willing to be that you’re trying to create the appearance of the lashes being as organic as possible.

Otherwise, while you’re having dinner with Prince Charming and think to yourself, Oh my god, he can’t stop staring into my eyes… He must really like me! There’s a chance he may really just be confused by the random goopy stuff on your eyelids.

Makeup Looks to avoid on Valentines - Woman Applying False Lashes

4. Burnt hair everywhere

Another wonderful benefit to hair styling class is that you learn how to properly handle heating tools, such as a straightener and curling iron. There’s a whole section of YouTube full of people who probably would have benefited from such lessons. That’s right! I’m referring to those who have quite literally burnt their actual hair off when trying to style it with a heating tool.

Wrap it around a white hot curling iron too tightly and/or keep it there too long? You may very well lose that chunk right then and there. That’s just one example… Seriously, heating tools are not to be taken lightly. They can really mess up your hair, if not used properly! Sure, hair grows back, but in the meantime, you’re stuck with the damage that’s been done. Some incidents are so bad that a haircut by a trained hair dresser may be the only thing capable of salvaging it!

Not to mention, it really hurts when you accidentally burn yourself! Try having to explain on your Valentine’s Day date that no, that huge red mark is not a hickey – your straightener slipped, and yeah, it still hurts, and yes, you may need to take this date to the hospital. At least that would make for a pretty memorable meet-cute!

5. Raccoon Eyes

Who doesn’t love a good smoky eye! Well, I guess that depends on one question: has it been blended properly If yes, perfect! You’re on fire!

But if not, there’s a chance you may look like a sad raccoon. Let me explain: if the eyeshadow above the eye is not blended, it often times is too dark, too harsh, and too clunky. It definitely isn’t going to look natural, that’s for sure. (If that’s your thing though, then by all means, do you!) Below the eyes, applying too much product and/or not blending it properly can create the illusion that you’ve been crying, and that your makeup has now started to smudge down your face.

Hence, a sad raccoon.

Don’t get me wrong, I personally think raccoons are adorable! I just doubt that’s how you want to feel at a nice, fancy restaurant on Valentine’s Day.

Makeup Looks to avoid on Valentines - Woman Applying Eye Makeup

Of course, the best way to learn how to do your hair and makeup, so that it ALWAYS looks its best, is to study it from real-life experts! Whether you have a Valentine’s Day date this year or not, who cares? You can still treat yourself, and what better way to do that than by turning your passion into a lifelong career?

Use Valentine’s Day this year to love yourself. Enroll in hair styling class and makeup courses, and become the very best at what you do!

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