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Working as a bridal makeup artist isn’t just about making the bride look good. You need to know how to schedule your bookings, what types of looks you’ll be creating, and how to transition the bride’s look from ceremony to reception.

New to bridal makeup? This post is for you! There’s a lot more than just applying makeup when it comes to booking brides!


A bride’s wedding day is one of the most important days of her life. That being said, going in blind the day of and trying out a new makeup look will not work! Don’t underestimate the power of a consultation. More often than not, your bride will only book you if she gets to see your work beforehand.

Of course, you should be paid for a bridal makeup consultation. Be sure to build this into your pricing—whether you choose to have the bride pay beforehand or bill her for your complete services after the wedding. And don’t forget: what the bride wants, the bride gets! There’s a lot that goes into a bridal consultation, including etiquette and asking the right questions. Make sure you follow your training and do this correctly! Otherwise, you could end up with a bummed-out bride and a bad review.

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When you’re applying bridal makeup, you can definitely make professional recommendations for which look will suit the bride best. But if she doesn’t like it, you can’t expect her to “warm-up” to it for her wedding day. Try something different, and get inspiration by asking what kind of look she’s drawn to. Working with brides is tricky but as long as she leaves happy, your job is done!

Bridal Makeup Kits

Building a bridal makeup kit is similar to your regular kit—but you’ll learn a few key differences that will make your applications so much easier.

A bridal makeup kit doesn’t need to be more expensive. It’s about which products you’re using, and how you’re applying them.

  • Going with a long-wearing primer and foundation will keep your bride’s face perfect all day and night!
  • You’ll want to choose lip colors that don’t smudge or wear off easily. Wedding days are busy—don’t make your bride reapply her lipstick every hour!
  • Gain some experience using airbrush machines. Lots of brides want that flawless airbrushed look, so it definitely won’t hurt to practice applying airbrush makeup!
  • To help you out a bit more, you should invest in a serious setting spray. Check out Urban Decay’s All-Nighter Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray. There’s a reason it’s a cult favorite: your bride’s makeup won’t budge!

Bridal Applications

Bridal makeup is a different ball game for makeup artists. Your main goal: make the bride look absolutely flawless and leave her feeling confident (and excited!). In your online makeup course, you’ll learn what the best techniques are to create an even, gorgeous makeup look from industry pros.

You’ll also learn how to make the look last! No bride wants her makeup creasing halfway through her big day. You’ll even find out how to perform a bridal makeup trial—perfect for beginner MUA’s!

Once you’re an expert at the essentials, you’ll be able to create beautiful bridal looks with a bit of practice. More than likely, you’ll be hired for the whole day as a bridal makeup artist. The bride may need touch-ups after a teary ceremony, or she’ll want a more glam look for the reception. These are the details you need to hash out together in the consultation.

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Finishing Touches

For a bridal makeup application, you may want to fix it up to make it exceptional. Or, your bride might ask for a different lip shade. Either way, making sure the bride is 100% happy is how you make a good name! And if you’re feeling a little sentimental, giving your brides a small token of appreciation is great for your business. A small thank you card or a DIY charm is cute and makes her wedding day even more perfect!

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Learning about bridal makeup techniques will build your skills as a makeup artist and help you gain more clients! While working with brides can sometimes be stressful, the end result is always worth it.

Want to work with more brides? Learn all of the essential makeup techniques, plus bridal and more with QC’s Master Makeup Artistry course!

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