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In the world of makeup, one thing you can always count on is the unexpected. As I’ve been in the makeup industry for a long time, I have discovered countless tips and tricks that have gotten me out of many sticky situations.

Today, I’ll share a few of my favorite hacks for my professional makeup kit that actually work!

color matching foundation perfect coverage

1.    Change foundation consistency and coverage with moisturizer

Having the ideal moisturizer on hand can bail you out of even the trickiest situation. Whether you need to turn cream foundation into liquid, or a liquid foundation into tinted moisturizer. By gradually mixing moisturizer with your foundation, you can effortlessly create the perfect level of coverage for your client. The choice moisturizer in my professional makeup kit is by Embryolisse.

2.    Use gel eyeliner as mascara

If you’re busy at work and discover you’ve lost or forgotten your mascara, your gel liner will save the day. Remove a touch of the product with your palette knife. Then, use a disposable spoolie or fan brush to pick up the product from the knife, and apply it to your client’s lashes to add depth and darkness.

3.    Fix broken powders with rubbing alcohol

Nothing is worse than a broken powder—it goes everywhere and keeps disintegrating until you finally throw it out. Well, here’s the hack that will save you a fortune over the years. This one is best seen, so check out the awesome demo below:

4.    Turn clear mascara into tinted brow gel

Everyone knows clear mascara can tame the wildest brows. Let’s take things a step further. Did you know it can also become a custom brow gel?

Scrape some eyeshadow shavings in your desired color onto a mixing palette. Next, take the mascara wand and roll it into the powder. Then, dip it back into the tube, wiggling and stirring the wand. Repeat this process until you get the desired depth of color. This same tip can also be followed to make a mascara of any color of your choosing. If you find the powder makes the mascara too dry, follow the tip below.

5.    Revive dried mascaras

You can revive a dried tube of mascara by adding in some saline solution. Add one to two drops at a time, insert the wand, and gently stir it around. Be careful not to pump the wand in and out as it can dry out the mascara all over again.

mascara application

6.    Transform dry products into wet ones

This trick can transform eyeshadow powders into the most marvelous liners and smooth liquid eyeshadows. Just be sure that the eyeshadow powder you are using is suitable for wet and dry use.

Water or saline solution can be used to make quick liners. Here’s how. Dip your brush in a drop of the liquid, pull it through the pressed powder or mix it with a touch of the loose pigment and you’re ready to go. Add enough powder to achieve a rich pigment and a gel-like consistency. Use only a little pigment for subtle washes.

For best results, try NYX’s Multitasker Mixing Medium. The mixing medium is specifically designed for transforming powders into liquid makeup.  It provides the best way to get stunning results out of your loose pigments. The amount of mixing medium you use will depend on the size of the area you’re working on. You can use a tiny cup for mixing, but you can just as easily use your palette. Mixing mediums can vary in consistency depending on the brand, so please follow the package directions.

All the powders by Three Custom Color Specialists are ideal for mixing. Remember, as a QC student you are eligible to receive 30% off all Three Custom Color Specialist products.

creating eyeliner or wet eyeshadow from loose pigments

These are a few of my favorite makeup tricks but there are many, many more out there. Which tricks work well for you and what are some makeup issues you wish there was a hack for?

These great tricks came out of need. So if you’re ever in a bind, instead of getting frustrated, put on your thinking cap and discover the next big makeup hack!

Makeup hacks will save you time. Check out this list of 5 areas where makeup artists lose time during a job so that you can further improve your efficiency!

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