DIY Makeup Repair: How to Fix ANY Broken Eyeshadow

We’ve all been there. Either you’ve hit the pan on your shadow and it’s lost its form and crumbled, or you’ve dropped your eyeshadow palette and it’s smashed into a million pieces. The worst.

But there is a solution! There are a few different ways to fix broken powders, but here is what I do…

Repairing Broken Shadows with Everyday Ingredients

What you’ll need:

  • Alcohol spray bottle
  • Spoon
  • Q-tip


  1. First off, gather up all your broken powder pieces and loosely put them back into the pan.
  2. Next, spray the loose pieces of powder with alcohol. Make sure your product is pretty wet.
  3. Mold the shadow pieces together using the Q-tip.
  4. Then, take your spoon and smooth and press the product back into perfect form.

And ta-dah! Your product is saved. Personally, I suggest waiting at least 48 hours to use the product so it really has time to set back into place. Now, onto Part 2!

How to De-Pot Shadows

As makeup artists (and makeup junkies), we tend to have tons of different shadows and palettes. Carrying all 20 palettes you own in your professional makeup kit is exhausting and inefficient. Sometimes, it’s nice to be able to remove products from containers in order to move them into a magnetic palette. A quick trick to remove a pan shadow from a container is to let your hair straightener heat up, then place your shadow onto the straightener for about 30 seconds…

Once it has had time to heat up but not long enough to melt the packaging, lift the pan from the container with a butter knife.

Now you have your pan shadow out and you can pop it into any magnetic palette or the brand’s corresponding palette. I like to do this because I have a few MAC palettes but I tend to receive individual MAC makeup shadows as gifts from people. So instead of carrying around a million little shadows, I like to amalgamate them into my palette.

Hope this was helpful to you guys. I know these tricks on makeup repair are life savers for me!

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