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One of the greatest – and most exciting – things about makeup is that it’s constantly evolving. While there will always be certain classics that’ll never go out of style (such as a simple red lip), makeup trends are forever changing. If you know what’s currently popular, and similarly, what’s on the rise, your makeup looks will always stay fresh and fun!

But where do these new trends come from? You’ll often find that most are inspired by the catwalk, following the collections showcased in Fashion Weeks from all around the globe. Here are 5 makeup trends that celebrity makeup artist, Nathan Johnson, believes are here to stay this upcoming spring and summer!

1. Very blended looks

This look is achieved by taking two similar shades (for example: light pink into darker pink, ivory into light pink, taupe into medium brown, etc.) and then transitioning one into the other.

The lighter color should be applied to the lid of the eye, and the darker pigment will be blended out through the outer corner and crease.  The darker shade should also wrap around the outer corner of the eye and turn into a smoked lower lash line.

This style of eye makeup is blended to perfection! It has no hard lines, with the deeper shade smoothly dissipating below the brow. Gorgeous!

2. The use of vivid colors in unusual ways

This trend-setting makeup look gives a nice nod to the retro 1980’s, Nathan says. Arguably one of the best examples that showcases this is Jeremy Scott’s Spring and Summer 2020 show! As each of the models strutted their stuff down the catwalk, audiences everywhere were stunned at the combination of eccentric, geometrically-inspired outfits, tousled neon wigs, and bold eye makeup.

Notice the way that Scott expertly ties the whole look together through the use of makeup. Specifically, through the bright pops of color on the inner corners of his models’ eyes! This is a great demonstration of how every little detail works in unison to create the final, polished product!

Another example that beautifully demonstrates this trend is Jason Wu’s Spring and Summer 2020 collection. Although these looks fall into the watercolor trend, Nathan notes how the bright hues and overall style “really honor the 80s”!

3. Classic Blue is the Pantone Color of 2020

Every December, Pantone uses trend-forecasting research to announce the upcoming Color of the Year. Based on their findings, 2020’s chosen color is Classic Blue. Pantone states that this pigment instills “calm, confidence, and connection”, while also highlighting “our desire for a dependable and stable foundation on which to build, as we cross the threshold into a new era”.

Given everything currently going on in the world, this definitely rings true!

Whether Classic Blue is incorporated in pops of color, blended looks, or shocks of liner, Nathan notes how it undoubtedly adds vibrancy to the eye. Just check out the amazing effect it has on the makeup and clothing worn by this model! This is just one of the reasons why fashion designer, LaQuan Smith, really stood out during Fashion Week this year!

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4. Color-blocked lids

Color blocking with vibrant, bold hues is a great trend you can incorporate this spring/summer into your makeup, clothing, and so much more! In terms of eye makeup, color blocking is done by choosing one solid eyeshadow shade to apply to your upper lids, followed by a different color to for your lower lids.

There are lots of different ways you can play with this look and get creative! Since spring and summer are typically warmer seasons, you can always pair bright, complementary colors together. Pink and orange are a stunning combo, as is blue with green. You can also use one color, but create a contrast between two very opposite shades.

An incredible example of color-blocked lids that Nathan saw during Fashion Week was from Oscar de la Renta’s Spring and Summer 2020 collection!

5. Soft complexions

As Nathan points out, the interest in “cake face” has seen a tremendous drop through recent years. Instead, people now want their skin to look as real and natural as possible.

For some time, strobing – essentially, extreme highlighting – was a popular trend. When done right, it would give the appearance of shimmery, dewy skin. Unfortunately, a lot of beauty vloggers (many of whom are not professional, certified makeup artists) created a tendency of applying WAY too much. Often, it wouldn’t be done properly. The result gave off a kind of sweaty appearance, rather than the desired, youthful glow.

But Nathan says the strobe is now out! Cosmetic companies have been seeing a major drop in sales for quite some times, signaling the end to that era. Instead, it’s being replaced with softer, more natural-looking glows.

Bonus: Makeup looks Nathan would LOVE to see take off in 2020!

In addition to the above trends, there are a few more makeup looks that Nathan would love to see gain popularity in the upcoming years. Specifically, the following…

1. Dimensional eyeliner

While we’ll always have room in our hearts for the classic cat-eye or winged liner, there’s so much room to explore and get creative! After all, makeup artistry provides you with the freedom to push boundaries. How else do you think new trends are discovered?

Dimensional eyeliner let you think outside the box, through the use of different shapes and patterns. Not only will it definitely make you stand out from the crowd, it’s also a terrific way to express a little extra personality!

Anna Sui expertly illustrated this makeup look into her Spring and Summer 2020 collection. Just look at how playful and pretty the results are!

2. Non-black eyeliners

Speaking of eyeliner, another cool look that Nathan hopes gains even more popularity is unconventionally-colored liner. Given that ‘conventional’ eyeliner is essentially just black (or even brown), this pretty much means ANY color other than this!

Blues, greens, reds, purples, you name it – there’s so much wiggle room this trend can offer! It can amplify eyeshadow, pair with lip color, or even just be worn on its own. One especially gorgeous color we’ve seen is a crisp, white liquid liner along the upper lids. Pamella Roland’s Spring and Summer 2020 Collection showed this off perfectly!

3. DayGlo and fluorescent creases

DayGlo (and other fluorescent colors) are known to dramatically enhance your makeup look! When used on the upper crease of your lids, the attention will naturally draw towards your eyes. Plus, if you’re feeling particularly fierce, the use of bold, funky colors can be incorporated throughout the rest of your look, too.

On the other hand, fluorescent creases can stand entirely on their own and be the star of the show. In fact, by keeping the rest of your makeup look relatively subtle, your DayGlo eyeshadow will naturally pop even more.

Pair it with some thick, luscious falsies and a dark nude lip, like Versace did in her Spring and Summer 2020 Collection! This look is easily one of our favorites.

4. Black red lipstick

If you want your makeup to be daring and make an impression, there’s very little that can compare to a striking, black red lip! If you want a full glam, night makeup look, you can pair it with a smoky eye and dramatic false lashes. However, if you want a more toned-down final result, black red lipstick is also strong enough to be used independently.

Another perk about this trend is that it can work for quite literally anyone. Regardless of your skin tone, eye color, or what-have-you – black red lipstick can turn anyone and everyone into royalty. Don’t believe us? Just take a look at how jaw-dropping it was on this model, as part of Max Mara’s Spring and Summer 2020 Collection!

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5. Lilac drop shadow/lower eyeliner

Commonly referred to as ‘upside-down makeup’, a drop shadow is when you apply a bold color only (or primarily) to your lower lash line. This is an awesome option for those who want to add a bit of pigment to their eye makeup, without committing to the full color across their upper lids.

A drop-shadow can also be accentuated with lower eyeliner. Alternately, lower liner (in the same desired color) can also be worn on its own.

During Fashion Week, Balmain debuted their 2020 Spring and Summer Collection, with models wearing a gorgeous lilac drop shadow and lower eyeliner. As far as colors go, lilac is as effective as it is delicate. Don’t let its soft, gentle tone fool you! When used along the lower lash line, it creates a result a uniquely bold result that can still be worn as an everyday look!

Want to be able to learn how to do all of these trendy looks – and maybe even create one of your own? Get professional makeup artist training and earn your certification from an accredited makeup school! There’s no better time than now to work towards your goals and dreams! Who knows… maybe some day, one of YOUR trends will make it on this list!

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