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You love makeup—we get it. There’s so much to love!

Makeup is a creative outlet for people all over the world. But what separates a hobbyist from a money-making pro?

Have you considered online makeup training to get your career off the ground? More and more makeup academies are moving online. Why? To stay on the cutting edge when it comes to professional training!

If you want to sharpen your skills and find the right course for you, keep reading!

Choosing the right course

There are many options out there for online makeup training. How do you choose the one that’s best for what you want to achieve?

Consider what you want to get out of your training

Do you want to refine your skills? Learn a new skill? Maybe even just have fun? Figure out what you want to get out of your makeup training before you enroll.

If you want to refine your foundational skills and learn more advanced skills, consider a broader course like Master Makeup Artistry. If you want to specialize in niche industries like airbrush makeup or special effects, there are courses for those subjects, too!

But whereas some schools only teach you makeup application techniques, others go beyond. Even if you don’t want a career in makeup artistry, you still need to know how to work with people. Makeup is a social profession, after all!

Whereas nobody will doubt your need to learn client-care skills, you may think you won’t need business training. You may aspire to work at a salon or at Sephora, and never even dream of starting your own makeup business. But, still, we recommend taking courses with optional business training. Business training will show you how to sell your skills and services to snatch any makeup job you want!

Doing your training online also means you’ll always have the option to complete this business training at a later date. You never know where your love of makeup can take you!

Do your research

Once you know what you want, find the best option! If you already have a really busy life, or you’re not sure you want to purse makeup professionally yet, virtual schools are likely your best option. Online makeup training is flexible and affordable. You can start and take a break whenever you need to.

For the makeup lover- getting online makeup training

Ask yourself these questions while you look into your options:

  • Who will I be getting feedback from? You want to learn from the best! Your tutors and instructors should be reputable industry professionals. Even if you don’t want to be a full-time professional MUA, you still want the best education for your money.
  • Can I find information or reviews from past students? This is important! Does the online school seem to have plenty of happy students? They should! If you see a lack of reviews or little information about their students, that’s a red flag.
  • Is there good student support? You definitely need great student support when enrolling in an online makeup school. Most the time, you won’t be able to contact your instructors and tutors directly. But this shouldn’t be a problem if the school offers great student support! The student support staff should understand the courses and be able to reply quickly to your concerns! Consider calling the school and talking to someone before enrolling.
  • How much does it cost? Though you shouldn’t make your decision based on price alone, you should consider your budget. Despite the fact that online courses are often more affordable than brick-and-mortar schools, they still vary in price from one another. Remember, you get what you pay for. Don’t be fooled by a course that is $400 less than another—the quality of their materials reflects the discount!

Between considering what you want out of your education and doing thorough research, you should know which school is best for you!

Online Makeup Training for Makeup Lovers - Girl Holding Makeup Brush

What should you expect to get out of your makeup training?

Before you dive into your course, let’s look at what you can expect to get out of it.

Professional Makeup Skills

This is a no-brainer: professional training equals professional skills. You’ll come out of your course with killer makeup skills because guess what? You had a professional evaluate your work! Everyone else learned their tricks on YouTube, but YouTube gurus aren’t all they’re cracked up to be. With a professional course, you’ll graduate knowing how to make anyone look good!

Proper Hygiene Practices

Even if you’re only doing makeup on yourself and occasionally a friend or family member, you’ll need to know how to properly clean your products and brushes! You makeup course should will go through sanitation in detail. You’ll learn the cardinal sins of hygiene and what to avoid when doing makeup or cleaning your kit.

Makeup Discounts

Yes we said the magic phrase. MAKEUP. DISCOUNTS. Amazing, right? Those who get quality training will gain access to the best professional brands. Your school of choice will often offer special discounts on a number of top brands. This encourages you to build your makeup stash (as if you needed encouragement) to address diverse clients. But also, you’ll build your professional kit without spending all your savings.

How would online makeup training help you grow as a makeup lover? Let us know in a comment!

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