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How To Go Viral on TikTok as a Makeup Artist

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As a makeup artist, you probably dream of going viral on TikTok. I mean, who doesn’t want to be the next Mikayla Nogueira? TikTok is the perfect platform to share your skills and talent with the world! In this article, we’ll provide some tips and tricks on how to go viral on TikTok as an MUA. Plus, we’ll also discuss ways to get more followers, properly use hashtags, and more.

Follow these tips and you’ll be well on your way to becoming a social media superstar!

Why Everyone Wants to Go Viral on TikTok

It’s not hard to see why so many makeup artists and other creatives flock to TikTok. On the platform, it’s easy to showcase your skills and connect with like-minded people. Plus, being featured on the “For You” page can mean a huge influx of followers and likes! As a result, your makeup career can go from a 0 to 100 in the blink of an eye!

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Making Money on TikTok

There are also financial perks to making it big if you live in the following countries:

  • United States
  • United Kingdom
  • Germany
  • France
  • Italy
  • Spain

Tiktokers living in these countries qualify for what’s known as the “Creator Fund“. This fund pays qualifying creators every month based on how many views and interactions their videos receive. In order to qualify for the Creator Fund, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Be 18 or older
  • Have more than 10,000 followers
  • Have at least 100,000 views over the last 30 days

How Much Money Can You Make from the Creator Fund?

It depends on how popular you are. Generally speaking, the top 1% of Tiktokers (in terms of views and interactions) will receive a larger amount than those who have less followers and fewer views. That said, generally speaking, the average Tiktoker makes about $500 a month from the Creator Fund.

FUN FACT: Here’s what the 7 highest-earning TikTokers are making!

Other Ways To Make Money

But what about if you live in a country that doesn’t qualify for the Creator Fund? Are you SOL in terms of your earning potential?

Not at all! Just look at Canadian hairstylist and TikTok star, Kris Collins, as a prime example. She has over 47 million followers and has managed to to make quite a living off of her videos. She does this by working with brands and creating sponsored content.

This is because, on top of the Creator Fund, there are other ways you can leverage TikTok to earn an income…

1 – Sponsorships & Affiliate Links

Reaching a certain level of popularity on TikTok can open the doors to sponsored content opportunities. This involves having brands pay you to promote their products or services, either through video endorsements or affiliate links in your profile’s bio.

2 – Selling Your Own Products

Whether it’s makeup tutorials, digital downloads, classes, ebooks, etc., you can use TikTok to promote and sell your own products. This is a great way to leverage your following in order to build a sustainable income stream.

3 – Crowdfunding & Donations

You can also ask your followers for donations or crowdfund the creation of a project. All you need to do is create a campaign page on a platform like Patreon or GoFundMe and then share it with your followers on TikTok.

4 – Coaching Services

If you consider yourself an expert in makeup artistry, why not offer your services as a coach? You can use TikTok to promote the coaching services that you offer and monetize your skills. Furthermore, you can even take it a step further by using your TikTok platform to guide viewers to your business website and other social media pages!

5 – Live Events

Finally, you can use TikTok to promote live events that you are hosting. This could be anything from a meet and greet, product launch, or makeup tutorial session.

Who is The Best Makeup Artist on TikTok?

This is subjective, to be honest. But, if we had to pick one makeup artist that is really killing it on TikTok right now, then our vote would go to Charli D’Amelio. She has over 103 million followers and she even recently collaborated with Urban Decay for a special makeup collection!

Of course, there are plenty of other TikTokers of note, too. Literally any of the following MUAs could also easily contend for the top spot:

DID YOU KNOW: QC Makeup Academy is now on TikTok? It’s true! And we’d sure be grateful if you gave us a follow!

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How To Go Viral on TikTok as a Makeup Artist

Before we go any further, it’s important to remember that this isn’t a “for-sure” kind of guide… After all, if there was one clear way to go viral, literally everyone would be a macro-influencer! In reality, the best way to stand out and achieve success on TikTok is by being creative, consistent and patient.

(And, yes, sometimes a little luck does play its part, too!)

Rather, what we’re providing to you is a set of tips and advice that you can use as a makeup artist on TikTok in order to increase your chances of going viral. So, without further ado, let’s dive into it!

Step 1: Understand Your Audience

As with any social media platform, it’s important to understand who your target audience is. For instance, are you aiming for teenage girls, brides, young adults, or something else entirely? Knowing this will help you create content that resonates with them.

Step 2: Leverage Trends

TikTok LOVES trends! It’s the algorithm’s blood and bones! Chances are, if you want to go viral, you’ll need to incorporate trending topics or challenges into your videos. And the good news is that as a makeup artist, you already have access to plenty of creative ideas from which to draw inspiration.

Step 3: Quality Content Is Key

As always, it’s important to create content of high quality. This means investing in decent equipment and makeup. However, don’t forget that high-quality content doesn’t necessarily mean expensive! Even if you don’t have the budget to buy a fancy camera or pricey products, there are plenty of affordable options out there.

Step 4: Put Your Spin On It

It’s also important to remember that even if you are using trending topics, it’s important to put your own twist on the video. This is what will help you stand out from the crowd and potentially make your content go viral!

Step 5: Use Hashtags

Don’t forget to use hashtags in order to increase visibility! All you need to do is pick several relevant keywords associated with your content and add them to your post. This will help you reach a wider audience and increase the chances of going viral.

Relevant Hashtags

As a makeup artist on TikTok, it’s critical that you make use of hashtags that are relevant to your content. Here are some examples of trending makeup hashtags on TikTok:

  • #MakeupTutorial
  • #EyebrowTutorial
  • #ContourTutorial
  • #EyeshadowTutorial
  • #Beauty
  • #MakeupArtist
  • #MUA
  • #MakeupLover
  • #Skincare
  • #MakeupAddict
  • #HudaBeauty
  • #KBeauty
  • #BeautyHacks
  • #MakeUpLooks
  • #BeautyBlogger
  • #Cosmetics

Trending Hashtags

On the other hand, you may have also noticed a trend where people suddenly use seemingly random hashtags – but those hashtags have a TON of popularity. This happens when a popular challenge or topic is currently viral and people are jumping on the bandwagon!

Importantly, these hashtags may have little to nothing to do with the beauty world. All the same, it’s worth it to experiment with these and add them to your video. You never know… You may just be able to capitalize on the moment of high popularity and increase your chances of your video(s) going viral!

Step #6: Jump On Trending Sounds

Another key tip is to make sure you jump on the right trend sound. Just like tags and challenges, sounds tend to go viral quickly. As such, if you can incorporate a trending sound into your video, you may be able to capitalize on the surge of popularity while it’s still fresh!

Step #7: Duet and/or Stitch Videos

Duets and Stitch videos are a great way to increase your reach and engagement!

A duet is when you create a video alongside another person’s content (usually by standing on the left or right side of the frame) – this then shows up as “your version” of that video in your followers’ feeds.

On the other hand, a stitch is when you combine two videos from different people into one. This would mean that the original video would first play for a few seconds, before changing to your video. It’s like a double feature!

Firstly, these can be great for collaborations. Secondly, it’s also a great way for posting content that’s new to your followers (but still leverages the popularity of someone else’s content). Just make sure to add something of value to your Duets and Stitches. Otherwise, your followers may be put off by the constant reposting.

Step 8: Post Regularly and Consistently

Another critical way to go viral on TikTok is to post regularly and consistently. This will ensure your followers don’t forget about you. Plus, it keeps the algorithm happy and it increases the chances of making it onto the For You Page – which is essential for TikTok stardom.

If you need help posting on a consistent basis, you may want to consider using a social media scheduling tool like Hootsuite or Buffer. This will help you plan and manage your content efficiently!

Step 9: Share Everywhere

You should also make sure that you share your video everywhere – especially on other social media platforms. This will not only help you reach more people, but it can also help to strengthen your online presence and build relationships with an even wider audience!

Step #10: Use TikTok to Network

It’s also a good idea to use TikTok as an opportunity to network and collaborate with other makeup artists. This will help you build meaningful relationships and increase the reach of your content!


You can do this by engaging with other people’s content, searching for influencers to work with, and even creating your own challenges or collaborations. Plus, when existing influencers learn about you, they may be inclined to give you a shout-out on their own videos, collaborate with you, and/or help you reach a wider audience!

Step #11: Make Sure Your Brand is Consistent

Finally, we need to talk about your brand. Basically, it’s important to make sure that your content is consistent with your brand image. This will ensure that you have a recognizable and memorable presence on TikTok.

So, when creating videos, make sure you stick to elements like:

  • The same filter (or no filter at all)
  • Similar angles and shot types
  • The same sound(s)/music(s) if you want to build an association between you and that sound
  • A signature intro/outro
  • Character recognition (if you create sketch content)
  • Consistent text/titles on your video thumbnails, etc.

By keeping your brand consistent, you not only build credibility and trust with your followers – you also make it easier for people to recognize you as a professional makeup artist!

PRO TIP: Need more help with your branding? This Beginner’s Guide breaks down everything you need to know!

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How to Go Viral on TikTok Overnight

Going viral on TikTok is no easy feat! It requires a lot of work, dedication and patience. For this reason, we don’t recommend going into things with the expectation that you’ll hit stardom overnight. Yes, while it can happen, it’s not guaranteed – and it certainly won’t happen if you don’t put in the effort.

But if you stay consistent, keep experimenting with new ideas, and follow the tips we mentioned above, you’ll eventually start to see results. Just make sure to stick to your authentic self and enjoy the process – it’s all part of the journey!

How to Go Viral on TikTok with No Followers

This leads us to the next question: Can you legitimately go viral on TikTok if you have little to no followers?

The answer is YES!

While having a large following does certainly help, you don’t actually need to have a massive following in order to go viral. After all, even the biggest TikTokers all had to start somewhere. In fact, there have been plenty of people who went viral with a tiny following… Only to have their follower count BLOW UP as a result of their video going viral!

The key here is to focus on the quality of your content instead of the quantity of followers you have. If you can create something valuable and entertaining enough, it’ll eventually reach a large audience no matter what! So, just keep creating and don’t give up!

How To Get TikTok Followers

Now, what if one of your goals is to build a massive follower count?

In that case, the best thing you can do – again – is to stay consistent and make sure your content is engaging. That said, here are a few additional tips you can use to help grow your following:

  • Figure out what kind of content works for the platform
  • Optimize for TikTok’s algorithm
  • Engage with other users in order to get your content seen
  • Partner with influencers or brands
  • Post regularly and stick to a schedule
  • Experiment with new ideas/styles
  • Use hashtags and trends strategically

By following these tips, you should be able to start gaining TikTok followers in no time! Plus, don’t forget that growing your follower count is a long-term strategy and should never be rushed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Lastly, let’s wrap things up by addressing a few frequently asked questions about going viral on TikTok:

Q: How long does it take to go viral on TikTok?

A: It depends on a few factors, such as the quality of your content and how often you post. That said, it can take anywhere from a few days to several weeks or months before a video goes viral.

Q: Do you need expensive equipment to go viral?

A: Not necessarily. There are tons of viral TikTokers who use nothing more than their phone or a webcam to film themselves. While having fancy cameras and editing software certainly helps, the most important factor is creating content that resonates with your audience.

With that in mind, just remember that if you do start to go viral, you may want to invest in fancier equipment. After all, the quality of your videos should always reflect the level of success you’re aiming for!

Q: How often should you post on TikTok to go viral?

A: Unfortunately, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer here. The best thing to do is experiment and see what works for you. That said, it’s generally recommended to post at least once a day in order to maximize your chances of success.

Q: How do you track your progress on TikTok?

A: TikTok makes it easy to track your progress by providing analytics for each of your videos, such as how many views and likes you’ve received. Additionally, you can check out the “Discover” page which shows who’s following you, what kind of content they like, and other insights into their behavior.

Q: How many views does it take to go viral on TikTok?

A: Again, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer here. Generally speaking though, you should aim for at least a few thousand views on a video in order to have a chance of going viral. Keep in mind though, even if you don’t get that many views, it’s still possible to go viral. So, don’t let it discourage you!

Q: How many likes does it take on a video for it to go viral?

A: Here’s the thing – likes are important, but they aren’t the only factor that determines if a video goes viral or not. So, while having a lot of likes certainly helps, it’s not necessarily an indication that your video will become viral.

Q: How do you do a TikTok makeup video?

A: Doing a makeup video on TikTok is pretty straightforward. First, pick the makeup look you’d like to create and then make sure you have everything you need to do the look. Next, take a few clips of yourself doing your makeup and add any music or effects (if desired). Finally, post the video and make sure to use relevant hashtags in order to get your content seen.

If you need some pointers for editing your TikTok videos, here are some resources you’ll probably find useful:

Q: Does going viral on TikTok really work?

A: Absolutely! There are countless TikTokers who have gone from having zero followers to millions in the span of a few weeks or months just by creating a few viral videos. So, if you’re willing to put in the work and show patience, you can definitely go viral on TikTok.

Q: Will getting certified as a makeup artist help you go viral on TikTok?

A: Yes, it can definitely help! Having a certification in makeup artistry can show that you have expertise and knowledge in the topic. Additionally, having a certification can give you credibility, which can help to attract more followers on TikTok.

Think of it this way: if you don’t actually know what you’re talking about, you’re more likely to demonstrate poor form and/or teach improper techniques. In turn, if you happen to go viral, it could be for entirely the wrong reason… And we know you don’t want that!

To ensure that you don’t run into this problem, make sure that if you’re demonstrating a makeup look or giving advice, you have the necessary qualifications to do so. The best way to achieve this level of expertise? Take a makeup certification course, such as any of the self-paced, online ones offered at QC Makeup Academy!

Become a fully trained and internationally-certified MUA in as little as 2 short months! Check out QC Makeup Academy’s full list of online training programs and enroll today!

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Going viral on TikTok is achievable if you have the right strategies. From creating engaging and shareable content, to leveraging analytics and understanding your audience – having a plan in place will help increase your chances of success. Additionally, getting certified as a makeup artist can also help to attract more followers and showcase your expertise in the topic!

So, what are you waiting for? With some hard work and dedication, you can become the next viral makeup artist on TikTok!

Good luck!

Launch your dream career as a professional makeup artist in as little as 8 short weeks. Enroll with QC Makeup Academy today!

Makeup classes article, May 21 2021, Feature Image

7 Reasons to Take Online Makeup Classes in 2021!

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Looking for a sign that YOU should take makeup classes and pursue your dream career in the beauty industry? QC Makeup Academy’s Student Ambassador, Veronika Kelle, is here to give you 7!

Veronika is a multi-graduate of QC Makeup Academy. Connect with her on Instagram, as well as in the Virtual Classroom on Facebook!

Veronika Kelle headshot

A Little About Me

Hi, my name is Veronika! I’m a Student Ambassador for QC Makeup Academy. I’ve graduated from QC’s Master Makeup Artistry Course, Pro Makeup Workshop, and Special FX Makeup Course.

Before I became a makeup artist, I ran my own modeling agency for 15 years. I operated as an organizer – as well as a manager – for beauty contests and fashion shows. During this time, I worked alongside models, photographers, and makeup artists. This experience is what made me fall in love with makeup artistry! So, I decided to make one of my big dreams come true: to learn professional makeup.

If YOU also want to be a professional MUA and want to be properly educated on makeup, keep reading on and don’t miss out on this article! Because today, I’m going to discuss 7 major reasons why aspiring makeup artists should make their dreams a reality this year by enrolling in online makeup classes!

First Thing’s First: Do You Need Professional Makeup Classes?

I definitely have to say yes – and let’s review why!

Legitimate, professional makeup classes are completely different from learning makeup through social media or by watching influencers. In reputable certification courses, students are taught many different aspects of makeup. You get to learn about:

  • Skincare;
  • Makeup styles and types;
  • Makeup theory;
  • Core techniques;
  • Makeup tools;
  • Cosmetic products;
  • The color wheel;
  • Face shapes;
  • Skin tones and disorders;
  • Proper sanitizing techniques;
  • How to deliver excellent customer service;
  • Business etiquette;
  • And SO much more!
Makeup classes article, Veronika Kelle, May 21 2021

Furthermore, one of the most important documents you’ll receive after you complete your course will be an internationally-recognized certification! Thus, your training will turn you into a designated, trained, and recognized professional makeup artist.

With this certification, you can work privately by launching your very own makeup business. Alternately, you can work on films, television productions, and theatrical shows. Maybe you’ll want to specialize in special events makeup, such as bridal makeup for weddings.

The point is, the sky is limitless once you have proper training! You simply cannot get all these benefits by learning makeup through social media, or by only watching makeup tutorial videos on YouTube.

7 Reasons to Take Online Makeup Classes

1 – Online makeup classes are often self-paced and flexible!

At least, that’s how it works with QC Makeup Academy!

Generally speaking, though, online schools typically offer a higher degree of flexibility in terms of when and where you complete your course. QC’s online makeup classes are 100% self-paced and flexible. You can work on your assignments whenever you have free time. What’s more – you can do it in your home, meaning that you don’t need to spend time or money commuting to school.

I think this is a very good option, especially during pandemic time. If you’re not able to travel due to local restrictions, in-person training won’t even be an option for you. Online makeup classes will quickly become your very best friend!

Veronika Kelle surrounded by makeup classes textbooks and laptop, working on studies

2 – You’ll have a safe learning environment!

Just because online makeup classes are the safer alternative to in-person ones, doesn’t mean that you’ll be sacrificing the quality of your learning. On the contrary, the right online makeup school will give you the exact same high-quality, hands-on learning experience as any brick-and-mortar counterparts.

Amidst the COVID pandemic, this aspect is arguably more important than ever. In the safety of your home, you don’t need to worry about getting infected. Furthermore, you don’t need to wear a mask or concern yourself with proper social distancing rules (unless doing one of your assignments on a model outside of your immediate bubble). But at the same time, you’ll still be getting all of the informative lessons, hands-on training, and personalized tutor feedback you’d receive from an in-person setting.

It’s the best of both worlds!

3 – Online makeup classes are more budget-friendly!

In general, online learning is a more affordable option. Online schools don’t have as many costs as bricks-and-mortar schools. This is because they don’t need to worry about operating physical buildings/classrooms, maintenance costs, etc.

But wait, it gets even better! Not only is the tuition is lower with online makeup classes – but many additional expenses, such as travel costs and course materials, are eliminated, too. Instead of course materials tacking on an additional fee to the course tuition, many online schools simply include the course materials as part of their tuition.

QC Makeup Academy’s tuition, for example, is highly competitive. It’s also remarkably flexible. You have the option to pay your course in full (in which case, you’ll get a few hundred bucks deducted from the overall cost), or you can take advantage of their low monthly payment plan. Plus, once you enroll in a QC course, all of your future courses will be 50% off!

Oh, and did I mention that as a student of QC Makeup Academy, you’ll also receive access to all these amazing makeup discounts with big-name brands?

4 – You’ll earn an internationally-recognized certification!

Here’s the deal: enrolling in professional makeup classes means you’ll be setting your career up for success. Why? Well, in addition to the skill-set you’ll develop and the knowledge you’ll acquire, you’ll also earn an internationally-recognized certification once you finish your training!

Proper makeup schools will provide their graduates with a reputable certification. This certification will make you and your business EXTREMELY competitive on the market. Not to mention, having this qualification will also boost your self-confidence – and your clients will feel more confident about your abilities, too!

QC Makeup Academy holds an A+ ranking with the Better Business Bureau. They’ve been a pioneer for online learning since 1984, and all of their online courses and certifications are internationally-recognized!

Veronika Kelle with QC certifications

5 – You can learn how to offer virtual makeup services!

These days, virtual services are all the rage. Especially since COVID began, they’ve allowed business owners and industry experts to continue offering their services in a way that keeps everyone safe and socially distanced.

Through the right makeup classes, YOU can learn how to offer virtual makeup services. With this specialized training, you to start your business and begin booking clients both during and after the pandemic. Never again will distance stop you from booking a customer! In fact, thanks to virtual services, you’ll be able to work with people from all over the world!

Want to take this one step further? Extend your services by offering online skincare consultations, in addition to your makeup services. You can also use this as an opportunity to organize virtual makeup workshops or host online classes of your own!

Click here to learn all about QC Makeup Academy’s Virtual Makeup Training mini course!

6 – Online makeup classes will also give you business training!

As part of your makeup course, you’ll also receive plenty of business training. As a result, you’ll able to hit the ground running once the pandemic is over! QC Makeup Academy’s online classes provide business and marketing sections of their course curriculums that offer useful and practical exercises, as well as marketing and promotion tips. You’ll learn valuable skills to best manage yourself, launch a successful makeup business, and develop a high-quality portfolio.

Veronika's textbooks for the Master Makeup Artistry Course

7 – You’ll become part of an amazing online community!

QC Makeup Academy has an AMAZING online community, especially within the Virtual Classroom on Facebook. You can pop in and chat with students and alumni, while receiving sneak peeks at upcoming exclusive content. Furthermore, you’re able to connect with fellow makeup artists around the world, which will help you build your professional network. Plus, the Virtual Classroom is an awesome place to receive guidance from the school, get constructive feedback from your peers, and learn new techniques from celebrity MUA, Nathan Johnson!

In my experience, I’ve come to find that QC Makeup Academy is not just a school. Rather, QC is a fun, family environment that offers everyone a safe place to learn. Studying with QC has been such a pleasure!

Ready to make your dreams a reality? Become a professional makeup artist in as little as 3-6 months by enrolling in QC’s online makeup classes today!

Professional makeup kit article, Apr 21 2021, Feature Image

8 Items You DON’T Need in Your Professional Makeup Kit

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Building your professional makeup kit? Renowned MUA, Charlotte Ravet, reveals 8 items you can skip completely!

Charlotte is the proud owner of her very own hair and makeup business, A Date With Charlotte. From bridal, to editorial, to film and television, and everything in-between – Charlotte’s extensive makeup training allows her to provide a wide variety of services that cater to ALL types of clientele!

Her extensive resume includes working for Prada, L’Oreal, and even the cast of the hit show, Glee! A developer of educational programs, Charlotte has even been awarded Best Makeup Educator of the Year by the Australian Industry Makeup Awards.

What You Want vs. What You Need

As makeup artists, we’re constantly looking for the right products for our professional makeup kit. When a new product launches, we always want to try it! But after a few years, I realized that many of my investments weren’t actually necessary.

For starters, it was taking me a lot of time to actually organize everything. Not to mention, we have to carry our kits wherever we go. The more products I bought, the less likely I’d be to transport all of these products to every job. However, there was one factor that was even more important: all of these products were costing me a lot of money!

It was time to rethink my strategy. So, I decided to downsize my professional makeup kit.

My Top Tip for Building Your Professional Makeup Kit

Over the years, I’ve followed a ton of makeup accounts and Facebook groups that offer awesome advice for organizing your kit. One such example is The Artist’s Arsenal. If you’re ever looking for tips and tricks, a little internet research never hurts!

Personally, the #1 piece of advice I often give to my students is to build your professional makeup kit according to the type of work you donot according to what will gain you “Insta fame”. Prepare your kit in advance and tailor it to that specific job you’re about to do. If you want to keep your makeup kit uncluttered and organized, I also recommend focusing solely on the products you absolutely NEED to have.

Yes, this means that there are certain products you can avoid purchasing altogether! What are these products, you might be thinking? Here are 8 that I feel aren’t necessary…

Professional makeup kit article, Apr 21 2021, In-post image

8 Products You DON’T Need in Your Professional Makeup Kit

1 – Too many eyeshadow palettes

Look, I get it: it’s very tempting to buy every new eyeshadow palette that hits the market. After all, eyeshadow is one of the products that appeals to us most. It’s so satisfying to look at color combinations and imagine the makeup looks we can create with them.

But realistically, your professional makeup kit doesn’t need to be swimming with palettes. The fact is, you probably have very similar shades in your kit already. Remember: too many palettes can quickly become heavy and take a bunch of unnecessary space!

Personally, I have 3 large magnetic eyeshadow palettes: one with bright colors one, one with neutrals, and one with metallic colors. In my experience, I’ve found that this is more than enough! If I need colors that are not included in my palettes, I can create them by mixing the colors I do have.

Carrying around fewer eyeshadow palettes makes each job a lot easier and better organized. I also keep my metallics and mattes separate. This way, I can avoid having shimmer in my matte shades (as this can be an issue for film and TV makeup).

2 – Mineral foundations

You will almost never use mineral foundation for professional makeup applications. Yes, it can be a great, fun product for personal, everyday use. But mineral foundation doesn’t offer the right coverage. Moreover, its longevity is often not strong enough for the purpose of professional makeup applications.

Mascara wands and brush varieties

3 – Mascaras with a fancy brush

For hygiene reasons, you absolutely CANNOT use any mascara wands directly on the eyes of your client. So, there’s no need to buy expensive mascaras with fancy applicators. When working on clients, you will strictly use disposable applicators or a little fan brush.

4 – Glass bottle packaging

I definitely recommend decanting your liquid foundations and creams into smaller containers. Similarly, you should also depot any powdered products in a similar fashion. The one thing to remember is that you shouldn’t transfer your products into glass containers. They’re clunky and when added up, can become a bit heavy in your kit.

Small, airless, plastic bottles (capable of holding up to 10 mL) are typically the types of packaging most recommended. You can easily find and purchase them online. These small bottles can hold a surprisingly large amount of product. Plus, they’re very convenient and light to carry.

Simply use a label maker to label your products accordingly. This will allow you to easily find them within your professional makeup kit. If you want to decant your lipsticks, your best bet would be to transfer them into clear, plastic palettes.

5 – Tinted moisturizers and cushion foundations

For the same reasons I listed above in #2, you would not use these products in your professional makeup kit.

beauty blender sponges in different colors

6 – Blending sponges

Here’s an exception: blending sponges can be a worthwhile investment only so long as you’re buying them in bulk – and at a good price.

That being said, blending sponges come with their own hygiene and safety concerns as well. This is especially the case if you’re using them on clients. Sponges should have a unique usage, so you’ll only be able to use them on one client at a time – and that’s it.

As you can imagine, this can quickly become super expensive! If you’re adamant about using sponges, stick to latex ones. Buy them in bulk and search around for a good bargain. Single use latex sponges are usually the makeup artist’s choice.

7 – Expensive skincare products with active ingredients

A common misconception is that you need to have expensive skincare products as part of your professional makeup kit. I can see why you’d think this way. After all, when applying makeup, skin prep is critical! It’s the key to ensuring a long-lasting application, as well as radiant skin.

Here’s the thing, though… Hydrating oils, serums, and creams should definitely be part of your kit. But you don’t actually need to go further than this. This is because we often apply makeup for one-wear instances. However, most of the active ingredients within high-quality skincare products are not effective unless used continuously.

If your client has skin issues, this is where proper skincare training and a certification will come especially handy! Not only will you be able to take care of their immediate goals; you can also assess their skin and recommend a long-term skincare routine that’ll benefit them well after their appointment!

Pro Tip: Always avoid products that contain perfumes and/or have zero active ingredients. This will help limit the risk of allergies and adverse reactions!

makeup artist applying eyeliner to client

8 – Liquid eyeliner

Generally speaking, this is a product that can be difficult to use on individuals. Liquid eyeliner is also considered unhygienic for professional use. After all, using the same brush on different clients – especially so close to the eyes – is strongly recommended against!

Now, liquid eyeliner can be acceptable for creative applications. For instance, you could use this product on ONE specific client during that one job. I did this for some of my own creative shoots. Personally, I absolutely love the vinyl finish of liquid eyeliner.

However, I’ve also discovered that eyeliner is best applied on clients when using a tiny wheel as the applicator. This will give you a perfect, straight line. Plus, it’s fantastic for photoshoot applications especially!

Building Your Professional Makeup Kit: My Last Piece of Advice

When building your professional makeup kit, here’s one final thing to keep in mind: limit yourself to the essentials for each category. For example, you don’t need a lot of different creams! A lightweight, rich moisturizer is often enough.

The more products you add to your kit, the harder it’ll become to find the products you need during the job. In fact, after a few years, you’ll likely start noticing certain products that you never use at all. Sometimes, you’ll have to throw away barely-touched products because they’ve exceeded their expiry date. This can be pretty frustrating – but it’s also a good learning experience.

As you begin building your makeup kit, remember: your kit will be unique to YOUR business. It might not look like any other MUA’s kit out there, but this is okay! This is what makes us all unique: our technique, the products we use, and our love of the craft!

Did you know that when you enroll in QC’s Master Makeup Artistry Course, we’ll provide you with the core products needed for your professional makeup kit? Learn more here and get started today!

Makeup artist training ambassador feature Ozella McClendon feature image

Ambassador Feature: Ozella McClendon

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Makeup artist training article Ozella McClendon Mar 11 2021

Ozella McClendon

Makeup Artist Training Completed with QC: Master Makeup Artistry Graduate

Cincinnati, Ohio

Tell us a little bit about yourself!

My name is Ozella McClendon and I live in Cincinnati, Ohio. I’m a Preschool/Pre-K teacher and have been working with children for over 18 years. However, I have always had a passion for the makeup industry.

My love for makeup started when I was a teenager. I was introduced to it by my mother, who also had a passion for makeup and fashion. She was my first unofficial makeup instructor. My mother taught me how to apply foundation, eyeshadow, and lipstick. Her love for makeup and fashion was my inspiration to get makeup artist training and turn this into a real career!

Why did you decide to pursue makeup artist training and become a certified professional?

I miss my mother, who has been deceased for over 20 years. To be honest, I became a professional makeup artist so I could connect with her and heal from her passing. Every time I complete an application, I realize that my healing process is connected to each individual makeup application. Becoming a makeup artist not only provided me with a way to heal – it also allowed me to make one of my dreams a reality, too.

Ozella makeup portfolio image 1

How would you describe your makeup style?

I’d describe my makeup style as bold, vibrant, and full of life. I love to apply various shades of colors to enhance the beauty of each model, while still considering the natural beauty of that model. Furthermore, I consider the shades of eyeshadows, lipstick, and eyeliner for their desired look.

I combine their ideas with mine and add creative enhancements to create their look. If my model asks me to create an application based on my own preferences, then I usually use bold and glamorous shades.

Why did you decide to pursue your makeup artist training online, rather than a brick-and-mortar classroom?

I decided to do my makeup artist training online because I needed the option of self-paced learning. As a full-time teacher, I needed a program that would fit with my work schedule.

The greatest part about completing your makeup training online – particularly with QC Makeup Academy – is the ability to watch the online tutorials. The online tutorials provided me with instructions that I could continually review at a later date. They’ve provided me with some greats tips that have helped me complete various makeup applications.

To me, the #1 advantage of attending online makeup classes is having daily access to materials and tutorials.

How did you find out about QC Makeup Academy? What made you choose to pursue your makeup artist training with this school?

I actually came across QC Makeup Academy back in 2019. I’d finally made the decision to become a professional MUA and was searching the internet for makeup artist training options available to me.

Once I discovered QC, I was SO excited about taking makeup classes! I was amazed by the different online courses they offered. At that moment, I knew I’d found the right program for me. So, I enrolled!

For me, the greatest aspects of attending QC Makeup Academy are:

  • Their makeup artist training is taught entirely online, so I can do it from anywhere;
  • It’s self-paced;
  • As a result, I can maintain my daily responsibilities.
Ozella makeup portfolio image 2

Before enrolling in QC Makeup Academy’s Master Makeup Artistry Course, what would you say your skill level was with makeup? Did you have any prior professional makeup artist training?

I enrolled into QC Makeup Academy’s Makeup Master Artistry Course with some previous experience. I had basic knowledge about makeup from being taught by my mother. She showed me techniques that she’d learned over the years.

I read articles, watched tutorials, and practiced different ideas on myself. Plus, I took free makeup classes at a cosmetics store, as well as with a local makeup artist.

You’ve since graduated from this program. How was your experience with this course? How valuable were the course materials, assignments, and tutor feedback?

My experience with QC Makeup Academy was amazing. I’m glad I decided to enroll and do my makeup artist training through this school! In the beginning, I was provided with makeup brushes, a makeup kit, and books to assist me. The products provided in my makeup kit allowed me to jump into my studies right away.

Each unit provided me with the opportunity to practice steps of each makeup application. This was awesome because if I needed to make any corrections to the application, I was able to review the tutorial.

My tutor, Nathan Johnson, always took the time to look at every single photo and give me great feedback. Nathan provided suggestions on how I could improve my skills. This feedback, along with his words encouragement, gave me the inspiration needed to complete the Master Makeup Artistry program.

You completed the bulk of your makeup artist training during the COVID-19 pandemic. In what ways did QC Makeup Academy’s self-paced, online learning environment make it possible for you to graduate from your program during lockdown?

The ability to complete my makeup artist training during the lockdown was one of my greatest accomplishments in 2020. The fact that QC Makeup Academy sent all of my course materials right to my home was wonderful – especially in light of the pandemic.

Furthermore, being off work provided me the time to accomplish this particular goal. I had access to the online materials and I had physical access to the makeup kit QC sent me. Plus, I had the ability to chat with QC’s Student Support Staff whenever I needed. This made it easy for me to complete the Master Makeup Artistry Course!

Ozella makeup portfolio image 3

In your opinion, what are 3 of the most important lessons you learned as a result of your makeup artist training with QC Makeup Academy?

Firstly, the most important lesson I’ve learned from my QC training is the placement of the product. Product placement determines the outcome of your makeup application. QC Makeup Academy taught me how to apply, blend, and identify the colors needed to achieve a successful makeup application.

Next, I also learned about which brushes to use when applying makeup. The brushes used to apply makeup play a major role in creating your client’s desired look. As such, it’s important to be able to identify and use the proper brushes for the proper products.

Lastly, I learned about color correction. A makeup artist must consider the various skin tones when applying makeup on a client. Choosing the right shade when color correcting can create a flawless application! If you choose a shade that does not complement your client’s skin, it will become a negative focal point of your makeup application. Ideally, the color correction for your client’s skin should blend into their natural complexion.

You’ve recently joined QC’s team of Student Ambassadors. As an Ambassador, what’s the #1 thing you want aspiring makeup artists to know about QC Makeup Academy?

As a graduate of the Master Makeup Artistry program, I can confidently say that I was able to learn SO much from QC’s makeup artist training! Their courses provide students with tutors who are true industry professionals. Moreover, students are given a variety of ways to learn (via tutorials, textbook learning, hands-on assignments, and more).

Then there’s also the invaluable feedback you’ll receive as a QC student. The feedback I personally received was encouraging. Even when I was given constructive criticism, it was done with love. My tutor feedback pushed me study my craft even harder, in order to make improvements. I would definitely recommend this program to anyone who wants to be a professional MUA!

makeup artist training blog article Ozella portfolio image 4

Now that you have makeup artist training and a certification under your belt, what are your top career goals as an MUA?

My top career goal is to become a freelance makeup artist with a specialization in bridal makeup. I’d like to prepare brides and their wedding parties for their special day. The idea of my work being displayed in photos and on social media brings great joy to my life!

I also want to create my own cosmetic line someday; developing various shades to enhance the beauty of people all over the world!

What is the #1 piece of advice you’d like to give to aspiring MUAs who are thinking of pursuing professional makeup artist training in 2021?

Have a willingness to learn new techniques!

It’s important to research and study different types of makeup applications. A makeup artist should strive to provide quality service. They should also be willing to receive feedback from clients. Your clients’ feedback concerning their experience with you can be a great learning too. Plus, it can also be an awesome way to promote your business!

Once you’re able to receive feedback from your clients, it will advance you to the next level in this industry. A makeup artist should constantly gain new skills, be open to feedback, and always consider the needs of the client. This will allow you to truly grow and develop your skills.

Ready to start your dream career? Begin your makeup artist training today by enrolling with QC Makeup Academy!

makeup artist courses video angelica hamlin feb 18 2021 feature image

Why I Enrolled in Makeup Artist Courses as a Licensed Cosmetologist!

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Professional makeup artist courses offer vastly different training than what you’ll find in cosmetology school. Want to learn more? QC Makeup Academy‘s very own Student Ambassador, Angelica Hamlin, is here today to discuss why she chose to get makeup training – even though she’s already a licensed cosmetologist!

Why a Licensed Cosmetologist Chose to Enroll in QC’s Makeup Artist Courses

Angelica Hamlin is a student of QC’s Skincare Course. She is also a graduate of the Master Makeup Artistry and Virtual Makeup Training programs. Prior to enrolling with QC Makeup Academy, Angelica was first trained and licensed as a cosmetologist.

However, she found her cosmetology training to be rather limited when it came to makeup. It covered the basics, but not much else. Since Angelica wanted to add these services to her beauty business, she decided to enroll in makeup artist courses. This way, she could add to her existing qualifications and gain the extensive makeup knowledge she didn’t find in cosmetology school.

So, why did she choose to enroll with QC Makeup Academy? What specifically did she learn at QC that she didn’t learn before?

Watch the video below to find out!

Want to connect directly with Angelica? Join our Virtual Classroom on Facebook today!

Makeup Artist Courses vs. Cosmetology School

There are a few key difference between the type of training you’ll receive from makeup artist courses versus what’s taught in cosmetology school. Here’s a general breakdown of these differences:

Makeup Training

  • Focuses specifically on makeup artistry
  • Delves deeply into foundational techniques, theories, principles, and applications
  • Offers extensive training into different areas of makeup (i.e. bridal, editorial, SFX, runway, film & television, etc.)
  • Teaches hygiene and safety training
  • Gives you the tools to launch/maintain a successful career as a makeup expert
  • Provides a reputable makeup artistry certification or certificate upon completion

Cosmetology Training

  • Required to teach specific curriculums that meet a regulated standard for cosmetologists
  • Teaches a broader set of beauty-related skills, such as working with hair, nails, and skin
  • As a result, a cosmetologist can offer certain beauty services that an MUA might not be able to
  • However, training focuses less on makeup artistry (only tends to teach the basics)
  • Provides a reputable cosmetology license upon completion
  • Typically requires a written or practical test to be completed in order to obtain this license
makeup artist applying makeup to model with beauty blender

Why You Should Enroll in QC’s Makeup Artist Courses

Cosmetology training is definitely beneficial. But makeup artist courses always the best way to go if you want to work as a professional MUA. So, here are just a handful of reasons why you should train QC Makeup Academy:

  • QC’s tuition rates are highly competitive (less than the cost of cosmetology school)!
  • Low monthly payment plans AND monthly promotions help lower the costs even more!
  • QC Makeup Academy has an A+ ranking with the BBB!
  • We’ve also been pioneering online learning since 1984!
  • Our courses and certifications are internationally-recognized!
  • Foundational, Specialty, and Advanced Courses offer training for makeup artists of ALL skill levels!
  • Train from the comfort of your own home, at your own pace!
  • Gain hands-on training through practical assignments!
  • Receive regular feedback from your industry expert tutor!
  • You’ll be able to connect and network with QC’s large community of peers and instructors!
  • And SO much more!
makeup artist courses angelica hamlin article last in-post image

Ready to get started? Enroll in QC’s makeup artist courses and graduate in as little as 3-6 months!

QC Fam Friday: Debunking Common Makeup Artist Myths

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Welcome to QC Makeup Fam Friday! This new monthly series will explore the thoughts, stories, and opinions of real QC students and grads. Each month, they’ll weigh in on topics surrounding makeup training, finding work in the professional world, and being a makeup artist in the beauty industry!

Today, they’re here to answer one very insightful question: What is one common myth about makeup artists that you want to debunk here and now? 

Let’s see what the QC makeup fam has to say!

makeup artist, Rachael Lauderbach

Rachael Lauderbach

Master Makeup Artistry / Pro Makeup Workshop

“I've heard this one a lot recently: 'You don't have to be trained to be a legit makeup artist'"

makeup artist, Jeff Wilkins

Jeff Wilkins

Master Makeup Artistry / Portfolio Development Workshop

"'Makeup is for women, and men are not supposed to wear makeup or do anything related to makeup.'"

makeup artist, Chablis Lyster

Chablis Lyster

Master Makeup Artistry

"'Oh, you're doing an online makeup course? It's much better if you do it in person. Nobody will use you if you got your certification online.'"

makeup artist, Toni Brussow

Toni Brussow

Master Makeup Artistry / Pro Makeup Workshop

"I hate hearing, 'Why do you need to wear makeup to feel good about yourself?' So untrue!"

makeup artist, Stephanie McCown

Stephanie McCown

Master Makeup Artistry / Skincare

"I haven't heard too many myths about makeup artists specifically. But I often hear that makeup is like a mask. But the truth is, makeup that is applied with good technique enhances beauty already there. It doesn't reinvent the person's appearance."

makeup artist, Erica McAdams

Erica McAdams

Master Makeup Artistry / Skincare

"'It's not a real career.' 'You won't make any money.' 'You're too smart to pursue that.'"

makeup artist, Erica Starr Cano

Erica Starr Cano

Master Makeup Artistry / Skincare / Virtual Makeup / Hair Styling Essentials

"'[You'll] never make money and this won’t end up being a career.' - The 88-year-old grandpa I take care of."

makeup artist, Sarah Kuntz

Sarah Kuntz

Master Makeup Artistry / Skincare

"'Makeup isn’t a real job, it’s just a hobby.' No! It’s a real job, and it takes someone special to see this. I’ve learned to ignore people and follow my dreams."

makeup artist, Manica Jacques

Manica Jacques

Master Makeup Artistry / Pro Makeup Workshop / Skincare

"'Why do [you] want to be a makeup artist when [you] already have a career? [You're] just wasting [your] time!' I’m planning to do the skincare course as well."

makeup artist, Jennifer Cecil

Jennifer Cecil

Master Makeup Artistry / Pro Makeup Workshop

"'The only money in makeup is bridal (or during wedding season)' or 'You have to be big on YouTube or Instagram to get anywhere.'"

makeup artist, Lucy Serra

Lucy Serra

Master Makeup Artistry

"'I'm a makeup artist too!' But when I asked that person where they trained and what kind of makeup they did, they told me they only did makeup on themselves because people skeeved her.

makeup artist, Rox Hernandez-Villareal

Rox Hernandez-Villareal

Master Makeup Artistry / Pro Makeup Workshop

"'You retired from a legal career of 22 years - to do makeup? Isn’t that what everyone already does? Just do a YouTube tutorial.' No! I want to go to school for my training so that it's my main career. You can find endless possibilities in many career fields."

makeup artist, Savanna Rae Howell

Savanna Rae Howell

Master Makeup Artistry / Virtual Makeup

"'You won't go anywhere being a makeup artist, unless you get into television - and there aren't many open opportunities for that.' I think opportunities can be created! Right now, I love doing weddings and events/ Hopefully one day, I can do more than that. When that time comes, it's not going to be because I got lucky - but because of the work and dedication I put into it."

makeup artist, Christelle van Jaarsveld

Christelle van Jaarsveld

Master Makeup Artistry / Pro Makeup Workshop

"'You're too old to be a makeup artist.'"

Ready to join QC’s awesome family and become a professional makeup artist? Check out QC Makeup Academy’s wide variety of courses here!

model with airbrush makeup

4 Reasons to Add Airbrush Makeup to Your Career

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Look, we won’t beat around the bush: airbrush makeup is a not-so-secret weapon that all makeup artists should take full advantage of! Whether you’re just starting out, or you’re already well-established, it’s important to remember that there will always be more things to learn and more skills to add to your repertoire.

Airbrush makeup is one of those handy fortes that can skyrocket your makeup business to heights you never before imagined. Why? We’re glad you asked!

Here are 4 reasons why you should consider getting airbrush makeup training today!

makeup artist using airbrush on client

1. Airbrush Makeup Can Help You Stand Out!

Talk about setting yourself apart from the competition! In today’s beauty industry, makeup artists are a dime a dozen. Unfortunately, this means that you could be the absolute best in the business – but if you can’t bring something new to the table, it could prove difficult to make a name for yourself (especially in the beginning).

Airbrush makeup is a hot commodity that’s likely to be around for years to come. But despite its popularity, many makeup artists don’t have any background with it, and as such, don’t offer it as a business service.  This is where you can come in and corner that market in your area!

Having a niche is a guaranteed way to rise above your competitors and be seen by prospective clients. When that niche is airbrush makeup? Chances are, you’ll start getting more clients than you know what to do with!

2. You Can Branch into Other Areas of the Beauty Industry!

One of the best parts about airbrush makeup is that it’s eclectic. Once you’ve learned the fundamental skills and techniques, you can use your airbrush services to branch out into all sorts of different beauty industries!

For instance, would you be interested in working in Special FX makeup? How about bridal, editorial, or fashion makeup? Being an MUA for TV and film is even an option, too! By becoming an airbrush makeup master, the sky becomes the limit. You’ll never have to feel pigeonholed into one specific facet of the industry. Instead, you can dabble in multiple different beauty industries and become a true multipotentialite!

3. Airbrush Makeup Can Increase Your Salary!

As I mentioned earlier, a lot of MUAs don’t offer airbrush makeup services. This makes it a specialty service that’s in high demand, but hard to actually find. By extension, if you’re able to offer it as part of your makeup business, you’ll quickly become high in demand, too.

In addition, you’ll have grounds to charge more for this type of service. Here are just a few reasons why:

  • It’s a rarity (if, of course, it’s not a widely offered service in your area)
  • The time, money, and products invested into your professional training
  • The price of your equipment
  • The regular investment needed to re-stock your water and silicone makeup
  • The more areas of the body you can work on (i.e. full face, body, etc.), the more you can make for those services

Note: Since you’ve taken the time to add to your existing training and further your education, you’d also be within your right to increase the prices of all your other services, too. Just make sure to keep your rates realistic! While you should always be paid what you’re worth, you don’t want to overcharge and risk scaring away potential clients.

makeup artist putting product into airbrush machine

4. You’ll Become Even Stronger at Your Craft!

Real talk: do you want to be a good makeup artist or a great one?

As with any craft, the more you learn about it, the better you’ll be. In the world of makeup artistry, trends are always changing and new techniques are forever being discovered. While it’s important to have a handle on the classic fundamentals, it’s just as important to expand your knowledge and challenge yourself to learn more. Otherwise, you’re limiting yourself and putting a glass ceiling on your ability to grow.

When you add airbrush makeup to your skill-set, you’re broadening your horizons. You’re being introduced to a whole new world of techniques and applications, and then you’re putting them into practice and mastering them. From there, you can make them your own by adding your own style and flair into the mix!

One of the very first things all aspiring MUAs should know is that you can never know everything. This shouldn’t be seen as a negative, but a positive! Taking in new information and pushing yourself to be better is all part of being a beauty expert. You never want to grow stagnant and stuck in your ways. You need to be able to adapt to the world around you and keep up with what’s in demand.

Getting airbrush makeup training is definitely an effective way to do that!

makeup artist using airbrush on client

What are some others perks to becoming an airbrush makeup artist? Let us know in the comments below!

Learn all about QC Makeup Academy’s Airbrush Makeup Workshop and get started today!

makeup artist certification graduate, maryam bahji

Graduate Feature: Maryam Bahji

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Tell us a little bit about yourself!

My name is Maryam Bahji! I’m currently a 20-year-old makeup artist located in Victoria, BC, Canada. I am currently studying Business Marketing in college, while growing my own entrepreneurial business. I started my makeup artistry business when I had just turned 18 (fresh out of high school). That was just over 2 years ago, and so far, I have come a long way!

I’ve worked with many different photographers. I’ve been published in two magazines, and I’ve worked on countless brides. It’s safe to say that I have found my passion, hobby, and career all in one! I am originally from Iran, but I was born and raised in Qatar, and moved to Canada when I was 11.

I speak 4 languages: Farsi, Arabic, English, and Urdu. I love being active, and have been an avid gym-goer since I was 12. I’ve been lifting weights ever since! Going to the gym has boosted my confidence drastically, which has positively impacted my life. I also really love dogs! I have a Chihuahua miniature pin mix named Mocca. She has brought so much joy into my life since I got her!

Why did you decide to get your makeup artist certification and pursue makeup professionally?

For as long as I can remember, I have tried to find a way to make others happy. I tried out different methods, but I never stuck to any of them, as I had no passion for them. I did not want to forget my motive: “making people happy”. Therefore, I thought to myself, ‘What is something that I can do to bring joy to others, that I also enjoy at the same time?’

I have always had a passion for makeup. It was the only talent that I was able to master. The moment that I realized I could turn my passion into a career – and also realized that this profession is all about boosting others’ confidence and bringing smiles to people’s faces – I instantly made it happen. I haven’t looked back since!

Not a day goes by where I am doing someone’s makeup and it feels like a “job” to me. I love getting to spend time with people on the biggest days of their lives. I take pride and honor in that! I believe that the career I have chosen is such a great motivation that I have in my life. It constantly pushes me to progress, try harder, and do better in everything that I come across.

How would you describe your makeup style?

The areas where I excel and get most creative would definitely have to be dramatic makeup. Examples of these would be:

Why did you choose to pursue your professional makeup artist certification online, instead of in-person?

The reason I chose online makeup training is because I am a person with a really busy schedule. I’m taking 6 classes at college, I have a part-time job, and I also have a makeup business to run.

I needed to find a way where I could fit makeup school into my timetable, as I really wanted to become a certified artist. That was when I found QC Makeup Academy, and decided to take the opportunity after doing research into the school.

Ultimately, what made you decide to earn your makeup artist certification with QC Makeup Academy?

The reason I enrolled with QC Makeup Academy was because I found nothing but great reviews about the school! Their prices are very reasonable, and they give you an incredible amount of time to finish your courses (leaving you with very little stress to worry about)!

You’ve graduated from QC’s Master Makeup Artistry Course. What was the most valuable part of this program for you and why?

The most valuable thing that I took away from that course is being able to present myself as a certified makeup artist. I believe it was what I needed in order to be able to carry myself higher than I already was. It has given me a feeling of professionalism, and I really love that!

You’re also currently enrolled in QC’s Skincare Course with celebrity MUA and skin consultant, Nathan Johnson. How are you enjoying this course so far? How is this additional training adding to your overall skill-set as a makeup artist?

I believe that one of the key things that makes a makeup artist an incredible and outstanding one is a thorough understanding of how their client’s skin works. They need to be able to know which products should be used for the best results, based on the client’s individual needs.

I don’t think I’ll be getting into the skincare business, but I wanted to make sure that I am educated as a makeup artist. This course is definitely giving me that boost! It allows me to speak with confidence. I am a lot more knowledgeable about certain products, ingredients, and skin types.

On your Instagram, you state that the goal of your business is “enhancement of natural beauty”. Can you elaborate on this?

This goal means a lot to me, and it’s the reason why I made it my business motto! I want all of my clients to know that they are already beautiful, internally and externally. They do not need makeup to make them more beautiful.

Instead, I want them to understand that makeup is a tool that can help them express how they feel, and at the same time, enhance their natural features. It’s not a tool that will lower their confidence about themselves as soon as they wash it off.

You specialize in both engagement/bridal services and South Asian bridal services. For those interested in pursuing the same path, in what ways are these two specialties similar? In what ways are they different?

Understanding culture is key to understanding how the makeup industry works. Every culture celebrates weddings differently; with different styles of makeup, dressing, and how their events are organized.

The similarity between normal bridal services and South Asian bridal services is that they are both a celebration of the start of a new chapter in life! However, the style of makeup that goes into each one is incredibly different. That’s simply due to the culture differences! One prefers simple, elegant, and natural makeup for their wedding. On the other hand, the other culture prefers incredible, dramatic makeup!

You also teach makeup lessons. Have you started providing virtual makeup lessons since social distancing went into effect? If so, how has that been going for you?

I have definitely considered providing online makeup lessons. However, I believe that it would be a much better idea if I grew my following and popularity first, before providing lessons online. When the time comes for that, I’d like to be qualified enough to provide workshops, as well as one-on-one virtual classes for people all around the world.

This goal is something that requires a lot of planning. I do not want to launch a service without making sure it is the best I can provide for my clients!

What has been the proudest moment in your makeup career (so far)?

Every opportunity that goes by makes me incredibly proud. The fact that I get to spend the happiest moments of people lives with them (such as engagements and weddings), and having such an important role on that day, gives me so much joy! As far as accomplishments go, I have been published in 2 magazines already, and that has made me incredibly proud. It’s motivated me to keep pushing, and to keep excelling in what I do best!

What’s on the horizon for your Marmari Beauty in 2021 and beyond?

In 2021, if the world has gone through the pandemic successfully, I plan to start travelling and exploring all the different cultures and styles of makeup around the world. As I said, I believe culture is a substantial part of being a successful makeup artist. To be able to understand the various styles that my clients want is very important.

Travelling for makeup will give me a better sense of understanding about the beauty industry, worldwide. On top of that, going all around the world will also give me more opportunities. It’ll allow me to build my connections with people from all over the globe! I do want to become a worldwide makeup artist eventually, and to reach that goal, I have to take the first step and start!

Finally: in your opinion, as a makeup artist, what is your definition of “success”?

My definition of “success” in the makeup industry is working without the feeling of being at work.

To me, success is about enjoying life. This life is incredibly short, and there is no time to waste being unhappy all the time. Makeup was my hobby, and I turned it into a career. For the rest of my life, I know that not a day will go by where I’ll be miserable getting out of bed, or having to go to work.

Every day, I choose to get up and to do what makes me happy! I get to know that I am also making others happy, too, and this keeps me going. To me, that is success!

How COVID-19 is Changing the Game: Adapting Our Makeup Strategy

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I’m not one to mince words, so here’s the truth: masks are great for protecting us (and others) against COVID-19. They are absolutely, 100%, without a doubt a necessity. But man, if they aren’t a total buzzkill when it comes to my makeup routine!

Earlier this week, in Part 1 of this two-part series, we took a look at how masks have been causing problems for our skin and leading to ‘maskne’. It wasn’t just a Debbie Downer post, though, I promise. We also explored ways to work around this problem, since – let’s be real – happy skin is important to all of us.

So, don’t worry! Rest assured, this article offers a light at the end of the tunnel, too. Because as you’ll quickly see, makeup artists are true masters of adapting. You think a little mask is going to stop us from doing what we do best?

No way!

With the right makeup training and knowledge, you can switch up your makeup routine so that you can still rock your best, most glamorous war paint – even when sporting a face mask.

Goodbye, Contour!

Sure, it can be argued that some lightweight, basic foundation is still a practical idea. There are times when we may briefly remove our masks while outdoors. But gone are the days of contouring, am I right?

There’s just no need for it anymore. I’m sure it’ll eventually make a roaring comeback once things go back to normal, but for the time being, it’s pretty much pointless for the everyday person. Why put in all that time and effort if no one’s even going to see it?

The same can pretty much be said about lip makeup. All that money that you’re used to spending on lipsticks and stains? Feel free to keep it, or at least invest it into some good-quality lip balms. (Hey, they still need hydration, after all!)

It’s honestly no surprise that over the past several months, the market for cosmetic products has seen a bit of a decline. Or rather, the demand for certain types of products…

Hello, Eye Makeup!

As it so happens, other types of cosmetics have been doing just fine! Big-named brands, such as L’Oréal and Ulta, have reported that products primarily focusing on the eyes, brows, and upper half of the face have been doing particularly well.

Why is this?

Because the upper half of our face is mask-free, of course! The eyes have always been called “the window to the soul”, but these days, they are quite literally the focal point of our faces. They can convey our emotions, our personalities, our thoughts, and our sense of style.

Needless to say, those of us with a love of makeup have been eager to make the most of a crappy situation. Whether it’s a tiny bit of mascara, or an intensely bold smoky eye – our eyes give us a chance to continue channeling our creativity and express ourselves!

Since many of us still have to practice social distancing, now is also the prime time to experiment! Play with your makeup at home. Practice your skills. Consider those random trips to the grocery store to be your moment to shine on the catwalk. Who says you can’t have fun, right?

You may wind up discovering a particular eye look that you fall head over heels in love with!

Join in on the Trend

While it’s never a smart business move to do nothing more than copy other artists’ work, there is something to be said about optimizing current trends for your benefit. If you have any social media channels for your makeup business (such as Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, or your own beauty blog), share your mask-friendly makeup ideas with the world!

Online living is especially popular right now, all across the globe. Mask-friendly makeup looks are a hot topic for millions of people. This provides you with a golden opportunity to hop on the bandwagon and get your name out there by producing relevant (yet still unique) content.

You never know – your online visibility could increase, potentially leading to future clients!

Use This Time to Get Proper Makeup Training!

If you’re reading this and don’t feel overly confident in your makeup skills, you may be thinking, “This is all fine and dandy – but how can I follow these suggestions? I’m no professional makeup artist!”

Sure, maybe not right now. But you COULD be.

Yes, you heard me. You don’t need to be rich, or have any prior training, or even leave the comfort of your own home. If you’re a bit self-conscious about learning the ropes, online makeup school is your best friend. It also goes without saying that it’s particularly your best friend in the middle of a global pandemic!

The right school will offer expert makeup training from real, working MUAs in the beauty industry. You’ll have the freedom to work at your own pace, practice your skills on your own terms, and take your skill-set to that of a professional level.

Not to mention that when all this finally blows over, you’ll have a professional certification under your belt. You’ll be ready and properly prepared to venture out into the competitive industry and start booking clients right away!

Not to sound like Chandler Bing or anything… but could there BE any better way to follow your dreams!?

Start your makeup training today with QC’s internationally-leading Master Makeup Artistry Course!

Student Feature: Travis Grimm

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Tell us a little bit about yourself!

Hi, I’m Travis! I’m 24, non-binary gay, and I live in New York! My “natural” hair color is blue/green, as I’ve had that shade most of my life. My entire life has been influenced and surrounded by film and television. That’s how I get to most of my destinations in life!

I used to be an entertainment writer, and somehow have joined the makeup world. So, I can definitely say that film and television is my calling – at least to some capacity.

Why did you decide to become a professional makeup artist?

It actually stemmed from my love of film and television! I’ve always wanted a career in the entertainment industry, but I never knew in what capacity. I absolutely love recreating clothes, signs, etc from movies and television.

One day, I was inspired to recreate a specific makeup look, and that was when I instantly fell in love with makeup. I love the idea that you don’t always have to use it to hide your flaws, but rather, to express yourself. It’s kind of like dying your hair, but more intricate!

How would you describe your makeup style?

I go through phases! More recently, I’ve loved natural makeup styles. (Which is a very odd choice for me, given my day-to-day style.)

But my staple makeup looks, the ones I absolutely love doing and that got me started, are editorial looks! I love the idea of taking these looks that you would wear for photoshoots, film, etc and wearing them everywhere! All the shapes and colors make me so happy! Anything from very clean-cut looks to messy, eyeshadow everywhere looks… I love it so much.

The more color, the better!

You have a talent for creating fun, colorful eye looks! Where does your inspiration come from?

Everywhere! I truly just love color! My entire surrounding is a rainbow; from my desk, to my shelves, to my actual makeup. Color makes me happy, and it tends to make most people you meet happy as well. So, I like to incorporate as much color as I can.

Sometimes, I’ll take an entire rainbow eyeshadow palette and use every single color. Why? Because no one can stop me, haha!

My biggest inspirations for liner looks, and the use of gems/rhinestones, comes from other Instagrammers, as well as HBO’s Euphoria! Both of these combined make my brain explode in creativity. I typically sit down without an idea of what I want to create, and then just dive in!

Either it will look clean and sharp, or it’ll be messy. But honestly, I love any outcome. Anything will look purposeful if you believe it is!

You’ve had your YouTube channel for the past several years, but started incorporating makeup into your content focus over the past 10 months. What are your hopes and goals for your beauty vlog, and how do you intend to achieve them?

This was something I really had to sit down and think about when I started posting videos. I have many long-term goals for my beauty vlog, but my first goal is to eventually be able to do it full-time. I have yet to find a job setting that I thrive and feel comfortable in – and making videos does both for me.

Other than that, I want to be an inspiration to EVERYONE who enjoys makeup! I want people to embrace the notion that makeup has no rules; that they can just run with it.

I’ll never be a place where people will come to learn how to do a natural, soft glam look. That simply isn’t me. Soft, natural looks are something I practice and want to learn on my own time, but it isn’t necessarily the brand or message I want to send to my audience.

Rather, I want people to take as little or as much makeup as they want, and just throw it on their face and find the beauty in it! I’m still getting there. I know I have a lot of work ahead of me! Most of my current videos are makeup hauls or reviews. It’s all I can think of doing right now, and that is totally fine.

It’s not the most original content right now, but as long as I can entertain someone for 10 minutes or so and help take their mind somewhere else, I’m happy. I want my channel to evolve naturally – even if that takes me a lifetime.

Who are your MUA idols? Tell us why!

Vanessa, a.k.a @cutcreaser on Instagram. She is the graphic liner queen. Her looks are so detailed, yet simple. I wish I had just a sliver of her skills for one day!

I also look up to Patrick Starr. He truly embodies the notion that makeup is for everyone, and it shows it in everything he creates. I wish to help spread that same message one day.

Other MUAs I admire are Doniella Davy, Kirsten Sage Coleman, and Tara Lang. They all did makeup for HBO’s show, Euphoria, and that series basically launched my journey into fun and weird makeup looks.

If you could see yourself 5 years into the future, where do you hope your makeup career will be? What will you have accomplished?

I would love to be doing makeup for film and television. I’m never one to stay in one place for long, so who knows where I will be doing makeup!

I also hope to have made YouTube a profitable platform that I can rely on, as well as launching my very own eyeshadow palette. I’m trying not to overthink it all, but bigger and weirder thing can happen in a span of 5 years. So, we shall see!

In your own opinion, what makes a YouTube beauty vlogger successful and popular with their audience?

People want someone who is real; who are themselves, unapologetically and unabashedly. I believe that is the core of it. You can post whatever content you want, but if you’re not being yourself, no one will enjoy it to the fullest extent. Even if being authentically yourself puts you back 10 more steps than the rest of the crowd, in the end, it’ll throw you 50 steps ahead.

For me, success isn’t defined by numbers or money, even if they do play a part in it. I mean, you can have the best of both worlds, but being successful is such a personal thing. It’s up to you and what you want to achieve.

For me, personally, it would be to do beauty content full-time. Keep in mind that my idea of success might grow after achieving that. I think it’s good to continue to raise the bar for yourself. Just don’t let those goals equate to your idea of success!

Let your success be a personal thought – not numbers or money.

You’ve completed Units A through C of your online makeup class. What important things have you learned so far that you didn’t know before?

This might sound very strange, but a smoky eye. Yes, a traditional smoky eye! Like I said before, natural makeup has never been my thing. It’s beautiful, but not for me. So, learning that technique blew my mind!

It was super easy and looks gorgeous. I immediately had to do a smoky eye with colorful shadows. It’s a new favorite look of mine. I’m very happy I now know how to achieve that flawless blend.

Another thing learned is working on other people! I’ve only done that a few times, but it’s been nice learning about sanitization and being gentle with clients. (These are both things I fail to do when I put on makeup on myself.)

Online makeup classes really make you think more about what you’re using and not using, and I really like that.

What made you want to earn your makeup certificate, and why did you decide to do it through online makeup classes?

I really needed that certificate of approval; that I’m capable of doing this, and that there’s an accredited makeup institution that can attest to my skill. I love labels for myself, so why not add to the roster?

I chose online makeup school because I’m ALWAYS moving! Not by choice really; just how life seems to roll with me, which I love. So online was necessary, as I could never commit to a brick-and-mortar makeup school for so long. I like the flexibility of being able to do my work whenever, and from wherever.

Why did you ultimately choose QC Makeup Academy, and how has your experience been?

I’d heard nothing but great things! I loved the prices and the course breakdown. It was exactly how I pictured my online dream school would be. Also, the flexibility of doing my work whenever I had the time was a big thing. Overall, my experience has been excellent! I have received nothing but support and love from everyone.

You’re being tutored by celebrity makeup artist, Nathan Johnson. How has your experience with Nathan been so far?

I love Nathan! He breaks down everything so perfectly in the course videos. You can tell he has a real passion for makeup, and it shows in everything he does. His critiques for my work have been so helpful, too! He catches stuff that I never even thought of before. It’s definitely changed the way I view certain makeup looks!

What’s ONE false myth about makeup artists that you’d like to debunk right here and now?

That they are better than you. This is something I used to think of makeup artists, and I’m ashamed I was ever so judgmental like that.

Makeup artists aren’t here to tell you you’re wrong; they are here to help you! They also have bad makeup days, and they also don’t know certain techniques. They’re learning just like everyone else. And I can tell you, they definitely do not talk about you behind your back. The most they’ll do is sometimes brag about what a good job they did… but can you blame them!?

Imagine: You get to banish ONE makeup product out of existence for the remainder of time. Which product do you choose to get rid of, and why?

I still use these because I have so many, but let’s be honest… liquid to matte lipsticks.

I have NO idea why we thought these were the coolest thing ever, but we did. While the payoff is incredible, our lips just don’t deserve the harsh treatment it goes through. They all are always so drying! You have to apply them too often for comfort, or it winds up looking like you’re dehydrated.

Again, the payoff of the color is admittedly incredible. But the feeling is so unpleasant. It’s not worth it for me!

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