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The biggest question out there when getting ready to begin a career in makeup is how much education is really necessary. Is it worth the money and time to do years of training? Can you learn what you need to in other ways? Is there a benefit for attending workshops, conferences, tradeshows and more?

There are many different ways to stay on top of industry trends while increasing your skills and abilities. Here’s some insight which could help you choose which path is the best for you!

Trade shows

Trade shows are a great way to discover new ideas. You’ll want to make sure you are prepared to take notes as the information will be plentiful! Many different companies and freelancers will have exciting displays that can inspire you and teach you in new and creative ways.

Trade shows are also a great way to meet new people and network your own services. You can make important industry connections that could possibly help you later on in your career. It never hurts to have as many connections as possible!

It is also an opportunity to see what your competition is up to. What are other makeup artists offering? What are the latest trends that people may be interested in? It is a wonderful way to get an inside look. Many trade shows also offer free samples, so you can try new products that you may not have even heard of yet and learn how to apply them properly. If you have the chance to attend a tradeshow, we definitely recommend it!

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Conferences differ from trade shows in that they are a meeting of people to discuss ideas and events as opposed to displaying certain products or services. Conferences can be a great way to see what leading industry professionals are doing and what is new and exciting in the world of makeup.

Makeup conferences may not be as common as trade shows but they can still be very valuable. Many bloggers will attend these conferences which could be a great way to connect and promote yourself! You can also stream some conferences online if you cannot attend them. If a conference sounds right up your alley, check out Cosmoprof—a huge makeup convention that is held in Las Vegas each year.


Makeup workshops can be a great way to learn new skills that you may not have been exposed to yet. Often times, you can find workshops online (sometimes they’re even free!) and they can give you the tools and tricks to enhance your skills.

Workshops are often great for specializations such as airbrush makeup or special effects. If funds are limited, sites like Youtube always have endless amount of videos and “workshops” to help you learn new tips and tricks.


If you are new to makeup and want to begin building existing skills, courses are extremely valuable. They’re an excellent way to get hands-on experience while learning new skills. They can provide you with an opportunity to build a portfolio, connect with other students who have the same interests and goals as you, and teach you how to begin making connections in the industry.

Not only do makeup courses teach you the skill of professional makeup artistry and business practices while providing you with a makeup artist certificate, but they give you the opportunity to get constructive feedback from experts in the industry you’re working towards.

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Makeup courses can be affordable too! With the ability to learn makeup online and having affordable monthly payments, shelling out thousands of dollars on tuition for classroom learning isn’t your only option.


Makeup artists also have the option of joining a professional associations. Associations normally have a yearly fee for membership that provides students with many benefits and perks.

Associations can provide opportunities for further education, networking, conferences, seminars, weekly newsletters, and more! It is not necessary for all makeup artists to join an association, however, many find them helpful when trying to continue learning and staying current with industry trends.

There are many different options for continuing education to fit every budget and everyone’s needs. Whether you are learning from online tutorials or completing a course, the amount of effort and practice you put in will always lead to you advancing your makeup knowledge and skills.

Are you looking for an affordable way to advance your makeup training? Check out the selection of online makeup courses QC has to offer!

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