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QC Makeup Academy Student Ambassador, Whitney Conn, shares where she finds her makeup inspiration. She’s been through creative ruts too, and she wants to let you in on where you can go to find your own inspiration!

Inspiration can be found anywhere you look. From the menial task to the most creative, it can strike at anytime. As makeup artists, we use inspiration to create masterful designs and looks that can be out of this world. You could also use your inspiration to put color combinations together that you may otherwise not have done. It is all on your perception of the thing you see and how your mind interprets the information.

Where can inspiration be found?

By far, my favorite place to find inspiration is listening to classical music. I see vivid movements, colors and storylines that can inspire looks or to create new characters. I end up in an almost-meditative state to fully let my brain take control of my imagination. I also find watching certain TV shows and movies to be very helpful in my creative process.

inspiration on social media

Social Media

For anyone that has taken or is currently taking the Master Makeup Artistry Course, there is an assignment to create a look drawing aspects of a celebrity makeup look. My process with social media is very similar. I look at social media as a source of inspiration to use aspects of a combination of several makeup looks or creations to create my own look. There are other variables like skin tone and face shape that may determine the placement of your makeup or the colors you use on your client. I feel that it is important as makeup artist to create our own ideas instead of copying what everyone else is doing. This will set you apart from everyone else in the industry.


I am by no means a big city girl. I may live near Atlanta, but I don’t go there very often. There is something about being away from the hustle and bustle of the big city that makes my brain see things differently. For example, where I live we have tons of trees lining the roads. The colors during the fall are beautiful. Some of my favorite colors come from that time. I find myself using so many aspects from nature in my work.

inspiration from imagination

Your Imagination

In the furthest depths of our mind hides the greatest inspirations. As we grow up were are exposed to so many different things. While we may not know exactly know where the ideas came from, we are able to pull things from our memories to create amazing makeup looks.

You can be inspired by any of your senses. It is up to you to determine the amount of thought that goes into every creation you come up with. Let your imagination be your guide and never stop pushing yourself. As you grow as a makeup artist you will find the ways that work best for you. Sometimes it is just a matter of playing around or trial and error to find your creative inspiration. Remember to always keep pushing yourself to be a better makeup artist than you were yesterday and to continue shooting for the stars.

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