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Devyn Gregorio is a QC Makeup Academy Student Ambassador. You can find her on her YouTube Channel, Gregorio Girls Makeup, where she makes beauty videos with her sister. Today, Devyn shares how her professional makeup training with QC informs her projects on her YouTube channel.

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Let’s Recap:

Why did Devyn take a makeup course online?

When Devyn and her sister first started their YouTube channel, she felt like she needed to have professional makeup knowledge in order to do her channel justice. Since she was going to be giving advice on makeup application and products, she wanted to draw her information from a reputable source. And so she enrolled in the Master Makeup Artistry course.

Devyn acknowledges that makeup has no rules. That being said, there are some foundational techniques that real makeup artists all know and practice. They can then pass these tips and tricks to their clients. Whether you are just doing makeup for yourself or doing makeup professionally, knowing the classical techniques of makeup will allow you to create a variety of expert makeup looks.

She also mentions the benefit of learning makeup in a structured format. The structure of QC’s online makeup course introduces and builds on topics, allowing her to receive a comprehensive makeup education.

Using that knowledge, she bettered her own artistry for herself and her clients. She has also gained more confidence as she knows she is sharing correct information to her audience.

How your makeup training allows you to make searchable videos

YouTube is a search engine for user-generated videos uploaded to that platform. Some viewers may search up keywords such as…

  • Makeup for brown eyes
  • Makeup for blue eyes
  • How to contour a round face
  • How to identify my face shape

In your makeup course, you will learn about all the topics above. You can then produce high-quality video content around these topics from an informed stance. This also has the added benefit of making your video more searchable to your target audience. She explains that it’s much more likely for someone to search, “How to contour for a round face” than “Makeup Tutorial 2019”.

Anything you can do to set yourself apart is a good thing.

Devyn GregorioQC Makeup Academy Graduate

Consider why someone would click on your video over someone else’s. Since the beauty community is saturated on YouTube, you will need to create something special to capture the attention of viewers. Having expert makeup artistry knowledge will allow you to make more informative “guide” videos than many of your fellow beauty gurus.

Not every makeup video you see on YouTube will be good and not every content creator is good at makeup. Viewers want to learn good information that is applicable to them. Currently, there are many beauty gurus who lack professional makeup training. Because of this, they can only share their subjective experiences and many of their tutorials may not work for the wide variation of their audience’s features.

When you take a makeup course, you’ll be able to apply professional makeup for every facial feature out there. You can be confident that you’re giving good information, and your viewers will want to subscribe and follow you.

Devyn points out that the most important metric for a video is watch time. When you create videos around an interesting topic with plenty of good information throughout the video, you’ll engage your viewers for longer. YouTube’s algorithm takes this factor seriously as it’s a huge indicator that your content is useful. So aim to keep your viewers watching your video for the longest amount of time possible. YouTube will reward you by recommending your video to similar users.

Devyn believes that professional makeup training can help grow your YouTube Channel by providing you with high-quality information and searchable content. She stresses that you can’t have one without the other. Creating good beauty content is a priority for her and her sister, and it’s something they are actively working toward.

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