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QC Student Ambassador, Whitney Ellis, is a student of the Master Makeup Artistry course. Her tutor, Nathan Johnson (@nathanwalnut), is known for his honest and encouraging feedback for students. This month, Whitney shares an in-depth look at Nathan’s feedback on her makeup assignment – and tells us how she used it!

As students of QC Makeup Academy, each unit we submit takes hours of hard work to achieve. Each of us deals with our own struggles and we learn as we go through each assignment. By the time we are face-to-face with our model, we have watched many videos (some more than once), read the assignments, taken notes, researched and asked questions of fellow students.

All leading up to this moment of applying what we have learned to our application. I am here tell you about an application that I personally found difficult.

The Assignment

The assignment was to find a model with mature skin, and apply all the aspects learned from the videos and reading assignments to the application.

The Application

Working with mature skin comes with its own difficulties. Having to move the skin to make sure applications are on point can be hard. After assessing my model’s needs and concerns, we dove right into the application.

One of my model’s main concerns was the discoloration under her eyes. I have to say that the color correction and concealing of my model’s under eyes was a struggle. Knowing what I know now and what I have learned, it would be much easier to do the same application again. My model also had white-blonde eyebrows (which I have as well). It was interesting trying to shape and find the right color that would work with my model’s skin and hair color.

Taking photos for makeup artist portfolio

Tutor’s Feedback

Nathan started off by saying I did a really good job, which always makes me feel good, then delved into what will make my applications better. I was told to be careful with the shaping of my model’s eyebrow, as the shape her eyebrows were in will start to pull her face down.

The Corrections

To correct this application, Nathan suggested I shade my model’s eyebrows in a little lighter, with a less boxy shape. For mature skin, the thick and boxy eyebrow does not work. Nathan complimented me on the glow of the cheeks and the lip color that was used. He pointed out that when applying my lip color, I should aim to be symmetrical on both sides and to ensure the application goes all the way to the corner of the lip.

Nathan then followed with another compliment regarding the eye makeup and the drop shadow, noting that they looked great. He reminded me of the great importance of the eyeliner going all the way into the corner of my model’s eyes.

He told me that I did much better on this application than my previous assignments, and that hard black eyeliner all the way into the corner of the eye does great things for the client. I was told I had some really incredible stuff here, that my model’s skin looked incredible and that I did really good work on the hooded lid.

Nathan’s last detail was that I put the color right where it needed to be in order to accent the crease.

My response to Nathan’s feedback

Nathan’s feedback is always detailed and precise because he sees everything, which is perfect because I am a perfectionist. I normally listen to the feedback more than once so I can make sure to absorb every correction. Listening to his feedback, I could hear his enthusiasm and positivity. It makes the learning process quite enjoyable knowing you have someone rooting for you and your success.

How I applied the feedback

Master Makeup Artistry course assignment tutorial

Whitney’s assignment redo for Mature Skin

I focused on the eyebrows because I knew that is what I needed to work on. I started by using a lighter brow powder to make sure that they were not overfilled. As I was working with my model’s eyebrows, I realized that they need to be plucked, but she would not allow it – so I worked with what I had.

Her eyebrows were very thick and I followed that natural shape as I was filling. I used a spoolie to move the hairs around to see if I could reshape them in any way. Though my model’s eyebrows are not as dark as the original application, they still have a similar shape. I know that with time and practice my shaping of eyebrows will get better.

Every application, even on someone you have worked on before, is a learning experience. The more you practice, the better you will get and the more you will grow.

Keep shooting for the stars and following your dreams!

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