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Everything That Comes in QC’s Professional Makeup Artist Kit! 💄

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Do you dream of becoming a professional makeup artist? Then you need to get trained and internationally certified with QC Makeup Academy! Our self-paced, online courses will teach you everything you need to know to start your own business and launch a thriving career. Plus, as part of your course, we’ll even send you a FREE makeup artist kit! 😍

Want a sneak peek of the amazing products you’ll receive?

Then you’ve come to the right place!

Angelica Hamlin Reveals EVERYTHING in QC’s Master Makeup Artist Kit

Angelica Hamlin is a licensed cosmetologist, certified makeup artist, and Student Ambassador of QC Makeup Academy. Today, she’s here to show you exactly what you’ll receive in the makeup artist kit provided in our wildly popular Master Makeup Artistry Course.

Watch the full video below!

Want to connect with Angelica directly? Join QC’s free Virtual Classroom on Facebook today!

What You’ll Get in This Kit

Once you’ve enrolled in QC’s Master Makeup Artistry Course, we’ll mail you a physical copy of your course materials. In addition, we’ll also ship your free Master Makeup Artist Kit (valued at over $150 USD) right to your door, too!

Here’s what you’ll receive as part of this 5-piece kit:

  • 88-Shade Neutral Eyeshadow Palette
  • 28-Shade Powder Blush Palette
  • 32-Shade Lip Palette with Glosses
  • 20-Shade Correct & Conceal Palette
  • 16-Piece Brush Set

Want to learn more about each of these products? Check out this blog article!

QC makeup artist kit image

QC’s Elite Makeup Artist Kit

Did you know that if you use the promo code ELITE at checkout (when signing up for any QC makeup course), you can get our awesome Elite Makeup Kit  -valued at approx. $175 USD – absolutely free?

It’s true!

Here’s what we’ll give you:

  • 4-Shade Highlight Palette
  • 9-Shade Contour Palette
  • Eyebrow Palette
  • 4-Pack of Eyelashes
  • A makeup travel bag
  • A stainless steel palette with a spatula

PRO TIP: Want to make the most of this promotional offer? Use it when enrolling in the Master Makeup Artistry Course to add these additional products on top of the items already included in the Master Makeup Artist Kit!

Elite Makeup Kit

Other QC Starter Kits

Of course, our MMA Course isn’t the only program that’ll provide you with a makeup artist / starter kit of your very own! You’ll also receive complimentary products and tools in these additional courses as well:

For more information, check out the course pages on our website or contact our Student Support Team to speak directly with one of our amazing staff members!

Which product/item in your QC makeup artist kit is your personal favorite? Let us know in the comments below! 😘

Enroll in QC’s Master Makeup Artistry Course today and receive your FREE makeup artist kit in as little as 1-2 weeks!

Building Your Makeup Artist Kit: Anisa Beauty and aDesign Brushes

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Are you ready for the best, most exciting news ever!? 😍

QC Makeup Academy has partnered with beauty industry revolutionaries, ANISA Beauty and aDesign Brushes! It’s true… and this means all sorts of incredible products waiting to be added to your makeup artist kit!

Keep reading to learn more about these wildly popular brands – and the jaw-dropping discounts YOU’RE eligible to receive on their products as a QC student or grad!

About ANISA Beauty

Makeup artist kit article, ANISA brushes, photo 1

Here’s what Rishma Walia, ANISA’s Senior Manager of Business Development and Sales, has to say about ANISA Beauty:

Their Belief

“ANISA Beauty was created on the belief that the cosmetic brush is the ultimate beauty tool to transform your makeup and skincare experience. At ANISA Beauty, we are beauty activists; redefining 21st Century standards by creating innovative and inclusive products that take care of our consumers, our communities, and our environment. We believe beauty belongs to everyone. All of us have the right to be seen and feel beautiful. What touches your face matters … We take seriously our role in leading the way to positive change in the beauty industry and beyond.”

An Ethically Sound Brand for Your Makeup Artist Kit: How ANISA Runs Its Business

“We own our manufacturing facility and have full control over our supply chain and process – from conception to your hand. We believe that how we do business can make a difference. As we proudly pave the way for more responsible beauty tool manufacturing, we continue to find ways to do so without harming the environment and by providing fair wages to the artisans who make them.

Creating better products means less waste, cleaner production, and safe and supportive working conditions. This translates to you knowing where and how your brushes were made. Every brush is PETA Certified Cruelty-Free and sustainably made by the global ANISA team.

ANISA Beauty is led by beauty pioneer, Anisa Telwar Kaicker, Founder and CEO of Anisa International. She has been designing and manufacturing brushes for the biggest brands in beauty for almost 30 years. This
specialized focus has positioned her as the thought-leader in brush design and innovation.

Anisa’s passion for brushes is surpassed only by her commitment to giving back and leaving a meaningful mark on the world. She is an active and outspoken advocate for social justice … [Moreover,] her ANISA Advocacy
program is a proud supporter of organizations on the front lines of addressing racial inequality.”

ANISA skincare brushes
ANISA skincare brush photo 2

About aDesign Brushes

Makeup artist kit article, aDesign portfolio image 1

Rishma also had the following to say about aDesign, also created by the visionaries of ANISA Beauty…

Their Belief

“Why are makeup brushes so confusing? The truth is, they don’t have to be[!] … [T]hat’s why we created aDesign[:] to put the power back in your hands. Power Duos that make applying makeup easy and foolproof.”

An Ethically Sound Brand for Your Makeup Artist Kit: How aDesign Runs Its Business

“At aDesign, we believe that what touches your face matters. Our PETA Certified, vegan makeup brushes are thoughtfully designed and responsibly manufactured in our fully-owned, end-to-end supply chain.

What does that mean to you? It means that we can stand behind our promise that aDesign brushes are made using the highest quality materials[;] hand-crafted by skilled artisans, and manufactured using only clean and socially responsible methods.

Artistically designed. Responsibly made. Cruelty-free.”

aDesign portfolio image 2
aDesign portfolio image 3
aDesign portfolio image 4
aDesign portfolio image 5

Add ANISA Beauty and aDesign Brushes to YOUR Makeup Artist Kit Today!

We simply cannot stress enough how valuable these top-quality brushes are! Used by practically EVERYONE in the beauty industry, they’re guaranteed to make the perfect addition to your QC Makeup Academy brushes – and become a fast favorite in your professional makeup artist kit!

How to Redeem This Discount for Your Makeup Artist Kit

ANISA Beauty

  1. Go to ANISA’S Pro Program and fill out their application form.
  2. Under the question, “How did you hear about us?” simply answer, “QC Makeup Academy“.
  3. Once approved, enjoy your 40% discount on ALL of ANISA’s wide range of products!

The beat part? ANISA Beauty ships internationally – so you can order their brushes from practically anywhere! 💕

*Please note that this discount is only applicable for students or graduate of QC Makeup Academy.


All you need to do to redeem your 60% discount off all aDesign products is to use the code AD60 at the checkout when you shop on their official business website. That’s it!

*Please note that, as mentioned above, this discount is only redeemable for QC Makeup Academy students or alumni.

Makeup artist kit

Even MORE Discounts for Your Makeup Artist Kit

The savings don’t stop here, though! Amazingly, as a student or grad of QC Makeup Academy, you’re eligible for discounts from a TON of other big-name beauty brands!

Depending on the country you reside in, you can take advantage of our preferred partnerships and get discounts on products from:

  • Urban Decay
  • Smashbox Cosmetics
  • Sigma Beauty
  • Kevyn Aucoin
  • Temptu
  • Three Custom Color Specialists
  • Marc Harvey Beauty Cosmetics
  • Mehron Makeup
  • Embryolisse Laboratoires
  • Cozzette
  • Frends Beauty
  • Stage Makeup Online
  • Michele Mulkey FX Studio
  • EBA Performance Makeup
  • Williamspro Makeup & Hair
  • The Makeup Foundation
  • Screenface
  • Face Atelier
  • Kind of Magic

Furthermore, QC Makeup Academy is a MAC Pro Eligible School! Students in our Makeup ArtistryMaster Makeup Artistry, and Special FX Makeup courses are eligible to apply for the MAC Pro Student Membership. Once approved, they’ll receive a discount on MAC products, both in-store and online!

Want to learn more about all of these amazing discounts, so you can take advantage of them today and continue stocking up your makeup artist kit?

Here’s everything you need to know!

Ready to train with QC Makeup Academy? Enroll today and earn your internationally-recognized certification in as little as 2-6 months!

Makeup kit article, May 19 2021, Feature Image

Revealing the Holy Grail Items in My Makeup Kit!

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On the hunt for some awesome products and tools to add to your makeup kit? Then look no further, ’cause this article is for YOU! 💄

A Look Inside Amanda Ramey’s Makeup Kit

Amanda Ramey is a Student Ambassador of QC Makeup Academy. She is also a graduate of the following certification courses:

  • Master Makeup Artistry Course
  • Pro Makeup Workshop
  • Airbrush Makeup Workshop
  • Special FX Makeup Course

In the following videos, join Amanda as she walks us through her top MUST-HAVE cosmetics inside her professional kit and why she loves them!

Want to connect with Amanda directly? Join QC Makeup Academy’s Virtual Classroom on Facebook today!

Build Your Makeup Kit with QC Makeup Academy

Did you know that most of QC Makeup Academy’s self-paced, online certification courses come with FREE makeup products as part of the tuition?

It’s true!

The following training programs will provide you with a starter kit:

  • Master Makeup Artistry provides a 5-piece Master Kit!
  • Makeup Artistry provides a 5-piece Makeup Starter Kit!
  • Global Beauty Workshop provides a 20-shade conceal & correct palette, as well as Henna paste!
  • Airbrush Makeup Workshop provides an Airbrush Kit and airbrush machine!
  • Special FX Makeup provides an 8-piece Special Effects Starter Kit!

Want to learn more about the products that come with QC’s Master Makeup Artistry Course? Click here!

As a bonus, you can use the promo code ELITE at checkout to upgrade your kit to QC’s exclusive Elite Kit. As part of this upgrade, you’ll also receive a highlight palette, contour palette, eyebrow palette, 4-pack of false lashes, makeup travel bag, and a stainless steel palette with spatula… at NO extra cost!

Products from makeup kit lying on table

Extra Perks of Being a QC Student

As if training with QC Makeup Academy wasn’t already exciting enough, check out these additional benefits that you’ll receive once you enroll:

  • The chance to train at an internationally-recognized makeup school with an A+ Better Business Bureau ranking!
  • 50% off ALL future courses!
  • Monthly promotional offers and discounts!
  • Self-paced training programs! As a result, you can complete from the comfort of home – whenever suits YOU best!
  • Lifetime access to your course materials in the Online Student Center!
  • Competitive tuition and affordable payment plans!
  • A 21-day money-back guarantee!
  • The chance to have your work featured on QC’s social media and blog!
  • A wide variety of makeup discounts from big name brands!
  • Guidance from legitimate beauty pioneers!
  • Moreover, get personalized tutor feedback after every course unit!
  • Access to the QC community, where you can connect and network with fellow peers, tutors, etc.!
  • Internationally-recognized certifications you can add to your resume!
  • And SO much more!

Ready to get started? Stock up your makeup kit and become a professional MUA in as little as 3-6 months by enrolling with QC Makeup Academy!

5 Special Effects Makeup Products to Ask Santa For!

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Gabrielle Rivera is a QC Makeup Academy graduate, professional MUA, and special effects makeup expert. To see more of her work, visit her Instagram here

Christmas is the best time of year to ask Santa for the beauty products you absolutely MUST add to your makeup kit! If you’re interested in pursuing a career in special effects makeup, I’ve got 5 products for you to add to your wish list today.

The best part? They can all be used whether you’re a beginner or experienced makeup artist, and I guarantee that they’ll help take your creations to the next level!

5 Special Effects Makeup Products You Need!

Teeth are a subtle detail that MUAs can potentially overlook when creating special effects makeup looks. But the teeth are very important!

Imagine that you’ve just spent hours creating a detailed gore look or a mythical creature. Once you’re finished and your model is ready to have their photo taken, they smile… and show off a mouth of pearly whites! While they may seem inconsequential, teeth play a major role in creating a finished look. They have a huge impact on the final product of your design.

So, ask Santa to bring you a Tooth Lacquer palette! This palette will help you achieve the most realistic special effects makeup for your characters (and their chompers). My favorite brand is the Fleet Street Tooth Lacquer palette because it comes with a variety of grossly-pigmented paints! With this palette, I have brought a Leprechaun to life. Not to mention, these lacquers are the perfect finish to any rotting zombie look.

(Hint hint, for those enrolled in QC Makeup Academy’s Special FX Makeup Course!)

special effects makeup artist, Gabrielle Rivera, holding product 1

2. Alcohol-Activated Paints

Another great gift to ask for this holiday season are alcohol-activated paints! What I love most about these types of paints is that they’re long-lasting. They’re also exceptional at creating the most life-like special effects makeup.

One of my favorite alcohol-activated paint brands is the Skin Illustrator palettes. There are over 20 unique Skin Illustrator palettes designed to help artists achieve specific looks. However, a staple in every SFX artist’s kit should be the FX palette. This palette has all of the tones needed to create bruising, cuts, veins, and the illusion of decay.

Some of my other favorite Skin Illustrator palettes are the Grunge and Necromania palettes. They both have a wide range of colors that can be used to create a variety of special effects makeup looks. Another brand of  alcohol-activated paints that you DEFINITELY need to ask Santa for are the ProAiir liquid paints used for airbrushing!

Both of the above brands are waterproof and ensure long-lasting results for you and your clients.

special effects makeup artist, Gabrielle Rivera, holding product 2

Another staple that I always have in my SFX kit are the 3rd Degree silicone modeling compounds. I’ve been using this brand for over three years now and I have never looked back!

The pros of using this compound include:

  • It’s easier to work with this product when compared to scar wax or other modeling compounds
  • It has a quick drying time
  • It allows you to create more realistic SFX textures in the skin

In the past, I’ve done a Freddy Kreuger SFX look. For it, I used 3d Degree in order to create the burn marks, cuts, gashes, and wounds that resemble flaps of skin, holes, and more! Another great advantage of using this product is that you can add liquid paints in order to create custom colors. This is because the compound cures, which helps to create the most realistic results.

special effects makeup artist, Gabrielle Rivera, holding product 3

4. Pros-Aide Adhesive and Cream

Pros-Aide Adhesive is a professional adhesive similar to liquid latex. For beginners, I highly recommend using regular liquid latex first. This way, you can become familiar with working with latex before moving onto any costlier products (as the Pros-Aide brand can get a bit expensive).

Pros-aide is a richer quality adhesive that can be used on prosthetics, or can be used in conjunction with cotton to build your own. I prefer this adhesive when working with prosthetics, as it allows for a smoother blend to the skin.

In addition to Pros-aide adhesive, a MUST-have to pair alongside it is Pros-Aide Cream. This cream adhesive is a thicker adhesive that’s meant to fill in the gaps or edges of prosthetics. The result is a truly seamless blend. That being said, this product can also be used to create scars or textures on the skin.

special effects makeup artist, Gabrielle Rivera, holding product 4

5. Airbrush Machine

The BEST gift you can ask Santa for this Christmas is an airbrush machine. Whether you specialize special effects makeup or regular makeup, trust me: an airbrush machine will elevate your game completely!

Not only do airbrush machines help deliver blended looks; they can save you time as well. Airbrush machines are a great way to lay down a base for your looks, on both small and larger-scale areas. With practice, airbrush machines can also be used to detail looks, and they’re phenomenal for painting over top of prosthetics!

The airbrush machine I use is the Master Airbrush Model TC-320. This airbrush machine is portable, compact, and gets the job done every time. With an airbrush machine, you can use water or alcohol-activated paints, as well as liquid foundation to create glamor looks.

If you ask Santa for nothing else this holiday season, I recommend asking for an airbrush machine. It’ll completely change your life!

Want to learn more about airbrush makeup? QC Makeup Academy has an awesome Airbrush Makeup Workshop that will teach you everything you need to know!

special effects makeup artist, Gabrielle Rivera, holding product 5

The BEST gift Santa can give you this year is the chance to start your dream career as an MUA! Enroll in QC’s Special Effects Makeup Course today and become a certified professional in as little as 3-6 months!

Industry Spotlight: Eve Pearl

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As a makeup student, you understand that there will always be more for you to learn. Beyond the expert training you receive as part of your professional courses, another fundamental aspect to understanding the craft is to obtain “real world” learning, too!

One fantastic way to do this is by studying the various pioneers that have shaped – and continue to shape – the beauty industry! By observing their makeup theories, philosophies, and business practices, you can better understand:

  • Makeup, in a way you may never have considered before
  • How these pioneers have influenced the cosmetic world
  • Different makeup trends, techniques, applications, and styles
  • Ground-breaking beauty and skincare knowledge
  • The complexity of different beauty products, and how to properly use them
  • How to start and maintain your own makeup business
  • How to network, as advised by legitimate experts
  • And so much more!

Note: If you’d like to revisit the previous installments of our “Makeup Artists to Follow” series, Part One can be found here, while Part Two can be found here.

Today, we’re taking a look at the one and only: Eve Pearl. Let’s delve in, and see exactly why Eve is regarded as one of the most revered leaders of the makeup world!

Meet Eve Pearl

With over two decades of experience in the cosmetic industry, Eve Pearl is a beauty innovator and professional MUA for film, television, theater, and print. A 9-time Emmy Award Nominee, Eve has been awarded with a whopping 5 Emmys for her work as a makeup artist on The View!

Her resume is truly an extensive one! Other notable programs she’s been involved with include Good Morning America, NBC’s The Today Show, and even The Academy Awards! Chances are, you’ve seen her work in the past, without even realizing she was the master behind it. She’s even done makeup for the Obamas! Whoah!

In addition to being a makeup artist, Eve has focused her talents towards educating others as well. In 2004, she wrote her very first book, entitled, “Plastic Surgery without the Surgery, The Miracle of Makeup Techniques”.

An empowering manifesto aimed towards women, Eve explores the societal pressures women face, how many turn to plastic surgery as a result, and how makeup can be a transformative tool used as a non-invasive substitute!

I wanted to share with others what I have discovered over the past fifteen years working as a makeup artist. Of the many people whom I have helped get ready for the camera, all have said one thing consistently: "I didn't know makeup could do that!"

They were amazed at the power of certain techniques to transform their faces, their eyes, their brows, their noses, their lips, and other aspects of their bodies …

Makeup not only lets you hold on to the part of yourself that your unique face represents, but also gives you the power to discover all the people you want to be. Let makeup be your magic wand!

Eve Pearl“Plastic Surgery without the Surgery, The Miracle of Makeup Techniques”

If there’s one thing we LOVE, it’s promoting self-love and acceptance. So, when it comes to Eve Pearl and her positive principles, we are 100% here for this incredible message!

EVE PEARL® Beauty Brands

You may be reading this and thinking to yourself, “I feel like I’ve heard this name before…”

Well, if you’ve watched QC’s Color Correcting Webinar (hosted by executive tutor and celebrity MUA, Nathan Johnson), then you definitely have! In particular, you probably recall Nathan endorsing Eve’s Dual Salmon Concealer.

Trust us: if you’ve ever used it, you know exactly why Nathan promises this to be a holy grail color correcting product in any makeup artist’s kit!

Indeed, Eve’s cosmetic line, EVE PEARL® Beauty Brands, is a game-changer. Multifaceted, these makeup and skincare products are great for ANY skin tone, gender, and age. For instance, nearly all of the foundation products offer a range starting from ‘Fair’, all the way to ‘Deep’ (or in some cases, ‘Deep 2’). We love how inclusive these products are!

Another thing we love is how there are endless varieties of pigments to choose from (both subtle and bold), especially for the eye makeup and lip products!

On top of makeup products, EVE PEARL® Beauty Brands also comes with its own skincare line, too. As a makeup student, you know full-well that behind every good makeup application needs to be an even greater skincare routine!

Happy, healthy skin is the ideal canvass for any makeup product!

Admittedly, Eve’s brand is a little pricier than the ones you’d find in your local drugstore. But one thing you’ll find is that many of the products come in palettes, full kits, and/or have dual-functioning uses. For the quantity AND quality of the products you receive, it proves to be well worth the investment!

Eve’s Pearls of Wisdom

First off, can we all appreciate how brilliant of a pun this is?

In terms of business websites in general, Eve’s is a great example of one to look up to. There’s a distinct color pattern, a solid branding, every bit of information you could possibly ask for, and so much more!

But one thing that we feel makes Eve’s site stand out is the section entitled, “Eve’s Pearls of Wisdom”. Because as we mentioned at the beginning, professional courses will teach a makeup student the foundation of makeup knowledge. They’ll educate you from the ground up; refine your skills, and elevate them to a professional level.

Once you have that under your belt, real-world tips from industry pros become THAT much more beneficial! And this is exactly what Eve’s Pearls of Wisdom offers: real-world tips that you can add in addition to your current knowledge, and harness in order to take your makeup artistry skills to the next level.

Here, Eve weighs in on the following topics:

On a separate part of her website, she also provides additional makeup tips, such as tips and skin remedies, video tutorials, and before/after transformations!

Whether you’re a makeup student, a professional MUA, or just a lover of all things makeup – one does not simply not know who Eve Pearl is! (Bonus points if you catch this reference.)

A pioneer of the cosmetic world, Eve Pearl has worked hard to leave her mark on the industry. Truly, she is the embodiment of what any aspiring makeup artist can hope to achieve in their career.

What’s more: she is proof that with passion, devotion, and proper makeup knowledge, the sky is the limit in terms of how high you can soar!

Ready to start YOUR journey to becoming a future makeup industry leader? Enroll today in QC’s leading online Master Makeup Artistry Course, and earn your professional certification!

5 Cheap (But Awesome) Brands for Your Professional Makeup Kit

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As an aspiring makeup artist, you know that there’s a certain financial investment that needs to go into your professional makeup kit. But what if you’re on a budget? Furthermore, what if the world happens to be in the middle of a pandemic (ahem), and money’s a bit tighter than usual?

Does that mean you’re SOL and can’t be a proper MUA? Not at all! The truth is, there are tons of options at your disposal that will allow you to purchase awesome products for your professional makeup kit – without going broke in the process!

In the past, we’ve looked at drugstore makeup products that are just as good as their pricier counterparts. We’ve also broken down 5 useless items that you surprisingly don’t even need at all. This time, we’re instead going to look at 5 makeup brands that are not only of excellent quality, but also affordable for most budgets!

True story: when I first discovered NYX at a local shopping mall, I practically lost my mind with excitement. A friend described it to me as “Sephora, but without the crazy high dollar signs”. Not to knock on Sephora (heck, I’m obsessed with Sephora), but it turned out to be true.

If there’s a product you’re looking for, NYX is more than likely to have it. Case in point, I was looking for a bold, blue liquid lipstick, and found it for less than $20.00 CAD. (And it was awesome, by the way.) Because their products are much more affordable than competing brands, this is a wonderful place to start for aspiring MUAs.

You can take advantage of their lower prices in order to play around with different makeup products, and learn which ones you like, versus which ones you don’t. That way, if the time comes that you want to switch over to more luxurious brands, you already know exactly what you’re looking for.

As a makeup artist, you need experience working with all sorts of different skin tones. Similarly, your professional makeup kit needs to offer products for ALL skin tones (or as close as you can realistically get). The last thing you want to do is make a client feel ostracized because you carry every shade except hers.

There are plenty of makeup brands out there that boast about their mindfulness of diversity, only to offer products that go no darker than a mild tan. In reality, there are so many different, darker skin tones out there, and they are all beautiful and worthy of inclusion.

Black Radiance is an affordable brand that actually lives up to what they promise!

While there is a vast range in the types of products they offer, Black Radiance is primarily geared towards darker skin tones. That being said, there’s something for everybody in their cosmetic line, such as:

  • Color correctives
  • Foundations, concealers, primers, and powders
  • Bronzers, blushes, highlighters, and contours
  • Eye makeup
  • Lip products
  • And so much more!

The best part? The majority of their products can be purchased for LESS than $10.00 USD!

A leading name in the cosmetics industry, this Aussie-based makeup brand is not only high-quality and affordable, it’s vegan and cruelty-free, too! On average, their products range anywhere from $8.00 AUS to $30.00 AUS. Especially for how great these products are, this is an absolute steal!

On top of the individual makeup items they offer, one of our favorite things about Australis’s website is that they have an entire section devoted to collections and bundle offers. There’s also a separate, easy-to-find section that lists all of their current sale items.

Australis definitely makes it effortless to get the most out of your buck! If you happen to live outside of Australia, don’t worry! This company also ships internationally to the United States, Canada, and the UK.

Don’t let their low prices fool you – this UK makeup brand is wildly popular, and used by professional makeup artists all over the world! Like Australis, their items are all cruelty-free. Many of them are also vegan.

One of the things Revolution is known for is their insane pigments. (Seriously, just take a look at their eyeshadows if you don’t believe me.) One of the very first things you’ll notice about their products is that they provide extensive palettes for a super low cost. To illustrate:

  • Many of their eyeshadow palettes offer 20+ pigments, for less than €20.00!
  • Their 5-piece lipstick collections each cost a mere €7.99!
  • Even their highest-priced brush sets are less than € 25.00!
  • The MOST you’ll spend on foundation is € 11.99 per product (and many of these products are even cheaper)!

In addition, Revolution also offers a wide array of skincare products as well! While they’re currently limiting international shipping due to the current COVID-19 crisis, they do typically provide international shipping all around the world.

This is definitely a brand you’ve at least seen once, if you’ve ever stepped inside a drugstore. But as a whole, Maybelline has climbed the ranks of the cosmetic industry to become a world-wide name. It’s definitely easy to understand why!

For starters, you’ll be able to purchase the majority of their cosmetics for anywhere between $2.50 USD and $32.00 USD. On top of that, they have just about any product you can possibly think of (including a wide variety of foundations and concealers for different skin tones)!

But the real pièce de résistance worth mentioning are the virtual services offered on their website.

Not only does Maybelline’s business site provide color matching services, they also offer what they call “Virtual Try-On”. With this technology, you can upload a photo to their platform, and then let you see what their various products would look like on that person – before even buying anything!

For up-and-coming makeup artists, this would allow you to get the best possible idea of the cosmetics you want to stock in your professional makeup kit before spending any money. Then, once you know exactly what you want, you can buy them at a super cheap price.

Could there be anything better? We doubt it!

What other cheap makeup brands would YOU recommend for an MUA’s professional makeup kit? Let us know in the comments!

Want another way to stock up on high-quality makeup at an affordable price? Enroll in QC’s leading Master Makeup Artistry Course, and receive our 14-piece Elite Makeup Kit as part of your tuition!

The 5 Best Vegan and Cruelty-Free Makeup Products

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As an MUA, your clients expect the products in your professional makeup kit to be top quality. Importantly, your kit should also possess enough diversity that you can adjust to your client based on their skin’s needs. Common examples of this would be working with a client who has particular skin conditions, issues, allergies, etc. The most efficient way to ensure that your makeup won’t cause harm to your client’s skin is to invest in vegan, cruelty-free products.

What are vegan, cruelty-free makeup products?

A makeup product is vegan if it does not contain any animal products or by-products. This includes ingredients such as beeswax, collagen, gelatin and many more. A product is considered cruelty-free when it has not been tested on animals. While not always the case, a “vegan” product tends to also be “cruelty free” the majority of the time.

For an in-depth look at what vegan makeup is made of and what ingredients it tends to avoid, please refer to our article, Vegan Makeup 101.

pink powder from rose to made organic lipstick and skincare product on white background. homemade remedy . top view.

Why go vegan?

For starters, using vegan, cruelty-free products in your professional makeup kit adds an ethical component to your business that’s very beneficial. Morally, there are very few disadvantages to offering clients vegan, cruelty-free products. In today’s day and age, mistreatment of animals is highly frowned upon (for good reason!), and vegan lifestyles are only becoming more and more popular. Vegan products are also proven to have less of a carbon footprint, thereby being better for the environment!

From a business perspective, it can be argued to be a very smart move, capable of bringing in more clientele. Providing products that align with these modern (and popular) beliefs and lifestyles increases the chances of your MUA business being favorably received by Millennials and Gen X’ers alike.

cosmetic brushes, make-up powder, blush, foundation, eyeshadow in plastic jars

Vegan, cruelty-free makeup products we recommend for your professional makeup kit…

It’s tough to choose between the eyeshadows and the lip products when it comes to iconic vegan line, Charlotte Tilbury, but ‘The Icon Palette’ deserves all the praise it can get. With a nice range of pigments – ranging from cream all the way to jet black – this 12-shade palette of glittery hues offers eyeshadow options for every occasion. Day, night, diva, and even disco – there’s something for everybody!

Personally, my favorite shade in the palette is the bold royal blue. Which shade do YOU like best?

In addition to being vegan and cruelty-free, Milk Makeup also prides themselves on being paraben-free in all their products. As if that weren’t enough, this cleanser is also microbead-free – an ingredient known for:

  1. Being impossible to recycle, and
  2. Being ridiculously toxic for marine creatures

We strongly maintain that a strong skincare routine is just as – if not more – important than the makeup routine itself. Healthy skin means a clean and healthy canvas for the makeup to go on in the first place. So finding a cleanser that not only works, but is as safe for the skin as can be? How can you go wrong!

Pro tip: Milk Makeup recommends pairing this product with their ‘Vegan Milk Moisturizer’ in order to best lock in your skin’s moisture.

Japanese woman, face wash with cleanser

Like Milk Makeup, E.l.f. Cosmetics is a cosmetic company proudly vegan, cruelty-free, and paraben-free. Let’s be real here: most of us are already familiar with E.l.f.’s makeup, and we know it seriously rocks. Their variety of different products and their amazing pigments are to die for, on top of being environmentally-friendly and good for your client’s skin!

But in particular, their lip products are our favorite. Specifically, we feel the Day to Night Lipstick Duo deserves a shout-out. Firstly, it’s insanely cheap, and you get TWO lipsticks and colors for the price of one! We don’t think we need to explain why this is seriously awesome for any MUA and her professional makeup kit.

This lipstick comes with 4 different duo shade options:

  1. The Best Berries’
  2. Need It Nudes’
  3. Red Hots Reds’
  4. I Love Pink’

No matter which color set you pick, you’re guaranteed a sleek and sexy shade not just for your everyday wear, but for when you’re ready to have a night on the town!

With all makeup products known for being 100% vegan and cruelty-free, Cover FX is one of the leading competitors for tattoo-concealing products. While they have many other items that are worth looking into, what we’re interested in is its ability to build enough coverage to successfully cover any tattoo your client may want to hide on their big day.

As someone with their fair share of tattoos, I’ve tried many different products, and never found any that worked as well as Cover FX! Here, we’re specifically recommending their ‘Total Cream Cover Foundation’, because it’s awesome and provides great coverage – specifically for normal to dry skin types.

But it’s worth noting that alongside this product, you can use Cover FX’s Cream Concealer’ and Matte Setting Powder to magically hide tattoos. Very handy for SFX makeup, brides who wish to conceal their tattoo(s) on their wedding day, etc.!

Palette concealer and correctors. Make-up base. Isolated on black background

If you aren’t familiar with what color correcting is and why it’s so fundamental that you incorporate this practice into technique, we strongly suggest checking out the Color Correcting webinar hosted by QC’s executive MUA and instructor, Nathan Johnson.

Trust us: as you’ll quickly understand by checking out Nathan’s webinar, you should definitely carry some sort of color correcting products in your professional makeup kit. The odds are higher of working with a client who has some sort of skin blemish, condition, discoloration, etc. If you aren’t prepared, you won’t be able to do the best job for her as you possibly can – which is not only limiting you, but your business’s reputation!

Everyday Minerals is globally known for strictly using all-natural ingredients in their products. When it comes to their color correctors, you can’t go wrong. For starters, Jojoba is a wonderful ingredient in general for cosmetic products, namely due to:

  1. Its organic ability to mimic the skin’s natural oils, and
  2. Its ability to help prevent acne breakouts, thanks to how it absorbs into the skin (rather than sitting directly on the surface and clogging your client’s pores)
  3. Its “softening, moisturizing, and conditioning properties” for the skin
Pouring with jojoba oil from jug into bowl on white marble table

There are for Color Correcting colors you can choose from:

Personally, we recommend arming your professional makeup kit with each and every one of these all-natural correctors! In fact, while you absolutely do not need any of the above recommendation, we DO strongly suggest doing research of your own, and trying out some vegan, cruelty-free makeup products. There may be a ton of incredible products you haven’t discovered yet!

Want to add more zero-waste beauty products to your professional makeup kit, too? Keep reading!

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Our 10 Favorite Makeup Looks at the Oscars

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“And the Oscar goes to…”

The 92nd Academy Awards is fast approaching! On Sunday, February 9th, 2020, Hollywood’s elite will gather together at The Dolby Theatre for a night of celebration, commemoration, and of course, the Oscars. Those who attend are always dressed to kill, with some of the best hair, fashion, and makeup ever seen on the red carpet.

In honor of the first Oscars event of the new decade, we thought we’d look back and pay tribute to some of our favorite makeup looks over the last decade!

While this may seem like a bit of a bizarre start to the list, SFX makeup fans will know exactly what we’re talking about. When presenting the award for Best Makeup, actor Ben Stiller shocked the crowd when he waltzed on stage adorning special effects hair and makeup inspired by the movie, Avatar. Although Avatar wasn’t even a nominee in this category, Stiller’s blue skin, yellow eyes, large ears, and long, braided hair, were both comedic and well-executed. Combined with the seriousness with which Stiller presented the award, and this quickly became an Oscars moment that would not soon be forgotten.

Let’s address the elephant in the room: most of the talk that came from the 2011 Academy Awards was regarding the cringe-worthy job that Anne Hathaway and James Franco did hosting the show. But in terms of how she looked, Hatheway was an absolute bombshell over the course of the night. Though she worked her way through a variety different dresses and makeup looks, it’s the one she rocked when first appearing on the red carpet that stunned us most.

Wearing a cherry red dress, Hathaway’s makeup accented her gown perfectly: a simple (yet elegant) beauty look, topped over with a classic red lip. Nothing about her look was overpowering; in fact, everything was modest and subtle, building up to a gorgeous final look that screamed: ‘Classic Hollywood’.

Jenny from the Block was the talk of the town at the 2012 Oscars, and it’s no secret as to why: she was absolutely glowing! Inspired by the late 1960s, Lopez’s makeup – done by celebrity MUA, Mary Phillips – caught everyone’s attention for two reasons:

  1. Her radiant, bronzed skin
  2. Her eye makeup, complete with a duo-toned wing

When combined with her high-bun, modest diamond jewelry, and pearl-colored gown, Lopez truly looked like royalty!

red carpet

The 2013 Oscars were HUGE for Lawrence, who walked away with her first Academy Award for Best Actress, for the movie, Silver Linings Playbook. But even before her big win, Lawrence arrived on the red carpet that night looking like the star of the evening. Everything about the look as a whole was elegance incarnate: from her textured up-do, to her Dior Haute Couture ball gown, down to her back necklace.

Thing that that brought it all together, though? Her makeup. Wearing a smoky eye, a dusty rose lip, and a soft blush to complement her flawless complexion, Lawrence showed the world why she is a true star.

Not to sound dramatic or anything, but we’re pretty sure that Lupita Nyong’o is a real life angel. If she isn’t, she certainly looked the part at the 2014 Oscars! We could go on for days about how perfect her dress choice was (seriously, that baby blue gown against her skin tone was magical), but let’s look specifically at her makeup look that night.

Nyong’o’s makeup artist, Nick Barose, reveals how he achieved this iconic look: a bright orange hue on both Nyong’o’s lips and cheeks, a defined yet simple eye look, and eye-catching brows. The final product is an amazing optical illusion: on paper, the look sounds like it should be bold and dramatic, yet on Nyong’o, it perfectly embodies a modest gracefulness, too.

This is a perfect example of a makeup look that embodies classic and natural (but with a tiny twist). The three main focal points of the face are addressed, thereby framing her face: her brows, her lashes, and her lips. Wearing Hourglass Opaque Rouge Liquid Lipstick, Robbie’s makeup is striking, yet straightforward. In contrast to this bright orange-red lip, Robbie’s eyebrows are bold and dark. In terms of eye makeup, her lids were left bare, framed only by a dark mascara on the upper and lower lashes. We’re still in love with the final result!

projector playing a film

Irish beauty, Saoirse Ronan (first name pronounced ‘Ser-sha’), was simply dazzling at the 2016 Oscars, and we doubt anyone would argue differently. Rocking an emerald green Calvin Klein dress, Ronan’s MUA, Mai Quynh, used a palate of grey and charcoal to harmonize Ronan’s makeup to her gown with a smoky eye. To add to this, Ronan’s fair skin and soft blonde hair really made the eyes pop even more. To ensure that focus wasn’t pulled elsewhere, Quynh completed the makeup look with a warm pink-brown blush for her cheeks, and a peach nude for her lips. Genius!

Known for her distinctive sense of style, Monáe made a statement at the 2017 Academy Awards with her metallic, sparkly, black and gold-themed getup, and that statement was: “I am a fashion force to be reckoned with”. Seriously, go check out her dress and accessories; it’s been 3 years and we’re still shook!

Amazingly, Monáe’s makeup was the most toned down aspect of her ensemble that night. That being said, it’s best described as sleek meeting mystic. Her skin is bronzed and flawless, and her lips, coated in a peachy nude tone. The real focus is on her eyes and brows. Her eyes showcase a golden shimmer in the middle of her upper lids, as well as a set of full, lush falsies. The ultimate star of the show, Monáe’s thick eyebrows, apparently took 20 minutes to fill in and perfect!

With a tight, shiny topknot and a glossy nude lip, Zendaya basically embodied the most prominent fashion and makeup trend of 2018 at the 90th Academy Awards. To be fair, Zendaya could wear a garbage bag and smear her face with dirt and she’d still look like fire. But this makeup look really was sensational!

Completing the nude lip, makeup artist Sheika Daley executed a perfect smoky eye, with just the faintest hint of white shadow on the inner corners of Zendaya’s rich brown eyes. Her brows are full and filled in, while still maintaining a natural appearance, and her skin is expertly contoured and glowing with dewy highlights.  It’s no wonder that this woman has quickly become a superstar over the past several years!

top view of makeup products

Can we just say that when Victoria’s Secret Angel, Taylor Hill, donned a tuxedo to last year’s Oscars, we all fell head over heels in love? To add to this unconventional choice or wardrobe, Hill chose a retro hairstyle reminiscent of the days of Old Hollywood – and then paired it with one of the boldest eye makeup looks we’ve seen at the Academy Awards in a LONG time.

What do we mean by that? Well, for starters, Hill’s peachy nude lip and brushed out, full brows were natural-looking enough. Her green eyes, on the other hand, were framed by a dark, metallic blue smoky eye look. With a brighter, glittery hue on the inner corners of her eyes, Hill’s makeup then grows increasingly darker, until it stretches out into a long, thick, and very pointed wing. ‘Stunning’ would be the understatement of the century for Hill’s makeup game here!

Do YOU want to be able to learn how to do makeup professionally, and create breathtaking looks such as the ones on this list? Getting your education and your makeup artist certification is the single greatest way to not only make your dreams a reality, but ensuring that you’re the best makeup artist you can be. Who knows…Maybe one day you’ll be doing makeup for the stars attending the Oscars!

Start your MUA journey and enroll today in QC’s leading Master Makeup Artistry course!

Our 5 Favorite Makeup Trends from 2019

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With a new year comes the excitement of new and fresh makeup trends. Who knows what 2020 will bring! Maybe you’ll come up with the next hottest look! But the makeup trends of this past year can’t be forgotten that easily. Some may continue to see popularity for years to come; others will likely fade into a distant memory in no time at all.

But one thing’s for certain: they each made their impact. So let’s take a moment of silence, and pay tribute to our list of the 5 best and most memorable makeup looks (in no particular order) from 2019.

1. Bold and beautiful colors

woman wearing neon colored eye makeup

Back in the day, the only people you’d see wearing hot pink eye shadow, neon orange lipstick, or mile-long eyeliner would be a top model on the runway, or if they happened to be a futuristic character in a movie. But 2019 brought ‘bold’ to the forefront of trendiness. It’s now become completely normal to rock crazy, extreme colors that immediately make a statement.

When it comes to makeup, we’ve particularly loved seeing the creativity in showing off this rainbow of colors through different lip shades and eye looks. Such bold colors used to be reserved for the rebels of fashion – but times are changing! As Millennials and Gen Xers are paving the way towards a future of acceptance and tolerance, people are free to express themselves through makeup with far fewer limits or barriers.

2. Full, thick eyebrows

smiling girl brushing her eyebrows

Did you know that this was also a trend back in the 1940s? Unfortunately, the love for full eyebrows started dying out by the 90s. Then came the dreaded early 2000s. Remember when it was ‘in’ to pluck your brows to within an inch of their lives? I’m pretty sure that time in our lives was just a dark and lawless wasteland. I don’t know about you, but my eyebrows are still suffering from the consequences of those actions long, long ago. Celebrities like Lily Collins – who’ve always sported the strong and striking eyebrows – were a dime a dozen. These days, though, natural is what’s in demand.

It’s been a liberating change to see not just the acceptance, but the encouragement of a less tamed, more natural brow. Though this trend didn’t just start this past year, 2019 definitely brought it into full swing. Of course, the perfectly sculpted brows are still undoubtedly works of art, and just as equally popular. But there’s something rather beautiful and freeing about not having to obsess so much over having to always look so perfect – and still be appreciated by the masses for the gorgeous, fierce goddess you (and them thicc brows) are.

3. Get that glow!

happy woman with natural-looking makeup and highlighter

Highlighter has been a makeup trends for the past couple of years, but its popularity never waned throughout 2019. It’s a staple look that works for any time of day, month, season, you name it. The more organic you can make that fresh-faced glow look, the better! This is a perfect example of what is meant whenever you’ve heard someone say, “The key to good makeup is to look like you’re wearing nothing at all.” (Stupid sexy Flanders!)

But the real secret to what makes this look so beloved is not actually in the makeup itself. It’s in your skincare routine. If the perfect glow comes from looking as natural as possible with makeup, then the ideal scenario would be if you could achieve that without it. A solid skincare routine makes for the ultimate foundation to any makeup application afterwards.

If you aren’t 100% confident in what you’ve got set up already, no problem! All you need to do is figure out what type of skin you have, and then you can research into the different skincare products that could work best for you!

4. All that glitters is gold!

smiling girl with glitter on her cheeks

Don’t worry, I’m not about to break out into some Smashmouth. (Though I could, if you want me to.) If pencil-thin eyebrows are the thing we wish to forever bury in the early 2000s, then glitter is the makeup trend we’re geeking out over coming back! Of course, those of us who remember the olden days of the glitter fad are considerably better at its application now. In 2019, we understand the finesse that goes into creating the perfect look – even the care needed when adding glitter.

Whereas the last time glitter was really popular, the process of putting it on and wearing it was basically:

  1. Smash 70 pounds of glitter literally everywhere.
  2. Make sure to pat down an additional 20 pounds on your eyelids. The idea is to blind your opponents any time you blink.
  3. K, you’re good. Go outside.

It’s nice to see that glitter has made a comeback, now capable of being utilized in both glamorous and subtle ways. It’s not just meant for school dances or disco balls anymore, though by all means, it can if you want it to. More importantly, 2019 has helped incorporate glitter into wearable, everyday looks!

5. You do YOU, boo!

There’s been something of a shift in the last handful of years that 2019 seemed to embrace harder than any time before it, and that’s the idea of acceptance. Yes, the world still sucks in a lot of ways, and sure, lots of mean, cold-hearted people still exist to try and bring others down. But on the whole, the generations leading us all into the future are ones fighting for the importance of positive ideals, rather than ones meant to oppress and silence.

Just like every makeup trend that’s gained notoriety in 2019, so too has the trend of spreading love to your fellow person. More and more we’re seeing MUAs and trendsetters of all genders, races, sexualities, etc. going viral. What’s come hand-in-hand with this is the cultivation of self-love. Lots more people are walking out their front door each day with their makeup on fleek (whatever the look may be); head held high, and not giving a damn what anyone thinks about it. That’s pretty spectacular!

When we stop and think about it, that’s our favorite trend of all. Of everything that’s been on the rise in 2019, we want nothing more than for the idea of love – for others, the world around us, and ourselves – to continue to rise to the top of the popularity chain over the next decade, and every decade thereafter.

Want to own your success and learn how to do makeup, so you can take the world by storm in 2020? Enroll in QC’s leading Master Makeup Artistry course today!