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As a makeup student, you understand that there will always be more for you to learn. Beyond the expert training you receive as part of your professional courses, another fundamental aspect to understanding the craft is to obtain “real world” learning, too!

One fantastic way to do this is by studying the various pioneers that have shaped – and continue to shape – the beauty industry! By observing their makeup theories, philosophies, and business practices, you can better understand:

  • Makeup, in a way you may never have considered before
  • How these pioneers have influenced the cosmetic world
  • Different makeup trends, techniques, applications, and styles
  • Ground-breaking beauty and skincare knowledge
  • The complexity of different beauty products, and how to properly use them
  • How to start and maintain your own makeup business
  • How to network, as advised by legitimate experts
  • And so much more!

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Today, we’re taking a look at the one and only: Eve Pearl. Let’s delve in, and see exactly why Eve is regarded as one of the most revered leaders of the makeup world!

Meet Eve Pearl

With over two decades of experience in the cosmetic industry, Eve Pearl is a beauty innovator and professional MUA for film, television, theater, and print. A 9-time Emmy Award Nominee, Eve has been awarded with a whopping 5 Emmys for her work as a makeup artist on The View!

Her resume is truly an extensive one! Other notable programs she’s been involved with include Good Morning America, NBC’s The Today Show, and even The Academy Awards! Chances are, you’ve seen her work in the past, without even realizing she was the master behind it. She’s even done makeup for the Obamas! Whoah!

In addition to being a makeup artist, Eve has focused her talents towards educating others as well. In 2004, she wrote her very first book, entitled, “Plastic Surgery without the Surgery, The Miracle of Makeup Techniques”.

An empowering manifesto aimed towards women, Eve explores the societal pressures women face, how many turn to plastic surgery as a result, and how makeup can be a transformative tool used as a non-invasive substitute!

I wanted to share with others what I have discovered over the past fifteen years working as a makeup artist. Of the many people whom I have helped get ready for the camera, all have said one thing consistently: "I didn't know makeup could do that!"

They were amazed at the power of certain techniques to transform their faces, their eyes, their brows, their noses, their lips, and other aspects of their bodies …

Makeup not only lets you hold on to the part of yourself that your unique face represents, but also gives you the power to discover all the people you want to be. Let makeup be your magic wand!

Eve Pearl“Plastic Surgery without the Surgery, The Miracle of Makeup Techniques”

If there’s one thing we LOVE, it’s promoting self-love and acceptance. So, when it comes to Eve Pearl and her positive principles, we are 100% here for this incredible message!

EVE PEARL® Beauty Brands

You may be reading this and thinking to yourself, “I feel like I’ve heard this name before…”

Well, if you’ve watched QC’s Color Correcting Webinar (hosted by executive tutor and celebrity MUA, Nathan Johnson), then you definitely have! In particular, you probably recall Nathan endorsing Eve’s Dual Salmon Concealer.

Trust us: if you’ve ever used it, you know exactly why Nathan promises this to be a holy grail color correcting product in any makeup artist’s kit!

Indeed, Eve’s cosmetic line, EVE PEARL® Beauty Brands, is a game-changer. Multifaceted, these makeup and skincare products are great for ANY skin tone, gender, and age. For instance, nearly all of the foundation products offer a range starting from ‘Fair’, all the way to ‘Deep’ (or in some cases, ‘Deep 2’). We love how inclusive these products are!

Another thing we love is how there are endless varieties of pigments to choose from (both subtle and bold), especially for the eye makeup and lip products!

On top of makeup products, EVE PEARL® Beauty Brands also comes with its own skincare line, too. As a makeup student, you know full-well that behind every good makeup application needs to be an even greater skincare routine!

Happy, healthy skin is the ideal canvass for any makeup product!

Admittedly, Eve’s brand is a little pricier than the ones you’d find in your local drugstore. But one thing you’ll find is that many of the products come in palettes, full kits, and/or have dual-functioning uses. For the quantity AND quality of the products you receive, it proves to be well worth the investment!

Eve’s Pearls of Wisdom

First off, can we all appreciate how brilliant of a pun this is?

In terms of business websites in general, Eve’s is a great example of one to look up to. There’s a distinct color pattern, a solid branding, every bit of information you could possibly ask for, and so much more!

But one thing that we feel makes Eve’s site stand out is the section entitled, “Eve’s Pearls of Wisdom”. Because as we mentioned at the beginning, professional courses will teach a makeup student the foundation of makeup knowledge. They’ll educate you from the ground up; refine your skills, and elevate them to a professional level.

Once you have that under your belt, real-world tips from industry pros become THAT much more beneficial! And this is exactly what Eve’s Pearls of Wisdom offers: real-world tips that you can add in addition to your current knowledge, and harness in order to take your makeup artistry skills to the next level.

Here, Eve weighs in on the following topics:

On a separate part of her website, she also provides additional makeup tips, such as tips and skin remedies, video tutorials, and before/after transformations!

Whether you’re a makeup student, a professional MUA, or just a lover of all things makeup – one does not simply not know who Eve Pearl is! (Bonus points if you catch this reference.)

A pioneer of the cosmetic world, Eve Pearl has worked hard to leave her mark on the industry. Truly, she is the embodiment of what any aspiring makeup artist can hope to achieve in their career.

What’s more: she is proof that with passion, devotion, and proper makeup knowledge, the sky is the limit in terms of how high you can soar!

Ready to start YOUR journey to becoming a future makeup industry leader? Enroll today in QC’s leading online Master Makeup Artistry Course, and earn your professional certification!

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