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Devyn Gregorio is a QC Makeup Academy Student Ambassador. You can find her on her YouTube Channel, Gregorio Girls Makeup, where she makes beauty videos with her sister. Today, Devyn shares her must-have products in her freelance professional makeup kit!

Watch her video below!

Let’s Recap:

As a freelance makeup artist, Devyn has to have a portable makeup kit that she can take to all of her makeup jobs. Since every client has different needs, Devyn doesn’t tote every product she owns in her kit to her appointments. Instead, she curates a selection of products ahead of time to meet her client. In this video, she pulled her favorite complexion products from her makeup kit to show us!

She owns a lot of MAC products in her professional makeup kit. It’s one of her most trusted brands, and she’s able to get a sweet discount off their products as a QC graduate!

MAC Pro Student Membership Discounts

QC Makeup Academy students (in QC’s Makeup Artistry, Master Makeup Artistry, and Special FX Makeup courses), are eligible for the MAC Pro Student Program. Students can save 20% on MAC products (discount may vary per department). Plus, QC students gain exclusive access to masterclasses, in-store events, and can purchase MAC’s preassembled student kits at 40% off. Once you graduate and become a professional makeup artist, you can upgrade for the MAC Pro discount.

One of the great things about QC is that when you are a student you can apply for a student discount with MAC cosmetics.

Devyn GregorioMaster Makeup Artistry Course Graduate

Freelance Professional Makeup Kit: Prep Products

1.      MAC Strobe Cream in Goldlite

As a first step to prepping the skin for makeup application, Devyn uses MAC’s Strobe Cream. She prefers the gold pearl finish of Goldlite as she finds it complements the skin tones of most of her clients. The cream moisturizes the skin so makeup can be applied smoothly on top. It also adds a light shimmery glow that adds luminosity to the skin. She also recommends pulling it past the face down the neck and over the décolleté, giving it a minute to absorb. Her clients appreciate how luxurious this moisturizer feels!

2.      MAC Prep + Prime Skin Base

After the Strobe Cream absorbs, Devyn applies the MAC Prep + Prime to her client’s face. She believes this product is a great universal primer that works for all skin types. She uses it on clients with oily skin, dry skin, and everything in-between. Together with the Strobe Cream, she believes they are incredibly flattering and set the perfect base for her makeup looks.

3.      MAC Prep + Prime FIX+

Devyn uses this last prep product to melt everything together and create a flawless look.

applying makeup products

Freelance Professional Makeup Kit: Foundation

4.      Too Faced Peach Perfect Comfort Matte Foundation

Devyn has 6 to 7 shades of this product, ranging from fair to deep. She then custom mixes her foundation using these shades to create the perfect match for her client. She ensures that she has this foundation in yellow, cool, and neutral undertones to serve the rainbow of skin tones and undertones her clients have.

She loves this foundation because it is medium-full, buildable coverage. She finds that the foundation is matte, but it’s not a drying or cakey matte. It feels light on the skin and photographs beautifully.

This matte foundation is a go-to makeup product for her, even if her clients do not have oily skin.

5.      Too Faced Born This Way Undetectable Medium-to-Full Coverage Foundation

When Devyn works with a client who has ultra-dry skin, sensitive skin or has mature skin, she reaches for the Born This Way Foundation.

She actually purchased containers to depot her foundation. Having them in a clear container allows you to see the true color of the product right away. You may notice with makeup that the colors they print onto the containers do not reflect the actual tones of the product. This is also a great way to organize your makeup kit and cut down on the number of tubes and full-sized products in your makeup bag.

Freelance Professional Makeup Kit: Concealers

6.      MAC Studio Conceal and Correct Palette

Devyn currently has two of the MAC concealer palettes with plans to buy more. She keeps a range of colors with both cool and warm undertones. She also has a range of color correcting concealers, too. She mixes and lightens the colors on a stainless steel metal palette to create the perfect shade for her client.

Freelance Professional Makeup Kit: Face Powders

Devyn keeps a range of loose powders, pressed powders, and a “banana” powder in her professional makeup kit.

7.      Too Faced Born This Way Setting Powder

Devyn loves the quality of this setting powder and how it sets makeup beautifully on the skin. She keeps three shades of this product in her makeup kit. She adores how finely-milled it is, producing a look that isn’t cakey or powdery to the eye.

She typically uses a translucent powder to set undereye makeup on her client’s face. She may also use loose translucent powder to set the rest of the face, too.

applying makeup products

8.      MAC Pro Longwear Powder

Devyn keeps a few Pro Longwear powders in her makeup kit to set the face. She puts this on after applying foundation, concealer, and the translucent powder under the eyes. The bonus of using a colored powder is that it gives additional coverage on the skin if she feels like she needs to. This is a trusted product in her kit that always works when she needs it.

Freelance Professional Makeup Kit: Highlighter

9.      Maybelline Master Chrome Highlighter

This product is a drugstore dupe of Becca’s Champagne Pop. While Devyn still loves Champagne Pop, she believes Maybelline’s dupe may give Becca a run for their money. This is her favorite highlighter of all time. She often uses the Molten Gold shade on herself (fair-skinned), clients with medium, olive-toned skin, and clients with deeper skin-tones. She genuinely believes that it is a (nearly) universally flattering product.

Freelance Professional Makeup Kit: Makeup Brushes

10.   QC’s Free Brush Set

Students of QC’s Master Makeup Artistry course will receive a free brush set as part of the starter makeup kit. Devyn’s pulled a few of her favorite complexion brushes from the set to show in the video. She stresses that you can continue to use the brushes in QC’s free makeup kit for professional freelance makeup jobs even after your course!

When Devyn first received the large fan brush, she had no idea how she was going to use it. But now, she loves using the large fan brush to contour. It fits perfectly underneath the cheekbone, creating beautiful contour in just a few seconds.

She loves using the flat top face brush to buff foundation into the skin. She likes to use this brush to layer on additional foundation or sheer out color if it’s too thick. QC’s makeup brushes are made of synthetic, cruelty-free bristles. This makes them great for cream and liquid products since the product won’t be absorbed into the brush hairs (compared to natural hair brushes).

Lastly, she uses the large, angled complexion brush to buff in a cream contour or cream brush.

Devyn uses a specific foundation when working with mature skin. Check out this article for the dos and don’ts of doing makeup for mature skin!

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