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The 90s dream is alive again! We didn’t think we’d be able to turn back the clocks and experience the 90s again so soon, but we’re glad it’s here.

Since the premier of Kylie Jenner’s dusty taupe lips on Instagram, tattoo chokers and brown lipstick have been showing up on every trendy girl’s vanity once more. Although we’re more than comfortable leaving frosted pink lipsticks in the past, some trends are coming back stronger than ever.

Don’t want to be left behind? Here are 8 trends to look out for during the 90s revival.

1. Highly structured brows

It seems like there was no middle ground in the 90s for brows. They were either overly plucked or heavily filled. With bold brow ambassadors like Cara Delevingne stirring up a storm in the fashion scene, it’s no wonder that the brow market has taken off. Marking the brows with clean lines and filling in any sparse areas in your brow is a trend we’re happy to embrace.
filling in structured brows

2. Pastel colors

Pastel colors are infiltrating hair, nails, and makeup. If you can’t see yourself diving headfirst into pastel-colored hair, try adding a wash of color to your lids with some lilac eyeshadow for a fresh, springtime look.

3. Glitter!!!

Glitter was everywhere in the 90s. We found it in our nail polish, body creams, shower gels, and most of all, in our makeup. While this look (somewhat) worked in the 90s, in 2016, glitter-bombed lips are best left for the catwalk. Pair a warm-toned, glittery lid with an understated face for a night out on the town.

4. Smoky eyeliner

subtle eyeliner—cropped

While we love a sleek cat eye, 90s eyeliner technique was much more subtle. Adding dimension by smudging soft brown pencil liner on your eyes is one of the hallmarks of 90s makeup.

5. Blue eye shadow

Packing on the sky-blue shadow until it reaches your brows is still a no-go in our book.
But there are plenty of other ways to spice up your look with some blue. If you’re not bold enough to do a deep blue, shimmering eye, line your eyes with some royal blue liner for a fun pop of color.

6. Matte makeup:

Matte complexions were universal in the 90s. Although we prefer the dewy look nowadays, matte makeup will always have a place in our hearts. For a more modern take, try one of the matte liquid lipsticks that major brands like Anastasia Beverly Hills are coming out with.

7. Dark lip colors

wine lips
Brown lipstick and vampy, wine-colored lips are often associated with the grunge look nowadays, but this wasn’t the case in the 90s (grunge purists swear by nude lips). For a summer-appropriate look that rivals the babes of Beverly Hills 90210, try a lighter satin brown on your lips.

8. Lip Liner

While Pamela Anderson’s darkly-lined lips look didn’t last too long, lip liners have never left department store shelves. For a modern spin, line and fill your lips with your favorite liner… before blending in a slightly lighter lipstick shade in the center to achieve that perfect ombré pout.

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