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Starting your own makeup business is tough. There’s so much competition out there nowadays! Luckily, in the age of the internet, launching your business and branding yourself is easier than ever! Having a presence on the right platforms can increase your exposure, but nothing beats being educated in the field.

If you haven’t gotten your professional makeup certification, what are you waiting for? Learning how to do makeup under professional guidance can grow your career prospects from 0 to 100. And if you’re already a graduate? Well, welcome to the party! Your next step is learning how to grow your brand. Have we got you stumped?

Well, keep reading to find out how to do it!

Where can you display your makeup certification?

Some professional MUAs just state that they’re professionally trained without including any specifics on their marketing materials. Indicating where exactly you got your training can improve your reputation.  When researching your services, potential clients are more likely to look into your education. Reputable schools and quality credentials are all the more impressive.

Your website should be the central hub for your online presence. All marketing materials should lead potential clients to this site. If your makeup school has badges, you can embed them in your website. These badges show that you’re an alumna of the school. Make yourself and your credentials easy to find. Your website is your online resume, so make it count!

Reach out to companies

Use your makeup skills to create portfolios that appeal to the companies you want to work with! Are you looking to secure sponsorships from an edgy indie makeup brand? Then, make sure that your portfolio is experimental! Thankfully, you didn’t just learn your makeup skills on YouTube. You know how to apply makeup so that you’re taking risks, but still complimenting the client’s features.

Getting sponsored can be a great way to earn more income when you talk about or show another company’s products on your own platforms. But what about getting yourself on the website or marketing materials of that company? Become a brand ambassador! If your reach isn’t quite as high as MannyMUA, connect with indie brands that are on the lookout for brand ambassadors. If you can show the company that you love their products and have an audience, you may be able to score a deal!

Repetition is key

After you’ve graduated, you’ve earned a professional designation. If you’re a Master International Makeup Professional, you can use the MIMP designation after your name. Use it everywhere. Go beyond your business card and the “About Me” section of your website. Include this acronym in social media accounts bios or even integrate it into your handles. Enlist a graphic designer to produce a logo for you (include your designation if you’d like) to use across all your marketing materials.  The goal is to create a seamless, unified image!

That being said, saturating your social media accounts with filler posts simply to push your image doesn’t build a successful brand. You need to put out quality content. Focus on just a few online platforms. This way, you’ll have increased presence without wasting your precious time or money. Of the content you do make, promote yourself and your training from different angles. Try posting an article on starting your own business for the first day. The following day, post a special FX makeup look on Instagram. This way you’re repeating the same message without obviously plugging yourself.

Talk about yourself

Social media is important, yes. But your local community and market are where you’ll make your primary income. Having 10,000 followers internationally is something to be proud of, but someone living across the world won’t be using your services. Set your sights on local businesses and connecting with other artists in your area. You can use your online following to convince professionals you’re worth talking to.

Bring along business cards to networking events, but also seize opportunities outside of networking parties. Yes, going to IMATS is a step in the right direction, but there’s a whole world beyond makeup conventions and events. Reach out to professionals in the world of fashion, photography, blogging, and business owners. If you overhear a group of people struggle to choose a lipstick shade at Ulta, offer your advice. You never know what sorts of opportunities you can stumble upon.

Start a blog

Beauty bloggers and vloggers know what’s up. To keep your website fresh and provide you with branded content to share on social media, starting a blog is a great idea. Keep up to date with makeup trends, beauty hacks, and makeup movements and share them with your audience. You don’t always have to do posts centered on makeup application and professional skills! Yes, you should look for ways to display everything you’ve learned. But switching up your content will engage more people. Give advice and review the latest products, but also show audiences your behind-the-scenes grind. Anything business or makeup-related goes!

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Continuously Educate Yourself

Speaking of keeping up with makeup trends, you should always look for more opportunities to learn! Your makeup skills may be amazing right now, but staying at the top of your game is no easy feat. Look at magazines and makeup/fashion publications in addition to YouTube tutorials. The more tips and tricks you learn, the more current your brand will be.

Consider taking more professional courses or workshops for tips from the highest authorities in makeup. This way, you’ll learn how to adapt each new trend or technique to a variety of different face types and skin tones. There’s nothing more marketable than a versatile skill set. Next time someone asks you to do negative-space eyeliner for an editorial look, you’ve got it in the bag!

Got other marketing tricks up your sleeve? Let us know what works for you!

Want more professional training but can’t afford it? Check out our broke girl’s guide to free online makeup training!

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    I have a friend who has never worn makeup, because she doesn”t really need it. However, she”s now turning 70 and a light foundation would enhance her skin tone. This sounds like the kind of makeup that would work well for her and for me too. I currently use Lancome”s Ultra 24H, but they slightly changed the formula. They removed a few ingredients to (I believe) make it more matte, and I can certainly tell the difference. It doesn”t spread as well or look as good on my skin like it did a few years back. I have oily skin, but I don”t like my makeup to be too matte. Too much matte can look cakey. I also don”t wear mineral makeups. They can also look cakey. I think a tiny bit of sheen (oil) makes my skin look healthier, more glowing. It also reflects the light and hides my imperfections better, so I don”t have to use as much concealer. In any case, I would really like to try this makeup, as I am always open for something better.

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